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18:58:49 <GeKo> hi all!
18:59:05 <GeKo> let's do some status updating and then move on to discussion items
18:59:05 <boklm> hi!
18:59:12 <antonela> hola!
18:59:17 <GeKo> the pad, as usual, is on https://storm.torproject.org/shared/tHoN4Ii7rLSjPE0OP4gydX4cMGadsXmRQNc-6lwru0N
18:59:29 <GeKo> please enter your items and mark the ones you want to talk about bold
18:59:40 <mcs> hi
18:59:56 <pospeselr> hello!
19:00:07 <sisbell> hi
19:01:42 <sysrqb> o/
19:01:48 <igt0> \o
19:03:27 <GeKo> okay, let's get started
19:03:46 <GeKo> mcs: welcome back! i hope you had some valuable time off :)
19:04:02 <mcs> GeKo: Thanks; it was great.
19:04:09 <arthuredelstein> hi everyone!
19:04:18 <GeKo> mcs: did we need to coordinate with the network team folks about bootstrapping issues?
19:04:28 <GeKo> or are we fine here?
19:04:46 <GeKo> that said could you have a look at the patch for #22343, too?
19:04:53 <GeKo> we should be close this time
19:04:58 <GeKo> (at least i hope so=
19:05:06 <GeKo> )
19:05:54 <GeKo> sisbell: there are some items for you on the pad. to pick up igt0's one
19:05:55 <pili> thanhi
19:06:00 <pili> oops, hi :)
19:06:22 <GeKo> igt0: i think we can just add what we do now and then adapt to what is coming up?
19:06:28 <mcs> r.e. the bootstrapping issues, Kathy and I should follow up with the network team and try to obtain a better understanding of what they are changing.
19:06:36 <mcs> We have not noticed anything alarming so far.
19:06:51 <mcs> And yes we can add #22343 to our review queue :)
19:07:05 <GeKo> igt0: sisbell: iirc: it's essentially just adding the two extensions, no?
19:07:21 <GeKo> mcs: thanks, please do :)
19:07:27 <igt0> yep, it will be simple to rollback the change in the future
19:08:23 <GeKo> sisbell: okay, then let's just pretend #25013 is not existing for now :)
19:08:41 <GeKo> sisbell: what is your eta for #28144?
19:09:29 <sisbell> GeKo: investigate will only take today
19:10:01 <sisbell> GeKo: I'll know more about implementing then
19:10:13 <GeKo> ok
19:11:57 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: so for the permission double-keying; as you finished the patches then #27601 is unrelated?
19:12:28 <arthuredelstein> no, it is related!
19:12:37 <GeKo> aha!
19:12:39 <arthuredelstein> I believe my patches fix it
19:12:54 <arthuredelstein> But I need to do more testing to be totally satisfied
19:13:01 <GeKo> okay, good. i was just confused not seeing this ticket mentioned on the pad
19:13:10 <GeKo> but, good news!
19:14:01 <arthuredelstein> oh yes, I should have mentioned it
19:14:32 <GeKo> boklm: next week looks good. do you think we should keep our nightlies broken for now?
19:14:47 <GeKo> or did you find a good patch for #28260?
19:15:42 <boklm> GeKo: I did not manage to update the rust version yet, it needs more investigating
19:16:19 <GeKo> hm, what's the plan here?
19:16:35 <GeKo> i fear this delays our testsuite work even longer :(
19:16:42 <boklm> We could add the patch from alexcrichton to fix the issue
19:17:34 <GeKo> sigh. okay, let me think a bit about that
19:18:26 <GeKo> any more status updates?
19:18:30 <sisbell> If we are looking at rust maybe we can kill it building things like rust-doc
19:18:36 <sisbell> These take a long time to build
19:19:29 <GeKo> sisbell: yes, that's #25934
19:19:40 <sisbell> cool
19:19:47 <GeKo> but it's probably not the issue here
19:19:56 <GeKo> okay, discussion time then i guess
19:20:29 <GeKo> a monthly reminder to do the status updates thing to all of you who have trouble remembering it
19:20:48 <GeKo> it's quite easy: /me status: work on bug XXXXX
19:20:51 <GeKo> done
19:21:29 <GeKo> it could be more elaborate, sure, and more than once a day but let's start with low expectations :)
19:21:35 <GeKo> *cough*
19:21:52 <GeKo> even more important, though, is the next point: timesheets!
19:22:03 <GeKo> as you know from mexico we have some deadlines now.
19:22:19 <GeKo> i need your timesheets (if you are an employee) by the 7th of the next  month
19:22:26 <GeKo> to have time for approval and such
19:22:44 <GeKo> so, after the meeting would be a perfect time to work on that issue
19:23:03 <GeKo> igt0: you are up
19:24:01 <igt0> So we are going to ship torbutton within tor browser
19:24:33 <igt0> and sysrqb brought up an interesting question, should we ship all locales within torbutton?
19:25:17 <pospeselr> rather than splitting them up like we do with tor browser locales?
19:25:27 * antonela brings up the question about tba localization
19:25:39 <mcs> Could someone add a Mozilla language pack later and then find that Torbutton is not in thei new language? How does that work with TBA?
19:26:00 <mcs> s/thei new language/their new language/
19:26:13 <igt0> mcs, well, it will also affect tor browser for desktop
19:26:29 <mcs> ah, true
19:26:37 <GeKo> which reminds me that i recently stumbled over #5184
19:26:58 <sysrqb> (TBA isn't localized yet)
19:27:46 <GeKo> igt0: i think ultimately, once we have #27466 and similar things we could move the other locales out
19:28:23 <GeKo> we would then need infrastructure pulling the different locales in tor the different bundles
19:28:44 <GeKo> but until we are there i think shipping all locales is okay-ish
19:28:54 <GeKo> i mean, what would be the options?
19:29:20 <sysrqb> shipping all locales makes #25013 more complicated
19:29:24 <sysrqb> because locales are hard-coded
19:29:32 <sysrqb> if we only need one locale, then tht is easier
19:29:39 <sysrqb> (as igt0 has now in the patch)
19:29:42 <sysrqb> with @AB_CD
19:30:00 <sysrqb> *that
19:31:00 <igt0> in the worst case, we can add all locales like the chrome.manifest does. It is not a big deal
19:31:07 <sysrqb> yeah
19:32:22 <sysrqb> but if that ticket is being ignored for now, then i guess we can discuss this later?
19:32:37 <GeKo> which ticket?
19:32:49 <sysrqb> #25013
19:33:23 <sysrqb> integrating it into the build system
19:33:24 <sysrqb> but mabe i misunderstood
19:33:40 <GeKo> i thought we need it for tba?
19:33:43 <arthuredelstein> each Firefox langpack is ~500 kb IIRC. So it can add up
19:35:14 <GeKo> i mean it seemed to me this was blocking the banner and the about:tor page etc.
19:35:22 <igt0> yep, it is needed
19:35:32 <sysrqb> okay, maybe i misunderstood your message earlier
19:35:37 <sysrqb> "19:09 <+GeKo> sisbell: okay, then let's just pretend #25013 is not existing for now :)"
19:36:51 <GeKo> yes, what i meant with that is sisbell should not block the integration for done like today or tomorrow from sorting all the things out related to #25013
19:36:58 <GeKo> ugh
19:37:26 <GeKo> *should not block the integration of the extensions which should get done like
19:37:41 <sysrqb> ah, okayay
19:37:58 <GeKo> i feel we can iterate on that once the details for #25013 fell into their places
19:38:16 <GeKo> which hopefully happens soon, too, but probably not like today or tomorrow
19:38:35 <sysrqb> okay, so going back to the localizations, we can keep the current @AB_CD@ locales and iterate on it later?
19:38:41 <GeKo> igt0: so, i think going with en-US for now is good enough and we can iterate on it later on
19:38:54 <igt0> okey  dokey
19:39:13 <sysrqb> seems good to me
19:39:23 <GeKo> great
19:39:34 <GeKo> while we are at it i thought we should do some tba-a2 release planning
19:39:59 <GeKo> and work towards it as good as we can. i think i can help here and postpone my other stuff if needed
19:40:01 <GeKo> so
19:40:43 <GeKo> what about planning to release the next major alpha in the week from 11/19 to 11/23?
19:41:11 <GeKo> that should give us two weeks at least to fix the MUSTs we assembled
19:41:28 <GeKo> does that feel too ambitious?
19:41:48 <sysrqb> i think two weeks is good
19:41:53 <antonela> all this query goes there? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&keywords=~TBA-a2
19:42:10 <sysrqb> antonela: do you think you can work on the orbot UI within the next week?
19:42:25 <sysrqb> antonela: yeah, TBA-a2
19:42:32 <antonela> we can yes
19:42:41 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: i should go over those items
19:42:45 <GeKo> sorry
19:42:48 <GeKo> antonela: ^
19:43:08 <GeKo> there or some things we might need for that milestone and some could be postponed
19:43:11 <sysrqb> we should triage that list
19:43:15 <GeKo> i can do that tomorrow
19:43:16 <GeKo> yeah
19:43:20 <antonela> geko, cool - if we sign security settings this week, we can work on that the next one
19:45:06 <GeKo> antonela: okay. i wonder if you could put some hours for the mobile UI into this week, though, to get a feeling how complicated this would be etc.
19:45:41 <antonela> yes, i can do it
19:45:53 <GeKo> great, thanks!
19:46:04 <GeKo> igt0: what do you think?
19:46:06 <GeKo> sisbell: ^
19:46:11 <antonela> mostly for #27399 and #28329
19:46:21 <GeKo> i think so, yes
19:46:30 <antonela> cool
19:48:23 * GeKo is meanwhile giving the mic to pili
19:48:33 <pili> hi!
19:49:26 <pili> so, there is this OTF engineering lab initiative: https://www.opentech.fund/labs/engineering-lab/ that I believe n8fr8 is helping out with
19:49:54 <pili> and arma1 thinks we may be able to take advantage of it, specifically for the purpose of TBA delivery to users
19:50:07 <sysrqb> sounds great
19:50:26 <pili> so we're looking for a volunteer from the TBA team to coordinate with n8fr8 and gaba (from the gettor side) to work on this
19:50:34 <pili> any takers? :)
19:50:58 <pili> you don't have to say anything right away, but just think about it
19:51:00 <sysrqb> do you know what the timeframe is for this?
19:51:10 <sysrqb> within the next weeks or months?
19:51:10 <pili> not sure, but I can find out
19:51:38 <sysrqb> i think the next 2+ weeks will be a little busy for us
19:51:57 <pili> I think the timelines are flexible and they are short term projects anyway
19:52:53 <pili> I can't see any deadlines to apply for this on the website, but let me speak with gaba and get back to you
19:53:08 <antonela> nathan is already working with that funding? or is willing to?
19:53:16 <GeKo> i think it might make sense to mull this over in the coming days
19:53:16 <sysrqb> okay, i guess i can volunteer for now, and i can discuss with igt0 if he wants to help later
19:53:27 <sysrqb> i'm okay with this, too
19:53:40 <GeKo> and then start something after we see some light at the end of the tba-a2 release tunnel
19:55:05 <pili> so the timelines are completely open it seems
19:55:38 <pili> so it seems that we could choose the timings
19:55:54 <sysrqb> okay
19:56:23 <pili> antonela: n8fr8 / the guardian project are already working in the engineering lab with OTF to help other organizations deliver these projects
19:56:23 <GeKo> so, just to look at that we could probably try to integrate snowflake into whatever pt infra for tba we have
19:56:26 <pili> if that makes sense :)
19:56:43 <GeKo> just to give some example of the things that would fit
19:56:51 <antonela> pili, oh got it
19:57:34 <gaba> hey, the guardian project and several other organizations listed in
19:57:42 <gaba> hey, hi :)
19:57:48 <GeKo> okay, so, yes, we should read this closely and come up with some ideas and then we can start pursuing them after tba-a2 is out?
19:57:48 <gaba> https://www.opentech.fund/labs/engineering-lab/
19:57:50 <GeKo> o/
19:58:08 <pili> GeKo: sounds good, I can try to find out more about this as well
19:58:24 <pili> I just wanted to give everyone a taster
19:58:30 <gaba> this lab is mostly for integration of our technology to other places
19:59:06 <GeKo> yeah, but we might be able to sneak something which we need :)
19:59:43 <GeKo> alright, anything else for today?
19:59:54 <GeKo> *sneak in
20:00:57 <GeKo> okay, in that case thanks for the meeting! please remember on wed 1900 UTC we talk about the security control redesign *baf*
20:01:00 <GeKo> #endmeeting