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19:03:25 <GeKo> alright
19:03:39 <GeKo> antonela: do you want to summarize where we are right now?
19:03:47 <antonela> yep sure
19:03:52 <GeKo> and what open questions we still have and need to tackle?
19:04:14 <antonela> just in case, here is geko's proposal https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-browser-spec.git/tree/proposals/101-security-controls-redesign.txt
19:04:49 <antonela> 2.1.1 Removing HTTPS Everywhere and NoScript from the Toolbar - OK
19:05:28 <antonela> 2.1.2 Showing Security Slider State - I made a proposal https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25658#comment:48
19:05:47 <antonela> basically, we want to expose the status of the security setting at the main UI
19:06:05 <antonela> 2.1.3 Reorganizing the Toolbar - OK
19:06:08 <arthuredelstein> hi everyone!
19:06:20 <antonela> 2.2 Dealing with Per-Site Security Settings - here we come
19:06:46 <antonela> we should talk about it
19:07:03 <antonela> 3.x Restore Default Security Settings - is not in the proposal, but i suggested a user flow for it
19:07:26 <antonela> 2.1.2.X Change Security Level and Restart to Apply Changes - is not at the proposal, but i made a suggestion too
19:07:59 <antonela> so basically we need to talk about 1. all good with that icon? 2. per-site security settings
19:08:11 <antonela> GeKo please, jump if im missing anything
19:09:08 <antonela> i made a quick prototype to see how the icon opens the global settings -- https://marvelapp.com/a66fg97/screen/50052842
19:10:44 <mcs> R.e. the prototype, I did not realize that the newest thinking was that there would not be a toolbar dropdown.
19:11:10 <mcs> I liked it better with the dropdown. Directly opening about:preferences seems too abrupt somehow.
19:11:49 <antonela> mcs what should we have in the dropdown? the previous version included some description about what we are enabling and what not
19:12:10 <GeKo> antonela: what is the difference between safer and safest icon-wise? (i am looking at 25658-8.png)
19:12:19 <antonela> there is not
19:12:21 <mcs> antonela: yes, that kind of status information.
19:13:41 <GeKo> antonela: how do users see easily on which security level they are then?
19:15:14 <antonela> mcs https://share.riseup.net/#E24D-DsXdWxJ5Wn9ABhDTg this one
19:15:18 <GeKo> (+ i agree with mcs that we should avoid just color-coding the security level)
19:15:58 <mcs> antonela: yes, that is what I expected to see when I click the toolbar icon.
19:16:06 <mcs> s/click/clicked/
19:16:34 <antonela> GeKo, do you want the doorhanger too?
19:20:06 <GeKo> so, doorhanger woul dmean it opens some thing informing users about the security state by including info about what it does and gives the optin to open something in about:preferences where users can select different levels?
19:20:35 <antonela> yes
19:20:41 <GeKo> (instead of just opening about:preferences directly)
19:20:44 <antonela> yes
19:20:55 <GeKo> i think i don't have a strong opinion here
19:21:09 <GeKo> i am fine starting either way and see how it goes
19:21:14 <antonela> which is the same information we will have in about:preferences#security
19:21:16 <antonela> about the difference between safer and safest, the security level behavior will change depending on how we will allow js or active content temporary, so i'm not sure if makes sense on having a different color/label for the two highest levels. If we have the door hanger, we could have more info there.
19:22:10 <GeKo> antonela: that's true that users change things but we are talking about the defaults
19:22:32 <GeKo> i mean if users think they should deviate from those, that's fine
19:22:40 <GeKo> but i don't think we should optimize for that case
19:22:42 <mcs> My argument for the doorhanger is that opening and dismissing a doorhanger is lower cost for the user. It also discourages people from messing around in about:preferences.
19:23:31 <GeKo> good point
19:24:36 <brade> I like the door hanger because it’s not as overwhelming as taking users directly to about:prefferences#security
19:24:52 <antonela> yes
19:24:59 <arthuredelstein> I think the idea of putting it in about#preferences was to emphasize that the security settings are global
19:25:00 <antonela> okey, lets go with the doorhanger
19:25:01 <pospeselr> +1 keeping users out of about preferences seems like a good idea
19:25:31 <arthuredelstein> ...and also to discourage users from changing the global settings too often
19:25:52 <brade> arthuredelstein: I don’t have a problem taking users there if they know that’s what they want
19:26:03 <GeKo> yes, you get both with the doorhanger, though
19:26:53 <arthuredelstein> and would the per-site settings be in the same doorhanger? Or in the identity box doorhanger?
19:26:55 <GeKo> fwiw: the button on the toolbar already indicates that this is a global thing
19:27:33 <antonela> arthuredelstein: ha!
19:27:34 <GeKo> i think we should follow firefox here and put that in the identity box
19:27:46 <antonela> yes, im with geko
19:27:55 <GeKo> where all the other permissions are dealt with
19:28:00 <mcs> +1
19:28:10 <antonela> and then we have https://marvelapp.com/a66fg97/screen/50052852
19:28:41 <arthuredelstein> That makes sense to me. I guess I'm thinking by analogy there is a "gear" icon in the Tracking Protection section of the identity box doorhanger. That takes the user to about:preferences for the global tracking settings
19:29:17 <arthuredelstein> (in Firefox)
19:30:03 <arthuredelstein> But maybe in this case it would open the other doorhanger?
19:30:15 <antonela> oh no
19:30:18 <GeKo> no
19:30:32 <antonela> the gear should keep the same behaviour, now in FF is going to about:preferences#privacy
19:30:54 <GeKo> when does the gear showing up?
19:31:05 <GeKo> because i can't see it right now
19:31:11 <antonela> always
19:31:15 <GeKo> no
19:31:30 <GeKo> i don't have it in my tor browser
19:31:32 <arthuredelstein> What I'm wondering is: if we have a section for per-site Security Permission in Tor Browser, do we want a gear icon to take the user to the global Security Settings?
19:31:40 <arthuredelstein> It doesn't exist in Tor Browser right now.
19:31:54 <arthuredelstein> But something to show the connection between per-site and global settings might be helpful
19:32:00 <antonela> FF63 - https://share.riseup.net/#FcwKCEU3N_rRcZ2CcRP7AQ
19:32:02 <arthuredelstein> Just as is done for Tracking Protection in Firefox
19:32:10 <mcs> Following Firefox’s lead to have a gear icon that takes users to the settings may make sense.
19:32:43 <arthuredelstein> (In antonela's screenshot, Content Block ~== Tracking Protection)
19:32:47 <GeKo> hm
19:32:57 <mcs> On the other hand, it could cause some confusion.
19:33:18 <mcs> e.g., temporary site-specific settings vs. global security level.
19:33:18 <GeKo> i wonder if we can cross that bridge when switching to esr68?
19:33:45 <GeKo> i mean it seems this "feature" is not in esr60 yet
19:34:26 <GeKo> arthuredelstein: what do you mean with "connecion between per-site and global settings"?
19:34:35 <GeKo> you have the icon for global setting on the toolbar
19:34:49 <GeKo> and if you are opening the identity box you see your permissions
19:35:02 <GeKo> as done in firefox
19:35:40 <arthuredelstein> Well, there is a relationship between the two things. When you adjust the per-site setting you are moving off the standard global setting.
19:35:59 <arthuredelstein> JavaScript is disabled, for example, because the global setting is "Safest".
19:36:46 <antonela> in that case so, the tor browser user is willing to make a video call in jitsi. Tor Browser is at one of the highest security level. Tor Browser will ask permissions for a camera, a micro and the security feature will offer to temporary allow js. 1. is that how will we deal with per-site settings 2. makes sense to have those 2 permissions under the same permissions category?
19:37:16 <arthuredelstein> They're not exactly the same kind of permission. One is a "privacy risk" and the other is a "security risk".
19:38:16 <GeKo> what is a "security risk" and "what is a privacy risk"?
19:38:53 <arthuredelstein> If you are on high security, then you are disabling javascript because it is a "security risk" (a risk of rce)
19:39:51 <arthuredelstein> But camera permission is unrelated to that. Firefox requires browsers to give camera permission because giving every website direct access to your camera without permission would be a privacy disaster.
19:40:04 <arthuredelstein> But not necessarily an rce risk.
19:40:32 <arthuredelstein> So it might be helpful to make this clear to users somehow.
19:41:15 <GeKo> well in the permissions section all sorts of permissions are grouped together
19:41:39 <antonela> content block *is* the new iteration of tracking protection > https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/kb/tracking-protection
19:41:56 <antonela> they have their own section at the control center for their new brand feature
19:42:37 <GeKo> hm, i think i lose some understanding how this relates to what we need to decide in this meeting
19:43:22 <GeKo> what is the issue here?
19:43:40 <GeKo> why can't we just show the permissions the user set as on antonela's mockup?
19:43:50 <antonela> we can!
19:43:59 <GeKo> great!
19:44:45 <GeKo> if we think users allowing things temporarily should get "notified" about that in the toolbar icon
19:44:51 <GeKo> we can think about it
19:45:05 <antonela> in FF for example, when they allow some thing temporary per site, they have this select
19:45:05 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#wMOphnuxCsY7RvGh0_hPvw
19:45:14 <GeKo> e.g. do we currently have a custom mode that kicks in once a user flips a preference governed by the slider
19:45:33 <antonela> yes, what i'm thinking is if we deserve our own space in that control center, not under permissions
19:46:16 <antonela> but hey, we can make this feature grow and think about it in next iterations, I'll be extremely happy if we have *some* per-site permissions to improve websites rendering
19:46:55 <GeKo> antonela: i am fine if we want to group slider related permissions in an own group
19:47:15 <GeKo> might be worth it and might make things clearer
19:47:17 <antonela> slider R.I.P - security permissions?
19:47:48 <GeKo> what do you mean?
19:48:19 <antonela> i mean if that group could be called "Security Permissions" or ?
19:49:40 <GeKo> hm
19:49:53 <mcs> The section could be called “Filtered Features” :)
19:50:27 <antonela> could be!
19:50:34 <mcs> More seriously, reusing “Permissions” could be confusing.
19:50:50 <mcs> (I don’t really like “feature filter” though)
19:51:10 <GeKo> antonela: what about not having a name for it but just a separator?
19:51:17 <antonela> i like it
19:51:23 <antonela> i'll try it, may works
19:51:23 <GeKo> to show that it is something different at least
19:51:41 <antonela> about per-site settings, just JS and Active Content is ok? i have some icons for those but i need to work a little more on them
19:53:22 <antonela> and then, do you think we could have a list of cases when we are going to suggest/allow temporary js and active content on the two highest levels?
19:53:36 * antonela needs to run in 4 minutes
19:54:20 <GeKo> antonela: i like arthur's idea for just exposing js and active content, yes
19:54:53 <GeKo> i think i don't understand the second question, could you rephrase?
19:55:36 <antonela> yes, when are the scenarios we are going to suggest/allow temporary permissions per-site?
19:55:41 <antonela> when/which
19:55:51 <GeKo> antonela: oh, and what about the icon concerns?
19:56:34 <antonela> exactly, i want to map/make mocks for each case, so if we are allowing js we should have js icon at the nav bar
19:56:57 <GeKo> antonela: i don't know yet because part of this iteration is fixing bugs on the behavior of the safer level e.g. that should make those suggestions not needed
19:57:08 <antonela> i see
19:58:07 <antonela> okey, so, I'll update tomorrow an updated mockup with the doorhanger and I'll work on those icons
19:58:33 <antonela> and could we meet again next week?
19:58:41 <GeKo> i am not sold yet to the idea of showing the permissions directly on the toolbar icon
19:58:54 <GeKo> i fear it might be too confusing
19:59:05 <antonela> yep, me either
19:59:05 <GeKo> but maybe it works, dunno
19:59:12 <GeKo> let's test it!
19:59:16 <antonela> this is why i want that list, to test it
19:59:17 <antonela> yes
19:59:32 <GeKo> well you don't need that list
19:59:48 <antonela> i don't, but i would like to see how it looks
19:59:56 <GeKo> just use the icon once the user sets the permission no matter what the reason is
20:00:30 <antonela> and then you are using jitsi, you blocked cam and phone and allowed js and you have 4 icons in your toolbar
20:00:37 <antonela> there are a lot of scenarios
20:00:49 <GeKo> well that scenario is a non issue :)
20:00:56 <antonela> ha
20:00:58 <GeKo> jitsi is not working in tor browser
20:01:04 <antonela> i know
20:01:11 <antonela> lets say youtube or whatever
20:01:18 <GeKo> but, sure, it gets comlicated quickly :)
20:01:22 <GeKo> *complicated
20:01:25 <antonela> yep
20:01:33 <GeKo> okay, yes, fine with me with meeting again next week
20:01:44 <antonela> perfect
20:01:48 <GeKo> i think we have the release meeting at this time, though
20:01:49 <antonela> geko we are close!
20:01:54 <GeKo> YES!
20:01:56 <antonela> jijij
20:01:57 <antonela> :D
20:02:00 <antonela> ineed to run
20:02:04 <antonela> thanks people!
20:02:15 <GeKo> okay, we'll figure out a time this week
20:02:19 <GeKo> o/
20:02:24 <GeKo> thanks all!
20:02:29 <GeKo> #endmeeting