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16:00:15 <flexlibris> here's our roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/oawM1Sw67VPTz8p67Q2FX5Vw-3Q0qGK1Um0kvsN6WeJ
16:00:46 <flexlibris> okay let's go through our november items and see where we are with each
16:00:58 <flexlibris> first thing is the tor manual migration
16:01:04 <flexlibris> i emailed hiro on nov 5 let me check on that thread
16:01:40 <flexlibris> hiro said she was giving a patch to the sysadmins and opening the needed tickets for that
16:01:44 <hiro> I have the building almost ready
16:01:49 <flexlibris> nice thanks hiro
16:01:50 <hiro> just waiting for feedback
16:01:54 <flexlibris> sweet
16:01:58 <hiro> should have this cleared up between today and tomorrow
16:02:11 <flexlibris> okay cool
16:02:15 <flexlibris> thanks hiro
16:02:18 <flexlibris> i updated that item
16:02:18 <hiro> no worries.
16:02:36 <flexlibris> wayward the next one is yours -- adding screenshots to tor manual
16:02:59 <wayward> yep! still working on that - asking around about workflow for updating the manual
16:03:12 <flexlibris> did someone get back to you yet?
16:03:15 <wayward> nope!
16:03:20 <flexlibris> who did you ping about it?
16:03:45 <wayward> felxlibris & phoul
16:03:53 <Fab_> Hi Everyone!
16:03:59 <ggus> hi!, hi Fab_
16:04:02 <wayward> hey!
16:04:08 <flexlibris> phoul are you here?
16:04:09 <flexlibris> hi fab
16:04:27 <flexlibris> i will update the roadmap to say you're waiting on phoul since it seems like he isn't here right now
16:04:29 <Guest2851> Do you have time to talk about IFF?
16:04:43 <flexlibris> we're in the midst of looking over our november roadmap so we can get to that in a little while
16:04:59 <wayward> ok, cool!
16:05:00 <Guest2851> The extended the submission period one more week.
16:05:11 <Guest2851> great!
16:05:13 <flexlibris> we submitted something for the UX and community teams already
16:05:21 <flexlibris> okay next thing is the community portal outreach kits
16:05:47 <flexlibris> I have been writing up some new flyer content based on user personas
16:06:02 <flexlibris> I sent the first one to the comms team and a few others working on the community portal and I didn't get any feedback
16:06:06 <flexlibris> so I assume that means it's perfect :)
16:06:10 <flexlibris> I could use some help writing the other personas
16:06:17 <flexlibris> so ggus if you have time for that it would be helpful
16:06:38 <ggus> i'll take a look this week. i was travelling last week
16:06:52 <ggus> antonela: do we have more personas?
16:07:11 <antonela> not yet, we can start with what flexlibris suggested
16:07:26 <ggus> ok!
16:07:54 <ggus> i'll take a look!
16:08:27 <flexlibris> okay so let's try to finish that this week so we can start working on the design with UX
16:08:40 <flexlibris> i'll send the content to the community team once we finish
16:09:10 <Guest2851> We might be able to help you with that, last year we conducted a whole study in Colombia, Mexico, Cuba and Venezuela to create personas for our project Viento, I have all the raw data if you guys think that would be useful for you.
16:09:32 <antonela> yes! that might be helpful fabi
16:09:35 <flexlibris> sure
16:10:19 <Guest2851> Ok, I'll share the documents with Antonela, and if there is data you can not understand just reach out to me
16:10:34 <flexlibris> great thanks fabi
16:10:38 <antonela> will do, thanks!
16:10:41 <flexlibris> okay next thing
16:11:08 <flexlibris> i'd like to check in with the new sysadmin linus about the search function on the support portal
16:11:15 <emmapeel> oh yeah!
16:11:29 <flexlibris> i guess i am the best person to do that since having someone else do it would require explaining the whole thing :)
16:11:39 <flexlibris> so i will ping him this week and include relevant people
16:12:05 <flexlibris> there are some tickets and things to link to. i will cc the community team so people know the deal.
16:13:10 <antonela> sounds like a plan! thanks flexlibris for doing it
16:13:14 <flexlibris> sure
16:13:33 <flexlibris> is cy here or haruga?
16:13:41 <flexlibris> i know they both wanted to keep doing stuff on this team
16:13:47 <flexlibris> the next few items could really use a volunteer
16:14:00 <flexlibris> that also goes for anyone lurking who wants a way to help :)
16:14:29 <flexlibris> or maybe i should just mark it as something to find a contractor to do
16:14:57 <flexlibris> we all just have too much to do :/
16:15:31 <flexlibris> emmapeel and ggus anything relevant to share about support portal updates/translation?
16:15:35 <emmapeel> what is exactly - Mapping support portal content to old docs?
16:15:47 <emmapeel> we are having some difficulty to do more updates... :S
16:16:00 <flexlibris> there's all kinds of stuff on the old website that should be cleaned up, updated, and put on the support portal
16:16:12 <flexlibris> for example a whole long explanation of Tor vs VPNs
16:16:32 <hiro> flexlibris do we want to keep the support portal q'n'a?
16:16:40 <emmapeel> i am gathering some at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&component=Community%2FTor+Support&order=priority
16:16:43 <flexlibris> we need someone to go in and take an inventory of what is on the website that is missing from the support portal
16:16:46 <flexlibris> hiro yes i think so
16:16:57 <hiro> ah ok..
16:17:12 * Samdney is here and also wants to volunteer for something. How can I help? o/
16:17:13 <hiro> I was about to suggest maybe we can just port what we think should be ported as an article
16:17:19 <hiro> and then review
16:17:21 <ggus> i can do that, but i'll need time.
16:17:38 <flexlibris> emmapeel this is great
16:18:03 <flexlibris> where are you gathering these from?
16:18:15 <emmapeel> some i have created, some i found while searching
16:18:18 <flexlibris> hiro we could have articles too
16:18:30 <emmapeel> i add the component community/tor support
16:18:31 <flexlibris> or we could just reframe the website content as questions
16:19:02 <flexlibris> emmapeel so these should definitely become support portal q&as
16:19:30 <emmapeel> maybe Samdney can go through them, write a text, pass it through stephw, propose it on the ticket
16:20:26 <emmapeel> not all of them, for example i dont think https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27292 is about the new support portal
16:21:26 <Samdney> mmm,...
16:21:36 <pili> hi, I'm here, sorry I'm late
16:21:43 <flexlibris> so i think i will add this to the list of things that it would be ideal to have a contractor for
16:21:45 <pili> reading backlog...
16:22:20 <wayward> hey pili !
16:22:23 <flexlibris> hi pili
16:22:33 <flexlibris> okay moving along
16:22:50 <Samdney> I can have a look at this if you explain me what exactly what you want ;)
16:22:59 <flexlibris> I don't have much to update about the LFI stuff right now, everything ongoing is still ongoing. I hope we will have the website updated by the end of this month
16:23:02 <Guest2851> Hello Pili!
16:23:49 <flexlibris> I did finalize the Tor meeting location so that's cool
16:24:00 <flexlibris> although I guess some people think Athens in May will be too hot :)
16:24:04 <hiro> flexlibris is it going to be athens?
16:24:10 <hiro> ah ok that's fine...
16:24:16 <hiro> it's going to be 20/25
16:24:21 <Samdney> emmapeel: can you send me an email?
16:24:22 <flexlibris> hiro yeah i updated via email
16:24:28 <flexlibris> hiro that is perfect for me :)
16:24:29 <kat5> flexlibris: just out of curiosity, why Athens over Lisbon? (not complaining!)
16:24:37 <flexlibris> because that's what won in the survey
16:24:47 <emmapeel> Samdney: just go through the link and try to see if you can write a text about any of the things missing on the support portal
16:24:59 <Samdney> ok
16:25:03 <kat5> Okay!
16:25:29 <flexlibris> personally i voted for both of them :)
16:25:34 <pili> me too :D
16:25:38 <flexlibris> they were both quite popular
16:25:41 <flexlibris> athens won by just a few votes
16:25:45 <pili> (actually I voted for everything :P)
16:25:48 <flexlibris> haha yeah
16:25:54 <flexlibris> both sets of dates in athens won
16:26:10 <flexlibris> it was tied athens may/march, then went lisbon march, lisbon may, tbilisi may
16:26:26 <wayward> I want to thank you for this big tor party on my birthday
16:26:32 <flexlibris> i chose may because both arma and shari could not make the march dates and it seemed important to have them there
16:26:32 <ggus> hahah
16:26:34 <antonela> wayward: wooo
16:26:39 <flexlibris> wayward that was the real reason for the dates :)
16:26:43 <wayward> +1
16:26:45 <kat5> Thanks! It's going to be great!
16:26:51 <hiro> yay wayward!
16:27:58 <flexlibris> okay let's move on to outreach stuff
16:28:27 <flexlibris> since there are a lot of items under outreach, let's just discuss what people have to share
16:28:33 <flexlibris> updates/issues etc
16:28:52 <flexlibris> for me, i will follow up with the sponsor9 group after this meeting so we can finalize our travel dates
16:29:11 <flexlibris> i am also going to work on the sponsor9 report for pili over the next few days
16:29:34 <pili> thanks, I want to ask a few questions about that, but can wait until after :)
16:29:49 <flexlibris> until after this meeting?
16:30:06 <pili> or until towards the end of the meeting :)
16:30:08 <pili> whenever works
16:30:15 <ggus> i've been receiving a lot of request about trainings in brasil, so idk if we should keep it to january or decide that this is already done.
16:30:49 <flexlibris> ggus i think if it addresses all of the sponsor9 tasks, like doing user testing and whatnot, then it's fine
16:31:08 <flexlibris> sure pili we can talk about it at the end of the meeting
16:31:18 <pili> +1
16:31:40 <flexlibris> ggus maybe just coordinate with the UX team to make sure you're addressing everything they need from those trainings?
16:32:02 <ggus> flexlibris: ok!, i'll ping antonela
16:32:04 <flexlibris> Guest2851 fab do you want to talk about IFF now that we're talking about outreach?
16:32:43 <antonela> ggus: are you planning to run those in december? or january?
16:32:47 <ggus> also about iff: ppl from derechos digitales submitted a proposal to IFF about tor in global south, and also included me.
16:33:09 <ggus> antonela: november, december, january, i'm receiving a lot of requests
16:33:53 <antonela> ggus: nyinz is working on having the user testing we are going to run done, lets sync about the dates so we can have it ready asap
16:34:08 <antonela> ggus: re:months, oki
16:35:22 <flexlibris> i hope the derechos digitales proposal is not too similar to the one we already submitted
16:36:00 <ggus> antonela: i was thinking to open a survey in ptbr and let people answer
16:36:00 <flexlibris> is fabi still here?
16:36:24 <flexlibris> maybe she stepped away, so fab if you come back and want to say more about iff you should
16:36:31 <flexlibris> we are hoping to have the tor ux and community teams both there
16:36:33 <emmapeel> i think fab is Guest2851
16:36:42 <flexlibris> yes and i pinged her a few seconds ago
16:36:53 <antonela> ggus: a survey for what?
16:37:25 <ggus> antonela: ux survey, to map their common problems, idk.
16:37:33 <Guest2851> sorry I'm still here
16:37:43 <ggus> but if you want a general public attention in brazil, the moment is now.
16:39:23 <Guest2851> For the IFF joined session with you we would like to talk about the future of Orbot as a VPN way to route your apps to the Tor network
16:39:38 <Guest2851> and also about the Onion Browser for iOS
16:39:42 <antonela> ggus: oh yes cool, lets talk about it tomorrow during the ux meeting with nyinz
16:39:53 <flexlibris> Guest2851: joined session?
16:40:01 <flexlibris> i didnt know we were doing one!
16:40:07 <flexlibris> (i think we could though)
16:40:35 <Guest2851> Unless you would prefer for us to submit a separated session
16:40:54 <flexlibris> no i dont have any preference, i just didnt know about this plan
16:41:06 * Samdney moment, an Onion Browser for iOS! Who works on this?
16:41:51 <kat5> Samdney: mtigas
16:41:52 <Guest2851> it is still a suggestion, nothing has been settle yet, and it's my fault, I wasn't able to join the past two meetings
16:42:00 <flexlibris> no it's okay
16:42:02 <flexlibris> let's do it
16:42:05 <flexlibris> who do you want to co-present?
16:42:45 <Guest2851> the onion browser is a work in progress, we will be retaking the project in December
16:42:56 <kat5> Interesting.
16:43:09 <antonela> i think it deserves their own session fab, there is a track called Hacking the net, we will present there
16:43:23 <antonela> and also it contemplates UX/UI work!
16:43:26 <Samdney> cool. i have only experiences with Android, else I would like to help ;)
16:43:40 <Guest2851> I'm not sure how many sessions you have for IFF and in which one you think it would be better for us to join you
16:44:05 <flexlibris> we only have one submitted which i think should remain the way it is. i am in favor of us having a joint session about mobile stuff though.
16:44:13 <flexlibris> we should figure out who should be in that session
16:44:13 <Guest2851> Great! then I'll work on that this week
16:44:36 <flexlibris> cool thanks fab. do you know which tor people you want to co-present?
16:45:29 <flexlibris> hey who is writing comments in the pad about outreach flyers? can you name yourself in the pad please
16:45:48 <Guest2851> I'm not sure, I think is better if guys tell me who is going to be there and will be available to join us
16:46:01 <flexlibris> all of the UX and community teams are planning to be there
16:46:41 * kat5 did not know that.
16:47:35 <flexlibris> we talked about it in mexico city at the community team meeting
16:47:59 <kat5> Okay. Missed that.
16:48:32 <flexlibris> it's okay if you cant make it!
16:48:39 <antonela> kat5 https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2018MexicoCity/Notes/TorAtIFF
16:48:51 <flexlibris> yeah and we had that other session for organizing it in detail as well
16:48:54 <Guest2851> Samdney who  do I reach ot to you once we start working on the Onion Browser project?
16:49:07 <flexlibris> mainly it's most important for the sponsor9 crew to be there
16:49:27 <flexlibris> any other outreach-related updates?
16:49:43 <Guest2851> Thanks
16:49:44 <kat5> flexlibris: Cool. I knew a ton of people were going, but I took your comment upthread to mean we all were.
16:50:00 <pili> not sure if this is related, but when I was looking at the orgs we worked with for sponsor9 I noticed a lot didn't have https certs on their sites
16:50:12 <pili> and that got me thinking about letsencrypt and onion services for them :)
16:50:20 <pili> (but it's not really what we're supposed to do I know...)
16:50:39 <pili> just a thought I had about whether we could incorporate anything like that when we work with people
16:50:48 <flexlibris> it isn't exactly addressed in the sponsor9 workplan, though we have been doing more general security trainings at those partners' requests
16:51:09 <Guest2851> Antonela, I'll include you in our submission if that is ok with you.
16:51:15 <flexlibris> though letsencrypt and onion services depend on whether they have sysadmin help
16:51:35 <antonela> Guest2851 fab, yes sure!
16:51:58 <Guest2851> Awesome, good talk, see you soon everyone!
16:52:05 <flexlibris> bye fab!
16:52:07 <wayward> bye fab!
16:52:08 <antonela> thanks for coming fabi!
16:52:10 <flexlibris> okay seems nothing else for outreach
16:52:24 <flexlibris> kat5, anything to share about sponsor19?
16:52:53 <kat5> I'm getting lots of feedback from arma1. I still expect to be done this week.
16:53:13 <flexlibris> cool
16:53:45 <flexlibris> wayward anything to update about volunteers?
16:54:06 <wayward> yes! so the trac tag is all set to go, 'easy' is still being updated so I think we should keep using it
16:54:13 <flexlibris> awesome
16:54:22 <wayward> wanted to sync during this meeting about the volunteer page timeline
16:54:39 <wayward> but ALSO, question: have we considered using a wiki instead or in concert with the volunteer page?
16:54:55 <wayward> because I think a wiki would be better - easier to update
16:55:10 <flexlibris> so maybe you should come to the meeting we're having on friday about the community portal so that you can understand the timeline
16:55:13 <flexlibris> pili is organizing that meeting
16:55:36 <flexlibris> wayward i think in general we are trying to move away from using the wiki for everything
16:55:38 <antonela> the main idea is to have community.tpo as a hub for people who wants to volunteer
16:55:38 <wayward> that would be super helpful! thank you
16:55:39 <ggus> wayward: like the tor relay page?
16:55:47 <flexlibris> the idea is that the new website WILL be easy to update
16:55:56 <wayward> omg amazing, easy updates is all I want
16:55:57 <pili> wayward: what timezone are you on? so I can take that into account when scheduling
16:56:01 <wayward> I'm in EST
16:56:05 <pili> cool
16:56:49 <wayward> ok, those are my current updates re volunteer stuff - will have content ready to send to the vegas team by the end of the week for sure
16:56:57 * Samdney hi Phoul
16:57:02 <flexlibris> awesome, thank you for all that wayward
16:57:46 <wayward> np!
16:57:50 <flexlibris> Phoul, maybe you didn't see the email about how last week's community team meeting was actually at the wrong time
16:57:55 <flexlibris> because i didnt correct for dst
16:58:03 <flexlibris> our meetings are continuing to be at 1600 UTC
16:58:14 <flexlibris> but since you're here, do you have an update about relay advocacy tasks for this month?
16:58:35 <Phoul> Yup!
16:59:14 <emmapeel> i think it could be a possibility to use the wiki to create a page, then when is ready we can add it to the portal
16:59:15 <Phoul> I was in contact with the VPN company last week, I've reviewed their first relay and sent feedback; the others should be coming up soon. I also spent last week talking with various operators about their costs and collecting this information for a potential funder. The obfs4proxy guide now has FreeBSD and OpenBSD instructions.
16:59:24 <Phoul> (Sorry for missing that email until late, was not paying attention to my inbox)
16:59:26 <flexlibris> emmapeel yes that would be fine cc wayward
16:59:42 <Phoul> I also did an RT training last week with pili / wayward / sstevenson
16:59:52 <flexlibris> awesome phoul how many relays are they bringing online?
17:00:07 <Phoul> They have nto given a number, but I believe they are starting with around 5Gb/sec
17:00:11 <wayward> (oooh good idea emmapeel)
17:00:26 <Phoul> It should be under 15 relays to begin.
17:01:33 <flexlibris> cool
17:01:40 <flexlibris> okay we are over time actually
17:01:41 <flexlibris> just noticed
17:02:04 <flexlibris> oh and pili didn't get to update about the sponsor9 report
17:02:11 <flexlibris> well i dont think there is another team waiting to use this room
17:02:15 <flexlibris> in case you want to discuss that now pili
17:02:18 <pili> sure
17:02:44 <pili> so I've started putting stuff together in a google doc here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ne5rbVdpIW4IhKb6GpkZEWcmi2ozmETMlONeC2rfxnA/edit?usp=sharing
17:03:04 <pili> and I had some questions for the community team :)
17:03:10 <flexlibris> sure
17:04:02 <pili> to begin with I'm looking for any onsite materials that we produced, I think it would be nice to add some of them to the report
17:04:19 <flexlibris> sure we have slidedecks
17:04:43 <pili> is there somewhere where all the sponsor9 material is collected?
17:05:09 <antonela> pili no, but is a good opportunity to have one :)
17:05:12 <pili> I was looking in trac to see if there were any tickets also :)
17:05:25 <pili> antonela: I'll ask for the UX material tomorrow :D
17:05:58 <antonela> pili ok
17:06:52 <hiro> maybe git repository? :)
17:07:02 <hiro> do you want one?
17:07:15 * antonela puts her name to work on s9 with pili
17:07:22 <flexlibris> a git repo would be good i think
17:07:46 <hiro> depends on the kind of material you peeps have
17:07:49 <antonela> hiro: yeah, where?
17:08:01 <antonela> text, pdfs, a few picts
17:08:03 <hiro> I can create one on gitweb synced with github
17:08:10 <antonela> lets do it
17:08:37 <hiro> ok
17:08:43 <hiro> will do
17:08:47 <pili> btw, ggus is it safe to mention the organisations we worked with in the s9 report?
17:08:50 <antonela> we need to clean our debriefs from sensible information
17:10:00 <pili> also ggus antonela alison (anyone else?) should we have another meeting this week to coordinate on this?
17:10:01 <ggus> pili: i remember talked with isabela and the s9 didn't want to know who we worked.
17:10:14 <flexlibris> sure we can have another sync
17:10:24 <flexlibris> and in that sync let's plan our travel dates for 2019
17:10:27 <pili> ok, that's good to know ggus
17:10:38 <pili> flexlibris: +1
17:11:06 <flexlibris> okay anything else to discuss here?
17:11:20 <pili> not from my notes
17:11:25 <flexlibris> anyone else?
17:12:00 <flexlibris> seems not
17:12:09 <flexlibris> okay, going to kill the bot. thanks everyone :)
17:12:12 <flexlibris> #endmeeting