13:58:40 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:58:43 <antonela> hello people!
13:58:46 <duncan__> hi there!
13:58:55 <antonela> another week, another ux meeting
13:59:01 <antonela> hey hello duncan__
13:59:13 <antonela> glad you make it :)
13:59:32 <duncan__> thanks for the invite!
13:59:44 <antonela> lets start with updates and reviewing our roadmap as always
13:59:54 <antonela> the pad for this meeting is here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/N5y4dIoKk4gv2HvSB4J7x_L71lkmgKGEC69iwcBfUZg
14:00:11 <nyinz> hi!
14:00:20 <antonela> hi nyinz!!
14:00:52 <antonela> we have a packed room today :)
14:01:14 <antonela> lets wait a few minutes for people to update the pad and then we can start
14:02:14 <pili> Hi
14:02:27 <duncan___> (still here, don’t worry)
14:02:35 <antonela> haha
14:02:41 <antonela> hello pili!
14:03:25 <antonela> like usual, if you have an item you would like to discuss, you can add it to the agenda section
14:03:30 <pili> I’m on my way back home, will be in front of a computer in 5 minutes :)
14:03:39 <antonela> pili ok
14:04:09 <antonela> ok, lets start!
14:04:58 <antonela> elioqoshi i saw your message in the ux list, thanks for sharing it! I'm asking about dates because i have it in our roadmaps for December, is that right?
14:05:49 <antonela> i have a few notes to leave at the prototype, will do that this week
14:06:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> For the measurements pages themselves, yes that's right
14:06:19 <antonela> elioqoshi do you want to explain what is your objective with this review? what you are doing and what is the aim with this redesign?
14:06:20 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Just added to the Pad
14:07:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sure! We are basically trying to consolidate the Experience users and contributors will have with OONI Probe and Explorer
14:08:29 <antonela> yes, that is great
14:08:39 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> While the audiences might be different, we want to make it both easy to access measurements for newcomers, but also offer power users the tools to get what they need
14:09:54 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So nesting more advanced information and having a more accessible high level overview at the top
14:10:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> That was the philosophy followed
14:10:45 <antonela> exactly, the same approach we tried to carry on the Probe app
14:10:58 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Also setting parallels with design patterns in the mobile app, but having the different audience in mind
14:11:44 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So we generally have a bit more space to offer advanced features without overexplaining them
14:12:36 <antonela> i think is smart to approach the top section as a "first glance view" and then when user start to scroll, advanced users can find more advanced measurements
14:13:03 <antonela> i like the way you are quoting numbers, like "83% of measurement testers can stream 1080p (Full HD) video without preloading"
14:13:12 <antonela> we should make it shareable at the www :)
14:13:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So that's the Country Page right? Yeah, that's something we will tackle right after the Measurement pages which are more of a priority right now
14:14:01 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> The Measurement pages are in the bottom
14:14:30 <antonela> yes, i know, but is important to understand how the entire flow is
14:14:55 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Ah yeah, we had that specifically in mind there as well
14:15:08 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We are not happy with the country page yet but more to that later
14:15:29 <antonela> i'll leave comments there this week and if you are ok, we can discuss about the most controversial ones next week here :)
14:17:10 <antonela> emmapeel: any update on TBA (tor browser for android) localization?
14:17:38 <emmapeel> i talked with pili about it she said she will try to sneak it on the meetings etc
14:17:47 <pili> :D
14:18:14 <emmapeel> no ther news unfrtunately :S
14:18:19 <antonela> cool, i saw some intents on irc this week haha this is why im asking
14:18:20 <pili> yeah, I mentioned it to GeKo and he's been looking into it, hoping emmapeel will be able to move forward with it soon :)
14:18:30 <antonela> super, thanks pili!
14:18:52 <pili> the problem is most people are busy with actually getting stuff with TBA to work :/
14:19:12 <antonela> yep i know
14:20:05 <antonela> nyinz: did you have a chance to review the community team september issues report?
14:20:33 <antonela> emmapeel: about inviting sajolida, YES! I'll email him directly :)
14:20:50 <antonela> hiro: you around?
14:21:00 <nyinz> yes i did
14:21:13 <emmapeel> yeah antonela i thought maybe he wants to come some day.. maybe not to lurk every week because is not an irc person but maybe one day or something
14:21:44 <antonela> nyinz great! anything relevant for us?
14:22:35 <nyinz> yes sure. i will start with some from cybelles report then state the ones for september (collected by mags)
14:22:56 <antonela> cool
14:23:14 <antonela> duncan ___ : once we finish updates and discussions, if you want to, you can introduce your self
14:23:27 <nyinz> -what the benefits of Tor are
14:23:28 <nyinz> -Running Tor with VPN
14:23:28 <nyinz> -What devices can be used with Tor? For example on can an iPad be used?
14:23:29 <nyinz> -Use Tor Daily or in specific situations? How should people be using Tor
14:23:30 <duncan___> sure thing :)
14:23:31 <nyinz> -What to do when its blocked
14:23:33 <nyinz> -Share experiences and what to do scenarios….
14:24:15 <nyinz> Relevant to Gus and the community team...user want explanations on the following: -what the benefits of Tor are
14:24:23 <nyinz> Running Tor with VPN
14:24:31 <nyinz> What devices can be used with Tor? For example on can an iPad be used?
14:24:40 <nyinz> Use Tor Daily or in specific situations? How should people be using Tor
14:24:49 <nyinz> What to do when its blocked
14:25:00 <nyinz> Share experiences and what to do scenarios….
14:25:30 <nyinz> This is a direct comment from the user advocate which i think is relevant:
14:25:32 <nyinz> -There's a lot of general confusion about when things break (expectedly) in the higher security slider settings perhaps we should consider how to make the effects of security levels clearer, or adding an FAQ entry?
14:25:49 <nyinz> *unexpectedly
14:26:16 <antonela> yes, the community team already have this feedback. I wanted to have a list of specific user problems related to the usage of the browser
14:26:34 <antonela> ohhh that one is useful for the work we are doing at #25658
14:26:52 <nyinz> check  also https://docs.google.com/document/d/1h5ZbPHHwwCAtGCYE7sjXNtOX1C8WroxlCUf1MQimZqU/edit?usp=sharing
14:27:30 <nyinz> theres a summary at the end of user comments
14:27:32 <antonela> nyinz: that's great !
14:28:16 <nyinz> i have identified sections like device//compatibility issues, anaonymity concerns and other features
14:28:27 <antonela> i'll review it, make comments and then we can file tickets in trac to approach those problems
14:28:44 <pili> nice one :)
14:28:44 <nyinz> I havent received the report for october
14:29:14 <antonela> we either, i think is about to come
14:29:19 <antonela> thanks nyinz!
14:29:33 <nyinz> ok then
14:30:22 <antonela> one thing i would like to highlight is that the poll for the Tor Browser icon ended and we have a winner!  https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25702#comment:8
14:31:13 <antonela> we talked about it yesterday during the tbb meeting and pospeselr will work on that implementation
14:32:48 <antonela> duncan___ you are up!
14:33:13 <duncan___> hello everyone! 👋
14:33:17 <duncan___> these proposed icons are really nice btw
14:33:23 <antonela> :)
14:33:51 <duncan___> I’m Duncan, I run a tiny research and design studio based in Edinburgh, Scotland
14:34:45 <duncan___> I set up the studio a couple of years ago to provide real design research and strategy to public, private and non-profit orgs, since most of the research these orgs were conducting was more marketing-led and not user-needs
14:35:29 <duncan___> I mostly do digital and service design, but about 90% of my work’s web-based
14:35:35 <hiro> hey sorry
14:35:44 <hiro> I was here but confused with the tame
14:35:48 <hiro> let me read back
14:35:54 <hiro> s/tame/time
14:36:13 <antonela> duncan___ that is great! thanks for joining us -- we have a lot of different projects running right now at the ux team
14:36:28 <ggus> hi!
14:36:57 <antonela> to be short with the big picture, one is our products Tor Browser for desktop and Tor Browser for Android
14:37:01 <duncan___> for sure! I’ve been trying to catch up on recent projects in trac for an ideo for what you do
14:37:18 <antonela> and the other big project is our new website
14:37:57 <duncan___> Ah yeah, Sue mentioned that
14:38:04 <duncan___> exciting
14:38:47 <antonela> then we support other sister projects like OONI and needs from the communication team, needs from the networking team and all what people needs related with ux, ui and design
14:39:03 <antonela> hey ggus!
14:39:18 <antonela> hiro no worries
14:41:39 <antonela> ggus: do you have something for us? I know we owe you the ux research we are going to run in brasil and arg
14:42:25 <antonela> duncan___ if you find something that you would like to put your hands on, just ping me I can give you some background on it
14:42:55 <duncan___> oh sure thing
14:43:15 <duncan___> I’ll maybe bombard you with questions about your processes before doing so, if that’s okay?
14:43:17 <ggus> antonela: yes, so, we have a good (bad) moment in brasil for digital security. and it's going to happen some cryptoparties very soon. do you want me to run some tests?
14:43:20 <duncan___> can pick up after the meeting or via email
14:43:32 <antonela> duncan___ yes sure, here or offline both works
14:43:44 <duncan___> great, ta ^_^
14:44:30 <antonela> ggus yes! we want -- nyinz could we work on that list this week? we need to define what we are going to test in brasil and how considering that ggus is alone
14:44:49 <antonela> ggus: maybe i can join you on some of them, when you have a calendar, can you share with me?
14:45:59 <ggus> antonela: i have two activities confirmed, and waiting the confirmation for more 3 activities.
14:46:28 <antonela> ggus: awesome
14:46:32 <ggus> 12/01 - cryptoparty in sao paulo; 12/15 - cryptoparty in brasilia
14:47:01 <antonela> oh all cryptos, we could have advanced users too there
14:47:23 <ggus> actually, i think we will have a lot of newbies
14:47:28 <ggus> because of the political situation
14:47:38 <antonela> good observation, that is great for us too
14:48:09 <emmapeel> OMG https://tb-manual.torproject.org/ has the lektor already
14:48:16 <antonela> \o/
14:48:33 <ggus> aleluia!!
14:49:01 <antonela> thanks traumschule, hiro, wayward, flexlibris, emmapeel, ggus for your effforts on it
14:49:03 <antonela> !!!!
14:49:29 <ggus> good bye mallard!! :D
14:49:39 <pili> +1
14:49:44 <emmapeel> ggusyeah that is nice, later today i am meeting with wayward to do some tbmanual content update
14:50:00 <antonela> emmapeel: cool!
14:50:09 <antonela> pili you are up!
14:50:33 <pili> I think I just wanted to mention the community portal kick off meeting this friday at 16:00 UTC
14:50:43 <pili> but let me check the pad :)
14:51:03 <flexlibris> wooooo
14:51:09 <pili> yup that was all :)
14:51:11 <antonela> yes and also we have tomorrow a bi-weekly release meeting
14:51:15 <antonela> hello flexlibris!
14:51:24 <flexlibris> yoo antonela
14:51:41 <pili> yup and the tor browser release meeting + security settings hijack ;)
14:51:47 <antonela> take over haha
14:51:51 <pili> :P
14:52:14 <antonela> cool!
14:52:22 <antonela> anything else? am i missing anything?
14:52:46 <pili> I'll probably have some questions about sponsor 9 stuff for the first report
14:53:00 <pili> but maybe we can keep it all to flexlibris' sponsor 9 meeting :)
14:53:01 * antonela checks what Copernico is eating because everything is so quiet here
14:53:12 <pili> :D I do the same with my kids :P
14:53:16 <antonela> ahhahah
14:53:24 <emmapeel> just wanted you to know that i bought my carbon monoxide alarm, so dont worry!
14:53:28 <hiro> ah yeah that was done last night :)
14:53:31 <emmapeel> :D
14:53:31 <hiro> mallard I mean
14:53:48 <antonela> pili, oki
14:53:50 <emmapeel> yeah hiro cool!
14:53:55 <antonela> hiro the hero
14:54:30 <flexlibris> pili i am sending an email about that now
14:54:42 <pili> perfect, thank you flexlibris !!! :)
14:54:57 <antonela> one friendly reminder ** please update your items on the roadmap storm -- thanks! **
14:55:19 <antonela> super, thanks flexlibris
14:55:31 <antonela> are we good? is a wrap?
14:56:15 <hiro> i am groot
14:56:28 * antonela liked how gaba asked for nods yesterday at the network meeting lol
14:56:43 <pili> :D
14:56:45 <pili> +1
14:56:46 <antonela> hahaha
14:57:02 <antonela> thanks people! i'm happy to having you all here :)
14:57:06 <antonela> see you next week o/
14:57:08 <ggus> thanks anto!
14:57:11 <ggus> o/
14:57:26 <antonela> #endmeeting