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16:00:20 * flexlibris gets storm pad
16:00:54 <flexlibris> okay, let's review and update our november roadmap items: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/pODUAwAmo47CB0wqPJEKMoLvatlNuw3ZiUFg0hic6KE
16:01:16 <flexlibris> first thing is the tor manual migration to lektor which i think is now finished yes?
16:01:33 <pili> hi
16:01:59 <wayward> yes!!
16:02:03 <flexlibris> yess
16:02:22 <wayward> emmapeel and ggus and I have been getting a lot of small fixes pushed to the manual, too
16:02:33 <kushal> hello everyone.
16:02:47 <antonela> o/
16:02:56 <antonela> yess \o/
16:02:57 <Phoul> Regarding the manual, it came up last week that I am still the component owner on Trac and likely shouldnt be. Who would be the best person to set as the new component owner?
16:03:07 <wayward> you can set me if you want!
16:03:13 <flexlibris> thanks wayward that would be great
16:03:15 <Phoul> Great!
16:03:23 <ailanthus> o/
16:03:33 <wayward> ailanthus o/
16:03:46 <flexlibris> okay great
16:04:01 <flexlibris> ggus, antonela and I are still working on the outreach flyers
16:04:21 <flexlibris> we wrote some text and now anto is thinking about designs
16:04:49 <flexlibris> support portal search function: i started an email thread and i have an unread message from linus about features for the search function
16:04:52 <flexlibris> so that is moving along
16:05:13 <flexlibris> the rest of the remaining support portal todo items are things we were hoping to find a contractor for, but i think this may take a little wihle
16:05:27 <flexlibris> especially since sponsor9 reporting is taking over some of our lives :D
16:05:42 <flexlibris> anyone have anything else to add regarding community/support portal items?
16:06:12 <flexlibris> seems not, okay
16:06:40 <flexlibris> LFI stuff continues apace, and I am at the time when I really really need to shift more of my focus to it so I will hopefully be able to delegate more community team stuff to others
16:06:51 <flexlibris> because the website redesign and new recruitment phase will take a lot of time
16:07:06 <pili> ok! :)
16:07:10 <flexlibris> ggus can you give some updates about outreach?
16:07:17 <ggus> yes!
16:07:48 <ggus> dec 1st we have an activity in sao paulo, dec 15th in brasilia, and some meetings with ngos in brazil
16:07:58 <ggus> started to talk with kushal about india plans
16:09:18 <flexlibris> thanks ggus, anything else?
16:09:29 <ggus> the volunteers project with university of sao paulo was delivered last week and they will open it till february
16:09:36 <flexlibris> okay cool sorry to interrupt :)
16:09:53 <flexlibris> open it, meaning they are opening the opportunity up for students?
16:09:57 <flexlibris> and in february we will select them or something?
16:10:32 <ggus> yes, sorry, the opportunity will be open until february and they will start in february 2019
16:10:47 <flexlibris> oh so do we do any selection or we accept all the students who sign up for it?
16:10:52 <ggus> so we will probably have some more volunteers between february - june 2019
16:11:14 <wayward> rad!!
16:11:14 <ggus> we do the selection with the university.
16:11:37 <flexlibris> cool
16:11:47 <ggus> this project in the university is new, so we don't know with we are going to fill all the opportunities
16:11:54 <flexlibris> how many are there total?
16:11:57 <ggus> s/with/if
16:11:58 <ggus> 4
16:12:09 <ggus> 4 volunteers
16:12:54 <flexlibris> cool
16:13:01 <flexlibris> we will see! it's a good number for a pilot
16:13:11 <flexlibris> and if it works out we can try this same kind of thing with other universities maybe
16:13:21 <ggus> yes, that's a good idea
16:13:26 <ggus> :D
16:13:45 <flexlibris> anything else to update about ggus?
16:14:03 <ggus> i think that's all
16:14:08 <flexlibris> cool, thanks gus
16:14:23 <flexlibris> i am sending an email about sponsor9 travel coordination right after this meeting
16:14:30 <flexlibris> i hope we can get that all finalized in the next few weeks
16:14:54 <flexlibris> is dmr here to give a reportback about aaron swartz day?
16:14:58 <flexlibris> i dont think he is here
16:15:55 <flexlibris> kushal anything to update?
16:16:56 <kushal> flexlibris, I will share the topics (for the 3 days workshop in December) tomorrow on IRC>
16:17:02 <flexlibris> great!
16:17:11 <kushal> Then I can send it to the engineering college.
16:17:21 <kushal> Thanks :)
16:17:52 <kushal> I will also have to announce the december privacy meetup in Pune, trying to figure out if we can do more handson.
16:18:03 <kushal> any ideas/feedback will be really helpful :)
16:18:14 <kushal> Thats all from me.
16:18:15 <flexlibris> sure, if you want to share your plans with the community team mailing list
16:18:20 <flexlibris> then folks can give feedback there maybe
16:18:23 <kushal> Yup.
16:18:53 <flexlibris> okay so
16:18:55 <flexlibris> sponsor19
16:18:58 <flexlibris> kat couldnt make this meeting today
16:19:03 <flexlibris> but she told me that they are delivering the report today
16:19:08 <flexlibris> so we'll get an update on that from her next week
16:19:16 <flexlibris> wayward, wanna share about volunteer stuff?
16:19:58 <wayward> sure! I haven't made a lot of progress on the volunteer stuff this week
16:20:08 <wayward> but my goal for this week is to set up a temporary wiki page
16:20:54 <wayward> it's the time in the month where I have to focus a bit more on my other stuff, but I will be sure to make some progress on volunteer stuff this week, esp with all the outreach progress in mind
16:22:45 <flexlibris> for sure
16:23:04 <flexlibris> and the mozilla all-hands is coming up so i know you'll be mega busy with that
16:23:10 <flexlibris> thanks for putting all this work in to the volunteer stuff
16:23:22 <wayward> haha yes!
16:24:07 <flexlibris> okay i think phoul is here yes?
16:24:10 <Phoul> Yup!
16:24:25 <flexlibris> hey! any updates to share?
16:24:25 <emmapeel> oops sorry
16:24:32 <emmapeel> i thought it was earlier
16:24:41 <flexlibris> emmapeel all good
16:24:53 <emmapeel> i have been working on the glossary, but not many results... i did some updates
16:25:01 <emmapeel> i have been mostly thinking about it
16:25:18 <flexlibris> one sec emmapeel phoul was about to give an update
16:25:20 <flexlibris> and then you can go
16:25:24 <emmapeel> oh sorry
16:25:50 <Phoul> Last week I sent the BSD obfsproxy instructions to gman / egypcio for review, I also sent Bill from the EFF a bunch of ideas regarding the relay challenge. I also made contact with OVH regarding the 17 suspicious relays, however i Have not yet received a response. I got direct contacts from Teor, so we should hear something this week hopefully. I also spent time collecting relay operation costs from
16:25:56 <Phoul> torservers partners for a potential funder, and working with the EOL operators to continue having them upgrade. I also noticed at the end of last week the DNS timeout % for the network was approaching 8%, so I started working with operators to bring this down again.
16:26:01 <Phoul> as can be seen at https://arthuredelstein.net/exits/, we are at 3% today
16:26:06 <Phoul> So progress is being made on that :)
16:26:14 <flexlibris> nice!
16:26:19 <flexlibris> super weird about those sketchy relays lol
16:26:32 <flexlibris> i mean idk i don't wanna hate on this possibly lovely set of people who are just trying to help but like....what
16:26:46 <Phoul> Yeah, its an odd situation. I'm hoping its just someone who was trying to do good but did so wrong.
16:26:59 <Phoul> I will update on that next week :)
16:27:06 <flexlibris> great thanks
16:27:11 <flexlibris> okay emmapeel go ahead!
16:27:31 <emmapeel> ok so, for localizatoin we need to have a glossary. there is one in transifex but is not available outside
16:27:44 <emmapeel> there is the one the comunity team did, which is more updated with other teams too
16:28:17 <emmapeel> i would like to erge those two, and also to move them from the wiki to the tb-manual so we can access the translations for the terms too
16:28:39 <emmapeel> there are also other glossaries, from the metrics team etc
16:28:47 <emmapeel> so we could have them all together
16:29:02 <flexlibris> good plan
16:29:28 <emmapeel> but for this i need to people that is doing them to agre to update the main glossary, and also to decide where it goes
16:29:41 <emmapeel> i though tb-manual because is a bit more enciclopaedic
16:29:49 <kushal> Going afk for dinner.
16:29:49 <emmapeel> *thought
16:30:27 <flexlibris> emmapeel so i was one of the people who worked on the community team glossary and i have no issue with merging it
16:30:39 <Phoul> +1, I think it sounds like a good idea.
16:30:41 <flexlibris> and i think putting a glossary into the manual sounds like a good idea
16:30:53 <flexlibris> both in terms of its existing content and as a central locatoin that is already on lektor
16:31:56 <emmapeel> ok, so i will for example add a note, ror maybe move it from https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/community/glossary to tb-manual.tpo/glossary
16:32:15 <emmapeel> also the others.
16:32:39 <flexlibris> cool. do you know who made the other glossaries?
16:32:49 <emmapeel> ok that was it about the glossary. if yu have any ideas, ping me! i will also merge it with https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-glossary
16:33:06 <emmapeel> i need to ask the network and the metrics team about the other glossaries
16:33:16 <flexlibris> i *think* asn made the network team one
16:33:27 <ggus> i think it's important to communicate this to other tor teams (maybe in vegas meeting?)
16:33:47 <Phoul> Just a thought, would it be better to put the combined glossary on support.tpo instead of tb-manual?
16:33:51 <flexlibris> i think reaching out to the teams that have their own glossaries individually is fine
16:34:04 <flexlibris> support.tpo also a good location
16:34:14 <flexlibris> i personally think the manual should be on support.tpo anyway
16:34:22 <emmapeel> i think we were planning to merge them anyway
16:34:39 <flexlibris> yeah there was a ticket suggesting to merge them
16:34:40 <flexlibris> from some time ago
16:34:45 <Phoul> Gotcha :)
16:35:28 <emmapeel> ok, the other thing is regarding the tb-manual: we have been updating it with wayward but there are still some things. also traumschule has submitted some pull requests but i think we need to review the contents too
16:35:58 <emmapeel> i dont mind to copy the textxs etc but we should copywrite or whatever is called
16:36:13 <flexlibris> yes sure. can anyone help review those pull requests?
16:36:44 <wayward> I can help, but I'm not sure if it would be better to have someone w/ more knowledge/experience
16:36:51 <traumschule> hi
16:36:52 <emmapeel> there are some here: https://github.com/torproject/manual/pulls
16:36:55 <Phoul> I can do some review :)
16:37:02 <emmapeel> i think also stephw wanted to review this kind of changes
16:37:13 <flexlibris> thanks wayward and phoul and yeah i bet stephw will want to see them
16:37:20 <emmapeel> for example, adding a section on instant messaging: https://github.com/torproject/manual/pull/6
16:38:06 <wayward> traumschule: o/
16:38:32 <ggus> why we are merging instant messaging with tor browser manual?
16:38:58 <emmapeel> we are adding one documentation about IM to the manual. is good to know about IM!
16:39:13 <flexlibris> but ggus makes a good point, it's the tor browser manual
16:39:17 <ggus> but it's tb-manual
16:39:24 <pili> yeah, seems unrelated :)
16:39:31 <pili> we should have it somewhere though
16:39:33 <emmapeel> oh i see
16:39:39 <emmapeel> is not the tor manual?
16:39:41 <ggus> we could expand support.tpo doc about IM
16:39:46 <emmapeel> little-t tor manual?
16:39:51 <flexlibris> yes i was about to suggest what ggus just did
16:40:21 <emmapeel> yes ok support then better than the manual. also for the glossary now that i think about it
16:40:40 <flexlibris> yeah
16:40:51 <pari> emmapeel: I can help with reviewing this too, will go through, and ping you if I have some suggestions!
16:41:33 <emmapeel> ok cool. also the whole bridges-transports-circumvention section could be more 'holistic' or something
16:41:52 <emmapeel> https://tb-manual.torproject.org/
16:41:58 <flexlibris> how do you mean?
16:41:59 <Phoul> For content review of the IM page, this is actually something Jaruga wrote. I'm happy to review it in Lektor format, but the content was reviewed during her internship :)
16:42:33 <emmapeel> Phoul: the content was already reviewed? i didnt knew about that. cool
16:42:44 <Phoul> Yup! I reviewed pages Jargua did as she completed them.
16:42:48 <emmapeel> s i culd add it as a section to the support portal then? did stephw acked it?
16:42:50 <Phoul> Looks like the only change since then is a note from Teor
16:43:04 <Phoul> No, steph hasnt seen it. I did content review for accuracy and such, but steph hasnt approved it
16:43:27 <flexlibris> yeah so steph should review it and then my only other suggestion would be to put it into q&a form to fit the overall style of the support portal
16:43:43 <stephw> yes, that makes sense
16:43:47 <stephw> can you ping me when it’s in that format?
16:44:14 <emmapeel> stephw: i think isent you an email with notes about reviewing in github
16:44:37 <emmapeel> did you find it too cumbersome/unintelligible?
16:44:37 <stephw> but it’s going to change now that it’s going in the support portal, right?
16:44:51 <stephw> no i didnt have time to check it yet
16:45:31 <emmapeel> for example, could you review the texts here: https://github.com/torproject/manual/pull/7/commits/7202e58d5c77f0358510478ea0ed48dbbbbebffc
16:46:41 <traumschule> i have a question regarding the faq. i'm happy to markdown it in any format if i know where it will go. should it be split?
16:47:55 <flexlibris> i dont know what you mean by the faq?
16:48:33 <traumschule> also i thought about a pad to coordinate priorities for porting texts to lektor. is anyone interested?
16:48:57 <traumschule> faq is https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en
16:49:35 <flexlibris> oh, are you thinking about adding to this faq? you should add to the support portal instead
16:49:40 <emmapeel> traumschule: it looks like to relocate this questions is also a problem i think we have too many FAQ and known issues heh :D
16:49:48 <flexlibris> this faq will go away when we finish the new website
16:49:57 <flexlibris> many of these questions are already on the support portal
16:50:37 <traumschule> no, not adding. i would transform it from html to markdow to be added to support or where it fits.
16:50:40 <emmapeel> ah ok cool. we could fagocitate them now, and replace the page with a link to the support portal then
16:52:00 <flexlibris> okay sure, it can get added to the support portal. we should spend some time reviewing and updating these items though. i dont know when they were last updated.
16:52:00 <traumschule> tbh i'm tired of the open webwml PRs and want to do it properly in markdown ..
16:52:37 <traumschule> https://github.com/torproject/webwml/pulls
16:53:48 <flexlibris> traumschule do you want to get started on that and then share it with the community team list?
16:54:53 <flexlibris> we have to wrap this meeting up soon fyi
16:54:56 <traumschule> ok, can do this but is this the best process to send PR links to the community list? usually i just add them to the according tickets
16:55:12 <emmapeel> traumschule: i can merge your changes on support and the manual, as long as somebody like stephw reviews the contents
16:55:35 <flexlibris> no i meant for getting the content reviewed
16:55:37 <emmapeel> but webwml...  ufff
16:55:59 <traumschule> i'm fine. thanks for your time! :)
16:57:24 <flexlibris> okay so just ping the list when you have stuff ready for review, because then people will see it
16:57:32 <flexlibris> i can also try to make time to take a look at what you have
16:57:40 <flexlibris> anyway we should wrap up this meeting cause another team is coming in
16:57:43 <flexlibris> #endmeeting