15:58:55 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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16:00:12 <karsten> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/5h1Goax5eNusxjXJ_Ty5Wl7hFR1uqCReUiN8xdlBG8T <- agenda pad
16:01:40 <karsten> anything else for the agenda?
16:01:51 <irl> not from me
16:01:55 <karsten> okay.
16:01:58 <karsten> let's start.
16:02:01 <karsten> * CollecTor rewrite review (irl)
16:02:56 <irl> ok, so the idea for this review is that we make sure that i'm doing the right things and we can tweak anything if it's not quite what we wanted
16:03:04 <karsten> ok.
16:03:12 <irl> the latest version of the tech-report is https://people.torproject.org/~irl/volatile/modern-collector.pdf
16:03:26 <irl> the purpose of this tech-report is to fulfil the criteria for a sponsor13 deliverable
16:03:47 <irl> we should make sure that it does that
16:03:51 <karsten> it even has a graph!!
16:04:06 <karsten> perfect, I'll review it right after the meeting.
16:04:11 <irl> excellent
16:04:14 <irl> there is also code
16:04:18 <karsten> (my other meeting was canceled because of a weird holiday.)
16:04:26 <irl> https://github.com/irl/bushel
16:04:32 <irl> the readme there will explain how to run the code
16:04:50 <irl> it's definitely not a finished product but it would be good to know if it's doing anything crazy wrong
16:05:18 <irl> if you follow the instructions it should create you an out/relay-descriptors/ hierachy and download everything the current collector downloads
16:05:29 <irl> if you run bushel scrape twice, it should do nothing the second time
16:05:34 <karsten> okay, I'll try it out.
16:05:56 <irl> cool, that is all for this topic for now then
16:06:07 <karsten> one thing from me on that topic:
16:06:21 <karsten> I started writing a list of requirements a few weeks back.
16:06:31 <karsten> and sent you the unfinished draft.
16:06:46 <karsten> is this something you still need, or are you okay with what you have?
16:07:04 <irl> oh, there are the todos still in there for some of the requirements to flesh out
16:07:16 <irl> if you see any of the todos and think you have the right text to go in there then please do include that
16:07:24 <karsten> okay.
16:07:26 <irl> there is even at least one direct question todo for you
16:07:38 <karsten> great.
16:08:13 <karsten> okay, will take a look/give it a try and let you know.
16:08:16 <karsten> next topic?
16:08:49 <irl> ok
16:08:53 <karsten> * Strength in numbers blog post (karsten)
16:09:17 <karsten> sarah reached out to me about this.
16:09:35 <karsten> apparently we said we'd do a metrics-related post for the EOY campaign.
16:09:48 <karsten> I remember suggesting many things for that, so I wasn't sure anymore.
16:10:04 <karsten> do you remember anything concrete we wanted to do for such a blog post?
16:10:44 <karsten> was it the thing where each team would write something where they include numbers that matter to them?
16:11:10 <irl> i don't remember this
16:11:19 <irl> like, specifically, i remember talking about it
16:12:12 <karsten> you don't or do remember it?
16:12:32 <irl> i remember talking about it in general but not the blog post
16:12:38 <karsten> okay.
16:13:02 <karsten> I'll start thinking about what to include in such a post.
16:13:23 <karsten> if you have ideas, even random ideas, just send them to me.
16:13:33 <karsten> at this point it's just ideas gathering.
16:13:35 <irl> we should include the gource video at the end of it
16:13:42 <irl> or do something with that
16:13:49 <irl> even if we just tweet it
16:13:54 <karsten> that's the animation you made?
16:13:58 <irl> yeah
16:14:08 <karsten> okay.
16:15:00 <karsten> alright, that's all on this topic from me.
16:15:10 <irl> ok, next topic
16:15:16 <karsten> * Meeting time (karsten)
16:15:20 <karsten> how does this time work for you?
16:15:45 <irl> i think it works ok, but i will miss one meeting
16:15:47 * irl checks
16:16:06 <irl> Thursday 7th Dec
16:16:17 <irl> me and sbs are giving a seminar about tor + metrics + ooni
16:16:28 <karsten> nice!
16:16:33 <irl> moving the time isn't going to help there
16:16:48 <karsten> wait, the 7th is a friday.
16:17:00 <irl> oh dear
16:17:30 <irl> hmm, ok, well i think it is the 5th, 6th and 7th we have the hackathon
16:17:46 <irl> and either the 6th or 7th is the seminar depending on which day it was meant to be
16:17:54 <karsten> okay.
16:18:18 <karsten> well, if it's unrelated to meeting time, we'll just leave that one out.
16:18:38 <irl> ok
16:18:41 <karsten> so, next week at 16:00 UTC?
16:18:45 <irl> sounds good
16:18:54 <karsten> cool.
16:19:06 <karsten> another, last thing:
16:19:10 <karsten> * Next retrospective (karsten)
16:19:14 <karsten> did we pick a date?
16:20:20 <karsten> if not, how's the first half of the first week in december?
16:20:33 <karsten> monday 3rd or tuesday 4th?
16:20:40 <irl> monday 3rd is probably ok
16:20:46 <karsten> (we'll have to ask gaba, of course, just trying to narrow down options.)
16:21:01 <irl> 4th should also be ok as long as it's the morning
16:21:15 <karsten> it would be in the evening.
16:21:26 <karsten> I guess.
16:21:32 <karsten> so, trying monday, 3rd.
16:21:59 <karsten> that's all from me.
16:22:34 <irl> ok, nothing more from me
16:22:54 <karsten> great! looking at a pdf now and telling you what I see. ttyl, bye!
16:23:01 <karsten> #endmeeting