19:00:50 <GeKo> #startmeeting tor-browser 11/26
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19:00:55 <GeKo> alright
19:00:59 <GeKo> let's get started
19:00:59 <pili> hi
19:01:05 <mcs> hi
19:01:20 <boklm> hi
19:01:25 <pospeselr> hi hi
19:01:30 <sisbell> hey
19:01:48 <antonela> O/
19:02:02 <pospeselr> bobble-head antonela :)
19:02:07 <sysrqb> ello
19:02:07 <antonela> haha fail
19:02:07 <igt0> :)
19:04:57 <GeKo> ookay, let's look over the status updates
19:07:19 <GeKo> sysrqb: should we sync some time this week for the sandboxing stuff?
19:07:32 <GeKo> i wished we had more time before the all hands meeting but here we are
19:08:00 <sysrqb> GeKo: yes, i'd like that
19:08:22 <sysrqb> plus anyone else
19:08:36 <pospeselr> yeah same
19:08:42 <sysrqb> i need to re-read the emails and remember what we talked about
19:08:48 <GeKo> yeah
19:08:58 <GeKo> so, given that we are struggling to get the alpha releaes out
19:09:02 <GeKo> first
19:09:16 <GeKo> i guess we could do some time on friday?
19:09:50 <sysrqb> that should be good
19:10:03 <sysrqb> i told tjr i'd email Moz peopee by eod on friday
19:10:09 <sysrqb> *people
19:10:15 <GeKo> good
19:10:45 <GeKo> so i guess something like 1900 UTC?
19:10:57 <GeKo> i'll send an email to tbb-dev
19:11:02 <sysrqb> that'll work for me
19:11:05 <GeKo> so anyone can join who is interested
19:11:10 <sysrqb> great, yep
19:11:20 <sysrqb> thanks
19:11:59 <GeKo> okay, it seems we are done with discussing status updates?
19:12:00 <sisbell> GeKo: what is meeting about?
19:12:28 <GeKo> it's about our strategy to improve tor browser sandboxing on our different platforms
19:12:47 <GeKo> independent from the content sandboxing mozilla provides
19:12:57 <sisbell> I see, thanks
19:13:04 <sysrqb> i think pili had a question about #25702
19:13:06 <GeKo> we eventually want to get funding for that as it is a huge topic
19:13:12 <sysrqb> but it looks like anto just answered it
19:13:16 <GeKo> yeah
19:13:38 <pili> yup, but I think the answer is also I need to create a ticket for it :)
19:13:51 <GeKo> please do
19:14:06 <antonela> yes, i have assets for tba folks
19:14:15 <sysrqb> ii tihnk @5702 could've been  parent, with desktop and andrid children
19:14:21 <sysrqb> *android
19:14:27 <antonela> yep
19:14:39 <pili> yup, I just couldn't see any android children :)
19:14:44 <sysrqb> but at this point, i think a child for TBA makes sense
19:14:48 <sysrqb> yeah :)
19:14:59 <sysrqb> for a good reason
19:15:18 <pospeselr> if it's not too much of a pain to get android build's going I'd be happy to grab that as part of #25702
19:15:26 <pospeselr> or as a child or whatever
19:16:04 <pili> ok, let me just create a ticket quickly just so we don't forget
19:16:35 <GeKo> re the question when we release the new icons
19:16:49 <antonela> yes,
19:16:50 <GeKo> i don't have a string opinion
19:17:02 <GeKo> we could leave it riding the 8.5 train
19:17:13 <GeKo> testing the alpha and nightly versions
19:17:17 <antonela> i like to save it for 8.5 :)
19:17:40 <GeKo> you mean all icons once we switch to 8.5 stable?
19:18:02 <antonela> nono, lets test alpha and nightly
19:18:21 <GeKo> okay, yeah, that's what i thought
19:18:33 <GeKo> so review and merge to alpha as usual and no backport
19:18:38 <GeKo> wfm
19:18:48 <antonela> cool
19:19:09 <GeKo> we could sync with comms for the alpha release once the new icons got in
19:19:16 <antonela> we should sync with stephw at some point
19:19:17 <antonela> yes
19:19:20 <GeKo> not sure if that's worthwhile
19:19:30 <GeKo> but we could bring this up at this week's release meeting
19:19:35 <antonela> exactly
19:19:48 <antonela> pili, could we have stephw on wednesday too?
19:20:44 <pili> yup, I'll invite her
19:20:49 <antonela> super, thanks!
19:21:38 <GeKo> okay, discussion time
19:21:49 <GeKo> let's start with our release situation
19:22:07 <GeKo> we did not get our releases out last week, so let's try as soon as possible this week
19:22:32 <GeKo> the remaining blocker i am aware of is the orbot integration
19:22:44 <GeKo> i am basically done reviewing all patches
19:22:54 <GeKo> and it looks mostly good
19:23:06 <GeKo> we "just" need to assmeble the final pieces and make them stick
19:23:29 <sisbell> GeKo: I'll start testing today
19:23:38 <GeKo> then there is the possible issue that an update does not use our included torbutton bu the addon we shipped so far
19:23:47 <GeKo> which is quite concerning
19:23:54 <sysrqb> pospeselr: i don't personally know how difficult it'll be, so maybe igt0, sisbell, or I should look at it first
19:23:56 <GeKo> sysrqb will look into that
19:23:57 <sysrqb> before you waste too uch time on it
19:24:28 <pospeselr> okay!
19:24:45 <GeKo> so apart from those two things anything else that needs to get in?
19:25:08 <GeKo> #26843 would be swell but that requires anybody other than me reviewing and testing it
19:25:30 <GeKo> i think it works although i wrote the patch without the orbot integration
19:25:41 <GeKo> but that should just work, right? :)
19:26:29 <GeKo> sisbell: thanks. yeah, 27977 is the single-most important bug right now
19:27:18 <GeKo> okay, not much need for discussion, great
19:28:57 <GeKo> let's talk about arthur's stuff then
19:29:33 <GeKo> looking at the list the most important job is the continuing uplift coordination
19:29:48 <GeKo> who would be up for that role?
19:30:53 <GeKo> i guess the plan would be to talk to arthur about all the things this entails (or which arthur did)
19:30:54 <pospeselr> what all doe sthat involve? coordinating with mozilla people and updating/modifying patches for uplift?
19:30:59 <GeKo> and then takit from there
19:31:11 <GeKo> pospeselr: yes, pretty much that
19:31:30 <pospeselr> i can have a go at it
19:31:40 <GeKo> but there is pretty much room on how one wants to fill that role
19:32:03 <GeKo> great, thanks, richard!
19:32:26 <GeKo> i'll ping arthur and we can get it started and adjust later on
19:32:41 <pospeselr> yup added a 'bug arthur about patch uplift' to my todo list :p
19:32:45 <antonela> haha
19:33:06 <GeKo> pospeselr: okay, even better. could you start an email thing and cc me
19:33:12 <GeKo> so we have some process on record
19:33:19 <GeKo> and start from that one
19:33:22 <pospeselr> can do!
19:33:48 <GeKo> looking at the remaining items i think we can pick them up ad hoc
19:34:19 <GeKo> we should not move into the trap to pick up everything right now given that we have one less in our team
19:34:39 <GeKo> i have some ideas about the rebase but need to think a bit more about it
19:35:14 <GeKo> any suggestions? objections?
19:35:50 <sysrqb> none from me right now
19:36:27 <GeKo> we can move on to the next topic while folks keep thinking about it i guess
19:36:45 <GeKo> there are two meetings this wwek that are slightly related i think
19:37:06 <GeKo> so, i guess feel free to join them. i won't have time for both
19:37:36 <antonela> about snowflake: is a kickoff, i'm not sure what is needed on TB side, so if any tb folk can show up could be useful
19:37:49 <GeKo> pili: a gentle reminder for the android build part for snowflake that the network-team still thinks they need to do
19:38:07 <pili> yup, I spoke to gaba about it :)
19:38:20 <pili> I can bring it up again at the meeting
19:38:29 <GeKo> yup, sounds good
19:38:33 <pili> (or remind her about it if I can't make it :D)
19:38:51 <GeKo> 11pm utc is quite rough for me :)
19:38:58 <pili> yup, me too ;)
19:39:27 <GeKo> okay, all hands
19:39:42 <GeKo> what do we need to discuss?
19:39:56 <GeKo> is there stuff we still want to coordinate?
19:42:36 * antonela looks at the gdoc
19:42:51 <GeKo> okay. it seems the folks going there have everything sorted out?
19:42:54 <GeKo> great
19:43:08 <pospeselr> who all is going this time around?
19:43:09 <antonela> we have date and time now
19:43:18 <GeKo> pili and i were wondering whether it would be useful to show up remote to some sessions?
19:43:42 <GeKo> if that's the case let us know i guess
19:43:53 <antonela> yes, would be
19:44:16 <antonela> not sure about timezones but i can stream my computer if is needed
19:44:38 <pili> sounds good, I imagine it will be tricky, but we can try :)
19:45:16 <antonela> sandboxing, ux/ui and "Synergy of Anti-tracking and Tor Technology" are the tb related ones i think
19:45:42 <GeKo> okay
19:45:46 <sysrqb> are there any questions we should try and discovery answers to for people who won't be going?
19:46:34 <GeKo> mozilla's mobile roadmap
19:46:39 <sysrqb> (if anyone thinks of something, they should let us know)
19:46:44 <GeKo> but i guess you have this covered already
19:47:21 <GeKo> then i still think it's worthwhile figuring out our options for extension inclusion into tor browser for esr68
19:47:34 <sysrqb> ah, yeah, that's on my list too :)
19:47:59 <GeKo> which one :)
19:49:20 <GeKo> (i hope "both" is the answer ;) )
19:49:49 <GeKo> i guess that's it for today?
19:49:57 <GeKo> or do we have anything else to discussion?
19:50:25 <GeKo> *discuss
19:50:27 <sysrqb> (mobile was already on my list, but we can add the extensions question, too :))
19:50:56 <GeKo> thx
19:51:30 <GeKo> okay, i am calling then. thanks for coming and happy release-preparing for this week :) *baf*
19:51:35 <GeKo> #endmeeting