13:59:40 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:59:48 <antonela> hello! another ux meeting :)
14:00:01 <dunqan> 👋
14:00:26 <antonela> lets start as usual updating our roadmap and leaving your weekly updates
14:00:28 <antonela> hi dunqan!
14:00:36 <dunqan> hello!
14:00:37 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/SThDMQ428TbfNAozmboi-afc_3jcsexVsyZwu9PuMKS
14:01:33 <antonela> if you have anything for review, please add them to the agenda
14:02:05 <antonela> nyinz: hiro: emmapeel: !
14:02:12 <nyinz> hi!
14:02:25 <dunqan> before I get started can I ask a quick Q – do you have an upgraded marvel account for Tor?
14:02:31 <dunqan> I've hit my limit on the free tier
14:02:42 <dunqan> *before we get started
14:02:52 <antonela> we don't but i have
14:02:57 <antonela> one sec
14:03:24 <pili> hi
14:03:27 <pili> sorry, got distracted
14:04:07 <antonela> dunqan: do you want to sync something now? or can i share with you the credentials after the meeting?
14:04:22 <antonela> hi nyinz and pili!
14:04:48 <dunqan> either, whatever's easier for you
14:05:01 <dunqan> I can share the work in here or just with you directly after the meeting
14:05:31 <dunqan> (it's just in a sketch file atm, but I can upload that to sketch cloud for review too)
14:05:46 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hi there
14:06:16 <antonela> dunqan: yep, lets use sketch cloud just now and let's sync after the meeting about the credentials
14:06:21 <antonela> hi elio!
14:06:36 <dunqan> cool ^^
14:07:01 * antonela waiting for people to write updates
14:07:17 <pari> Hi antonela! (sorry I'm a bit late)
14:07:35 <antonela> since is the last week of the month, i'll start going over our roadmap to see what needs to be moved to next month and what is the current status of things
14:07:36 <antonela> hi pari!
14:07:39 <antonela> nice to have you here <3
14:08:12 <antonela> nyinz: tb8 onboarding user testing is ready to review?
14:08:43 <nyinz> yes, thanks!
14:08:47 <antonela> nyinz: [In progress] Define User Testing for upcoming S17 trips (helen) is the most important thing now because ggus will have some trainings in brasil starting next week
14:09:16 <antonela> lets sync about the survey questions today and what is blocking you at survey.tpo
14:09:23 <nyinz> ok. I will prioritize this then
14:09:32 <nyinz> sure
14:09:47 <antonela> hiro: tpo.org and tpo.org/about is in progress?
14:10:01 <hiro> yep
14:10:07 <antonela> awesome
14:10:18 <hiro> one sec and I'll paste the staging
14:10:39 <antonela> emmapeel: we will need another poc for translations in TB, i think GeKo will take it
14:12:02 <hiro> https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/staging/
14:12:03 <antonela> elioqoshi i added Explorer redesign on November because we started it this month, we will carry over december too
14:12:08 <antonela> hiro !
14:12:18 <antonela> wooo \o/
14:13:04 <antonela> okey, roadmap is done, anything else i'm missing?
14:15:38 <antonela> duncan: elioqoshi: i added you two in the agenda queue to quickly show what you are iterating on
14:16:03 <antonela> okey, lets move to discussions
14:16:10 <dunqan> sure thing, just uploading it to sketch cloud atm
14:16:19 <antonela> next week i'll be at SF for All Hands, so no UX meeting
14:16:29 <antonela> next UX meeting will be on December 11
14:18:04 <antonela> we will have a couple of meetings there
14:18:47 <antonela> i'll share with fireffox folks the improvements we have been working on, mainly security settings, new tb icon, next iteration for circuit display and onion padlock and some TBA
14:19:22 <antonela> last time we got a full table of designers so is a really cool space to share what we are working on
14:19:38 <antonela> dunqan: when you are ready you are up
14:20:03 <dunqan> roger roger
14:20:13 <dunqan> https://sketch.cloud/s/q8JlM/rbqJmoq/play
14:20:17 <dunqan> Can everyone access that?
14:20:52 <antonela> to have some background, dunqan is working on an iteration for the TB onboarding to introduce users the new security settings
14:21:18 <pari> dunqan: yes accessible
14:21:50 <dunqan> Firstly, apologies for any font issues – I think Sketch automatically replaced a bunch with SFUI, but I'll tidy that up later
14:22:11 <antonela> no worries, is the first iteration!
14:22:19 <pili> looks cool on first look :)
14:22:35 <pili> I found a minor copy issue but I understand it's the first iteration ;)
14:22:38 <pari> cool work!
14:22:45 <dunqan> Basically instead of just opening the successor to the slider directly (as the onboarding experience currently does) it takes the user on a brief guided tour, similar to the circuit display
14:23:18 <antonela> yes, that is great
14:23:22 <dunqan> I thought we'd need to explain in order, 1) what the shield icon means, 2) what the default security level entails, 3) how to change all of the above
14:23:28 <pari> I have one query, when user clicks on the "Review your Security" button, does the onboarding screen essentially go away and is replacing by a new tab page?
14:23:45 <dunqan> I've left out any mention of the control centre though since it seemed to advanced for initial onboarding
14:24:18 <dunqan> yeah pari, I was planning on mimicking the same behaviour that's just been introduced to the user with the circuit display
14:24:31 <dunqan> which opens DDG in a new tab when the user hits the button
14:24:56 <antonela> yes, it opens a new tab, wondering if we really need a new tab (on dev perspective) or if we can run it directly in about:tor
14:24:57 <pari> oh I see, and the onboarding screen comes back on at the end after the user clicks Done at step 3
14:25:16 <dunqan> yep that's the current behaviour
14:25:41 <dunqan> this is a slight aside, but I was thinking it would be worthwhile indicating which buttons in the onboarding experience redirect you
14:25:49 <dunqan> versus which buttons just progress to the next step
14:25:56 <antonela> yep
14:25:59 <pari> dunqan: cool, nice work!
14:25:59 <dunqan> as at the moment it's all in the wording, and could maybe use an icon
14:26:04 <dunqan> thanks!
14:26:24 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela, I still haven't digested feedback yet so I'd prefer to skip it today
14:26:34 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> As I'm not well prepared
14:26:34 <dunqan> I was also wondering if the icons should be baked into the preferences screen too antonela, to reinforce what the difference settings mean?
14:26:54 <antonela> elioqoshi that's fine, no hurries :)
14:27:51 <antonela> dunqan: i really like the three steps you approached, we can have help reviewing the copy from the comms team but overall i think is good. I'd like to 1. review the highlight you have when the icon is selected, maybe purple instead of blue?
14:27:57 <dunqan> ps thanks pili – let me know what the copy issue is and I'll get that fixed :)
14:28:26 <dunqan> sure thing antonela
14:28:49 <dunqan> I just used blue as it seemed to be the current behaviour? but maybe it should be purple since it's a tour, and not user activated?
14:29:27 <antonela> 2. could we have a version without guided tour? i mean, i think the guided tour is a good way to introduce it to users but i want to make sure that we have an option to devs to just explain it in the card
14:29:28 <pili> dunqan: on this link https://sketch.cloud/s/q8JlM/ELq37WR - the description for "Safer"  "causing some sites will lose functionality" I guess that should be "causing some sites to lose functionality" :)
14:30:12 <pili> either that or remove the leading "causing"
14:31:12 <antonela> overall is a great approach dunqan! do you mind to upload it into a trac ticket so we can share with devs?
14:31:18 <antonela> let me check if we have one specific for it
14:31:47 <dunqan> antonela: sure thing, would that just entail copy changes to the card – with the button pinging open your redesigned settings screen?
14:32:06 <dunqan> (i.e. as close to the current behaviour as possible?)
14:32:18 <dunqan> pili: gotcha, thanks!
14:33:39 <antonela> yes, exactly
14:33:51 <dunqan> awesome, no problem
14:34:04 <dunqan> I'll produce a couple of options and add a little writeup to trac :)
14:34:05 <antonela> just to have those two approaches and estimate what development effort we can have
14:34:14 <antonela> made it #28628
14:34:26 <dunqan> ah perfect, ta
14:34:45 <antonela> super, ping us if you have any troubles setting up your trac account
14:34:51 <antonela> hey good work dunqan!
14:34:56 <dunqan> will do, tyvm!
14:35:11 <antonela> another item i have in the agenda today is about metrics and colors
14:35:25 <antonela> and i'm sharing it here because is a beautiful topic and im sure designers will have opinions :)
14:35:51 <antonela> the relevant ticket is #28353
14:36:26 <antonela> karsten told me:
14:36:29 <antonela> As of now, there are four colors in this graph: 1) red; 2) blue; 3)
14:36:29 <antonela> purple as mix of 1 and 2; and 4) neutral/gray. So, we're not looking for
14:36:29 <antonela> random four colors, but we're looking for colors that work together like
14:36:31 <antonela> this.
14:36:33 <antonela> Yet these four colors should be easy to distinguish, friendly to look
14:36:35 <antonela> at, and last but not least color-blind friendly.
14:36:37 <antonela> Do you have any suggestions on that? On the ticket or here would be great!
14:37:19 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28353#comment:8 is the version they have rn
14:37:54 <antonela> i think the contrast between the red line and the pink one is not enough
14:38:40 <antonela> specially because the [exit only] numbers are low compared with [Guards + Exit]
14:38:41 <pari> antonela: I agree
14:38:54 <pari> they are almost merging together
14:39:03 <antonela> yes :/
14:40:02 <antonela> overall i think we should include some graphs references at our styleguide so folks like metrics can use them with confidence
14:41:26 <pili> +1 nice idea
14:41:35 <pari> that will be a good initiative!
14:42:05 <antonela> yep, i'll back to that metrics ticket and create a new one for a graphs section at the styleguide
14:42:14 * antonela to-do
14:42:31 <hiro> antonela: metrics plot their graphs in some java library /me thinks
14:42:46 <hiro> we should sync with irl in order to understand what they can plot
14:42:48 <antonela> yes, irl can illuminate us on that
14:42:55 <irl> hello
14:42:57 <antonela> hihi
14:43:05 <antonela> hola iain :)
14:43:16 <hiro> and how we can include that in our styleguide in a way that we can display it in html (maybe without having to use an image)
14:43:37 <antonela> im thinking that could be very useful to have a graphs section at the styleguide
14:43:43 <antonela> yep
14:43:47 <antonela> is styling at the end
14:43:51 <irl> i think this does sound like a useful thing to have
14:44:07 <antonela> which library are you using? i know you told me before but i dont remember rn
14:44:10 <irl> https://metrics.torproject.org/connbidirect.html
14:44:21 <irl> this one in particular is not pretty
14:44:28 <irl> we are using ggplot2 which is an R library
14:44:42 <irl> we call the R code from Java, but the actual graphs are made with R
14:44:53 <antonela> https://ggplot2.tidyverse.org/ this one?
14:45:08 <irl> https://gitweb.torproject.org/metrics-web.git/tree/src/main/R/rserver/graphs.R is our code for each graph
14:45:09 <hiro> irl: I am thinking if we plan to port the metrics website to lektor we could think of something in python
14:45:11 <irl> yeah, that's it
14:45:29 <hiro> it should be possible to call R from python too
14:46:02 <irl> i was actually thinking that we would move the graphs to graphs.metrics.torproject.org and just include them from that seperate thing
14:46:11 <hiro> also
14:46:26 <irl> this allows seperating the dynamic from the static content
14:46:46 <hiro> but I think it would be nice to have something that we can generate in our styleguide too and hopefully other websites
14:47:05 <antonela> ye
14:47:33 <irl> if people use ggplot2 to make graphs, they'll get similar looking graphs
14:47:37 <antonela> we will be working on website the next months so the styleguide will receive some love, it could be part of that love
14:47:42 <irl> we can decide on the colours to use, fonts, etc
14:48:16 <antonela> i don't think we have a ticket, filling it now
14:49:17 <hiro> so shall we generate images too for the styleguide?
14:49:24 <hiro> or shall we have some interactive example?
14:49:48 <hiro> I mean maybe we could take this opportunity to find something that we would be comfortable using generally speaking
14:49:54 <irl> it is not easy to do an interactive example in a static site, we could generate some examples
14:50:14 <irl> if you wanted to try to make something with d3.js like relay search's graphs then that could be interactive
14:50:47 <antonela> done #28629
14:51:12 <irl> in the longer term we are trying to rethink the metrics pipeline and we would probably have a better framework for visualisation then
14:51:13 <hiro> irl we can generate it in python
14:51:24 <antonela> hiro we can explore the options, whatever works with lektor is cool because is where we are going
14:51:44 <hiro> okis another thing to add to my task list xD
14:51:49 <antonela> irl, that ticket could be part of that effort
14:52:00 <antonela> we can discuss libraries and implementation
14:52:10 <irl> http://yhat.github.io/ggpy/ this looks like it does ggplot2 style graphs in python but i've never used it
14:52:40 <antonela> i hate that grey background, is the first thing i'd like to remove lol
14:52:47 <antonela> ohh is doable so
14:53:02 <irl> remember that the grey background can help people to interpret the graph
14:53:11 <antonela> haha yes i know
14:53:17 <irl> the main purpose of it for us is that it is understandable, not that it is really pretty
14:53:18 <hiro> irl I used it on a paper... worked nicely with notebook
14:53:25 <antonela> but you can have a subtle gray, dots, whatever
14:53:42 <irl> we can try some things out
14:53:46 <antonela> (:
14:53:50 <antonela> thanks for jumping irl!
14:54:06 <irl> (:
14:54:21 <antonela> okey, almost an hour -- anything else people?
14:55:17 <antonela> pari: we have a meeting this week to organize our india travel! if you happen to be there next year let us know :)
14:55:40 <pari> antonela: yes!!!! GUs pinged me about that!
14:55:49 <antonela> ah awesome, see you there so :)
14:56:02 <pari> I will be here in India next year!. The meeting is tomorrow so will be there too!
14:56:21 <antonela> great, nyinz and pari will be making troubles again :)
14:56:38 <pari> haha :D
14:56:39 <nyinz> you know it
14:56:58 <antonela> :)
14:57:10 <antonela> oki, lets call it, are we groot?
14:58:06 <dunqan> 🙌
14:58:56 <antonela> thanks people!
14:58:59 <antonela> #endmeeting