19:00:12 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 11/28
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19:00:41 <pili> so, I haven't prepared much for today unfortunately, but we should have a TBA alpha hitting sometime this week (fingers crossed)
19:01:12 <pili> I guess the Orbot integration is the main piece that we're waiting for
19:01:22 <pili> anyone have any more details on that? :)
19:01:35 <GeKo> well, i think that's basically done
19:01:48 <antonela> matt and i we worked together on #28329
19:01:52 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28329#comment:9
19:01:55 <GeKo> issues updates related popped up
19:02:14 <GeKo> but i hope we have some workarounds here to, today
19:02:19 <antonela> that in tba or tb?
19:02:21 <pili> yup, it's looking nice antonela :)
19:02:24 <GeKo> tba
19:02:29 <antonela> kk
19:02:40 <pili> is this with the torbutton extension or something else?
19:02:44 <GeKo> so i hope we can start a build tomorrow morning european time
19:02:49 <pili> I seem to remember reading something today :)
19:02:56 <GeKo> yes
19:03:23 <GeKo> the problem is we ship torbutton now in a new way, tighter integrated in the browser code
19:03:38 <GeKo> but the old torbutton is not deleted and still hangs around after update
19:03:57 <GeKo> in fact tba does not pick up the tighter integrated one up for that reason
19:04:07 <GeKo> and is still happily using the old one
19:04:41 <pili> yikes
19:04:51 <pili> ok
19:04:55 <pili> are we going to do a TB 8.5 alpha release or just TBA? I know last release meeting we were considering doing both
19:05:04 <GeKo> yeah both
19:05:13 <GeKo> i am already feeling sorry for the network team folks
19:05:26 <GeKo> because they need the alpha for testing the tor alpha
19:05:54 <GeKo> and this is getting dragged as we are hitting new mobile problems
19:06:19 <GeKo> fwiw for tba we'll do a version number jump straight to 8.5a5
19:06:37 <GeKo> now that we have the integration into our tor-browser-build process
19:06:42 <pili> k, great
19:06:50 <GeKo> and releases on the same day for alphas across all platforms
19:07:12 <pili> so releasing both TBA8.5a5 and TBB8.5a5
19:07:13 <GeKo> (which is why the desktop ones the network team needs is blocked on the mobile work)
19:07:13 <pili> ?
19:07:34 <GeKo> there is only Tor Browser 8.5a5 from now on :)
19:07:45 <GeKo> on fours platforms: windows, macos, linux and android
19:07:46 <pili> sure ;)
19:07:56 <pili> it's nice we got here!
19:08:28 <pili> any other highlights that are coming on 8.5a5?
19:08:54 <GeKo> #26690 for mobile
19:09:39 <antonela> is done?
19:09:52 <GeKo> and #26540 and #22343
19:10:05 <GeKo> antonela: if we get the icon issue sorted out, great
19:10:15 <GeKo> but i pick the patch without it if needed
19:10:26 <antonela> i shared with igt0 the assets yesterday
19:10:30 <GeKo> and we can open a new ticket and ship the proper thing in the next release
19:10:34 <GeKo> yeah
19:10:42 <antonela> seems like the default lock has a white border, super weird
19:10:51 <antonela> so i replicated that border and seems done now
19:11:11 <GeKo> great
19:11:42 <sstevenson> hey everyone sorry i’m late
19:11:56 <antonela> hey sstevenson
19:12:30 <pili> hi sstevenson no worries :)
19:13:21 <pili> great, anything else anyone wants to comment on for the release next week?
19:13:49 <pili> Otherwise we can discuss whether there are any requests for the december 11th release
19:13:59 <pili> sorry, release _this_ week
19:14:16 <pili> i.e tomorrow hopefully
19:14:24 <antonela> (:
19:14:32 <GeKo> friday
19:14:51 <pili> or friday :D
19:14:53 <GeKo> we build tomorrow and do some qa and then sign and release on friday
19:15:02 <GeKo> or something like that
19:15:04 <pili> sounds good
19:15:22 <GeKo> (that's already quite rough and assuming no last last issues pop up)
19:15:36 <pili> yup
19:16:03 <pili> ok, any requests for the 11th December release then?
19:16:44 <antonela> #28540
19:16:51 <pili> going once... twice... :)
19:16:52 <pili> oooh, at the last minute :)
19:16:56 <GeKo> fwiw we are building *that* release next week, so be modest here :)
19:17:02 <antonela> arthur made a patch for it
19:17:03 <GeKo> yeah that will be included
19:17:07 <antonela> oki
19:17:10 <antonela> sstevenson: ^^
19:17:40 <sstevenson> looking
19:18:28 <sstevenson> looks right. thanks!
19:18:59 <antonela> super, thanks!
19:19:45 <pili> ok, anything else?
19:19:49 <antonela> stephw: we have a new Tor Browser icon, we talked about to save it for TB8.5 stable release
19:20:04 <antonela> but we are going to have it running in alpha (geko jump if im saying something wrong)
19:20:27 <GeKo> sounds about right
19:20:35 <stephw> okay cool then we wont hype it too much
19:20:39 <antonela> stephw: what do you think? is cool?
19:20:41 <antonela> oki great
19:20:42 <GeKo> if i get to review it it will make it into 8.5a6
19:20:57 <stephw> yea dont think i will call it out on social, but include in changelog as usual
19:21:13 <antonela> i wanted to having you in this loop because when it happen on stable we may want to do some social media buzz :)
19:21:17 <stephw> def
19:21:21 <GeKo> it's on my high prio list for the work after the release dust for this week settles a bit
19:21:41 <antonela> cool, thanks :)
19:22:03 <stephw> antonela: and we should add a little more text into the blog post for the stable too, will keep following :)
19:22:19 <antonela> i have a friend who does animations working in an animated version for it, probably to be used as a loader or for social media, not sure yet but will look fantastic
19:22:25 <antonela> yep
19:22:34 <antonela> we had a process, community poll and that
19:23:10 <antonela> then geko sec settings is going to be in tb8.5 stable?
19:23:21 <antonela> do i have more time to iterate over the onboarding?
19:23:30 <antonela> duncan is helping us and i want to keep the momentum :)
19:26:22 <GeKo> what does more time mean?
19:26:34 <antonela> next week?
19:27:06 <antonela> i'll be in all hands but if we need it done i can work with him on it to have it ready
19:27:09 <GeKo> oh, you mean the onboarding for the sec settings redesign?
19:27:12 <antonela> yes
19:27:17 <GeKo> sure, sure
19:27:19 <GeKo> take your time
19:27:26 <GeKo> i can start with  other parts
19:27:31 <pili> to be clear, 8.5 stable will be released in February?
19:27:40 <GeKo> more march-y
19:27:43 <antonela> i have march
19:27:45 <antonela> haha
19:27:49 <pili> :D
19:27:50 <pili> ok
19:27:56 <pili> I was looking at the roadmap :P
19:28:02 <pili> ah, that was mobile stable
19:28:12 <GeKo> ubt yes, the sec settings redesign is for 8.5
19:28:13 <antonela> geko: great, thanks!
19:28:20 <GeKo> *but
19:28:54 <antonela> then we need to re-review our roadmaps at some point since drl is not happening and probably otf yes
19:29:07 <antonela> december at some point?
19:29:40 <pili> not sure when we'll hear back from otf at this rate
19:29:47 <pili> I would say realistically in early january
19:29:55 <pili> after the holidays, but we'll see :)
19:29:55 <antonela> i have notes for a circuit display and the .onion padlock iteration, all this for TB8.5
19:30:05 <antonela> oh i see
19:30:07 <antonela> oki
19:30:25 <pili> maybe they'll be quicker this time
19:31:05 <pili> ok, anything else from anyone? :)
19:31:42 <antonela> im groot :)
19:31:50 <pili> I wonder if we should explicitly encourage more network team participation also for this meeting...
19:32:34 <antonela> hey pili we will need some updates at the tb manual for tb8.5, just to keep it in the radar
19:32:43 <antonela> because last time took a while and maybe we can do better at this time
19:32:56 <pili> ok, noted, thanks :)
19:33:11 <pili> I guess once we have the UI frozen we could start on that
19:33:16 <antonela> yep
19:34:13 <pili> any other last minute comments?
19:34:45 <sstevenson> nope! except i’m excited to see if we get donations through the TBA banner
19:34:55 <antonela> yeee
19:34:59 <pili> :D yes!
19:35:05 <pili> fingers crossed
19:35:16 <pili> ok, I'm calling it
19:35:25 <pili> #endmeeting