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16:00:12 <ggus> hi folks!
16:00:33 <ggus> let's update our roadmap --> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/pODUAwAmo47CB0wqPJEKMoLvatlNuw3ZiUFg0hic6KE
16:00:36 <emmapeel> i have open a channel for localization topics, at #tor-l10n, so feel free to join. is more for nerdy stuff. the hanging out we plan to do at #tor-south anyway
16:01:02 <ggus> emmapeel: did you register the chnnel?
16:01:06 <ggus> channel
16:01:11 <emmapeel> yes and i changed some modes etc
16:01:49 <ailanthus> +emmapeel where should english speaking localization ppl ask questions? :)
16:01:51 <ggus> ok! are you going to announce it?
16:03:21 <emmapeel> ailanthus: like others, on the #tor-l10n channel!
16:03:42 <ailanthus> emmapeel ok :)
16:03:42 <emmapeel> annouce it? i just did!
16:03:59 <ggus> like, in transifex, mailing lists...
16:04:24 <ailanthus> tweet it?
16:04:25 <emmapeel> ah yes well maybe i will  mention it on my *cough* upcoming blog post about localization
16:04:38 <ggus> hehe great! :)
16:04:59 <emmapeel> it should come out around Dec 18th i think
16:05:17 <ggus> emmapeel: add this to the roadmap
16:06:03 <emmapeel> ok!
16:06:16 <ggus> more updates, emmapeel? :)
16:06:22 <kushal> Hello everyone
16:06:36 <ggus> hey kushal!
16:07:09 <emmapeel> no, we keep translating, now the TBA strings are being translated, is col they are not so much and a lot of lang have been coompleted
16:07:20 <emmapeel> still missing some translations for the doc portals :S
16:07:42 <ggus> ok!
16:07:45 <emmapeel> i was thinking on asking stephw for other tweet begging
16:07:59 <ggus> emmapeel: do you think we could make that AMA with localization lab in january?
16:08:05 <emmapeel> Farsi / Arabic / Korean
16:08:15 <emmapeel> I will check with erin again
16:08:34 <ggus> because in february we will travel to asia, and that would be nice.
16:08:41 <ggus> ok!
16:08:55 <kushal> ggus, do we have the dates?
16:08:56 <ailanthus> emmapeel --sorry I don't know the answer to this---do we use the localization lab and if so, why do we need more translators? Thnx
16:09:40 <ggus> kushal: not yet. but between february and march.
16:10:12 <emmapeel> ailanthus: we have the supprot of localization lab, but we still miss some key languages that are part of our priorities: Farsi, Arabic, Korean are the most incomplete from our Tier 1 group of 12 languages
16:10:25 <ggus> emmapeel: i included a topic about AMA with localization lab in our roadmap. see if it's ok.
16:10:33 <kushal> ggus, okay, asked as March1-2 is NULLCON in Goa, and they also asked if we want to workshop in the conference.
16:11:43 <ggus> kushal: about Goa, how far is from the other cities?
16:14:29 <emmapeel> another update> we have been bugfixing with hiro and translations are working better now in tb/manual and support.tpo
16:14:46 <ggus> cool :)
16:15:32 <ailanthus> emmapeel thnx
16:15:33 <kushal> couple of hours flight from pune/Mumbai
16:16:30 <ggus> kushal: i think we have already too many cities to visit. till when we can confirm the workshop there?
16:18:26 <pili> hi, sorry, I'm a bit late
16:18:35 <ggus> hi pili!
16:19:00 <ggus> we are updating our roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/pODUAwAmo47CB0wqPJEKMoLvatlNuw3ZiUFg0hic6KE
16:19:33 <kushal> ggus, they said soon, but, I also agree that we have many cities in the list.
16:20:11 <ggus> ::: please strikethough november activities :::
16:20:52 <ggus> ok, more updates people?
16:22:16 <pili> sponsor 9 phase 1 report was sent off today \o/
16:22:35 <pili> thank you to everyone that contributed :)
16:23:12 <ggus> yay!!!
16:25:30 <ggus> i have some updates: a) last week did two trainings: one with the journalists and the othe during the cryptoparty in Sao Paulo
16:25:31 <emmapeel> i wants to ask a question:  is it ok to translate the word 'browser' in Tor Browser? like: Navegador Tor
16:25:42 <emmapeel> oops sorry
16:26:15 <emmapeel> go ahead ggus
16:26:33 <pili> emmapeel: that's a tricky one, i would say not since it's the product name :)
16:27:11 <ailanthus> it might work to explain what it is with the translation, and then introduce the official name?
16:27:25 <emmapeel> OK
16:27:48 <ggus> b) talked with the students group in sao paulo university (tecs), who's organizing the volunteer positions. so far we had +30 ppl interested and they asked if we could receive more volunteers. this week they will start to do the selection and we will discuss this.
16:28:44 <ggus> c) answered some emails with questions from my last trainings.
16:29:23 <ggus> d) last week we also started our sponsor9 travel plans to india-indonesia-thai
16:30:08 <ggus> i started to make the budget estimation to india
16:30:53 <ggus> about s9 travels: if you know more organizations and ppl in indonesia, please, put us in contact!!
16:32:09 <ggus> this week i will work on s9 travels and at the end of this week i'll travel to salvador/brasil to do another tor training in https://criptoaxe.org.br/
16:32:18 <ggus> ok, that's all! :)
16:35:19 <ggus> questions, more updates, anything else? :)
16:36:53 <ailanthus> I'm having OFTC issues and will be joining more channels as soon as I can verify my own identity ;)
16:37:04 <ailanthus> (that's all)
16:37:15 <emmapeel> and what about Tor Project, can we translate project? like Proyecto Tor?
16:37:21 <emmapeel> :D
16:37:38 <ggus> I don't think so.
16:37:43 <emmapeel> ok
16:37:46 <ailanthus> Proyecto Tor, or "The Tor Project"....
16:39:28 <emmapeel> cool
16:39:37 <kushal> It is the name, that should not be translated iirc.
16:40:33 <emmapeel> yes. i wanted to confirm. i always thought it was like that, but it is different to write a guidelines document... you actually check :D
16:41:00 <emmapeel> i was surprised that people was ok with translation onion in onion service but it works alright
16:41:46 <pili> yeah, I think it depends on the language also... for example, in french they seem to translate everything :D
16:41:56 <emmapeel> not sure what to do about transliteration, though: some languages will write tor with their characters, without ranslating the content. for example Farsi.
16:42:15 <emmapeel> or BBengali
16:42:25 <emmapeel> i guess iw ill folllow ailanthus trick too
16:42:35 <emmapeel> (sorry for the keyboard)
16:45:23 <ggus> anything else ppl?
16:47:07 <ggus> ok, i'll stop the bot.
16:47:11 <ggus> #endmeeting