15:59:10 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:59:37 <karsten> let's start!
15:59:38 <karsten> * Report on sponsor 13 (gaba) :-) pretty please
15:59:40 <gaba> About report on sponsor 13. I'm going to be meeting with bekeela about it today and looking at this. If any of you have any report/anything that you already sent Isa about it please forward it to me.
15:59:45 <gaba> Only that :)
16:00:02 <karsten> for what timeframe?
16:00:12 <karsten> I believe that isa sent them reports for earlier months.
16:00:28 <karsten> but nothing for november and maybe nothing for october.
16:00:29 <gaba> yes, that is what I understood yesterday. So it will be for November.
16:00:41 <karsten> okay, I didn't write anything for november yet.
16:00:43 <gaba> oh, ok
16:00:52 <gaba> I didn't know about october. The last one we found was september
16:01:30 <karsten> not sure if me made much progress on sponsor 13 deliverables in october.
16:01:31 <gaba> ok, no problem. Let's communicate about it in the next couple of weeks
16:01:40 <karsten> in november we did the collector prototype work.
16:02:10 <karsten> when do you need the november update? in a few weeks? or earlier?
16:02:10 <gaba> Bringing it up in case you were sending them to Isa, so you know I'm going to be doing it with Bekeela
16:02:16 <gaba> in a week is fine
16:02:40 <karsten> should be doable.
16:02:55 <gaba> thanks!
16:02:59 <karsten> are you going to use isa's spreadsheet for sponsor 13?
16:03:20 <gaba> yes
16:03:23 <karsten> ok.
16:03:29 <karsten> so, I'll update that one, too, right?
16:03:41 <gaba> you mean the one with progress, right?
16:04:00 <karsten> sponsor13 status update
16:04:04 <gaba> yes
16:04:04 <karsten> that one.
16:04:37 <karsten> okay.
16:04:55 <karsten> you should have something by EOW.
16:05:03 <gaba> great. thanks
16:05:09 <karsten> sure. thanks for the reminder. :)
16:05:16 <karsten> so, no irl.
16:05:27 <karsten> that means we're out of topics.
16:05:50 <karsten> short meeting! thanks, gaba, and bye!
16:05:52 <gaba> ok
16:05:56 <gaba> bye!
16:05:58 <karsten> #endmeeting