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15:59:34 <flexlibris> hi everyone
15:59:37 <Phoul> \oo
15:59:39 <flexlibris> let's all take a minute in the pad to update our items
15:59:41 <pari> hi everyone!
16:00:03 <kushal> Hello everyone
16:02:46 <flexlibris> I am swamped playing catch up after the mozilla all-hands meeting all last week
16:03:03 <pili> Hi, I’m in transit as usual :) will be in front of a keyboard in 10/15mins
16:03:23 <flexlibris> okay so let's check in about items under the community portal/support portal
16:03:32 <flexlibris> antonela and I met about the outreach flyers while in orlando
16:03:48 <flexlibris> she has some great design ideas to use the user persona copy
16:03:57 <antonela> *___*
16:04:14 <flexlibris> it's gonna be cool
16:04:20 <antonela> yes, the plan is have them ready for IFF
16:04:24 <Samdney> hi
16:04:39 <emmapeel> cool! remember that today is the day to reclaim the ticket at the IFF!
16:04:44 <antonela> I'd like to have something ready for India tho
16:04:48 <flexlibris> emmapeel ah yes good call
16:04:52 <flexlibris> i will make sure everyone does that
16:04:54 <antonela> emmapeel: yes right
16:05:08 <flexlibris> has everyone who is going to IFF claimed a ticket?
16:05:17 <pari> antonela: this is sounding interesting. In case you need a hand with any design work, ping me
16:05:23 <emmapeel> https://medium.com/iff-community-stories/introducing-the-new-iff-registration-process-6478a256b5f2
16:05:32 <antonela> pari, yes! will do :)
16:06:28 <flexlibris> any other updates of note for this area?
16:06:45 <pili> I requested a ticket
16:06:57 <emmapeel> me too
16:07:16 <pili> Was going to ask whether we each needed to do that individually
16:07:18 <flexlibris> my request didnt go through properly but i am working on it
16:07:18 <ggus> me too
16:07:33 <flexlibris> okay cool as long as everyone is on top of it
16:07:39 <flexlibris> any other community/support updates?
16:07:45 <flexlibris> wayward is working on something cool here :D
16:08:04 <wayward> oh yeah! I'm working on a Tor vs. VPN doc
16:08:05 <kushal> flexlibris, the event in Pune got postponed due to a family emergency.
16:08:13 <flexlibris> kushal oh no, i hope everything is okay
16:09:04 <kat5> wayward: Can you say more about it? Might be useful for sponsor19. (I was just about to think about that subject.)
16:09:16 <wayward> yeah!
16:09:34 <emmapeel> I have been working on a blogpost about localization
16:09:40 <wayward> so, new users seem to be eternally confused about whether they should use VPNs with Tor
16:09:45 <ggus> about iff: i don't know why, but the tor session doesn't appear on my sessions.
16:09:53 <wayward> so I'm gonna write a doc to explain
16:10:25 <kat5> wayward: What's your timeline? We might steal/adapt it for sponsor19.
16:10:29 <flexlibris> ggus probably because it hasn't been accepted yet?
16:10:37 <flexlibris> i mean i havent heard anything from them
16:10:50 <wayward> I was planning to have it done this month but if you need it by a certain date, I can definitely get it done by then
16:11:27 <flexlibris> please let us know when you have a draft ready for help/feedback
16:11:32 <wayward> will do!
16:11:34 <kat5> I'll get with you when we have a better plan for our next report!
16:11:38 <flexlibris> and thank you for working on this
16:11:42 <kat5> Yes!
16:11:43 <flexlibris> it's soooo needed
16:11:54 <flexlibris> and it's just one of those things that no one has gotten around to doing
16:12:13 <emmapeel> yes. make sure you read the one from tails> https://tails.boum.org/support/faq/#vpn
16:12:16 <wayward> no problem!
16:12:16 <traumschule> wayward: are you writing it from scratch or will it be an update of the existing wiki page?
16:12:22 <wayward> oooooh thanks emmapeel!
16:12:43 <wayward> traumschule probably a bit of both - I'm gonna see what existing resources can be compiled
16:13:19 <kat5> traumschule: I only found the faq. If there's a wiki page, can you give me the link?
16:13:56 <kushal> flexlibris, 4 deaths in family in 5 months.
16:14:01 <ggus> flexlibris: but it shows the session that cy63113 submitted. (role: collaborator; status: new)
16:14:06 <traumschule> this seems to be related to the prevent leaks topic as well or would that be too broad?
16:14:17 <wayward> kushal, I'm so sorry :(
16:14:19 <kat5> kushal: Oh, no. My condolences. :-(
16:14:24 <flexlibris> i'm so sorry kushal
16:14:38 <Phoul> kushal: I'm sorry to hear that :(
16:14:41 <flexlibris> ggus, okay, i think they approve things on a rolling basis. i am not sure. but i haven't heard anything
16:14:48 <flexlibris> traumschule what is the preventing leaks topic?
16:14:48 <emmapeel> oh wow. that is harsh kushal
16:14:48 <kat5> brb
16:15:13 <kushal> thanks.
16:15:29 <flexlibris> kushal: please let us know if there's any way we can support you
16:15:34 <flexlibris> that's a lot to be going through
16:15:46 <cy63113> wayward: have u checked this https://matt.traudt.xyz/p/mRikAa4h.html ?
16:15:54 <flexlibris> anything else we want to discuss regarding the community/support portals?
16:15:54 <ggus> kushal: sorry to hear. my condolences.
16:15:57 <traumschule> #27771
16:16:03 <kushal> flexlibris, we are okay for now, thanks.
16:16:04 <wayward> oooh cy63113 thank you so much!
16:16:09 <cy63113> :)
16:16:12 <kushal> Just that I am not in Pune.
16:16:25 <traumschule> there are more pages linked here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/WikiStart#DNSleakpreventionrelated
16:16:37 <flexlibris> nice thanks everyone for sharing these resources
16:16:39 <cy63113> kushal: sorry to hear!
16:17:08 <Phoul> traumschule: I think these would be separate things. Preventing DNS / other leaks when using Tor, and the topic of VPNS vs Tor would be pretty different.
16:17:33 <flexlibris> okay so let's move on to localization. emmapeel started mentioning the localization blog post.
16:17:57 <emmapeel> a new round of updates would be nice. i volunteer to review contents for tb-manual and support.tpo but somebody should write them...
16:18:33 <flexlibris> there's a lot of material for updates in wayward's user issues monthly email
16:18:36 <traumschule> ok. this is the page i meant: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/doc/TorPlusVPN
16:19:30 <pili> sorry to hear that kushal :(
16:19:50 <flexlibris> anything else to discuss about localization emmapeel?
16:20:05 <emmapeel> oh yeah so i still need to get it reviewed by stephw but the first draft is here: https://pad.riseup.net/p/qGRO7PZP4F8u
16:20:16 <emmapeel> you can see some friends have already helped with the grammar :D
16:20:22 <flexlibris> nice
16:20:35 <kat5> back; sorry
16:20:48 <emmapeel> its supposed to be published on the 18th as part of the donation campaign posts
16:20:58 <flexlibris> cool cool
16:22:26 <flexlibris> okay so i have an update about LFI
16:22:30 <flexlibris> i opened applications for the second round today
16:22:34 <flexlibris> libraryfreedomproject.org/lfi
16:22:36 <Phoul> \o/
16:22:42 <flexlibris> please send to your favorite radical librarians
16:22:57 <flexlibris> it is mostly restricted to people in the US (because of the funder) but we can admit some internationals too
16:23:14 <flexlibris> so i will be working on recruitment stuff for that all week
16:23:39 <flexlibris> and also i'm working on an LFI blog post for the end of year stuff as well
16:23:43 <flexlibris> that's basically it for LFI
16:23:51 <flexlibris> wayward any updates about volunteer stuff?
16:24:38 <wayward> no, but I'm realizing I forgot to send you the email
16:24:41 <wayward> so I will do that today!
16:25:37 <flexlibris> okay cool no prob, you have a lot going on right now
16:25:55 <flexlibris> okay outreach stuff then
16:26:00 <emmapeel> also> i have been hanging out on this mattermost from the IFF and there are nice groups of users there!
16:26:53 <flexlibris> sweet
16:26:57 <emmapeel> from different countries, some are translators but most groups are not, they are 'privacy advocates' and such. let me know if you want to join.
16:27:02 <pili> hmm, maybe I should do that also... at the same time, I have way too many group chats already!
16:27:04 <flexlibris> ggus can you get started on contacting the sponsor9 partners we've already visited?
16:27:30 <ggus> ok, i'll do that
16:28:35 <flexlibris> cool thank you!
16:28:55 <flexlibris> did you get in touch with the potential other panelists for rightscon yet ggus?
16:29:39 <ggus> yep, one answered and can't be there. i'm waiting the other person answer. and thinking about the third guest.
16:30:32 <flexlibris> oh is there some reason you didnt contact hte full list of people you sent me?
16:31:07 <ggus> yes, i'm thinking about your input that you wrote in the email thread.
16:31:49 <flexlibris> okay great
16:31:58 <flexlibris> i don't mean to push too hard on it it's just a very fast approaching deadline!
16:32:13 <flexlibris> i will have the proposal text for people to review once they agree to join
16:32:25 <flexlibris> we can leave it a little open ended but we should ideally get two partners for it in the proposal
16:33:23 <ggus> ok, i'll send more invitations this afternoon
16:33:32 <flexlibris> thanks!!!
16:34:26 <flexlibris> anything else to update about outreach?
16:34:43 <ggus> yes, this week criptocerrado in brasilia
16:35:09 <ggus> tomorrow a private workshop in the university
16:35:22 <ggus> and next week two activities: one in rio and the other in sao paulo.
16:36:09 <flexlibris> cool!
16:36:43 <ggus> and this week we have the meeting about india travel (wednesday, 12, 1600 utc)
16:37:42 <flexlibris> thanks for getting all that stuff organized
16:38:10 <antonela> nyinz ^^^
16:38:10 <ggus> oh, and about s9, we got good contacts in Indonesia. i'm working on cities that we could have training beside Jakarta.
16:38:21 <flexlibris> excellent
16:38:48 <ggus> thailand is also moving
16:39:28 <flexlibris> great. can't wait to see all those places happen.
16:39:34 <flexlibris> kat5 any updates on s19?
16:39:37 <pili> I was thinking, if nyinz doesn't want to go to both india and indonesia, and it's easier for her to go there because of visa, I could join for India instead :)
16:39:52 <pili> (something to keep in mind)
16:40:51 <kat5> Not really. Now that everyone is back from mozland, I'm going to get more aggressive in my pleas for decisions on what the next report should be and when it should be delivered.
16:41:10 <flexlibris> okay cool
16:41:23 <kat5> I did go to Seattle, which was cool.
16:41:34 <flexlibris> oooh yay
16:41:42 <kat5> Not sponsor 19, but I helped Jon send out swag and thus saw how the sausage is made.
16:41:58 <kat5> That's all from me.
16:42:02 <flexlibris> thanks for that, i know he needs all the help he can get this time of year
16:42:17 <flexlibris> Phoul, anything to share?
16:42:19 <Phoul> Yup!
16:43:28 <Phoul> I heard back from OTF last week regarding the suspicious relays, they have forwarded the email I sent to the department that handles those things and I was told we should hear back this week. I also started doing the screen casts for setting up relays and bridges, these can be found at https://asciinema.org/~phoul. Late last week I met with Bill from the EFF to discuss previous Tor challenges, and
16:43:34 <Phoul> potential swag options for longer commitments, we came up with some good stuff that I'm excited to look into this week.
16:43:51 <Phoul> I've also been in contact with a local college that really wants to add running a Tor relay to their Linux sysadmin class (the relay would be run from inside the college), so I am following up with that this week too.
16:44:12 <Phoul> I think that could be an awesome experience for students, as well as getting them to run relays outside of class if they like the experience / understand the contribution they are giving.
16:44:45 <kat5> That's awesome!
16:44:54 <flexlibris> that's great colin
16:44:58 <ahf> very cool with the sysadmin class, Phoul
16:45:02 <antonela> good stuff phoul
16:45:28 <flexlibris> definitely keep us posted
16:45:43 <Phoul> Oh, and PIA is moving forward with deploying relays. The Japan one is not yet online, however they sent me another email saying its coming soon.
16:46:29 <Phoul> I was also in Seattle with Kat, was nice to see people :)_
16:46:39 <flexlibris> great thanks for the PIA update
16:46:44 <flexlibris> and i'm glad you all had a nice time at the holiday party!
16:46:54 <flexlibris> any other updates from anyone else?
16:48:23 <pili> not an update, but I want to look for a volunteer to help hiro maintain the blog
16:48:36 <pili> not sure if this meeting is the best place to ask, but I thought it could be a start ;)
16:48:41 <flexlibris> what needs to be done for it pili?
16:49:05 <pili> we have this ticket about it: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/23007
16:50:19 <pili> probably just someone that can cover the other timezones when hiro is not available in case there are any urgent glitches that need to be fixed
16:50:36 <pili> seems like it may just require filing tickets with the hosting provider, but there may be other small fixes
16:50:51 <flexlibris> yeah this would be good. anyone here have the time to commit to it?
16:51:00 <flexlibris> from the ticket it looks like that's all it might be!
16:51:05 <pili> you can see some of the tickets currently open for the blog here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&component=Webpages%2FBlog
16:51:20 <pili> for an example
16:51:30 <traumschule> not at the moment but year for sure
16:51:32 <pili> anyway, have a think and see if this is something anyone fancies :)
16:51:42 <pili> thanks traumschule I'll circle back on this then :)
16:51:46 <traumschule> *next year
16:51:51 <emmapeel> maybe some ticket gardening is due on that query... at first sight a lot of things are not really ' blog tickets'
16:51:51 <pili> yup!
16:52:00 <pili> emmapeel: I agree ;)
16:52:07 <pili> I will add that to my list
16:52:50 <flexlibris> okay cool thanks people
16:52:50 <pili> ok, that's all from me
16:52:57 <flexlibris> any other stuff to discuss before i kill the bot?
16:54:17 <emmapeel> nope
16:55:06 <kushal> nope
16:55:38 <flexlibris> okay cool i will kill the bot
16:55:40 <flexlibris> #endmeetin
16:55:43 <flexlibris> oops lol
16:55:45 <flexlibris> #endmeeting