13:58:30 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:58:34 <antonela> hello people!
13:58:39 <antonela> o/
13:58:39 <ggus> hola! o/
13:58:43 <antonela> hola ggus!
13:59:47 <antonela> another ux meeting this week
14:00:08 <antonela> let's start adding updates and items to the agenda in our regular pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/lz6T1LAsF0MdSRvRH0o86CUfXDaArQrsuUj3a3-Kpc_
14:00:59 <antonela> i did some cleanup in our roadmap, if your items need updates please do it https://storm.torproject.org/shared/YWy-MF9YCHyF15KjrmDnXVkv850O4pooIVnNQynv1BU
14:03:07 <antonela> i was in orlando last week for the mozilla all hands, we got really good feedback about the work we did and we are planning for TB8.5
14:03:28 <antonela> i linked the presentation in the pad just if you want to lurk there
14:03:47 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hi! Folks! Sorry I have another OONI meeting clashing now so have to miss this UX Meeting :S
14:03:54 <emmapeel> o/
14:04:03 <antonela> yep and im missing your retrospective :)
14:04:17 <antonela> you can leave your updates and we can talk right after this meeting elio
14:05:31 <antonela> nyinz, pili, hiro you around?
14:05:57 <ggus> that tor.gif! crazy.
14:06:17 <antonela> *________*
14:06:23 <antonela> is still a wip
14:06:31 * ggus reading the updates.
14:07:47 <pili> here
14:08:16 <antonela> i added two items to the agenda, but i wanted to check status about some items left in november first
14:10:32 <antonela> okey, lets start
14:10:56 <antonela> one thing i talked with the ux team at firefox is how they kickoff projects that involve people from different teams
14:11:07 <antonela> something they mentioned is a Product Requirements Document
14:12:02 <antonela> which is something i already had in previous teams and we don't have here and i think is something critical to have all the stakeholders on the same page along the project goes
14:12:44 <antonela> pili: what do you think about to create a PRD for snowflake or get tor or even the next generation of the blog?
14:12:56 <pili> I think that would be really good
14:13:05 <antonela> something interesting i found https://www.atlassian.com/agile/product-management/requirements
14:13:18 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sorry to shove in, this can be addressed also after the meeting. So my updates are the latest iterations on the OONI Explorer Measurement Pages. I addressed most of Antonela's comments but still need to resolve a few points. Feedback on the Measurement Pages (10-23) is appreciated: http://design.ooni.io/mockups/explorer  (You can comment without an account on the mockups)
14:13:23 <pili> I will talk with gaba about it and we can look into doing these for the projects
14:13:39 <antonela> since you and gaba are exploring tools, maybe this could be part of this decision
14:14:54 <pili> the personas will help with this also
14:15:11 <antonela> i mean, we don't need a 20 pages doc, we need a source to back in the middle of the project to make sure that the scope is what we are going to
14:15:12 <pili> we don't need to get bogged down with details for the PRD, but a high level understanding would be good
14:15:21 <pili> because right now there are just lots of loose tickets everywhere
14:15:23 <pili> exactly :)
14:15:53 <antonela> and also to setup clear expectations about what is a successful scenario when we end the project
14:15:54 <hiro> sorry I am here
14:16:12 <pili> right
14:16:14 <antonela> hi hiro
14:17:11 <hiro> hello
14:17:23 <antonela> next item is Blog tickets
14:17:47 <hiro> where do we want to start with this?
14:18:26 <hiro> The first thing I'd like to say is that the blog is not in a fire state. It gets updates regularly and all.
14:18:45 <antonela> i dont know, im bringing this conversation here because there were some urgent fixes last week and i'd like to make my best to dont raise fires again
14:18:48 <antonela> yes
14:18:53 <antonela> that is true, and thank you for it
14:19:00 <hiro> sometimes drupal updates break things and we might have a little downtime till these bugs are fixed either on drupal side or on our side
14:19:39 <hiro> as I have explained in pasts conversations that's my main priority. Small fixes on the templates get done whenever I have time from other stuff
14:19:48 <hiro> ideally we could have a better platform
14:19:51 <hiro> and or a better template
14:20:00 <antonela> that is fine, could be cool to have everybody in the same page about it
14:20:08 <hiro> the template we have came from another project - tor labs - and was adapted to the blog
14:20:24 <hiro> I think the person that was paid to do it didn't finish the job
14:20:46 <hiro> since they were supposed to also migrate the blog and they didn't ... I did it when I started with tor
14:20:49 <pili> it seems like the blog works fine as it is atm, with some minor niggles, but maybe we want to have a project in future to align it with the rest of the portals...
14:21:05 <antonela> what that means pili?
14:21:09 <pili> e.g to use the styleguide
14:21:18 <antonela> hiro: yes, and this is the next conversation
14:21:32 <hiro> personally I wouldn't be happy to port our template to the styleguide
14:21:43 <hiro> I'd rather be happier if we can pay someone to do that
14:22:09 <pili> that's fine, and that also brings me onto the idea of having a second maintainer on the blog
14:22:20 <hiro> the blog is not a repository
14:22:27 <antonela> okey, what if we have a proper list of requirements for a blog and we move to a platform that we are happy to work with and is not drupal?
14:22:29 <hiro> oh well it is but not in the open git sense
14:22:41 <antonela> ye
14:22:57 <pili> hiro you mean it's not a repository in the sense of needing a second maintainer also? :)
14:22:59 <hiro> someone that gets access to the blog gets all the powers and there is no way to have code reviews or things like that... in our current setup
14:23:10 <pili> ok
14:23:31 <hiro> I mean whoever works on the blog need to have a certain level of trust that they won't just fix something and break something else
14:23:44 <antonela> i know stephw have some ideas about what she wants/need for the blog
14:24:21 <hiro> we can find a different platform too
14:24:31 <hiro> I am open to that
14:24:40 <antonela> if we can migrate to a platform that 1. includes all the needs/requirements 2. makes it easy for external collabs to do it 3. makes us happy would be great
14:25:10 <pili> and we don't need to solve this now either :)
14:25:19 <antonela> i disagree
14:25:22 <pili> I just wanted to get the conversation started to understand what we need to be thinking about for the blog
14:25:31 <antonela> last week hiro worked on +20 tickets because seemed urgent
14:25:52 <antonela> and most of those tickets were about styling
14:26:04 <hiro> I haven't done those yet ;)
14:26:15 <antonela> so, if the conversation is starting now, we will need a list of requirements to see what is the best way to approach it
14:26:15 <pili> yeah, the styling ones are pending :D
14:26:34 <ggus> do you think the new blog should be part of new portal things or this is a new effort?
14:26:34 <pili> right, but like hiro said, the blog is not broken as such
14:26:42 <hiro> the thing is also the longer we wait the bigger the blog becomes
14:26:49 <pili> what I mean is that it can probably wait until the new year
14:26:55 <hiro> migrating drupal versions was a nightmare last time
14:26:55 <pili> to do a proper kick off meeting
14:27:10 <pili> we can have christmas to think about our wishlists and requirements :P
14:27:40 <antonela> the other thing i would like is that if there is any urgent about tickets in the blog, we have this space to talk about it
14:27:53 <antonela> there is not an infra meeting or whatever so this is happening here for now
14:28:02 <pili> right, I had a look and there doesn't seem to be
14:28:04 <hiro> well css stuff aren't indra
14:28:10 <hiro> *infra
14:28:12 <pili> although I'm still not clear if the tags issue is solved
14:28:20 <hiro> the tags issue is solved
14:28:26 <hiro> with the latest update
14:28:33 <pili> great! :)
14:28:40 <hiro> since 4 weeks I think now
14:29:09 <pili> I have added some comments in the tickets that stephw opened so she can close them if she's happy
14:29:28 <stephw> i closed a few, thank you!
14:29:40 <stephw> i saw that the summaries in the sidebar may be hard to fix
14:29:41 <pili> and antonela I added you to some others that hiro said would need UX input - the ones around CSS and styling
14:29:49 <stephw> but there is at least one on spacing that i hope/think may be easier
14:29:56 <antonela> pili: i saw that
14:30:04 <stephw> the spacing around the blog titles jumps when you open an individual blog
14:30:23 <antonela> is sad that we are doing double work without using our styleguide
14:30:27 <stephw> and i think little things like that take away from how we are perceived
14:30:28 <stephw> yea
14:30:33 <stephw> i know it’s double
14:30:40 <stephw> but this is just such an important platform
14:30:47 <stephw> i think a few tweaks without going all the way would be a big help
14:31:09 <emmapeel> the current blog would be very hard to localize also, so maybe we could think of a platform where we could localize some contents, even if not all, and make it look good
14:31:10 <pili> I actually created this kanban board for it: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/2RlhKKrfet4hlmsbC2OEyWSuZhT9JNut3O7a4_3XzQs
14:31:23 <pili> but not sure if it's more useful than just the trac query
14:32:56 <pili> anyway, I see one other small quick fix which is: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/24520 before we get bogged down in CSS/styling issues
14:33:06 <stephw> thank you for putting that together!
14:34:26 <antonela> i'll review those ccmyname tickets this week
14:34:29 <pili> I think we need to decide then whether we want to do anymore work styling the blog versus starting to think about what we want from a new blogging platform and doing the work to get it there: e.g using lektor/styleguide, localisation, tagging, etc....
14:34:46 <antonela> stephw: next time, you are welcome to join this meeting if you need anything
14:34:57 <stephw> thank you
14:35:53 <antonela> pili: exactly -  this is why we need a requirements list that makes all the stakeholders happy
14:36:23 <pili> ok, so I will call a meeting early in january, probably second week to kick this off
14:36:36 <antonela> great, thank you
14:36:37 <pili> and we can start building this requirements doc
14:36:45 <pili> cool :)
14:38:20 <antonela> ggus: you have a bunch of events in brazil really?
14:38:41 <ggus> antonela: yes!
14:38:55 <ggus> tonight i have a workshop
14:39:17 <antonela> i have been working with nyinz to have our user research ready for your trip
14:39:50 <ggus> and saturday, criptocerrado in brasilia. next monday, a workshop in Rio. and next tuesday, another workshop in Sao paulo.
14:39:56 <antonela> let's wait for her updates to see if we are done or where we are
14:40:05 <antonela> that's great
14:40:44 <antonela> when is the next india meeting?
14:40:50 <ggus> i'll add to the pad this info.
14:41:05 <antonela> super, thank you
14:41:08 <ggus> tomorrow, wednesday, 1600utc
14:41:29 <antonela> i'll be ther
14:41:33 <antonela> s/ther/there
14:41:41 <antonela> anything else from you gus?
14:42:46 <antonela> emmapeel: i joined firefox folks on their presentation about the terminology project
14:42:54 <emmapeel> oh nice
14:42:56 <ggus> antonela: i think that's it! :)
14:43:06 <antonela> basically they have a couple of dictionaries running right now and they want to have one source of trust (related ha)
14:43:15 <emmapeel> aha
14:43:30 <antonela> one interesting first step they did is adding a word list to their styleguide
14:43:30 <emmapeel> im glad they asked that question!
14:43:32 <antonela> https://design.firefox.com/photon/copy/word-list.html
14:44:14 <antonela> and is something we can do to start to consolidate this kind of terms reference
14:44:50 <pili> very interesting
14:45:00 <antonela> i have notes from that meeting, specially how it works for translators
14:45:07 <emmapeel> is very much in line with what i think we should do with our glossary
14:45:14 <antonela> eg, they have some words that they dont translate like cookie
14:45:35 <pili> it's also good when writing content for the blog, comms (stephw) should have some great input if we do something similar also
14:46:06 <antonela> they started with a spreadsheet (for sure) and they are moving that spreadsheet to a platform that allow translators to localize those terms
14:46:10 <emmapeel> yeah although i see there are like style, translation and knowledge dictionaries
14:46:24 <antonela> the plan sounds ambitious but sadly will be a closed platform
14:46:41 <antonela> memoQ or Qterm is the name
14:46:46 <emmapeel> closed platform? that is crazy
14:47:12 <antonela> they have a monthly meeting to discuss terms with localizers
14:47:12 <hiro> why will it not be in their platform
14:47:15 <hiro> what's the name again?
14:47:19 <emmapeel> a glossary! a distillation of language! how they dare to call themselves authors!
14:47:34 <emmapeel> they should become mute
14:47:36 <hiro> pontoon?
14:48:06 <antonela> https://www.memoq.com/en/qterm-professional-terminology-management
14:48:09 <emmapeel> pontoon is open source and is a translation platform like weblate
14:48:31 <antonela> yes, they will connect the dictionary they are building with pontoon via an API
14:48:40 <antonela> anyways
14:48:55 <antonela> i think that having a word list is a really good first step for us emmapeel
14:49:18 <antonela> and im totally in to have an space for this in our styleguide
14:50:09 <antonela> they found inconsistencies like Login, Log In, Log-in across all moz products
14:50:17 <emmapeel> antonela: we kind of have one for translators at transifex. i exported it to https://gitweb.torproject.org/tor-glossary.git/tree/glossary_all_langs.csv but it is not really browsable
14:50:32 <antonela> oki, we can include it in the styleguide
14:50:36 <emmapeel> (it is on the walled garden of transifex tho, and it appears when the terms are on the string)
14:50:36 <antonela> would you file a ticket for it?
14:51:00 <emmapeel> sure
14:51:11 <antonela> great
14:51:36 <emmapeel> on the glossary there are terms that are explained and there are rules to write them, mixed. we could see to strip the explanations. although they are there for the translators to understand what they translate
14:52:05 <hiro> and the csv format is a bit of a pain
14:52:10 <antonela> :/
14:53:08 <emmapeel> yeah. i consulted hiro to be able to generate some models for lektor directly from the file but she is pretty busy
14:53:28 <antonela> we can discuss the details in the ticket, but is something doable and will be nice if we achieve it
14:53:42 <emmapeel> k!
14:53:53 <antonela> okey, we are almost in the hour
14:53:56 <antonela> anything else people?
14:54:30 <emmapeel> did everybody submitted the ticket to the IFF?
14:55:10 <ggus> yes!
14:55:40 <hiro> the ticket?
14:55:43 <hiro> is it out?
14:56:03 <emmapeel> also: no way to joining the trip tp indonesia? i would like to work with my buddies, one of them is the main indonesian translation for the Tor Project :D
14:56:31 <emmapeel> hiro: https://medium.com/iff-community-stories/introducing-the-new-iff-registration-process-6478a256b5f2
14:56:41 <hiro> just saw it
14:57:07 <ggus> hiro: you just need to login and click on a button.
14:57:26 <antonela> yes, IFF tickets are open to request - i already submited my request
14:57:38 <pili> I requested also
14:57:49 <hiro> I requested!
14:57:57 <antonela> emmapeel: we are organizing meetings for each trip, so stay alert to join them
14:58:25 <antonela> is always great for ggus to have people working side by side with him
14:58:39 <ggus> yes, por favor! :)
14:58:41 <emmapeel> i can work side by side, i have practise :D
14:58:51 <antonela> :)
14:58:57 <antonela> okeyyyy is a wrap folks
14:58:58 <emmapeel> i work better side by side than up and down :D
14:58:58 <antonela> thanks!
14:59:03 <antonela> #endmeeting