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15:58:41 <ggus> hello people! o/
15:58:50 <Phoul> \o
15:58:51 <wayward> o/
15:58:52 <kat5> Hi.
15:59:00 <emmapeel> hello!
15:59:12 <cy63113> hi
15:59:17 <traumschule> hey
15:59:27 <antonela> hello people
16:00:11 <ggus> let's take a minute to update our roadmap and then we start with our updates: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/pODUAwAmo47CB0wqPJEKMoLvatlNuw3ZiUFg0hic6KE
16:00:27 <kushal> Hello
16:02:49 <ggus> ok, who wants to go first? :)
16:03:05 <kushal> I can (small update).
16:03:15 <ggus> go kushal :)
16:04:08 <kushal> Tomorrow I will contact Kolkata, Bangalore and Pune folks for the India events (formally over email). Though we will have to wait for the dates to be confirmed.
16:04:19 <kushal> no other update.
16:04:39 <ggus> great!
16:05:20 <kat5> I'll go.
16:06:04 <kat5> We figured out what the second report for sponsor 19 is going to be and I'm working on that.
16:06:06 <kat5> Done.
16:06:26 <wayward> nice!
16:06:45 <ggus> right, did you update the s19 itens in storm?
16:06:53 <kat5> Yep. Just did.
16:07:03 <ggus> storm isn't loading on my tb
16:07:08 <ggus> ok!
16:07:26 <ggus> who wants to be next? :)
16:07:37 <Phoul> I can go
16:08:01 <Phoul> My update was a little long, so I put it in a pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/optcvVsiF4C1YoSl4M38ZIvWFYchnfsH8BAjpd0joxv (I can put it on riseup too, if you cant access it / wanted to, ggus)
16:08:37 <ggus> oh, please, if you don't mind, put on riseup too
16:08:58 <ggus> torproject.org is blocked in this ASN.
16:08:59 <Phoul> https://pad.riseup.net/p/EwUcaKfby5mS
16:09:02 <ggus> thanks, Phoul
16:09:17 <Phoul> (to anyone reading these minutes later, use the storm pad and not riseup as that will be gone in 60 days)
16:10:41 * ggus reading
16:11:40 <ggus> Phoul: about the resolvers - people aren't following our relay guide recommendation?
16:12:03 <Phoul> Many exit operators dont read the relay guide, unless they previously needed assistance with something.
16:12:08 <Phoul> A lot of these were large exit operators
16:12:19 <Phoul> were/are
16:13:21 <ggus> ok, maybe we should tweet about it, so?
16:13:22 <Phoul> I've not seen many new exits encountering this issue, so that is likely a positive sign that new operators are reading the manual.
16:14:03 <Phoul> That might help, I think the issue in this case is just long time operators who likely thought "My stuff is running, I dont need to read the manual". Will put some thought into how we could communicate this better to those operators.
16:14:52 <emmapeel> i have  been helping onoinshare with their translations, testing hosted.weblate and wrote my EOY blogpost
16:15:07 <pili> here now, reading backlong
16:16:00 <ggus> Phoul: nice
16:16:25 <emmapeel> also some more languages in tb-manual and support.tpo staging, chinese and arabic almost done!
16:16:45 <ggus> emmapeel: yay!
16:17:09 <Phoul> emmapeel: I saw on the OTF mailing list this morning that someone completed zh_CN :)
16:17:17 <Phoul> (or they said they did, at least)
16:17:20 <ggus> emmapeel: could you check for the next travel (india, indonesia, thai), what's the status of these languages?
16:18:04 <emmapeel> we are not in good shape for those. bengali is almost done but there is a problem wit hthe locales and we are not shipping the browser
16:18:31 <emmapeel> i will check more thoroughly
16:19:00 <ggus> ok!
16:19:28 <ggus> emmapeel: anything else? :)
16:19:30 <ggus> who's next?
16:20:04 <ggus> everyone here requested the IFF ticket?
16:20:19 <wayward> yep!
16:20:22 <wayward> and I can go :)
16:20:29 <wayward> go next, I mean
16:20:31 <emmapeel> i wanted to share the story of the macedonian transltors... they were harrassed by the government, that is why they want to translate tor
16:20:40 <emmapeel> https://udba-mk.weebly.com/10471072-105310721089--about-us.html
16:21:01 <ggus> why they were harrassed?
16:21:04 <wayward> oh wow, thank you for sharing emmapeel!
16:21:09 <Phoul> emmapeel: Thanks for sharing
16:21:31 <kat5> ggus: to be clear, we're not *all* going, right? Just the people on the wiki?
16:21:38 <Phoul> ^ +1
16:21:42 <emmapeel> they were harrassed because they talked with the cops. never talk to the cops!
16:22:13 <ggus> kat5: yes, just who submitted the proposal from the community team.
16:23:08 <ggus> emmapeel: they're using our t-shirts!
16:23:51 <ggus> wayward: please. :)
16:24:13 <wayward> ok! well, this week I was catching up on what I missed during Mozilla All-Hands
16:24:27 <wayward> But today I'm sending out the volunteer meeting planning email to the vegas team
16:24:41 <wayward> so I'm aiming to have the volunteer planning meeting on the second week of January
16:25:02 <ggus> great! :D
16:25:13 <wayward> I'm also going to send out the monthly user feedback summary today, and I'm working on the Tor v VPN doc this week
16:25:40 <wayward> aiming to finish that doc before the holidays
16:25:47 <Phoul> wayward: I'd be happy to review that, whenever its ready. :)
16:25:51 <wayward> that's it for me!
16:25:56 <wayward> Ah Phoul, that would be super helpful!
16:26:02 <wayward> I'll send it your way once it's ready :)
16:26:07 <Phoul> Sounds good ^.^
16:27:03 <stephw> wayward: i have notes on tor vs vpn from a meeting i will send to you
16:27:10 <wayward> ah amazing, thank you Steph!
16:27:56 <ggus> wayward: anything else? :)
16:28:13 <wayward> nope!
16:28:21 <kat5> wayward: You saw pastly's writeup, right?
16:28:33 <ggus> who wants to be next?
16:29:28 <pili> i have a small item for sponsor 9
16:29:32 <pili> but can go last
16:29:32 <wayward> kat5 I'm not sure, would you be able to send it to me?
16:29:40 <pili> for/from :)
16:29:53 <ggus> wayward: i think it was shared here last meeting
16:30:10 <ggus> pili: oh, go first and i can go next.
16:30:21 <pastly> https://matt.traudt.xyz/p/mRikAa4h.html
16:31:02 <pili> just that Helen from Sida would like to attend the training in Uganda next year
16:31:21 <ggus> that's great! :D
16:31:35 <pili> Is it ok for her to coordinate with us directly? Isa can put her in touch
16:31:58 <pili> they also wanted to connect us with some organisations there I believe
16:32:03 <ggus> yes, i think so. the trip to Uganda and Kenya is scheduled to June/2019
16:32:20 <pili> (or viceversa, they wanted us to connect them with some organizations... need to double check... :/ )
16:32:27 <wayward> pastly: thanks!
16:33:03 <ggus> pili: looks great!
16:33:44 <pili> oh and another thing, not sure if you've checked the feedback for the first report but they had some queries about whether we did any sort of feedback questionnaire with the session attendees
16:33:49 <pili> let me dig up the exact question
16:34:05 <ggus> pili: yes, i remember about that question
16:34:28 <antonela> yess, we could include it for our next trainnings
16:34:35 <ggus> pili: do you want me to answer?
16:35:00 <ggus> i think the question wasn't about feedback, but why our first contacts didn't organize the sessions
16:35:10 <antonela> should we survey attendants or orgs partners?
16:35:20 <pili> if you know the answer yes, and I can relay it to Isa (if she doesn't know) or update the report
16:35:36 <ggus> pili: when we have to answer this?
16:36:07 <antonela> gus, we can work together on it
16:36:17 <pili> we should reply this week :)
16:36:24 <pili> I'm going to be afk from Thursday
16:36:25 <antonela> i think the answer is yes, we should
16:36:55 <ggus> ok!, today is a little bit difficult to me, and tomorrow i can only work on this after 1600 UTC
16:37:07 <pili> well, there are 2 things: did we and should we :)
16:37:20 <pili> if we didn't that's fine, we can just say that
16:37:21 <pili> and if we should I can just add that to the report
16:37:39 <antonela> ok, pili if you have a draft about what we need to have feedback ok, would be awesome
16:37:46 <antonela> ggus and i can work on putting it together
16:38:01 <antonela> err /ok/on
16:38:18 <ggus> ok!
16:38:22 <pili> I've just updated the phase 1 report with some suggestions to send and updated version to Sida
16:38:36 <pili> and Isa will send an email answering some of their other questions
16:38:56 <pili> the improvements for future sessions we can work on after christmas :)
16:39:09 <antonela> and it is part of that?
16:39:32 <antonela> or do you want to have it ready for this week?
16:40:23 <pili> so the updates to the phase 1 report should be sent to Sida this week, and that includes addressing the following:
16:40:56 <pili> - lessons learnt - which I think I have dealt with already but could do with a review from antonela and ggus
16:41:27 <pili> - addressing the fact that the activities in Kenya and Uganda were not 100% successful - which I have addressed and would like a review from antonela and ggus also
16:41:52 <pili> those 2 items I've addressed by updating the phase 1 report
16:42:06 <antonela> second point is weird
16:42:10 <pili> and needs to be done by this week
16:42:13 <antonela> oki
16:42:15 <pili> the other part
16:42:35 <pili> is sending a reply to Sida's email, which Isa will do and I believe should address the following points:
16:43:20 <pili> - Why Kenya was chosen as a target country
16:43:44 <pili> - Did we ask partners in Kenya to make post training evaluations/fill out questionnaires
16:44:06 <pili> - Have we considered CIPESA as a resource for contacts in Kenya
16:44:35 <pili> this should also be done this week, so if you have any additional info on that for Isa that would be very helpful :)
16:44:47 <pili> I hope that all makes sense, it's a lot :D
16:44:51 <ggus> ok, i can help on itens 'b' and 'c'.
16:44:58 <ggus> about kenya stuff
16:45:14 <antonela> the 'a' item there is already on the main proposal
16:45:30 <pili> yeah, true
16:45:39 <pili> and I think in the report also
16:45:48 <pili> ok, I think we're covered then
16:46:15 <ggus> antonela: let's talk tomorrow afternoon about this?
16:46:56 <antonela> so, can we work on the improvements part after holidays? making a survey for feedback to share with people after the trainings and maybe make an email to share with partners to collect feedback our relationship as a partners
16:46:59 <antonela> ggus, yes lets do it
16:47:20 <pili> antonela: yes, we can do that after the holidays, I just suggested some things in the phase 1 report
16:47:28 <ggus> antonela: i think we don't need to make the feedback survey now
16:47:43 <antonela> pili ok, ggus yes, lets review the doc together
16:47:56 <ggus> ok! :) i'll ping you tomorrow
16:48:03 <antonela> super, thanks
16:48:19 <ggus> anyone else have updates?
16:48:53 <ggus> i have some
16:48:53 <antonela> re: s9 and india, i talked with Mehur via dm on twitter and he told me that he will be around for the next india meeting
16:49:36 <ggus> next india outreach meeting: friday, 21th, 1600 utc.
16:50:36 <ggus> i talked last week with USP, and we will have 8 volunteers! 3 to do documentations.
16:50:53 <wayward> woah!!
16:51:08 <pili> nice
16:51:11 <ggus> we're waiting the university system to subscribe everybody on the class
16:51:16 <traumschule> ^ That's great! Also because this week was unproductive here wrt tor like the one before. Still undecided about #28549 and https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/22842#comment:13 and how to best map existing content (and clean out outdated info) on different platforms. Need input on which workflow you prefer to create Markdown entries for support.tpo, where to put a list of existing info
16:51:16 <traumschule> (ticket, wiki page, pad, ..) and how communiyt.tpo will work. arma suggested a sprint - who would be interested, maybe in january? (Many open questions, sorry.)
16:52:24 <ggus> on saturday i was on criptocerrado, in Brasilia, and ppl were very excited about tor. one was always following us on sub-reddit /tor
16:52:37 <emmapeel> traumschule: sorry i didnt had time to check more last wekk. maybe this week i will have a look to some of the tickets.
16:53:36 <traumschule> cool! (no need to feel sorry, also a bit distracted lately)
16:53:38 <ggus> today i'm in rio, did a tor & privacy talk for journalists that work with public health.
16:54:13 <ggus> and tomorrow i'll do another private workshop with a NGO in sao paulo
16:54:27 <Phoul> ggus: awesome!
16:54:57 <emmapeel> user manual and support portal have been translated to pt-br!
16:55:09 <ggus> last week alison and i worked on the proposal to RightsCon. we still have time to submit it (12/19).
16:55:40 <ggus> but we worked on inviting the people to our panel and they confirmed.
16:56:17 <kat5> great.
16:56:39 <ggus> emmapeel, i saw that you indicated this ticket to me: #28526
16:57:52 <ggus> i don't know why i was assigned this.
16:57:56 <ggus> but we discuss later.
16:58:14 <ggus> i'm ending the meeting bc there's another meeting happening now.
16:58:16 <Phoul> The obfs4 document I did could easily be adapted to this, would require a minor config change to what we suggest, and maybe moving it off the wiki to make it look more official.
16:58:22 <pili> ah yes
16:58:22 <Phoul> (arma mentions it on the ticket too)
16:58:30 <pili> I wanted to talk about some sponsor 19 tickets
16:58:42 <ggus> #endmeeting