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17:58:36 <nickm> hi all!
17:58:45 <nickm> This is our weekly last team meeting of 2018!
17:58:46 <ahf> hey
17:58:50 <asn> hello!
17:58:54 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2018.1-keep is our pad
17:58:58 <dgoulet> hi
17:59:12 <nickm> we'll have a new pad for next time: https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
17:59:24 <ahf> cool
17:59:44 <dgoulet> "Sponsor 31" wow ok
17:59:58 <nickm> yeah I know
17:59:59 <nickm> wow
18:00:08 * nickm is not sure what happened with 20 through 30
18:00:17 <dgoulet> yeah right lol
18:00:40 <nickm> anyways
18:01:04 <nickm> it's a good time to wrap things up and get ready to relax for a little while before the new year
18:01:27 <nickm> first off is the roadmap.  S8 is the big deal there.
18:01:45 <gaba> hi!
18:02:02 <asn> wrt wtf-pad and #28142, we are moving forward. tests are ready. fixups are ready. we need to wrap things up by killing the current machine, and then it's merge_ready.
18:02:10 <asn> and also i need mike to see the fixups i made
18:02:15 <nickm> how are we with #25502 and #28018 ?
18:02:31 <ahf> #28179 (child of #25502) is in needs review
18:02:53 <nickm> ahf: will any of #25502  remain once #28179 is done?
18:03:17 <ahf> yes, there are subtickets of #28179 that are smaller and there is #27100, which is also not big
18:03:34 * nickm marks #28019 done, because of #28624
18:04:10 <nickm> ahf: so, the important thing is to actually get #25502 done enough that we can say we did it and close out s8.
18:04:14 <nickm> how's what looking?
18:04:23 <nickm> *how's that looking?
18:04:53 <ahf> i think that depends on #28179 getting in, so we can get the STATUS information out + fix #27100
18:06:14 <nickm> do we have a timeline on this?
18:06:27 <catalyst> parts of #27100 will be fixed by orconn-tracker
18:06:54 <ahf> this week for all of it, but right now i don't dare rebasing #28179 until somebody have reviewed it, so the STATUS part can go into needs_review tomorrow on a clean rebased version of #28179
18:07:01 <nickm> catalyst: when do you think that will be ready for review?
18:07:19 <dgoulet> ahf: "somebody have reviewed it" ... can you clarify there? You need me or nickm there?
18:07:30 <ahf> dgoulet: sorry, nickm there
18:07:36 <nickm> ahf: sounds good.  I will maybe take off a day early, and allocate a date before 31 Dec for review if I have to...
18:07:45 <nickm> but being done on Friday would make me a happier reviewer :)
18:07:46 <catalyst> nickm: it's in a "reviewable" state in that i think the code is relatively complete and clean, but still needs docs and comments and tests
18:07:51 <ahf> nickm: i don't plan on that, i want it to be done this week
18:07:52 <catalyst> nickm: not necessarily merge_ready for those reasons
18:08:17 <nickm> ahf: great
18:08:20 * catalyst looked and there definitely needs to be more test coverage in the new code
18:08:30 <nickm> catalyst: ok. when do you think you could get the docs done and the tests started?
18:08:49 <nickm> If I'm the reviewer there, I'd be happy to review it before the tests are done, but I think I'll need docs to make sure I'm understanding it right
18:09:12 <catalyst> nickm: hm, the docs will be slower going than the tests, possibly
18:09:51 <nickm> slower as in "later today" or "tomorrow" or "friday" or "better not wait for the docs if we want this in 2018"?
18:10:16 <catalyst> probably tomorrow before patch party time
18:10:47 <nickm> okay, that sounds fine
18:11:02 <nickm> I'll plan to review what you have ready then?
18:11:40 <catalyst> sure, i'll also prioritize documenting the stuff in the earlier commits if that helps
18:12:02 <nickm> however is most convenient for you
18:12:46 <nickm> thanks!
18:12:58 <nickm> sounds like we can be on track
18:13:18 <nickm> next topic is reviews:
18:13:29 <nickm> sponsor8-must items should get priority
18:13:53 <nickm> that said, is everybody ok with their reviews?
18:14:33 <asn> there were _many_ needs_review tickets this week
18:14:39 <ahf> looks good
18:14:41 <asn> + we also started blending in the sbws tickets
18:14:44 <nickm> cool
18:14:48 <dgoulet> there are no s8-must in needs_review for now so anything that comes in needs_Review this week for s8-must, keep a sharp eye on it for a reviewer
18:15:41 <nickm> I think #28719 is s8-must?
18:15:59 <dgoulet> that one is yes ... just not flagged -must huh
18:16:12 <nickm> ok
18:16:25 <dgoulet> but my point was that if some s8-must ticket goes in needs_review on Wed... then explicitely we need to find a reviewer asap
18:16:27 <dgoulet> and not wait for January :)
18:16:37 <nickm> dgoulet: right.
18:16:56 <nickm> if that happens, and it's your ticket, please make sure there is already somebody who can review it?
18:17:03 <nickm> and make sure I find out about it :)
18:17:41 <nickm> gaba: Also, do we need to re-do the memory profiles that dgoulet did earlier in s8?
18:17:53 <gaba> yes
18:17:57 <dgoulet> (FYI, it is on my stack this week)
18:17:57 <gaba> i see he is going to do it this week
18:18:10 <nickm> dgoulet: great
18:18:26 <nickm> on to rotations.  It's asn for triage and dgoulet for ci+coverity
18:18:38 <nickm> please ask for help if you need it!
18:18:53 <nickm> For rotations the next couple of weeks, don't feel you need to do anything if you're on vacation
18:18:58 <nickm> we can just postpone those, I think
18:19:16 <nickm> postpone the rotations, that is
18:19:19 <nickm> not the vacations
18:19:21 <nickm> vacations should be relaxing
18:19:47 <gaba> yep :)
18:20:01 <nickm> please a look at our reminders and announcements before we move on :)
18:20:06 <nickm> next is discussion
18:20:32 <nickm> first thing: anybody need help with older reviews?  If so just ask
18:20:44 <nickm> even with current reviews: if you can't get to it this week, maybe somebody else can
18:21:12 <nickm> we already talked about sponsor8
18:21:52 <nickm> I added a question to let people know when you're going to be away.  You don't have to fill it in if you don't want to, but please let me & gaba know if you're going to be substantially later than Jan 3
18:22:47 <nickm> The remaining general discussion thing is Sponsor 31 -- the small modularization proposal.  This is a $150k thing, so it won't be paying for that much of our time, but it will be valuable work.  It starts on Jan 1 and runs for a year.
18:23:17 <nickm> gaba: do you want to talk about what we need to do there to start from your POV?
18:23:48 <gaba> yes
18:24:19 <gaba> So far I need activities for each milestone with estimation on time.
18:24:35 <gaba> nickm already added activities and estimations in the doc i shared
18:24:44 <gaba> i need people to look at that and make comments on it
18:24:58 <gaba> there is a sheet 'milestones' with the activities and estimation
18:25:03 <nickm> Right, but: We don't 100% know what our activities are yet, since the earliest activities are "decide what to do, and what part of the code to do it with"
18:25:20 <gaba> this week I will send (with Al) a document to the funder about what we are going to do
18:25:23 <nickm> So we're going to be making some guesses about both of those, and marking our guesses as guesses
18:25:32 <gaba> yes, this can be changed once we start working on
18:26:13 <gaba> the plan is to start working on it in january but it will be incorporated into our roadmap once we build the roadmap in brussels
18:26:29 <nickm> can anybody work on this besides or in addition to me? :)
18:26:37 <gaba> any question about the proposal or sponsor or anything related?
18:26:52 * dgoulet still loading storm.tpo....
18:27:01 <nickm> One thing that would be helpful is to start thinking between now and Jan: what are the pro-modularity architectural fixes that you want to make in Tor?
18:27:04 <gaba> you don't have to spend a lot of time on the milestones but just read it and comment
18:27:50 <dgoulet> ok
18:29:15 <gaba> I'm thinking that a lot of thinking about this modularization work will be done during the hackweek
18:29:15 <nickm> So, I don't see any boldfaced stuff in the pad.
18:29:34 <nickm> gaba: I agree, but I think we will do better if we prepare ahead of time
18:29:42 <gaba> I just added one more thing that is mostly a reminder to think about what we are going to do at the hackweek. We can discuss it in january
18:30:00 <gaba> that pad i shared there is my raw thought on the hackweek
18:30:11 <nickm> I see a couple of help-with things: gaba needs translation on Q4 S8 tickets,
18:30:24 <nickm> catalyst would like early feedback on orconn-tracker code
18:30:36 <gaba> I will ping people if I need specific help on it but just know that is coming :)
18:30:56 <nickm> juga reminds us that there are sbws tickets needing review
18:31:20 <gaba> there are a lot of reviews already, can we push the sbws reviews to january?
18:31:27 <nickm> teor reminds us to use signal or email if need them urgently
18:31:32 <dgoulet> 13:16 < asn> + we also started blending in the sbws tickets
18:31:44 <dgoulet> sbws are now part of our review assignement process
18:31:47 <dgoulet> tickets*
18:31:50 <nickm> gaba: I think they are already on the review list.  It would be good to know if juga is blocking on any of them in particular, though
18:31:50 <gaba> yes
18:31:55 <gaba> yes
18:33:01 <nickm> anything else for this week?
18:33:10 <nickm> we seem to have gone pretty quickly
18:33:33 <gaba> yep, a lot to do this week :)
18:36:05 <nickm> ok. that's it for the meeting then.  Thanks, everybody!
18:36:14 <gaba> Thanks!
18:36:37 <ahf> thanks
18:36:38 <nickm> #endmeeting