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16:00:29 <flexlibris> so before we get to our january roadmap, pili has something to share
16:01:38 <flexlibris> pili?
16:01:57 <pili> right, so, we're looking to send an SOI to DRL and I thought maybe we could ask for community team funding... I have put together a pad to collect our needs and priorities for 2019 for the community team so we can think about whether we want to apply for the community team
16:02:03 <pili> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/3PgGNGIr8Sc9wXkYOnnn98J1Smdx-zHRV5rnCGFULWN
16:03:02 <flexlibris> cool, when do you want this feedback by?
16:03:17 <pili> to be clear, this does not mean that we'll submit an SOI for the community team, just that we will gather the needs and priorities for every team, then based on that we'll do some analysis based on budgets :)
16:03:17 <antonela> hello
16:03:27 <pili> so, the SOI is due on the 2nd of Feb
16:03:27 <flexlibris> yes understood :)
16:03:41 <pili> so it would be good to have this by middle of next week
16:04:00 <pili> I wanted to share this as soon as possible to give us plenty of time :)
16:04:14 <cy63113> what is SOI and DRL?
16:04:16 <wayward> amazing!
16:04:17 <pili> anyway, this will be a good exercise for any other calls for funding
16:04:22 <pili> SOI: statement of interest :)
16:04:28 <pili> I actually put a definition on the pad :D
16:04:50 <cy63113> :)
16:05:00 <pili> DRL is the US Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor
16:05:18 <cy63113> thanks :)
16:05:40 <flexlibris> so everyone should take a look at the pad during this week and add their ideas
16:05:48 <emmapeel> ok
16:06:00 <pili> yes please!
16:06:18 <pili> I tried to highlight and extract any details I thought were relevant for the community team
16:06:41 <pili> but you have a link to the full call if you're really bored :D
16:06:47 <flexlibris> :)
16:06:50 <emmapeel> heh
16:06:58 <pili> that's all I had on that
16:07:29 <flexlibris> great, thanks for getting this organized pili
16:07:36 <ggus> pili: other Tor teams are applying to this too?
16:07:43 <flexlibris> this is a good opportunity for us to think about things we want to do that we don't have funding for
16:08:04 <pili> yup, so every team is being asked to think about their needs and prios for 2019
16:08:13 <pili> and we can submit 2 SOIs to DRL
16:08:46 <pili> in any case we can use the needs and prios gathered for any other funding opportunities that come up
16:09:04 <pili> so it will be a very useful exercise
16:09:27 <pili> basically we need to decide which teams we'll request funding for
16:09:56 <pili> I think it would be nice to try to get some money for community team out of this
16:10:28 <pili> we are a good fit under the digital safety theme
16:11:11 <pili> we may also want to check out the policy and advocacy theme but I didn't find it as relevant... I may be wrong though, I don't have as much background there
16:12:42 <flexlibris> i dont know anything about what drl funds in that category!
16:12:46 <flexlibris> but i will get my ideas together in this pad
16:12:53 <flexlibris> anything else people want to ask pili?
16:12:56 <pili> thanks everyone!
16:13:05 <Phoul> thanks pili :)
16:13:11 <flexlibris> great, let's move on to our january roadmap
16:13:41 <flexlibris> phoul the relay advocacy stuff is listed first, would you like to update us first?
16:13:51 <Phoul> One moment, pulling up the roadmap
16:14:45 <flexlibris> cool
16:14:49 <kat5> Link, please?
16:15:06 <flexlibris> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:15:24 <flexlibris> if you pull up your storm account it'll always be listed there since you accessed it before
16:15:44 <kat5> Thanks.
16:16:05 <antonela> pili, in that pad, what is more urgent, needs or priorities?
16:16:32 <pili> hmmm, I think they have equal weight :)
16:17:07 <pili> I can triage with the team leads before we share further
16:17:28 <Phoul> Alright, I have been talking with other members of the relay operator community about the IRC meetings, and we are close to being able to relaunch these with volunteer support running some of the sessions. I've also been in contact with OVH again, however they have not responded since they informed us they were unable to provide us with contact info for the suspicious relay operator. I asked our OVH
16:17:34 <Phoul> contact if they could pass a message along for us, and thats when the radio silence started; I'm going to wait until mid this week to see if they respond, and if not I'm going to send the relays to the bad-relays list to see what people thnk should be done with them. David also asked last week if I'd be willing to help with the bad-relays list, so this is something I will be helping more with in the
16:17:40 <Phoul> future.
16:17:52 <Phoul> I've also been in contact with PIA again, and they have deployed a second large high speed exit in Japan with more coming soon in different regions, including Mexico and the global south.
16:18:40 <flexlibris> phoul how long has it been since the last relay operator meeting?
16:18:58 <Phoul> I've also continued working with operators who were seeing DNS issues on their exits, and we are down to 2% DNS failure rate among our exits (down from 5% last time we discussed, I beleive)
16:19:00 <flexlibris> the OVH stuff sounds like such a headache!
16:19:02 <Phoul> https://arthuredelstein.net/exits/
16:19:11 <Phoul> The last one was in October
16:19:15 <flexlibris> wow that's great news about the PIA locations
16:19:37 <kat5> Phoul: After the the PIA exits have been up for a bit, let's be proactive about getting them some swag.
16:19:45 <flexlibris> good thinking kat
16:20:08 <Phoul> kat5: Great thinking.
16:20:26 <Phoul> Getting swag for the 2 people communicating with us, as well as the ops team doing the work would be great.
16:20:55 <Phoul> (afaik, the ops team working on deploying these is 2-3 people, so not a large number)
16:21:09 <kat5> Great.
16:21:47 <Phoul> And yeah, the OVH thing is ... difficult. I understand why they cant give us contact info, however it seems passing a message along may also be out of the question. At that point I think our only option is to mark them as bad, or accept them as sketchy.
16:22:20 <Phoul> Hopefully hear back this week, its possible the person I've been communicating with was still off for holidays or something.
16:23:03 <Phoul> Oh, one thing to add to the roadmap for me, I'm going to plan a relay operators meetup at IFF.
16:23:08 <flexlibris> yeah you would think they'd be more motivated to help
16:23:20 <flexlibris> cool, i hope that most of our team will be able to go to IFF
16:23:40 <flexlibris> it's gonna depend on a few things, one of them being that our talks get accepted (they will) the other being $$$
16:24:32 <Phoul> (thats all from me, will update the pad)
16:24:38 <flexlibris> great, thanks Phoul
16:24:54 <flexlibris> outreach and sponsor9 stuff is mostly ggus, do you want to update us?
16:25:20 <ggus> yes
16:25:35 <ggus> we had our outreach meeting about india last week
16:25:53 <ggus> we're waiting the confirmation for Kolkata visit
16:26:13 <ggus> and if we don't have the confirmation today, we will need to skip this city on our travel
16:27:02 <ggus> this week we need to approve our final budget and get our visas
16:27:06 * gman999 watching while occupied
16:27:23 <pili> ggus: when does it make sense for me to join if I'm not going for the full trip? Bangalore?
16:27:39 <ggus> pili: i need to check the calendar to tell you
16:27:45 <ggus> i can answer after the meeting
16:27:46 <pili> the other thing is that if we skip Kolkata and the trip is shorter as a result I could potentially join for the full trip
16:27:58 <antonela> pili, will be useful to have you or pari on each place
16:28:01 <pili> no worries, wasn't sure if this was the right place/time to ask anyway ;)
16:28:01 <ggus> yess! but remember that kolkata is just 2 days
16:28:18 <pili> antonela:+1
16:29:11 <antonela> we talked about it the last meeting, since pari is close to delhi we could have her on the north cities, and you can join gus on the south ones (since you cannot do the full trip)
16:29:37 <pili> sounds good to me, but I will join the meeting on friday for sure and we can discuss in detail then :)
16:29:54 <flexlibris> cool
16:29:58 <antonela> that's great
16:30:19 <ggus> pili: one small thing - for the budget estimation, i need from where you're going. madrid?
16:30:24 <pili> barcelona
16:30:29 <ggus> ops, ok!
16:30:34 <pili> :D
16:30:36 <ggus> about thailand: the election there was postponed last week (it was in february), so if we book our flights now, we could end up in the middle of their election process, which is not good moment.
16:30:52 <flexlibris> no i wouldnt do that
16:30:53 <ggus> so we are waiting better news
16:31:22 <ggus> indonesia: emmapeel could you ping your friend again to answer my last message? :D
16:31:32 <emmapeel> i think i did, right?
16:32:46 <ggus> well, i'll need to find more organization then.
16:32:52 <ggus> organizations*
16:32:59 <emmapeel> i am doing it again
16:33:04 <ggus> thanks
16:33:26 <flexlibris> anything else for ggus?
16:33:41 <ggus> about s9, that's all. i also have some news about usp volunteers.
16:34:16 <flexlibris> sure, go ahead
16:35:08 <ggus> i wrote a mini guide on how to colaborate with tor, so i'll send to them before they join officially the project. they will officialy start on february 15th.
16:35:18 <ggus> we have 8 volunteers. 3 for documentation.
16:35:19 <wayward> ooooh could you share that with me ggus?
16:35:30 <flexlibris> can you put the guide somewhere public actually?
16:35:32 <ggus> wayward: yes, but it's in portuguese :)
16:35:35 <emmapeel> we have to make sure they have something to do!
16:35:37 <flexlibris> also, do you have a roadmap for the work they'll be doing?
16:35:56 <pili> I have plenty of work for them to do, don't worry :D
16:35:58 <flexlibris> how many hours per week or month will they be volunteering?
16:36:07 <kat5> How long will they be working with us?
16:36:50 <ggus> let me check the project
16:37:18 <flexlibris> it would be helpful if you could make a storm pad with all this info and share it with us on the team
16:37:26 <flexlibris> names of the volunteers, what they will be working on, what the timeline is
16:37:33 <flexlibris> what projects they're going to be doing
16:37:36 <flexlibris> whether they need more work
16:37:40 <flexlibris> what languages they seak
16:37:42 <flexlibris> speak*
16:37:45 <flexlibris> what they're interested in
16:37:47 <flexlibris> etc
16:38:53 <ggus> we will have 100 hours from february 15th - june 2019.
16:39:20 <ggus> flexlibris: yes, i'm also planning a blog post about this partnership in the future.
16:39:31 <flexlibris> will they each keep track of their hours? having that on the pad would be great too
16:39:38 <flexlibris> oh good a blog post will be nice
16:39:59 <flexlibris> just thinking that having these questions answered in a central location will take the load off you gus
16:40:06 <flexlibris> because otherwise we will all be asking you these things each week
16:40:24 <ggus> i'll do that
16:40:33 <flexlibris> great thanks
16:40:38 <kat5> And ggus, when they start, can you tell them to email tshirt@ so we can get them shirts?
16:40:43 <flexlibris> okay wayward are you ready to talk about other volunteer stuff?
16:41:10 <ggus> kat5: i have a lot of tshirts here, so we are good :)
16:41:23 <kat5> Okay; great.
16:42:05 <wayward> yes!
16:42:17 <wayward> so I'm planning a volunteer coordination meeting this friday
16:42:29 <wayward> either at 17:00 UTC or 19:00 UTC, as of yet undecided
16:42:44 <wayward> if anyone wants to be looped in on the planning emails for the meeting, let me know!
16:43:13 <wayward> we're gonna discuss liason roles in each team, tasks, trac tags, etc
16:43:58 <cy63113> wayward: can I do something to help?
16:44:33 <wayward> cy63113: sure! let's discuss over email if that's ok :)
16:44:44 <cy63113> cool!
16:45:05 <wayward> otherwise, that's about it on the volunteer front this week
16:45:16 <wayward> realizing I still have my volunteer wiki outline on my computer and...not updated
16:45:20 <wayward> ie not online
16:45:24 <wayward> so I will do that this week
16:45:40 <flexlibris> cool, i look forward to the meeting!
16:46:07 <flexlibris> oh whoops i realized that because ggus started talking about volunteers we accidentally skipped kat5
16:46:12 <flexlibris> kat do you have any sponsor19 updates?
16:46:52 <kat5> Not really. I'm working on the report. I got a bunch of new info at the end of last week, so I'll be incorporating it this week.
16:46:59 <kat5> That's about it.
16:47:32 <flexlibris> cool thanks kat
16:47:40 * Guest1643 notices the meeting and is around if anybody needs anything
16:47:52 <flexlibris> i was just about to ask
16:47:55 <flexlibris> it sounded like an arma
16:48:27 <flexlibris> emmapeel do you want to update us about localization?
16:49:31 <emmapeel> not much, am afraid... everything s being slowly translated
16:50:00 <flexlibris> is the AMA happening with localization lab this month?
16:50:19 <emmapeel> still no date for the AMA, i will ping erin
16:50:32 <flexlibris> okay cool
16:50:42 <emmapeel> we have a new reviewer for romanian
16:50:48 <emmapeel> that is also a Debian translator
16:51:14 <flexlibris> oh nice
16:51:41 <emmapeel> she is currently reviewing our contents. we didnt had a reviewer although we had some translations
16:52:29 <flexlibris> great to hear
16:53:11 <flexlibris> let's look at support and community portals now
16:53:20 <flexlibris> moving glossary to support.to -- emmapeel?
16:53:30 <emmapeel> still not done
16:53:37 <flexlibris> no prob
16:53:54 <flexlibris> the next thing about the support portal content PRs....i still have not had the time for this
16:54:06 <flexlibris> it's something i was going to suggest to wayward for a volunteer to do, or maybe ggus's volunteers could do it
16:54:09 <antonela> that is something USP collabs can do
16:54:14 <flexlibris> yes
16:54:19 <antonela> hehe same thinking
16:54:27 <ggus> but only after february 15th hehe :)
16:54:38 <antonela> ye, but is a real chance to have it done
16:54:44 <flexlibris> well, it's probably not likely that anyone else will get to it before then
16:55:11 <flexlibris> same i think is for updating the tor manual and resolving the tickets
16:55:38 <flexlibris> wayward how is the Tor vs VPN doc coming along?
16:55:47 <wayward> it's coming along! Should have it done this week
16:55:59 <flexlibris> oh awesome
16:56:01 <flexlibris> cant wait to see it
16:56:36 <flexlibris> lots of other items in this section are waiting for a volunteer
16:56:58 <flexlibris> antonela what's the status of the outreach flyers?
16:57:10 <antonela> im working on them!!!
16:57:21 <antonela> i want to have something for review this week :)
16:57:33 <flexlibris> yay
16:57:37 <flexlibris> let me know if i can help
16:57:42 <flexlibris> i'm excited about those
16:58:21 <flexlibris> okay i think that's most of the support/community stuff that isnt just waiting on a volunteer
16:58:31 <flexlibris> LFI recruitment is going very well, lots of applications are in already
16:58:38 <flexlibris> i am revising the curriculum
16:58:45 <flexlibris> i am also updating the website
16:58:48 <flexlibris> i will have new stickers soon
16:58:56 <flexlibris> wait let me show you
16:59:06 <emmapeel> stickers!!!!
16:59:50 <flexlibris> new stickers coming https://share.riseup.net/#0C5gSI4vUVSsVhTJNTDArw
17:00:04 <Phoul> those look awesome!
17:00:20 <emmapeel> nice
17:00:22 <kat5> Niiiiice!
17:00:24 <ggus> very cool!
17:00:40 <flexlibris> now the LFP logo matches with the LFI logo https://share.riseup.net/#_u8MrjCkHobi1kw7b9t6_A
17:00:48 <flexlibris> so when they graduate LFI they become part of LFP
17:00:55 <flexlibris> and then.....global dominance
17:01:08 <emmapeel> yeah you shouldadd a triangle somewhere heh
17:01:19 <flexlibris> anyway so i am working on a few new curriculum modules for the students, one about the way the internet is funded
17:01:24 <flexlibris> one about the basics of how the internet works
17:01:44 <flexlibris> high level but still kind of challenging to put together because there is so much to know
17:02:07 <flexlibris> i am also working with the fundraising team to think about LFP grants beyond 2020
17:02:11 <flexlibris> that's about it for me
17:02:13 <antonela> stickers are beautyyy *____*
17:02:21 <flexlibris> ty antonela
17:02:26 <flexlibris> hiro says i should get hoodies
17:02:27 <antonela> we should made stamps
17:02:28 <flexlibris> i will
17:02:30 <flexlibris> oooooh neat
17:02:32 <antonela> stamps to put in books
17:02:47 <flexlibris> hell yeah
17:02:50 <antonela> :fire:
17:02:55 <flexlibris> hahaha
17:03:00 <antonela> <#
17:03:02 <antonela> <3
17:03:04 <flexlibris> anw
17:03:06 <flexlibris> misc stuff
17:03:15 <flexlibris> everyone please take a look at pili's document and add stuff for potential DRL funding!
17:03:21 <flexlibris> let's get some money maybe?!?!!!
17:03:32 <flexlibris> another thing we need a volunteer to help with is answering community team tickets
17:03:41 <flexlibris> there are not many (i answered most of them) but they persist
17:03:58 <flexlibris> oh and lastly i am working with al on an otf grant for the community lab
17:04:04 <flexlibris> so that's also some $
17:04:15 <flexlibris> that's it for what's on our roadmap, anyone have anything else to share?
17:04:47 <emmapeel> i will work on the localization section for the community portal these days
17:04:53 <pili> just an update that we decided not to submit to counterpart international to run the usability/training program in Zimbabwe, seemed too much overhead for very little payoff in the end
17:05:04 <flexlibris> good to know
17:05:58 <flexlibris> okay i think that's it
17:06:03 <flexlibris> thanks everyone, i will stop the bot
17:06:05 <flexlibris> #endmeeting