13:58:36 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:58:40 <antonela> hello people!
13:58:41 <emmapeel> buenasssss
13:58:54 <ggus> hi!
13:59:13 <hiro> hello
13:59:16 <antonela> first ux meeting of the year happening now
13:59:37 <pili> hi!
14:00:09 <antonela> we all have been talking before so i'll not ask about your vacs :>
14:00:32 <antonela> lets review our roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Pv67P6KCRY5dUARnKQ5xeJZluBj1VyIT0d8hHyGKa-h
14:00:52 <antonela> and lets leave our updates https://storm.torproject.org/shared/z0wEipN5WsDwGNDR93LqXn3tIpDR-6c1YB8ASeyprKb
14:02:26 <antonela> pili: i'm trying to collect some options for the illustrations, last time we signed on which style/colors we want to have so I'm looking options to go from there
14:02:50 <pili> great! let me know if you want me to help with that
14:02:57 <antonela> i found this very nice initiative which can help us to finally define the style https://icons8.com/ouch
14:03:19 <pili> niceĀ±
14:03:20 <pili> !
14:03:22 <antonela> https://icons8.com/ouch/style/bermuda-1 is good
14:03:34 <antonela> (no colors, just illos and concepts)
14:03:45 <antonela> https://icons8.com/ouch/style/flamenco-1
14:03:55 <antonela> https://icons8.com/ouch/style/rush-1
14:04:04 <hiro> antonela: this is very similar to some stuff mozilla used or was it another org?
14:04:24 <hiro> I know
14:04:33 <hiro> it's similar style from the docker con slides kit
14:04:34 <antonela> mmm latest mozilla illos were made by timo
14:04:45 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/shots/5483635-Firefox-Privacy
14:05:01 <antonela> yes, is that brush at the borders which makes all those styles similar
14:05:12 <hiro> https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1C6jtLb5BqUC3rDV4ze-_vVIDmXTn0XUX-ZIBQkadoh0/edit?usp=sharing
14:05:15 * emmapeel likes flamenco
14:05:28 <antonela> hiro yes yes
14:05:28 <emmapeel> is like robert crumb
14:05:32 <antonela> jijji
14:06:02 <antonela> so, pili, lets bring this to our next website meeting so we can collect feedback and move forward finding an illustrator for htat
14:06:05 <antonela> *that
14:06:47 <pili> yup!
14:06:49 <pili> sounds good
14:06:56 <pili> maybe we should have the one this Friday then
14:07:07 <antonela> that'd be great
14:07:40 <antonela> pili: you are up
14:08:01 <pili> yup, so, you're the last team I mention this to, so some of you may have heard this already
14:08:21 <pili> but we're looking to submit 2 SOIs to DRL for funding by the 2nd Feb
14:08:33 <hiro> pili: too many acronyms
14:08:54 <pili> hiro: I know... :D SOI -statement of interest
14:09:00 <hiro> ok
14:09:04 <hiro> thanks :P
14:09:06 <pili> DRL - US Department of human rights and labor or somesuch
14:09:34 <pili> anyway :) in order to help us decide which projects to submit, we are gathering each team's needs and priorities for the coming year
14:10:00 <pili> in a pad for each team, this is the one for UX Team: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/VH8GggHtKsYoXWqvftKSLsB1Z5goOWaWIxsHWX97Y0S
14:10:15 <antonela> that's great and i hope we can have this kind of framework for fundings happening often, maybe each six months, per quarter
14:10:30 <pili> and even if we don't end up submitting any of these to DRL, it will help us to identify other potential funders in future
14:10:37 <antonela> exactly
14:10:48 <pili> for example there's another funder that I've added to the Browser Team's needs and priorities pad
14:11:09 <pili> My idea is to use these pads going forward as we learn about more funding opportunities
14:11:33 <pili> and try to extract the relevant areas for each team; to the best of my knowledge :)
14:11:57 <pili> antonela: +1 we can definitely keep reviewing this every quarter
14:12:04 <antonela> super, some things that the ux team will be working on are part of other teams too
14:12:07 <pili> yup
14:12:25 <pili> I think for the DRL funding there's a lot of overlap with browser for sure, and maybe even network
14:12:36 <pili> let me add a note to the pad about this
14:12:39 <antonela> i'll list what i think is critical for us to work in tor browser soon, but i'm sure other things will arise from the browser team
14:12:43 <antonela> yes
14:13:08 <antonela> i mean, warnings and notifications in TB is something we talked about and i'd like to work on but DRL rejected it last time. I'll mention it again tho
14:13:54 <antonela> then, another things needed for internal organization, like a project management tool, could be part of that doc?
14:14:24 <pili> yup, definitely
14:14:28 <hiro> antonela I think gaba is evaluating some tools at the moment too
14:14:39 <antonela> yes i know, but i want to express the urgency of that
14:14:54 <antonela> and maybe is a funding issue
14:15:09 <pili> antonela: I agree with highlighting it by writing it down
14:15:47 <antonela> oki, great, i have that list in my notes, so i'll move to that doc :)
14:16:01 <antonela> emmapeel: you making fosdem?
14:16:06 <emmapeel> yep!
14:16:14 <antonela> i'll be there, i have a talk at the Open Design track :)
14:16:21 <emmapeel> cool!
14:16:29 <antonela> elioqoshi too!
14:16:42 <antonela> hiro too
14:16:43 <antonela> !
14:16:43 <antonela> haha
14:16:48 <pili> nice, mini UX reunion :D
14:16:52 <emmapeel> yeah we can hang out
14:17:07 <emmapeel> i will stay some days afterwards too.. fosdem always looks so short
14:17:07 <antonela> haha yes we can emmapeel
14:17:26 <antonela> who tails people is going to be there?
14:17:41 <emmapeel> sajolida is coming, so i bet he will attend your session
14:17:49 <antonela> oh great
14:18:25 <emmapeel> not sure if anybody else
14:18:48 <antonela> hiro and i we are working on having tpo.org and tpo.org/about new website ready for the end of this month
14:19:03 <antonela> emmapeel: what about the localization? what do you need to make it happen?
14:19:06 <emmapeel> i should plug them to transifex
14:19:15 <emmapeel> will open me a ticket right now
14:19:27 <antonela> oki, the content is frizzed so you can work on it
14:19:40 <antonela> not sure if you are taking it from lektor or from a gdoc t
14:19:48 <emmapeel> lektor
14:20:05 <emmapeel> i mean, it should be in lektor to be localized
14:20:29 <antonela> perfect
14:20:40 <emmapeel> is it there, or is another horribly bloated html ridden spreadsheet yet?
14:20:46 <emmapeel> :D
14:20:51 <antonela> pero no!
14:21:00 <antonela> is in lektor, hiro did a great job copy and pasting :)
14:21:01 <hiro> we don't have everything in lektor
14:21:05 <antonela> ye, but will be
14:21:12 <hiro> I mean some things yeah
14:21:13 <emmapeel> okok
14:21:17 <hiro> but others aren't there yet
14:21:44 <emmapeel> ok there is a ticket already: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/25642
14:21:46 <antonela> hiro, when that is ready could you sync with emma so we can achieve those locales?
14:22:03 <antonela> great, lets follow up that work in the ticket
14:22:18 <hiro> ok... I think per content we miss sponsors and a few other things...
14:22:28 <antonela> yep, im on it
14:22:40 <antonela> and people which we should grab from the existent core-people list
14:22:51 <hiro> yep we c an do that
14:23:04 <antonela> super
14:23:14 <emmapeel> #action: emmapeel #25642
14:23:59 <antonela> cyborg emmapeel
14:24:38 <emmapeel> i want to use that stuff more
14:24:41 <emmapeel> :D
14:24:46 <pili> emmapeel:+1 me too!! :D
14:25:03 <emmapeel> #idea: use more tags
14:25:21 <antonela> is elioqoshi here? we need to arrange a meeting with hellais and maria this week to review the first round of wireframes in order to move forward with the cards inventory
14:25:34 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sorry, again missed the right schedule
14:25:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm in Berlin for Simply Secure's Underexposed :slightly_smiling_face:
14:26:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm happy to adapt
14:26:06 <antonela> nicee, say hi to our friends :)
14:26:14 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It's just that we have 3 super far away timezones
14:26:22 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I can do late evening probably
14:26:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Which is Morning in New Zealand
14:26:59 <antonela> i can do at my night, we just need to organize it
14:27:02 <antonela> do you want me to do it?
14:27:34 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Doodle? I can do it
14:27:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I was just expecting some initial feedback on the GitHub issue
14:28:02 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So we can have that before the call
14:28:48 <antonela> okey, we can ask for it, but we should arrange a sync this week so we can work on a new version next week and then we have something ready for testing
14:31:43 <antonela> cool, what else?
14:32:52 <pili> I guess it would be good to mention that we were again asked for more details for the  OTF onion services proposal
14:33:28 <pili> antonela already knows but that's something we might have to work on in the next couple of weeks
14:33:46 <antonela> yes, we will be reviewing it, again
14:37:24 <antonela> okey, it seems we have a short meeting :)
14:37:35 <antonela> a good read for your week here > https://jnd.org/community-based-human-centered-design/
14:37:45 <antonela> and if we are groot, i'll call it
14:38:10 <emmapeel> im good
14:38:24 <hiro> I am groot
14:38:32 <pili> +1
14:38:39 <antonela> great, thanks people!! happy new year for all
14:38:42 <antonela> #endmeeting