19:02:31 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 01/09
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19:02:52 <pili> I created a new pad for 2019: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/jXmElsMkhKKzfl4QrufhPd5w1Wq4_UsUAOzhlCcgS4h
19:03:21 <pili> so far I have just copied over the status of the next 2 releases from the 2018 pad
19:03:43 <pili> does anyone else have any additional items to be included in the release that they want to highlight?
19:05:09 <GeKo> let me see
19:07:31 <pili> I'm looking for the security settings ticket myself :)
19:07:48 <pili> as we'd like to test that in India so ideally it would be included in this release
19:08:03 <antonela> GeKo, do you think we could have it ready for next alpha?
19:08:43 <antonela> #25658 pili
19:08:46 <pili> thanks!
19:08:50 <GeKo> probably not
19:08:55 <GeKo> when is the india thing?
19:09:11 <pili> mid February
19:09:16 <antonela> sstevenson: we will remove that banner and we will add a subscribe link, something like we tried here may work
19:09:17 <antonela> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/attachment/ticket/27097/27097_4_screenshot.png
19:10:04 <GeKo> okay. we might have nightly builds by then
19:10:05 <sstevenson> antonela: i think that looks good. isa wanted to take a break from having a banner at the top, so this works.
19:10:15 <GeKo> antonela: would that be enough?
19:10:18 <antonela> sstevenson: great
19:10:22 <antonela> GeKo: awesome
19:10:23 <antonela> :)
19:10:30 <pili> GeKo: nightly builds woudl be great
19:10:47 <sstevenson> she suggested having a more graphic icon there, but i don’t have details on what she was thinking
19:10:48 <antonela> GeKo thanks for the effort
19:11:00 <GeKo> okay. i passed the job on to pospeselr as i feared i will just delay this even more with random stuff coming up
19:11:08 <pili> thanks GeKo !
19:11:10 <antonela> sstevenson: will check with her
19:11:15 <GeKo> so, there is a good chance we have something ready by then
19:11:16 <pospeselr> confirmed :)
19:11:21 <GeKo> thx
19:11:30 <sstevenson> antonela: thanks!
19:11:32 <pili> antonela: sstevenson, maybe related with the new illustrations? the graphic icon I mean :)
19:11:51 <antonela> pili, nope, we already have an icon for the newsletter
19:11:59 <pili> aah ok
19:12:11 <antonela> is an onion inside an envelope, its cute, we can keep it ^_^
19:12:14 <pili> yeah, the sign up link doesn't pop out at me :)
19:12:22 <pili> I had to look twice
19:12:35 <GeKo> pili: antonela: sstevenson: could anybody file a ticket for the post-donation banner work
19:12:36 <antonela> ye, but we dont want to be too intrusive, this is why we are removing banners
19:12:46 <GeKo> and explain what we should implement?
19:12:46 <pili> sure :)
19:12:49 <sstevenson> pili: right, i think isabela’s idea is to have it stand out more
19:12:53 <GeKo> and add the things we need for that
19:12:57 <GeKo> okay, thanks
19:13:30 <pili> GeKo: I can file the ticket if someone else can add some more details :)
19:13:42 <GeKo> we need to have this ready in two weeks so it can get into the releases
19:13:51 <antonela> and locales
19:13:52 <pili> yup
19:13:58 <GeKo> so, in case we need new text, yes
19:13:59 <GeKo> :)
19:14:06 <mcs> maybe put the icon to the left of “Get the latest news from Tor…?” I am sure Antonela will come up with something good.
19:14:20 <antonela> mcs, :)
19:14:23 <GeKo> thus, ideally the strings should be ready _this_ week
19:14:30 <antonela> yes, is what i thought
19:14:31 <GeKo> to give translators time
19:16:00 <antonela> yep
19:18:05 <pili> ok #https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29035
19:18:33 <pili> needs some more details added antonela sstevenson can you please do the honours if you know? otherwise I'll figure it out after the meeting :)
19:19:14 <GeKo> one thing to get on everybody's radar while we are here: the curernt plan is to get 8.5 stable out at the end of march
19:19:29 <GeKo> this includes the first tor browser for android stable
19:19:36 <antonela> yesss
19:20:10 <GeKo> we'll have another fixed security release date on 03/19
19:20:46 <GeKo> which we could use to test things the last time before declaring 8.5 stable
19:20:53 <antonela> pili, will work on it tomorrow morning
19:20:55 <antonela> GeKo gotcha
19:21:05 <pili> thanks antonela !
19:21:20 <GeKo> (and we can do another set of releases bewteen jan and mar if needed)
19:21:27 <GeKo> but that's not planned yet
19:21:41 * pili takes notes
19:21:56 <GeKo> one thing for 8.5a7 i hope to get in is some workaround for #25703
19:22:00 <GeKo> err
19:22:41 <GeKo> #27503
19:23:06 <GeKo> jacek wrote the patches for us to get the thing compiled again
19:23:18 <antonela> nice
19:23:29 <GeKo> there is a tiny bit missing though to get screen readers working in multiprocess mode
19:23:41 <GeKo> not sure if we get it done by end of jan
19:24:02 <GeKo> but even if not having a workaround (i.e. disabling e10s)
19:24:10 <GeKo> is better than no screen reader support
19:24:15 <antonela> yep
19:24:57 <GeKo> i hope we get proper pt support into tba 8.5a7, too
19:25:10 <GeKo> but it might be tough
19:25:17 <pospeselr> I can look into that after my other release issues ( #25702 and friends + #25658)
19:25:32 <pospeselr> looks windows-y
19:25:47 <GeKo> pospeselr: thx. we'll see. i think jacek is working on it as well
19:25:59 <GeKo> the debugging is a bit tough as you know :)
19:26:07 <pospeselr> yeah exactly ;)
19:26:48 <GeKo> in case we miss the 8.5a7 for the pt mobile stuff we should have another alpha between jan and mar
19:28:53 <pili> is that https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28803 or https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28802 or both? :)
19:29:16 <pili> or a different one altogether? :D
19:30:18 <GeKo> hm
19:31:27 <GeKo> both
19:31:39 <GeKo> #28803 is for the build related parts
19:32:09 <GeKo> and #28802 is for the changes needed for orbot or the tor onion proxy library
19:32:22 <pili> ok, great
19:32:22 <GeKo> (or whatever we end up using here)
19:32:43 <GeKo> it might be the case that they are duplicates in the end but that's not clear yet
19:32:49 <GeKo> (at least not to me :) )
19:32:53 <pili> sure :)
19:34:24 <pili> ok, anything else to highlight and/or discuss?
19:35:42 <antonela> sysrqb and i we met this week to work on TBA - if people here wants to review, that'd be great
19:35:50 <antonela> #28329
19:36:05 <antonela> the aim is to have it ready for the next tba alpha
19:36:36 <antonela> tldr; we are going to have a connect button, we will have bridges, we are not going to have MOAT, and more details are in the ticket
19:36:48 <pili> great, I'll add that to the list :)
19:37:40 <antonela> oki
19:38:00 <GeKo> antonela: i can look at it tomorrow
19:38:13 <antonela> super, thanks
19:38:22 <antonela> i know is long, so no hurries
19:39:05 * antonela is groot then
19:39:48 <pili> ok, anything else? :)
19:39:48 <GeKo> i am fine
19:40:03 <pili> going once...
19:40:07 <pili> twice... :)
19:40:17 <pili> gone!
19:40:21 <pili> thanks everyone!
19:40:25 <pili> and happy new year!
19:40:30 <pili> #endmeeting