15:59:35 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:59:58 <karsten> I assume gaba wrote her item earlier and is not around?
16:00:24 <irl> maybe gaba just meant for us to discuss it, I added the (gaba)
16:00:42 <irl> although she was around a little earlier fixing my timesheets
16:00:53 <karsten> did you receive the sandstorm invite, too?
16:00:55 <irl> at 15:22 utc
16:01:08 <irl> yes
16:01:41 <karsten> I didn't look in detail, tbh.
16:01:54 <irl> they are both money for "privacy"
16:02:39 <karsten> hmm, ok. I think this discussion makes more sense with gaba.
16:02:39 <irl> which means either it's going to be easy, or that it's going to be that we write up an SOI and it wasn't what they were looking for because the CFP wasn't specific enough
16:03:04 <irl> they are both vague enough that I think we could submit the same SOI to both
16:03:11 <karsten> hehe
16:03:23 <irl> this is problematic if we win both
16:03:26 <irl> but not terrible
16:04:10 <karsten> looks like the second deadline is feb 1.
16:04:20 <karsten> so, I need more context.
16:04:31 <karsten> and I think that requires talking to gaba.
16:04:35 <karsten> and you.
16:04:48 <irl> ok, let's do this by email after unless gaba appears
16:04:51 <karsten> I'll ask her in an hour in another meeting.
16:04:54 <irl> cool
16:05:14 <karsten> alright.
16:05:18 <karsten> * OnionPerf quick progress report (irl)
16:05:45 <irl> so one thing is already done, there is now op-ab set up!
16:05:52 <irl> https://op-ab.onionperf.torproject.net/
16:05:57 <karsten> neat.
16:06:01 <irl> it's not done a nightly logrotate yet though
16:06:12 <irl> i think perhaps at the next week's meeting we could add this to collector if it's been stable
16:06:21 <karsten> it's going to be a stable instance, not a testing instance of some sort?
16:06:30 <irl> that is the intention yes
16:06:37 <karsten> stable?
16:06:55 <irl> a stable instance that should run for at least a year but hopefully more and possibly forever
16:07:01 <karsten> okay, cool.
16:07:09 <irl> it gives us a comparison to the greenhost vms which i think is needed
16:07:13 <karsten> so, yes, adding that to collector next week sounds good.
16:07:17 <irl> our diversity at the moment is just 1 AS
16:07:21 <karsten> right.
16:07:40 <irl> on the onionperf code, i've stripped out the webserver so we don't have to maintain that bit of it and we can just use apache/nginx instead
16:07:46 <irl> like we do for collector at the moment
16:07:59 <irl> we're looking to port it to python 3 in the longer term
16:08:13 <karsten> did you talk to rob about these plans?
16:08:32 <karsten> like, is he going to review and merge them?
16:08:39 <irl> i spoke to rob a while ago, he is not really maintaining the code at the moment
16:08:53 <karsten> so, possibly fork?
16:08:55 <irl> i've submitted a pull request and maybe he will review and merge it or maybe he will just give me permissions to do that
16:08:58 <irl> or we just fork
16:09:15 <irl> we will probably know this by next week's meeting
16:09:16 <karsten> okay.
16:09:23 <karsten> great!
16:09:24 <irl> acute has been working on adding the pluggable transport support and is making some progress
16:09:32 <karsten> hi acute!
16:09:38 <acute> hi!
16:10:03 <acute> I have it working with meek and obfs4 (provisionally)
16:10:14 <karsten> neat!
16:10:19 <acute> the code needs a lot of tidying up :)
16:10:27 <karsten> the new code or the old one? :)
16:10:31 <acute> which will happen over the next month
16:10:43 <acute> the new one
16:10:46 <karsten> ok.
16:11:23 <karsten> sounds like things are moving forward nicely. anything needed from me?
16:11:35 <acute> will also be in Brussels next month to sync with folk and make sure tor metrics can run this later in the year
16:11:51 <karsten> great!
16:12:07 <acute> nothing for now, will ping if I run into issues
16:12:22 <irl> hiro answered a question today about the port numbers we use
16:12:24 <karsten> and also try email, just in case I ignore the irc world.
16:12:40 <irl> i think we chose 80 because of exit policies but we might switch that to 443
16:12:53 <irl> just because lets encrypt needs port 80 for renewing the certs and it simplifies the operations side
16:13:01 <irl> unless that is a bad idea for some reason
16:13:17 <karsten> well, it changes a variable.
16:13:53 <karsten> not sure if that's bad, but if you also change another variable (PT), you might not know which variable changed the output.
16:14:23 <irl> ok, we can perhaps think about this more later in the year when we come to deployment/operations
16:14:29 <irl> doesn't need to be fixed now
16:14:31 <karsten> ok.
16:15:05 <irl> i think this is all on the onionperf topic for the quick update
16:15:19 <karsten> okay, cool! thanks for the update!
16:15:26 <karsten> * Technical report for Sponsor13 (irl)
16:15:56 <irl> so i'm thinking about working on this jan 21st to jan 25th, i wanted to check this timeframe is ok
16:16:16 <karsten> sure, it is.
16:16:23 <irl> probably not finishing it in that time but i will be away from home and it will be easier to work on this than on onionperf
16:16:35 <irl> i also had a question about adding onionperf to it
16:16:55 <irl> i think it is useful for us to have the same documentation about onionperf as part of this report, which perhaps acute can produce while working on it
16:17:06 <irl> is it worth including this if we have it?
16:17:19 <karsten> I think so, yes.
16:17:25 <irl> cool
16:17:31 <irl> that is all of my questions on that topic (:
16:17:37 <karsten> it's probably not required, but I can see how it can be useful as part of the report.
16:17:44 <karsten> "where the data comes from"
16:17:53 <irl> right
16:18:10 <karsten> okay!
16:18:33 <karsten> I don't really have topics for today. I'm hacking on metrics-web and don't really have anything to discuss at the moment.
16:19:01 <irl> ok, i'll look out for an email about the grants
16:19:10 <karsten> regarding the funding stuff, it might be that we need to do something on short notice.
16:19:35 <irl> that is fine
16:19:45 <irl> i've done proposals in 24 hours before
16:19:47 <karsten> okay. will keep you posted there.
16:19:49 <karsten> hah
16:20:25 <karsten> alright. thanks for your time, irl and acute! next meeting next week.
16:20:28 <karsten> bye!
16:20:30 <irl> bye!
16:20:38 <acute> bye!
16:20:42 <karsten> #endmeeting