15:58:37 <flexlibris> #startmeeting
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15:58:53 <flexlibris> is Phoul here? his items are first on the roadmap
16:00:28 <flexlibris> okay, let's skip him for now
16:00:36 <flexlibris> ggus, do you want to update us on outreach and sponsor 9 stuff
16:00:42 <ggus> sure!
16:01:16 <ggus> i got my visa from india approved! and discovered that as brazilian i don't need visa to indonesia :)
16:01:36 <ggus> i sent this trip itinerary for approval to travel@tpo last week
16:02:10 <ggus> i had a meeting last friday defining our itinerary and this week i will work on our agenda details.
16:02:36 * kushal is here now
16:02:38 <emmapeel> ey oops
16:02:43 <ggus> indonesia outreach is going well. we will need to see who is going with me.
16:03:20 <emmapeel> i volunteer to go if people finds it suitable
16:03:20 <flexlibris> i thought pili was thinking about going?
16:03:31 <flexlibris> i don't see why not
16:03:33 <ggus> flexlibris: yes, only to india
16:04:05 <ggus> i'm still waiting approval from travel@tpo
16:04:05 <flexlibris> ggus could emmapeel do this with you?
16:04:19 <ggus> flexlibris: i think we need to ask ux team, but yes!
16:04:28 <flexlibris> yeah of course
16:04:42 <flexlibris> but it looks like it works from our side
16:04:50 <flexlibris> so then i will leave it to you two to coordinate with ux :)
16:04:58 <ggus> okay
16:05:09 <emmapeel> ok
16:05:13 <flexlibris> anything else ggus?
16:05:17 <flexlibris> on this topic i mean
16:05:17 <ggus> yes
16:05:20 <flexlibris> okay sure
16:05:50 <ggus> last week a free software advocate published in his youtube channel an interview with me about tor project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RpBFqSa1zXo
16:07:01 <flexlibris> cool!
16:07:09 <flexlibris> did you let stephw know about this?
16:07:11 <pili> Hi
16:07:18 <wayward> o/
16:07:20 <ggus> apparently, youtube is blocking the possibility to promote this content. sergio reported that youtube is saying the content is "schocking"
16:07:31 <antonela> wow
16:07:33 <ggus> i never heard about this before.
16:07:36 <stephw> wow
16:07:42 <flexlibris> who is being blocked?
16:07:43 <emmapeel> you can get flagged by bots
16:07:52 <flexlibris> i mean like is it just brazilian IPs?
16:08:01 <ggus> you can't promote the content with money
16:08:17 <flexlibris> it works for me in tor
16:09:05 <ggus> do you know promoted content in twitter? in youtube they have the same business model
16:09:16 <ggus> and it doesn't let do this only in this video.
16:09:22 <flexlibris> ohhh i understand what you mean now
16:09:27 <flexlibris> wow
16:09:37 <ggus> (sorry, i forgot some words in english)
16:09:41 <flexlibris> no you got them right
16:09:48 <flexlibris> i just thought when you said promote you meant just like, sharing it
16:09:52 <flexlibris> not the paid promotion
16:09:57 <antonela> nono paid promotions
16:10:00 <antonela> that
16:10:17 <ggus> so i wonder what happens if we try to paid promote one of our contents
16:10:19 <flexlibris> the podcast host should dispute that with youtube
16:10:22 <ggus> what will happen
16:10:48 * gman999 listening but in and out
16:10:50 <ggus> i'll write to him this afternoon. he told me this morning
16:10:52 <kushal> ggus, nice, we should interview you during India trip.
16:11:24 * gman999 bolsonaro and modi, sitting in a tree
16:11:26 <ggus> two more things
16:12:03 <ggus> based on the last meeting feedback, i opened a wiki page to USP volunteers: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam/Projects/GlobalSouth/USPVolunteers (WIP)
16:12:44 <ggus> and cryptorave will open their call for activities today. i'll send the link to global south mailing list.
16:12:53 <ggus> (done)
16:13:05 <flexlibris> so cryptorave is still going to happen in brazil this year?
16:14:01 <cy63113> yes!
16:14:04 <antonela> ggus that is great, thanks for putting it together!
16:14:32 <flexlibris> cool, glad to hear that it's still happening
16:14:39 <wayward> yeah that's so awesome ggus
16:14:47 <emmapeel> brave also
16:14:50 <flexlibris> i was worried about it going forward in the political environment
16:14:52 <flexlibris> exactly emmapeel
16:15:10 <ggus> yep, the gov will need to censor it, bc we aren't going to do that by ourselves :P
16:15:25 <kat5> ggus +100000000000000
16:15:54 <flexlibris> awesome
16:15:58 <flexlibris> okay, kat5, want to go next?
16:16:29 * antonela raises hand
16:16:31 <kat5> Sure. I expect to deliver an initial draft of report 2 to gaba today. And also to one or more network team members for an accuracy check.
16:16:36 <flexlibris> si antonela
16:17:05 * kushal raises hand to stand in the queue.
16:17:13 <flexlibris> kat5, glad to hear it's coming along
16:17:46 <kat5> We are starting to have sponsor 19 meetings, so that will be good for determining next steps.
16:17:57 <kat5> Done.
16:18:11 <flexlibris> cool, thanks kat5
16:18:16 <flexlibris> antonela did you want to say something?
16:18:21 <antonela> yess
16:18:22 <antonela> i'm working on the outreach material for this year. flexlibris and ggus already worked on the content, so i'm working on the design now!
16:18:30 <flexlibris> yay
16:18:33 <wayward> NICE
16:18:35 <antonela> i'm following this idea about to have a A3 canvas, folded twice, which will give us a pampphlet on one side and a poster/stencil on the other
16:18:38 <flexlibris> i am also working on the copy for the community portal
16:18:45 <antonela> Im playing with glitches for the covers, still wip, but you can see some progress here
16:18:45 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#ywt0RvTzZyHscBS8OnXJfg
16:18:45 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#dQYgHexQC2jKBaVpvZUkPg
16:19:00 <flexlibris> i love them
16:19:14 <antonela> about the content strictly, i'm wondering how deep we should go explaining encryption layers, i think that will be useful for end users to have more info about how it affects them directly, we can see it with stephw once she reviews the content
16:19:16 <wayward> omg I love these
16:19:21 <antonela> *_____*
16:19:27 <antonela> still wip, just putting some ideas together
16:19:43 <flexlibris> antonela yeah let's see how the draft content looks when you finish the design, and then take it from there
16:19:52 <flexlibris> maybe we can have one version with more advanced explanations
16:20:11 <antonela> super, thanks! just wanted to give updates related with it here, since 1. involve this team 2. makes me work on it a little everyweek :)
16:20:22 <flexlibris> yes :) we appreciate you
16:20:23 <stephw> and we’ll also see a version of what it looks like to try and not use all caps TOR
16:20:30 <stephw> yes thank you :D
16:20:55 <flexlibris> kushal did you want to say something?
16:21:17 <kushal> Called Jace (from Hasgeek in Bangalore), we will get their office for venue, and they will also help us to find more local activists there. Someone from their team will reply us back tomorrow or day after. We still have to reply back to the Pune person with our details (he asked a few questions).
16:21:45 <kushal> I will ping ggus after the meeting for the detailed mail to the IITB in Mumbai for the event.
16:21:51 <ggus> kushal: yes! :D
16:21:53 <kushal> <EOF>
16:22:06 <flexlibris> cool thanks kushal, i dont see that on the january roadmap so can you add an item under outreach?
16:22:11 <flexlibris> i think it didnt get updated from december
16:22:27 <kushal> flexlibris, ah, okay, I missed it, I will update. Thanks for reminding.
16:22:35 <flexlibris> no worries
16:22:47 <flexlibris> okay next on the roadmap is volunteers
16:22:52 <flexlibris> wayward do you have any updates?
16:22:56 <wayward> yep!
16:23:16 <wayward> so, I didn't get as far with the Tor v VPN doc as I wanted, but it's still coming along
16:23:24 <wayward> BUT the volunteer planning meeting went really well!
16:23:44 <wayward> I got a good idea of what sort of tasks the different teams need from volunteers, as well as time commitments, etc
16:24:31 <wayward> I'm still not sure what the best way to organize tasks for volunteers is, but I think we'll need to incorporate some trac modules in the support/volunteer portal, so I will bring that up in the next support portal meeting
16:25:11 <wayward> otherwise it seems like the consensus was that there's not much we can do until we have the new site
16:25:46 <flexlibris> when you say support/volunteer portal, what are you referring to?
16:25:55 <flexlibris> i think that leaving the centralization part for the community portal is good
16:26:01 <wayward> the volunteer content on the community portal
16:26:12 <wayward> sorry, I keep mixing up community portal & support portal
16:26:19 <flexlibris> that's okay :)
16:26:38 <flexlibris> so i think we do not want to link to trac from that portal. we want things to just exist on the website.
16:26:43 <flexlibris> that is my own feeling about it anyway
16:26:57 <flexlibris> but don't worry about that. the community portal is getting staged right now so hopefully it won't be too long before it's done.
16:27:06 <flexlibris> and then there will be a nice central location for volunteers
16:27:20 <wayward> ok! it seemed like other teams valued trac thought so I think we'll need to come up with a compromise or with multiple solutions
16:27:33 <wayward> ok cool!!
16:28:04 <wayward> that's it for me :)
16:28:05 <flexlibris> my impression was that people wanted to use the bugtracker for tasks, but what you just said above made it sound like you would be hosting some content or instructions or something on trac that would link to the community portal. maybe i am misunderstanding.
16:28:23 <wayward> ah what I mean is sort of what the metrics team currently has on their volunteer page
16:28:38 <flexlibris> is that on trac?
16:28:39 <wayward> which is like a little box that updates to show current trac tickets that can be worked on
16:28:43 <emmapeel> link?
16:28:50 <wayward> just a sec
16:30:10 <flexlibris> this? https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/MetricsTeam#OpenTickets
16:30:35 <wayward> yes! thank you
16:30:52 <wayward> so maybe that, combined with meetings & roadmaps
16:31:25 <flexlibris> ah okay. so i am not opposed to linking to specific tickets, i just didnt want us to link back to like, the team wikis. instructions for volunteering should be hosted on the community portal itself.
16:31:34 <wayward> sounds good!
16:31:44 <flexlibris> but also, i thought there was some consensus in that meeting that "easy" tagged tickets do not actually work for attracting new volunteers?
16:31:51 <wayward> yep!
16:31:59 <wayward> so I do think we need a combination solution
16:32:02 <flexlibris> and that instead we wanted to have clear instructions for joining the meetings and things
16:32:49 <flexlibris> okay cool, i trust your judgment!
16:33:07 <wayward> we can discuss more somewhere else, I don't want to take up too much space here
16:33:32 <flexlibris> sure sounds good
16:33:37 <flexlibris> anything else on this topic?
16:33:44 <wayward> nope, all done!
16:34:09 <flexlibris> awesome, thanks wayward
16:34:17 <flexlibris> emmapeel, localization is next on the roadmap, do you have any updates?
16:36:59 <flexlibris> maybe we lost emma? let's move on to the support and community portals updates for now
16:37:02 <emmapeel> hmmmnope
16:37:05 <flexlibris> oh sorry :)
16:37:09 <emmapeel> sorry computer is acting up
16:37:14 <flexlibris> no prob
16:38:14 <flexlibris> okay so i am working on the community portal copy as i already mentioned. so this means that very soon we will have the portal staged, with text and with outreach materials. next to work on is the training materials, but we probably won't get to those this month with everythign else going on.
16:38:29 <flexlibris> anyone else have support and community portal updates on these roadmap items?
16:38:46 <emmapeel> iam busy with the glossary and will hook up the tpo page to transifex after that
16:38:51 <flexlibris> nice
16:38:58 <pili> maybe a reminder to reply to the illustrations poll :)
16:39:04 <pili> to those that received the email
16:39:09 <flexlibris> yes yes
16:39:12 <flexlibris> i already did :)
16:39:14 <ggus> pili: already voted! :)
16:39:25 <emmapeel> metoo
16:39:36 <pili> thanks! :)
16:39:36 <flexlibris> thanks everyone for getting on that so quickly
16:39:41 <pili> I hadn't checked :D
16:39:45 <flexlibris> we will have our regular meeting about the community portal this friday yes?
16:39:59 <wayward> what time is it at again?
16:41:06 <flexlibris> i think it's at 1500 utc?
16:41:57 <flexlibris> okay onward
16:41:57 <antonela> yes, 15utc
16:42:10 <flexlibris> LFI stuff is all still ongoing, doing recruitment and curriculum development, working on the website changes
16:42:19 <flexlibris> talking to the fundraising team about new $
16:42:33 <flexlibris> miscellanous stuff -- did everyone get their feedback to Pili about the DRL funding?
16:42:58 <ggus> yes, i brainstormed some itens last week, i'll wrote a proposal this week
16:43:01 <emmapeel> not really. i need to llok onto that
16:43:12 <pili> flexlibris: yes about the community portal meeting
16:43:16 <pili> I'll send a reminder email
16:43:24 <flexlibris> great
16:44:04 <flexlibris> also, i forgot to mention but if anyone is in this meeting or lurking and wants to do some stuff with the community team, the roadmap items that are languishing could really use attention -- especially stuff for the support and community portals
16:44:09 <flexlibris> and answering community team tickts
16:44:30 <flexlibris> unless Phoul showed up unnoticed, there is nothing else to update on the roadmap
16:44:35 <flexlibris> anyone else have anything to discuss?
16:45:37 <antonela> im good
16:45:40 <emmapeel> cri cri
16:45:52 <flexlibris> is that a cricket sound lol
16:45:53 <antonela> emmapeel: lets talk about thailand tomorrow during the ux meeting
16:46:04 <emmapeel> antonela: ok!
16:46:08 <flexlibris> you mean indonesia?
16:46:17 <emmapeel> yes a cricket
16:46:20 <flexlibris> or is thailand maybe still happening
16:46:24 <antonela> sorry, indonesia, yes
16:46:29 <flexlibris> :)
16:46:31 <emmapeel> i rea inonesia :
16:46:36 <emmapeel> i read indonesia
16:46:38 <flexlibris> emma is ready to go anywhere
16:46:43 <antonela> lol
16:46:51 <flexlibris> cool, okay, i will kill the bot then. have a great week everyone!
16:46:53 <flexlibris> #endmeeting