17:58:44 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 14 Jan
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17:58:48 <nickm> I think it's time!
17:58:59 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/kAIsUkhwIFfv is our current pad
17:59:05 <nickm> errr no
17:59:09 <nickm> that's my meeting-with-gaba pad
17:59:12 <nickm> please ignore that
17:59:38 <gaba> oops
17:59:43 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is our pad
18:00:00 <ahf> hello o/
18:00:25 * catalyst is here
18:01:04 <gaba> hi!!
18:01:34 <nickm> too many tabs :)
18:01:48 <nickm> so first thing to do is check our roadmap
18:02:10 <nickm> 0.4.0 freezes tomorrow
18:02:52 <nickm> anybody working on stuff that is not on the "doing" section of the roadmap?
18:03:15 <nickm> if so let's talk about it!
18:03:42 <nickm> otherwise let's continue.
18:04:13 <ahf> nod
18:04:15 <gaba> I think everybody has their activites tracked there
18:04:15 <catalyst> i'm going to try to fix the proxy vs PT reporting
18:04:38 <nickm> catalyst: is that on the roadmap?  If not, it seems worth adding under S19, since it's a PT thing
18:04:59 <catalyst> nickm: no it's not on the roadmap that i can see yet
18:05:12 <nickm> maybe under #25502 ?
18:05:13 <gaba> yes please, add it
18:05:36 <catalyst> nickm: it's more like a bugfix on #27167
18:05:49 <nickm> that's ok too
18:06:09 <catalyst> but it's nontrivial because i ran into some architecture problems
18:06:13 <nickm> asn: I don't see new reviews on the spreadsheet this week?
18:06:21 <nickm> catalyst: want to talk about them post-meeting?
18:06:25 <nickm> or via trac
18:06:27 <nickm> or elsewhere?
18:06:56 <catalyst> nickm: maybe patch party?
18:06:59 <nickm> ok
18:07:02 <ahf> the reviews are in the pad asn linked to
18:07:11 <ahf> it's in his status update
18:07:23 <ahf> but he wanted to sync with david first i think
18:07:30 <nickm> oh! https://public.etherpad-mozilla.org/p/VxgEYUZzpv
18:07:34 <ahf> ye
18:08:20 <nickm> looks like not a lot of new reviews this week?
18:10:08 <nickm> rotations are....
18:10:20 * nickm on triage, ahf on CI+coverity
18:10:26 <ahf> aye
18:10:32 <nickm> fine by me
18:10:42 <ahf> i still have my windows CI failure so i'm good with being on that this week, gonna figure out how to solve it
18:10:45 <ahf> for jenkins
18:10:47 <nickm> this is the first week we'll try the new proposed-ticket thing; we'll get their in the pad soon
18:10:53 <nickm> ahf: great!
18:10:57 <ahf> weasel already helped me getting access to the hosts and stuff in late december
18:11:01 <ahf> so i guess can learn something from this too
18:11:14 <nickm> also: reminder about all the reminder stuff in the reminders
18:11:42 <nickm> one announcement is the proposed-ticket thing -- let's try it today
18:12:52 <nickm> the second one is for weekly checkins on anticensorship work.  2000UTC Thursdays on #tor-meeting
18:13:05 <ahf> yep
18:13:18 <nickm> next note is that gaba still needs more input on our funding priorities.  So let's keep adding to that pad
18:13:53 <nickm> (I'm glad to see a few of us  have added to it already, but we can use everybody's ideas here.)
18:14:02 <nickm> (It's also pretty good reading)
18:14:08 <gaba> there are a lot of thoughts in that pad but mostly by teor. if anybody has +1 or comments it would be great
18:14:16 <gaba> yes
18:14:47 <nickm> gaba: I adeded some, but teor was very thorough
18:14:49 <nickm> *added
18:14:54 <gaba> yes, you are right. sorry
18:14:55 * catalyst +1 everything teor said (also often in general)
18:14:59 <ahf> which document are we in now? the triage document?
18:15:17 <nickm> we're under "announcements', the link "a lot of thoughts in the pad about..."
18:15:22 <gaba> talking about the funding prposal document on line 80 from the meeting pad
18:15:23 <nickm> asking folks to add to that
18:16:14 <nickm> gaba: I don't think our pre-hackweek meeting is really on October 22 :)
18:16:18 <nickm> Maybe January?
18:16:24 <gaba> haha, yes!
18:16:28 <ahf> XD
18:16:38 * gaba likes october
18:16:47 <nickm> If everybody adds more to what Teor and I put there, it will be greater and greater
18:16:52 <nickm> I know you all have ideas :)
18:17:06 <nickm> next is discussion --
18:17:20 <nickm> first is a reminder that it's okay to ask for help on reviews
18:17:40 <nickm> second thing is that we are going to meet Jan 22 at 2100 UTC to discuss pre-hackweek stuff
18:18:08 <nickm> and any work that we can do to come up with sesesion ideas, important work, draft agenda, etc, will be great
18:18:09 * gaba tried to clean a little more the hackweek agenda pad
18:19:04 <nickm> Next thing is that we have 4 TODO snowflake blockers on the roadmap.  One of them (25483) has only one person (ahf) assigned
18:19:19 <nickm> the others (#25601, #29024, #21314) have zero people assigned
18:19:50 <ahf> #25483
18:19:51 <nickm> We're probably not going to get a pile of volunteers on those; gaba and I are thinking that we will need to just recruit or assign people.
18:19:58 <ahf> oh that one
18:20:15 <ahf> yeah that one is not gonna be fun, or maybe it will be
18:20:29 <nickm> People who we might recruit or assign on a Jan timeframe, to at least look at the problem, include: dgoulet, catalyst, nickm, ahf.
18:20:42 <nickm> But if other people have Jan or early Feb availability, please let us know
18:20:54 <gaba> +1 thanks
18:21:08 <ahf> recruit volunteers?
18:21:12 <nickm> we don't expect that these will all happen in Jan, but we're hoping that folks can at least build the code and figure out what parts of it they will need to work on
18:21:31 <gaba> ahf: to assign to those tickets
18:21:43 <nickm> volunteers among staff would be best, since we are currently responsibile for getting this work started
18:21:46 <ahf> ack, i would like to take #21314
18:21:51 <ahf> i think that is down that path i am going anyway
18:22:01 <nickm> okay, I'll take second on that
18:22:02 <ahf> i've spend most of my time last week looking at that repo and feel more and more comfortable with the code
18:22:04 <gaba> this is sponsor work
18:22:06 <nickm> unless somebody else wants to
18:22:38 <nickm> I think teor might be interested in #29024 once they are done with privcount stuff, or ready to take a break
18:22:56 <ahf> i'm also very interested in #25601, been spending some time thinking about that last week
18:23:16 <ahf> and also about having multiple bridge endpoints
18:28:44 <gaba> we lost some people
18:29:03 <mikeperry> I haven't seen any scrollback for a few minutes
18:29:13 <gaba> yes, it seems we lost some people
18:29:17 <gaba> in the netsplit
18:29:19 <mikeperry> I think I was on the other side of the split
18:29:29 <nickm> wheee
18:29:34 <gaba> fuuun
18:29:35 <nickm> asn: how hard is #29040 ?
18:29:42 <nickm> (talking about 040-proposed stuff)
18:29:49 <gaba> oh
18:30:06 <nickm> Also, from above: Next monday is a US holiday (MLK Day).  Shall we do our regular meeting time, but on Tuesday instead?
18:30:18 <nickm> mikeperry: what's the last thing you saw me say on your side?
18:30:27 <gaba> i'm on the same boat as mikeperry
18:30:36 <gaba> we were talking about volunteers for snowflake blockers
18:30:39 <mikeperry> 18:24 <+nickm> I think teor might be interested in #29024 once they are done
18:30:42 <mikeperry> with privcount stuff, or ready to take a break
18:30:47 <mikeperry> 18:24 <+nickm> I think teor might be interested in #29024 once they are done
18:30:50 <mikeperry> with privcount stuff, or ready to take a break
18:31:02 <nickm> okay.  After that I talked about snowflake a little more, then mentioned MLK day.
18:31:19 <nickm> any more q+a on snowflake or changing our meeting date next week?
18:31:22 <gaba> ok
18:31:31 <gaba> +1 on changing meeting
18:31:53 * catalyst would rather move the meeting
18:32:10 <nickm> catalyst: rather move it than have it on monday, or move it to a different time on tuesday?
18:32:22 <nickm> (/me is not cool with having a meeting on MLK day.)
18:32:25 <catalyst> not have it on Monday
18:32:27 <nickm> right
18:32:36 <gaba> yes, we are agreeing
18:32:41 <catalyst> on Tuesday either 18:00Z or patch party time
18:32:49 <nickm> okay.  Hearing no objections, we delay next week's meeting 24 hours. :)
18:33:14 <nickm> onto proposed tickets, using the new process that teor proposed?
18:33:26 <ahf> is it mlk day on monday?
18:33:32 <nickm> yes, 7 days from today
18:33:32 <gaba> yes
18:33:50 <ahf> i was interested in snowflake ticket #25601, but i think i said that right before the split
18:33:50 <nickm> first, for the 040-proposed tickets, I think we should approve the first two listed on the pad, since they are in needs_review and look fairly simple
18:33:58 <ahf> (i ignore join/parts so i don't see splits on irc :-/)
18:33:58 <nickm> ahf: right
18:34:35 <nickm> I think we should defer deciding on #29040 since neither dgoulet nor asn is here. I am okay with whatever they pick
18:35:15 <nickm> everybody okay with those suggestions?
18:35:22 <gaba> ok
18:35:40 <nickm> next is 041-proposed:
18:35:58 <nickm> Again I suggest that we let dgoulet and asn talk about priority for the hsv3 stuff.
18:36:05 <ahf> ye
18:36:12 <nickm> That leaves #29036, #27162, and #29053
18:36:44 <nickm> I suggest that #29053 is a "no" for 0.4.0.
18:37:02 <nickm> but maybe I should talk to teor about it?
18:37:07 <ahf> i haven't been able to reproduce #29036 yet
18:37:22 <ahf> could give it a try this week again to see, it's related to CI/coverage
18:39:03 <gaba> nickm: teor says in that ticket that they do not have time for this in 0.4.1
18:39:06 <nickm> I think that #27162 would be an "accept" for me; rust compatibility will matter more and more for us
18:39:22 <nickm> gaba: right
18:39:26 <nickm> gaba: err, I mean:
18:39:33 <nickm> I suggest that #29053 is a "no" for 0.4.1 too
18:39:40 <gaba> ah, ok
18:39:51 <nickm> Let's triage the CI ones in, and tenatively triage the other out.
18:39:56 <nickm> any objections?
18:40:56 <gaba> good to go
18:41:04 <nickm> this takes us to "needs help with" items and boldface items in our updates!
18:41:34 <nickm> gaba: You want points on some tickets.  Anything in particular?  Maybe you should ask people directly; they might not realize you're talking to them.
18:41:47 <nickm> I tried to add points to most/all of my "closed" tickets in 0.3.5 and 0.4.0 last week
18:42:09 <nickm> asn boldfaced the link to the reviews pad
18:42:14 <gaba> ahf has been adding tickets and I noticed teor too
18:42:41 <gaba> in general it would be good to add a points on the tickets that you are going to work on and then when you close the ticket you add actual points
18:43:01 <gaba> we are using 'actual points' for the points once we close the tickets
18:43:07 <gaba> just to be sure :)
18:43:15 <nickm> also: teor has put up the red flag on their code reviews.  They're out of time and need other people to take them over
18:43:23 <nickm> If anybody can review them, that will rock
18:44:19 <nickm> I had two boldface items, but I turned them into "need help with"
18:44:38 <mikeperry> I keep forgetting the time units for points btw
18:44:46 <nickm> 1 point ~= 1 day
18:44:49 <ahf> 1 is a day, no?
18:44:56 <gaba> yes
18:44:56 <nickm> would anybody like to help me move things _out_ of the 035 and 040 milestones now that 040 is freezing and 035 is stable.
18:45:41 <nickm> if not I'll make up a process and hope I do it sensibly
18:46:00 <nickm> second thing I want help with is advancing modularization things.  I need to reply on mikeperry's thread
18:46:11 <nickm> mikeperry: would you have 10-20 minutes to talk after this meeting about modularization planning?
18:47:03 <mikeperry> hrmm. ok
18:47:44 <nickm> wrt reviews: can somebody please take on #28837 ?  It's the only thing that teor has the review for that I wrote, so it's the only one I can't review myself if worse comes to worst and I need to do it all
18:48:07 <nickm> It's just a matter of replacing some keccak_tiny calls with openssl calls
18:48:29 <gaba> catalyst: do you have any time to take any of those reviews?
18:48:45 * catalyst will look at #28837
18:49:11 <gaba> ok
18:49:38 <nickm> catalyst: ty!
18:49:42 <nickm> Anything else for this week?
18:50:22 <gaba> not from me
18:50:30 * ahf is good
18:50:47 <nickm> okay.  hearing nothing else, I call the meeting complete.  Let's go do more awesomeness!
18:50:50 <nickm> peace all
18:50:51 <nickm> #endmeetingb
18:50:52 <nickm> #endmeeting