13:58:32 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:58:41 <antonela> hello folks, another ux meeting this week!
13:58:58 <antonela> lets add our updates in the pad https://storm.torproject.org/shared/istjcephUw-ZmAEX8sqWMXFZZXO_TUTgTGCi_kiHuN8
13:59:23 <antonela> and also, lets update our roadmap https://storm.torproject.org/shared/EGoz8iGIkFg4xaHQlt_BO4hybZ9fHl3TVJ4umUZfhPD
13:59:43 <antonela> i grouped the items we have in our roadmap per fund/team/topic so we can have it more organized
14:00:27 <pili> hi
14:01:06 <antonela> storm is loading for me
14:01:07 <antonela> hola pili
14:02:49 <antonela> pili, tba work is under s8?
14:02:54 <pili> YUP
14:02:57 <pili> oops
14:03:07 <pili> sorry about the caps :)
14:05:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Will have to miss out this meeting unfortunately
14:05:37 <antonela> pili, gotcha
14:05:49 <antonela> elioqoshi, is fine, could you leave your updates at the pad as usual?
14:06:54 <antonela> pili, related with gsoc, there is some room for frontend devs or ux/ui/product designers?
14:07:13 <pili> not sure but I thought I'd mention it in case
14:07:22 <antonela> i signed my self to an event happening before Fosdem, probably i can find more info about it there
14:07:24 <pili> let me read a bit more about the program and add to the funding list if so
14:07:37 <pili> it's not funding as such but people help
14:07:47 <antonela> oki, that would be great, we have small and medium projects that can be done with some help :)
14:08:00 <pili> cool :)
14:08:39 <antonela> i saw alsmith added notes based on the paper i mentioned, thats great -- im trying to find something related with onion services admins, but i'm not sure if such a thing exists
14:08:46 <antonela> re: otf ^
14:10:12 <pili> yeah, I think that will be harder to find
14:11:19 <antonela> i mentioned that we are more focused on end-users, but that is a good topic for research
14:13:17 <antonela> pili, matt's email about gplay reviews is great, im working on select ux issues and will file tickets for it -- if you can do the same with non-ux tickets could be great
14:13:32 <antonela> just to be sure that we are not missing this kind of feedback
14:14:05 <pili> yup, good point
14:14:20 <antonela> hiro, sarah sent us the list of sponsors, seems like roger updated the current website with this information, so we can grab the content from there
14:14:39 <antonela> (but we should review if the gdoc and the live content are =
14:14:45 <antonela> )
14:15:21 <antonela> pili, i added items to the soi doc for the ux team, mostly related with TB -- is that good? do we need more?
14:15:29 <antonela> someone wants to add something there too? please do it this week
14:16:28 <hiro> yep I can add that today :)
14:16:44 <hiro> but I think you mentioned you just want a table without the card layout?
14:16:57 <antonela> for the past sponsors, yes
14:17:02 <antonela> the current ones will have cards
14:17:08 <antonela> the past ones will be a list
14:17:41 <pili> antonela: good thanks! we have the fundraising meeting tomorrow so I'll be reviewing before then to have some meaningful projects to put forward
14:18:26 <antonela> hiro i commented the pad im using for ui bugs at #24131 just to don't forget it
14:18:37 <antonela> pili, super, let me know if anything else is needed there
14:21:46 <pili> one thing I was thinking about with the DRL SOI is that there's lots of overlap with the S19/anticensorship grant and could be a good opportunity to continue that work
14:22:20 <pili> need to come up with a good narrative that includes UX work
14:22:59 <antonela> we just started with s19, dont we?
14:23:19 <antonela> when is the s19 meeting this week?
14:24:09 <pili> no meeting this week, it doesn't start until next week
14:24:39 <pili> antonela: yeah, the whole s19 thing has been super confusing to me since I first heard about it at the dev meeting :/
14:24:59 <pili> and there's not many months left of it either!
14:25:03 <antonela> :/
14:25:13 <antonela> Next meeting Thursday January 17th 8pm UTC on #tor-meeting at OFTC - from gaba's at tor-dev
14:25:19 <pili> I think by the time I get my head around it will be over :P
14:26:09 <pili> ok, so this thursday
14:26:35 <antonela> seems like there is a meeting this week, i'll be there to see what are next steps on snowflake web extension and what is the scope or the successful scenario when we talk about "improve gettor ux"
14:26:47 <antonela> colio
14:26:50 <antonela> what else?
14:27:21 <hiro> pili does gettor needs to go into the s19?
14:27:34 <antonela> afaik is s19 hiro
14:27:53 <hiro> oook... but it is also snowflake?
14:28:03 <antonela> yes
14:28:14 <hiro> I see I am just trying to understand the timeframe for that
14:28:18 <antonela> me too
14:28:43 <pili> tbh I don't think there are any deadlines as such because the only deliverable is the reports
14:28:55 <hiro> and the reports can be delivered with anything in it?
14:28:58 <emmapeel> gaba asked me about localization for the interface of snowflake but i dont really have any idea :S
14:29:13 <pili> but in the reports we write about what is the current status of anti-censorship tools and what we've been doing
14:29:29 <emmapeel> (except the default: poking the developer eventually)
14:29:55 <hiro> oook
14:30:13 <pili> so it's good if we do something that we can then write about
14:30:46 <pili> also to try to get more money to carry on this work in future
14:31:59 <antonela> mmm
14:32:41 <antonela> ok? ha - i hope we can talk about this questions during the meeting
14:32:41 <hiro> I see
14:32:53 <pili> end date for this grant is end of May 2019 according to granthub
14:33:08 <pili> I was a bit confused about this because I also saw end of March in contract
14:33:21 <hiro> end of March would have been hell
14:33:38 <antonela> i see, but is a grant just for writing reports?
14:36:10 <pili> kind of, the reports are the only deliverables that we have to provide
14:36:37 <antonela> oki - lets see at the meeting
14:36:56 <antonela> emmapeel: how tba translations are doing? are we in a good shape for the next release? #26843
14:38:20 <antonela> and, emmapeel too: tpo.org and tpo.org/about have content freeze, there is anything needed on our side to have it localized like support.tpo?
14:38:33 <antonela> i would like to start adding translations in stagging
14:39:13 <emmapeel> i havent looked at that lately, sorry i cannot tell you knonow
14:39:20 <emmapeel> but i will find out and update you too
14:41:11 <antonela> oki, thanks
14:41:25 <antonela> what else people? am i missing anything? any blocker?
14:41:35 <hiro> I am groot
14:41:37 <emmapeel> what about indonesia :D
14:41:52 <antonela> oh that
14:42:03 <emmapeel> yesterday we talked about that on the community meeting
14:42:11 <emmapeel> about who is going with ggus to indonesia
14:42:50 <antonela> yes, emmapeel basically the person who join guss needs to run some ux related activities. We have the proceses documented and the most important part, we need someone who can document the findings too
14:43:12 <antonela> if you are up to do that work, is great if you join ggus, specially because you have local contacts there
14:43:24 <emmapeel> yeah i havent done this yet but i have beeninterested on ux activites for long
14:43:32 <emmapeel> i have helped sajolida in tails with this stuff too
14:43:33 <emmapeel> and i like ux
14:43:42 <emmapeel> (although i am no expert)
14:44:19 <antonela> i know, i think you can do a great job documenting findings with those communities
14:44:32 <emmapeel> i have been a betatester for long. i am the favorite betatester of a lot of undisclosed recipietns :D
14:44:38 <antonela> so, i think is a great idea
14:45:25 <antonela> lets back to ggus and please, be aware about joining the meetings were we will be organizing it because is nice to be in touch with orgs and people since the start
14:45:29 <antonela> thanks emmapeel!
14:45:42 <emmapeel> if i go, i dont want to do tourism. i hate tourism. i would like to go with a mission on hand, something to do and investigate, opefully creating longer links that help me to get stuff easily translated on the way
14:46:33 <antonela> we dont have too much time to do tourism when we are visiting countries, we have activities all days and is really fun :)
14:46:44 <antonela> ggus will make sure that the agenda is full lol
14:47:27 <emmapeel> also i already got two contacts for the trip :D
14:47:53 <antonela> great -- ggus ^^
14:48:16 <antonela> anything else?
14:48:34 <emmapeel> (yes, we are mailing with gus and them)
14:48:55 <pili> nothing from me
14:49:40 <antonela> oki, let's call it
14:49:44 <antonela> thanks people!
14:49:46 <antonela> #endmeeting