17:58:39 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 22 Jan
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17:58:51 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is the meeting pad
17:59:27 <nickm> who is here today? :)
18:00:06 <catalyst> hi
18:00:13 <nickm> hi! good to see you!
18:00:25 <nickm> this might be a very small meeting today; do we have anybody else?
18:00:45 <gaba> o/
18:01:48 <gaba> not many ppl today indeed
18:01:49 <nickm> hmmmm
18:02:05 <ahf> o/
18:02:10 <nickm> hi ahf!
18:02:16 <ahf> hello hello
18:02:50 <mikeperry> I am here. still updayting pad
18:03:36 <gaba> dgoulet and asn mention in the pad that they can not be at this meeting
18:03:36 <nickm> ok. I guess we can do a quick meeting then; do we have asn and/or dgoulet?
18:03:47 <nickm> I thought dgoulet's note was from last week
18:03:56 <gaba> ahhh, sorry, my bad
18:04:00 <nickm> maybe he's still sick
18:04:07 <nickm> okay, let's dive in
18:04:10 <nickm> first thing is the roadmap
18:04:44 <nickm> I imagine we'll be doing a lot more with that next week, so let's just make sure we all take a look at it and make sure that a) what we're working on is on it, attributed to us, and is in the "currently doing" section
18:04:48 <nickm> sounds okay?
18:05:06 <gaba> sounds good to me
18:05:17 <ahf> yep
18:06:01 <nickm> ok. is anybody _not_ on the roadmap for something they're doing now?  If not, let's figure it out.
18:06:04 <nickm> Ot
18:06:10 <nickm> Otherwise we can move on to reviews?
18:06:43 <nickm> anybody need to move any of their new review stuff around?
18:07:17 * ahf is good
18:07:26 <nickm> (looks like I got a bunch of tickets for once. awesome!)
18:07:37 <nickm> next usual thing to do is rotations
18:07:55 <nickm> looks like teor on triage, asn on CI&coverity
18:08:09 <nickm> neither is here, but if you're reading this in the backlog, please let us know if you need any backup!
18:09:04 <nickm> let's see.
18:09:18 <nickm> I think we can remove the "new way of looking at proposed tickets" item, since we now do it below.
18:09:29 <ahf> asn: i'm going to look at the windows ci issue this week that i didn't get around to do last week
18:10:36 <nickm> No announcements, let's see about discussion
18:11:00 <nickm> First one is about a proposal to change which meeting time we do for the 2300UTC meeting in february
18:11:12 <nickm> I think that's fine with me, but maybe we can finalize that schedule in Brussels?
18:11:18 <nickm> any objections?
18:11:34 <ahf> sounds good to me
18:12:01 <nickm> Next topic is reviews.  Do we need to rebalance reviews more proactively, or what?
18:12:08 <nickm> (gaba, is that your question?)
18:12:19 <gaba> no, that is not my question
18:12:25 <nickm> ok
18:12:30 <gaba> I assume it was teor maybe
18:12:32 <nickm> different person with that color
18:12:35 <nickm> hm
18:13:01 <nickm> anybody have ideas?  Other than "move reviews around more" or "prioritize which reviews are most urgent" I don't have much
18:13:15 <gaba> and I assume is related to how many reviews the team has on the table
18:13:28 <catalyst> sorry what is this question?
18:13:34 <gaba> a big backlog right now
18:13:38 <gaba> line 83
18:13:44 <nickm> "* How can we review all the reviews in our backlog?"
18:14:29 <catalyst> thanks
18:15:48 <nickm> maybe sharing reviews of big branches among 2 people would help?
18:15:50 <nickm> not sure there
18:17:15 <gaba> yes, not sure
18:17:44 <nickm> okay, maybe we table till Brussels if nobody else has ideas or is enthusiastic about any of these
18:18:21 <gaba> ok
18:18:30 <nickm> next discussion item: hackweek agenda meeting is happening, with a meeting scheduled 3 hours after the start of this meeting at 2100 UTC
18:18:33 <gaba> i will add the question to the 'session ideas' in the other pad
18:18:46 <gaba> i think that is not a discussion item but an announcement..
18:18:50 <nickm> ok
18:19:02 <nickm> moved it to announcemnts
18:19:07 <gaba> thanks
18:19:17 <nickm> similarly I think that the release estimation stuff is currently brussels work?
18:19:39 <gaba> yes
18:20:21 <nickm> ok. last discussion item in that list is this one:
18:20:47 <nickm> I need help approving and answering blog comments on the release announcements; they are often stuff that requires other people's knowledge and thoughts
18:21:19 <nickm> If we ar going with the new blog comment policy that was sent around last week, we'll be supposed to be doing this daily for a while after each announcement
18:21:30 <nickm> I have been trying, but have not been doing a good job
18:21:43 <nickm> The alternative here is that we stop enabling comments on our release announcements
18:21:49 <nickm> Anybody thrilled to dive in here?
18:22:36 <ahf> i can try to help but maybe we should set a date for when to end the comments?
18:22:39 <ahf> it was announced friday, no?
18:22:47 <nickm> yeah
18:22:54 <ahf> so if we close comments on friday too?
18:23:03 <nickm> (you have mod privileges on the blog, right? so you can approve comments as well?)
18:23:07 <gaba> +1 to set a day to end comments
18:23:09 <ahf> i had last time i tried
18:23:13 <nickm> great.
18:23:16 <ahf> let me just see, i can never find the login
18:23:26 <ahf> but otherwise i can talk with steph about this, she helped me last time
18:23:27 <nickm> let's shut it down either 7 or 14 days after the announcement?
18:23:28 <ahf> or hiro
18:23:42 <ahf> i think 7 days might be best in this case given that most of us starts traveling in the weekend?
18:23:48 <nickm> sounds fine to me
18:23:49 <ahf> and i hope we wont be so much online next week 8)
18:23:50 <nickm> thanks ahf!
18:24:00 <ahf> cool, np, hope i can help. i will go over what is there tonight
18:24:04 <nickm> ty!
18:24:26 <nickm> at brussels we should talk about how to divide this responsibility in the future
18:24:51 <ahf> ... and maybe bring back the experiment we had with letting different people do the releases too? :-)
18:25:05 <nickm> that would be nice
18:25:23 <nickm> next is proposed tickets!
18:26:11 <nickm> We have a few 035 and a few 040, and... 79 tickets labeled as 041-proposed.
18:26:17 <nickm> I don't know what to do about that last one
18:26:54 <nickm> and I'm not sure we have the right people to talk about the 035 or 040 stuff either :/
18:27:18 <mikeperry> I tagged all of the wtf-pad tickets with 041-proposed, but without help it only makes sense for the one with Priority High or aove to go in
18:27:48 <nickm> maybe we should do 041-proposed stuff in brussels, and revisit this procedure?
18:28:05 <gaba> ok
18:28:20 <nickm> for the 3 035 items: one is merged, so that's easy
18:28:32 <nickm> one is a comment thing that will take me an hour to do (#28248)
18:28:38 <nickm> at most
18:28:38 <nickm> t
18:29:02 <nickm> the last (#29134) is a question for dgoulet and asn I think?
18:29:08 <nickm> for 040:
18:29:26 <nickm> #29040 is also hsv3
18:30:21 <nickm> #28363 is  a thing that has been requested to prevent possible bad outcomes from dormant mode.
18:32:05 <nickm> actually I think maybe that one shouldn't be propsed, since we have one of the options there
18:32:06 <ahf> hm, yeah
18:32:56 <nickm> so let's table the hsv3 ones and accept #28248?
18:35:01 <nickm> ok, hearing no objections, let's say that's done. :)
18:35:07 <nickm> any other topics for today?
18:35:24 <nickm> if not, I'll see (many of) you in about 2.5 hours!
18:35:32 <nickm> (for the hackweek prep meeting)
18:35:54 <gaba> yes, it seens done
18:36:21 <ahf> cool!
18:36:27 <nickm> ok.  ttyl then; peace all!
18:36:35 <ahf> o/
18:36:38 <nickm> #endmeeting