18:58:57 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 01/23
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18:59:02 <pospeselr> hi hi
18:59:15 <antonela> hello
18:59:25 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/nx63OSo2u5VixagL_mY33g7LR2QgMOGgm820bXSAXjl
18:59:38 <pili> please feel free to add any discussion topics to the list
18:59:53 <pili> I don't think we're going to have any requests for this upcoming release
19:00:10 <pili> since we don't have any special guests that I know of :D (or at least none that I invited directly)
19:00:41 <antonela> haha there is not special guest i think
19:01:40 <pili> ok, let's get started :)
19:01:51 <pili> I have started putting down some tickets that will be included in the release
19:02:03 <pili> any other noteworthy ones that anyone wants to highlight? :)
19:02:29 <pili> I'm looking at this list btw: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?keywords=~TorBrowserTeam201901R
19:02:48 <GeKo> we won't be able to ship #28329
19:02:56 <GeKo> nor the circuit display on android, alas
19:03:02 <GeKo> #28803 neither
19:03:02 <pili> ok, let me cross those out :)
19:03:28 <GeKo> and #27503 is only partially fixed in the sense that we test a way to work around this issue
19:03:44 <pili> I'm guessing this will be for 8.0.5 also?
19:03:49 <pili> 27503
19:03:54 <GeKo> no
19:03:59 <pili> oh ok
19:04:09 <pili> I'll move it back where it was then :D
19:04:10 <GeKo> as we might hit bugs we want to fix first
19:05:19 <GeKo> oh and we have #29035 for both stable and alpha which was much more work than it looks like
19:05:34 <pili> :)
19:05:57 <pili> any bug fixes we want to highlight?
19:08:23 <GeKo> for stable i think no
19:08:24 <pili> will we try to have another release in February to try to get #28329 and #28803 as well as the circuit display?
19:08:38 <GeKo> yes, that's my plan at least
19:08:51 <pili> ok, great :)
19:08:57 <pili> fingers crossed
19:10:37 <antonela> are nightlies working?
19:12:18 <pospeselr> iirc nightlies are broken atm due to obfs4 build issues?
19:12:43 <GeKo> yes, alas
19:13:22 <GeKo> i hope we get to fix that tomorrow but there is other stuff that came up
19:13:25 <antonela> ohh reading that ticket just now, thanks
19:13:31 <GeKo> and seems to come up :/
19:13:36 <GeKo> so we'll see
19:13:47 <GeKo> but it's pretty high prio to get this running again
19:14:12 <antonela> oki, thanks
19:16:42 <pili> ok, anything else release related that anyone would like to discuss? :)
19:17:37 <pili> if not we'll have a short meeting today :)
19:18:24 <pili> ok, I'm going to call it then... :)
19:18:34 <pili> good luck on the final push to get the next release out!
19:18:37 <pili> thanks everyone
19:18:42 <pili> #endmeeting