15:58:07 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:59:39 <karsten> anything else for the agenda?
15:59:48 <irl1> i added one topic, nothing else from me
16:00:08 * gaba loading the pad
16:00:15 <karsten> nothing else from me, either.
16:00:43 <gaba> not from me
16:00:53 <karsten> okay!
16:00:58 <karsten> * Agenda for hack half week (gaba)
16:01:17 <karsten> looks like we have quite a few topics on that agenda by now.
16:01:36 <gaba> yes
16:01:37 <karsten> I wonder, what's the goal of talking about that agenda today?
16:01:47 <karsten> make sure everyone can prepare, if they want?
16:01:52 <gaba> 2 topics that the network team want to discuss with you is privctount and metrics
16:02:12 <gaba> yes, be sure we are not forgetting anything. we mentioned last week we were going to do that today
16:02:15 <gaba> we don't have to :)
16:02:19 <gaba> if we are ready
16:02:20 <karsten> ah, no.
16:02:27 <gaba> oh wow, there are a lot more topics
16:02:28 <karsten> I didn't mean that we shouldn't talk about it.
16:02:41 <karsten> I'm just thinking what we're trying to do today.
16:02:53 <karsten> like, schedule topics for the days might be difficult.
16:03:03 <karsten> or rather, easier when we meet in person next week.
16:03:32 <gaba> ahh, ok
16:03:41 <gaba> yes, it is easier on person
16:04:08 <irl1> i think we definitely have a lot of topics to fill the time with
16:04:11 <karsten> I think knowing a bit more about ckan beforehand might help me prepare.
16:04:19 <gaba> two things that need to happen is a last review on the 31st of the nlnet proposal with linus
16:04:31 <gaba> and the other thing is the conversations with network team
16:04:39 <karsten> it might be good to add a sentence or two what we're hoping to achieve when talking about that topic next week.
16:05:02 <karsten> yes, agreed, those are important topics.
16:05:18 <karsten> I also added the proposal to today's pad.
16:06:34 <irl1> regarding the gsoc topic, i'm not sure that is something we would have time for
16:07:06 <karsten> I was thinking about that, too.
16:07:08 <irl1> we might have discussed that before when we thought we would be 3, but we are only 2
16:07:49 <karsten> right. so, I was undecided when pili asked whether we can do something.
16:08:05 <karsten> I first wrote we can't, because time. but then I thought that we'll always find an excuse not to do it.
16:08:22 <karsten> also, there are two parts: write down possible ideas and actually mentoring a student.
16:08:33 <karsten> of course, if we know for sure we can't do the second part, we don't have to do the first part.
16:08:38 <gaba> should we sort out topics in that pad about priority on what needs to be talked about or you are all ok just doing it in brussels?
16:08:53 <karsten> right, gaba.
16:09:06 <karsten> let's talk about gsoc in brussels.
16:09:12 <irl1> ok
16:09:14 <karsten> I think the deadline is early feb, too.
16:09:18 <gaba> sorry for interupting. yes, not sure about gsoc and how much time it could take.
16:09:20 <karsten> irl1: do you read emails?
16:09:27 <irl1> not this week
16:09:31 <irl1> or next week
16:09:39 <karsten> hmmmm
16:09:48 <irl1> is there something urgent?
16:09:53 <karsten> maybe.
16:10:02 <karsten> I'll ping you after the meeting.
16:10:04 <irl1> ok
16:10:05 <karsten> with links to pads etc.
16:10:08 <gaba> irl1: i need to talk with you about relay operators meetup during fosdem after the meeting. there is a mail that you are include it about it.
16:10:23 <irl1> right ok
16:10:59 <karsten> so, should we leave the list for brussel there and prioritize in brussels?
16:11:12 <irl1> sounds good
16:11:15 <gaba> sounds good
16:11:19 <karsten> okay, cool!
16:11:26 <karsten> it's a good list. so much to talk about.
16:11:47 <karsten> * Funding proposal (karsten)
16:12:02 <karsten> irl1: I'll send you a link after the meeting.
16:12:21 <karsten> * GSoC ideas (karsten)
16:12:29 <karsten> we'll talk about that in brussels then.
16:12:35 <karsten> * #29166 review (karsten)
16:12:51 <karsten> irl1: do you have time for a review today or tomorrow?
16:13:11 <irl1> yes i would have time tomorrow, it is 18:14 local time here now
16:13:17 <karsten> heh
16:13:43 <karsten> okay, cool. I'll revise the patch some more today.
16:13:53 <irl1> cool
16:13:55 <karsten> if you could take a look tomorrow, that would be awesome!
16:14:11 <karsten> * Sponsor 13 tech report general outline check (irl)
16:14:36 <irl1> the first section i am splitting in to two parts and i wanted to check it fits with what we said we would do
16:15:06 <irl1> there is a high-level "how the data flows through conceptually" section and then a second section that looks at the codebases
16:15:19 <irl1> in the codebases i'm also looking at the dependencies we are using
16:15:32 <karsten> do you have a draft?
16:16:04 <irl1> i've not got the text in any sensible order yet but can send a draft tomorrow
16:16:36 <karsten> from reading those three sentences above, it does make sense, yes.
16:16:42 <irl1> excellent
16:16:53 <karsten> but reading the draft might help me comparing it to what we said in the proposal.
16:17:06 <karsten> where we said the same thing in three different ways, just slightly different.
16:17:30 <karsten> so yes, if you send me a draft, I'll give you feedback.
16:17:36 <karsten> just how do we communicate?
16:17:44 <irl1> ok
16:17:53 <karsten> leave links in private messages and meet some time in the afternoon?
16:18:05 <irl1> i can email you from the alternate email address for that
16:18:13 <karsten> ah, great.
16:18:13 <irl1> my irc will disconnect when i close the laptop lid
16:18:20 <karsten> ok.
16:18:38 <karsten> cool. sounds like we have a plan.
16:18:57 <irl1> and we are out of topics too
16:19:10 <karsten> I think so. unless there's anything else?
16:19:20 <gaba> nothing from me
16:19:30 <karsten> great!
16:19:40 <karsten> see you next week in brussels! :)
16:19:45 <gaba> o/
16:19:46 <irl1> (:
16:19:58 <karsten> o/
16:20:01 <karsten> #endmeeting