20:04:28 <ahf> #startmeeting anti-censorship checkin 2019/01/24
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20:04:32 <ahf> okay, let's begin
20:04:43 <dcf1> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
20:04:46 <ahf> last time we did check-ins for what we had been up to the last week or so
20:05:31 * GeKo is somewhat here
20:06:19 <ahf> thanks dcf1
20:07:19 <ahf> okay, let's start by updating pads i guess
20:08:01 <antonela> o/
20:09:03 <dcf1> As for me, I've been woring on adding uTLS to meek-client. It's an alternative way of doing TLS fignerprint camouflage.
20:09:38 <nickm> weasel: some of the windows jenkins builders are failing because they are looking for an artifact called "test-child.exe".  But the test-child helper no longer exists in 0.4.0.
20:09:39 <dcf1> This week, Yawning found a better way to do the integration than what I had been planning, so I changed to doing it that way (already implemented in meek_lite within obfs4proxy).
20:09:52 <nickm> whoops, wrong channel, sorry
20:10:32 <dcf1> I have a patch for that now that I'm pretty happy with. But: it will need some additional changes to restore proxy support, because with uTLS we can't use the built-in Go proxy support.
20:10:36 <ahf> nickm: i'm on that one too
20:10:48 <nickm> that bug?
20:11:16 <ahf> nickm: yes, it's related to the new test-process.exe that isn't working on the other windows builders too
20:11:22 <ahf> nickm: weasel gave me access to jenkins to fix this
20:11:30 <dcf1> I merged a tiny UX fix to the Snowflake proxy page. My feeling is that a larger redesign is waiting on developer time and resources.
20:11:35 <nickm> ahf: ok
20:12:06 <dcf1> antonela has good mockups but I don't know when I'll be able to get to them.
20:12:11 <dcf1> That's all from me.
20:12:43 <ahf> dcf1: i hope we'll have some more information about that after our meeting next in brussels where we'll do a lot of roadmapping for the anti-censorship team too
20:12:51 <gaba> hey!
20:13:04 <gaba> mmm, just a second, I though it was in an hour
20:13:06 <ahf> and also to try to figure out who can allocate time to do the web stuff (including this and the extension i think)
20:13:17 <gaba> sorry!!! I was doing some roadmap work with nickm
20:13:19 <ahf> gaba: did we move it an hour last week? last week was at 21
20:13:26 <ahf> err, 21 danish time :-)
20:14:20 <gaba> yes, you are right, I'm so sorry!
20:14:31 <ahf> no worries!
20:14:32 <ahf> we have begun
20:14:36 <ahf> dcf1 did a check-in
20:14:40 <ahf> and there is a link to our pad in the top
20:15:43 <gaba> yes, I'm updating it
20:15:45 <ahf> this week haven't been the most useful from me: i got some stomach thing thursday and was down until tuesday, been catching up with what i missed friday and monday: writing to kat with some info on snowflake roadmap things, began doing some slides for snowflake presentation for our brussels meeting
20:16:15 <gaba> yes, thanks for that email, it is quite helpful!
20:16:18 <ahf> been trying to get my bridges moved over to one machine and get marionette running after pili mentioned that i forgot it
20:16:36 <ahf> next week i probably wont be around for check-in because we are in brussels
20:16:37 <ahf> that is it
20:17:08 <antonela> i didn't touch s19 tickets this week --  _hc hello!, could you tell us more at #28015 about that bridge:// flow?
20:18:26 <gaba> I have also being doing other things. Next week we will have s19 better defined insie the network team roadmap.
20:19:23 <nickm> One thing we're going to have to in the progress of doing that is to prioritize, heavily.
20:20:39 <gaba> do anybody have anything specific to discuss today?
20:20:41 <ahf> what do we do to make sure that what we right now do in the near future for snowflake is not stepping on anything other people are doing with snowflake right now?
20:20:45 <_hc> antonela: I've been looking into applying a HTTP URL system we developed for Zom/Chatsecure to appied it to bridges, if that's what you mean
20:20:57 <_hc> the hard part is that most places, it needs to be an http(s):// URL in order to become clickable
20:21:09 <_hc> and a couple of places, a bridge:// will work much better
20:21:11 <gaba> ahf: what do you mean?
20:21:46 <_hc> gaba: I have some updates I can post, but nothing specific to discuss
20:21:54 <antonela> _hc yep, i see, thanks!
20:22:17 <ahf> gaba: the network team is going to be doing snowflake stuff (together with the anti-censorship team), but for example dcf1 is also doing snowflake stuff, so it makes sense for us to in "bigger terms" make sure that our two roadmaps are somewhat working together?
20:22:29 <ahf> (i think? maybe this isn't a concern?)
20:22:35 <_hc> antonela: I'll be working more on the URL topic in Feb
20:23:10 <gaba> yes ahf, dcf1 : this meeting is one of the spaces to coordinate
20:23:13 <dcf1> ahf: I am also trying to be conscious of not having overlapping/conflicting Snowflake tasks.
20:23:45 <gaba> dcf1: I assume you are working on https://share.riseup.net/#sU0_Jv7OXz8dDK5DHqDVAw
20:23:47 <antonela> _hc great, will ping you again in Feb :)
20:23:49 <ahf> dcf1: would it make sense for us maybe next week to have a phone call or something with you where we talk a bit about what kind of things we have found out during our meeting?
20:23:53 <gaba> that is your roadmap/plan, right?
20:24:31 <ahf> i just want to avoid the situation where one of us breaks something for you or you break something for us or some third-party person might end up breaking something for one of us and one part thinks it is a good idea and so on :-)
20:24:38 <dcf1> gaba: not entirely, but what I'm planning to work on in the next 12 months is proabbly a subset of that.
20:26:26 <dcf1> But know that I'm trying *not* to retain control over the project or its direction, it will be better with more devs from Tor.
20:27:04 <gaba> ok
20:27:15 <dcf1> In particular I'll defer to whatever decisions the new anti-censorship lead makes.
20:27:31 <gaba> let's keep coordinating here and in our next meeting go through what we have in the roadmap for network team to see where collaborations/dependencies are
20:27:49 <ahf> dcf1: okay, that is good to know
20:27:56 <ahf> that is sort of also the plan i have to do when that person begins
20:29:11 <gaba> ok, anything else? sorry again for being late.
20:29:14 <_hc> I'm not sure if there is a protocol for the next update, I have mine ready for when there is a pause
20:29:32 <gaba> It may be good to skip next week as many of us are going to be in Brussels. We can resume in 2 weeks. ok?
20:29:49 <gaba> oh, _hc: we are adding updates at the end of https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-censorship-2019-keep
20:29:50 <ahf> i think that is a good idea
20:30:45 <gaba> dcf: are you assigned to the tickets you are working on?
20:32:14 <dcf1> gaba: I don't know if "assigned" is a trac field, but all the Obfuscation/Snowflake tickets go to me and arlolra by default.
20:32:39 <gaba> #25722 for example
20:32:48 <gaba> in your update you said that you were working on it
20:32:55 <dcf1> Do you need me to set the "owner" field or something, does that help you?
20:33:05 <gaba> that would be really helpful
20:33:08 <dcf1> ok
20:33:13 <gaba> when you start working on one ticket
20:33:15 <gaba> thanks!
20:35:07 <gaba> _hc: is the stuff you are working on in any ticket somewhere?
20:36:09 <ahf> _hc: how's it going with the project with encrypted sni?
20:38:30 <ahf> if nobody else have any updates i'm gonna close the meeting in a second. no meeting next week, so next meeting will be in two weeks
20:38:46 <gaba> yes, I can send a reminder.
20:39:44 <_hc> gaba: #15035
20:39:55 <gaba> thanks
20:40:24 <_hc> ahf: OTF accepted our concept note, so we'll submit a proposal.  right now, we are only exploring the possibilities.  Things are looking promising
20:40:32 <_hc> with a little bit of money
20:40:42 <_hc> from a current grant
20:45:39 <ahf> cool!
20:45:43 <ahf> i'm gonna close the meeting
20:45:45 <ahf> #stopmeeting
20:45:49 <ahf> #endmeeting