15:58:21 <ggus> #startmeeting community team meeting 2019/01/28
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15:58:24 <ggus> hey!
15:58:34 <Samdney> hey!
15:58:39 <ggus> let's update our roadmap: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:00:45 <ggus> and because this is the last meeting of january, please move tasks that we didn't finish this month to february.
16:01:34 <pili> Hi
16:01:51 <pili> Afk atm, home in 10-15
16:01:54 <emmapeel> o/
16:05:24 <ggus> ok, who wants to start with updates?
16:05:47 <wayward> I can start!
16:06:06 <ggus> please :)
16:06:35 <wayward> so, this week I updated the tb-manual a bit - the circumvention & transports pages
16:06:48 <emmapeel> yeah, nice work!
16:06:56 <wayward> I added some other changes I'd like to make to the tb-manual doc as well
16:07:22 <wayward> on top of that, the VPN doc is practically ready for a look-over, so I'll send that to people for review either today or tomorrow :)
16:07:33 <ggus> yay! :))
16:07:38 <wayward> that's it for me!
16:07:52 <emmapeel> wayward: how are you going to do the review process? is it a  page on the support portal?
16:07:52 <ggus> great! please send to me too
16:08:04 <Phoul> wayward: I'm still happy to review the VPN doc :)
16:08:09 <emmapeel> yeah, also maybe stephw should review it
16:08:27 <stephw> yes please
16:08:51 <wayward> thanks all! I'll send it in an email first, unless people would prefer another format
16:09:15 <ggus> wayward: it's a pdf, .odt, .txt?
16:09:22 <wayward> right now it's a .txt
16:09:27 <emmapeel> i recommend a  pad (preferably not in gdocs)
16:09:37 <wayward> ah good call, I'll do that emmapeel :)
16:09:38 <ggus> ^yeah, riseup pad :)
16:09:48 <ggus> or storm.tpo
16:09:50 <emmapeel> or maybe it would be good if you can do a markdown file somehow because it will go on the support portal, right?
16:09:59 <wayward> ok, I can do that for sure!
16:10:23 <ggus> emmapeel: i think it should go to support portal
16:10:25 <emmapeel> just copy another page and change it heh
16:11:21 <ggus> ok, who's next?
16:11:41 <Phoul> I can go
16:11:55 <ggus> porfavor :)
16:12:17 <Phoul> The FOSDEM relay operator meetup has officially been announced (https://blog.torproject.org/events/fosdem-brussels) and advertising has started on Twitter / other places. I've also been reaching out to operators directly that may be attending, and tor-relays has been emailed.
16:13:02 <Phoul> I've decided to resume the IRC Operator meetups as a monthly event, until we have volunteers willing to help run them more often. This email will be going out today, and the first meetup announced will be next week on Wednesday.
16:13:22 <ggus> great! from community team, who is going to FOSDEM?
16:13:41 <Phoul> There has been no movement from OVH on the suspicious relays, so I am going to recommend the list of relays to bad-relays and see what they say about them.
16:14:11 <Phoul> I dont believe anyone from the community team is attending, unless you're not on this list: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Brussels
16:14:29 <Phoul> However we have members of the network team, admin team and Roger all willing to attend the meetup
16:14:36 <Phoul> sysadmin team*
16:14:59 <ggus> ok!
16:15:12 <emmapeel> i am going there with Tails and will stay working with tactical tech and freedom of the press foundation some days, afterwards
16:15:38 <Phoul> I've also been planning a cryptoparty / relay operator meetup locally in Winnipeg. It will be held at the college that is interested in adding running a Tor relay to their Linux sysadmin class.
16:15:47 <Phoul> So this will be a good opportunity to talk with the students and profs.
16:16:07 <ggus> cool! :) do you know when?
16:16:08 <Phoul> This will happen end of Feb, or early March. Still discussing with the student group that is bringing me in.
16:17:08 <Phoul> And finally, I've written up a roadmap of sorts for me as relay advocate. This is currently a task list, and I will split it into months on the communtiy roadmap ASAP: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/kbPEFi5srpOqvL_k5hsa-2HGyDH-Q9xwjkT6h_uv_s4
16:17:23 <Phoul> However if anyone has things they would like to see added to this, please do not hesitate to contact me.
16:18:27 <ggus> Phoul: anything else? :)
16:18:39 <Phoul> Thats all :)
16:18:44 <ggus> great!
16:18:51 <ggus> who wants to be next?
16:19:06 <pili> nice one Phoul :)
16:19:16 <pili> (I'm at my keyboard now)
16:19:17 <emmapeel> i can go
16:19:27 <pili> and wayward with the VPN doc and manual updates
16:19:53 <ggus> emmapeel: go :)
16:20:32 <emmapeel> i have been working on the localization of tpo and now the outreach materials. i will be a bit awol next week, as on Friday I travel to bruseels for one week and will do what i said before.
16:20:52 <emmapeel> i am preparing the tor AMA for Feb 5th tho, with Erin
16:21:17 <wayward> where will the AMA be happening? in /r/TOR?
16:21:22 <emmapeel> I am trying to get rid of the translations of 'Tor Browser' for different languages and make sure there is consistency
16:21:34 <ggus> emmapeel: i think we need to start annoucing the AMA asap.
16:21:44 <emmapeel> no, the AMA will be in the IFF mattermost
16:21:52 <wayward> ah ok cool!
16:22:04 <emmapeel> https://community.internetfreedomfestival.org/community/channels/localization-lab-chat
16:23:07 <emmapeel> and i keep planning my glossary sessions on the IFF and on the Localization Summit that is one day before the IFF also on Valencia
16:23:40 <emmapeel> and the one about our work with tactical tech and freedom of the press foundation
16:24:18 <ggus> cool! we should start organizing our activities in IFF and make a blog post
16:24:34 <emmapeel> and ill try to review and merge pull requests for support and tb-manual
16:24:36 <emmapeel> thats it!
16:24:51 <ggus> i'll add this task to february
16:25:43 <ggus> cool!
16:25:50 <ggus> who wants to be next?
16:25:54 <cy63113> I have a little update
16:26:01 <ggus> sure, go ahead amiga!
16:26:41 <cy63113> I'm going to attend at Campus Party, a huge 4 days tech event here in Brazil
16:27:03 <cy63113> I have 2 Tor activities confirmed
16:27:21 <cy63113> https://brasil.campus-party.org/
16:27:47 <ggus> cy63113: send your activities urls and we publish it in our calendar
16:28:03 <cy63113> i still don´t have the url
16:28:12 <cy63113> i mean, of my activities
16:28:35 <cy63113> that's it :)
16:28:52 <ggus> and when campus party is happening?
16:29:12 <cy63113> ooo i forgot to say
16:29:25 <cy63113> from feb 13-17
16:29:35 <cy63113> in Sao Paulo
16:29:47 <ggus> cool! let's add this in our roadmap, so we don't forget
16:30:04 <cy63113> cool!
16:30:33 <ggus> great! anything else?
16:30:42 <cy63113> that's it
16:30:54 <ggus> ok, who wants to be next?
16:31:22 <ggus> kat5: do you have updates?
16:32:12 <ggus> well, i'll start my updates
16:32:52 <ggus> tomorrow we have global south online meeting at #tor-south, 1600 UTC.
16:33:24 <ggus> you can find more about this here: https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/global-south/2019-January/000211.html
16:34:18 <ggus> last week, we reviewed some of the pull requests made by traumschule to our main portal.
16:34:41 <ggus> emmapeel: did you fixed those commits?
16:34:50 <ggus> or hiro
16:36:16 <ggus> last week worked with our partners in india, confirming the activities and also in indonesia. i'll continue to work on this this week
16:36:56 <ggus> and i also worked on ideas for 2019 community team needs: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/3PgGNGIr8Sc9wXkYOnnn98J1Smdx-zHRV5rnCGFULWN
16:37:09 <ggus> please give your feedback :)
16:38:07 <pili> great, thanks ggus !
16:38:13 <pili> yes, it's very important to keep adding ideas to that pad
16:38:29 <pili> as it will help us to match them to funding opportunities that come up throughout the year
16:39:10 <pili> we're likely going to submit a proposal to DRL for the Community Team under the "Digital Safety" funding theme
16:39:42 <pili> so any ideas around that are very welcome
16:40:10 <pili> here's the link for reference: https://www.state.gov/j/drl/p/284025.htm
16:40:44 <ggus> cool!
16:41:17 <ggus> and one more thing, last week i went to Rio and gave a workshop about Tor to a collective in complexo de alemão.
16:41:52 <ggus> i think that's all :)
16:42:33 <ggus> anything else?
16:43:44 <ggus> pili: we need to book our hotels in kochi/pune/mumbai, for pune and mumbai we should confirm with kushal.
16:44:04 <ggus> emmapeel: we need to book our internal flights in indonesia.
16:44:18 <pili> yup
16:44:30 <pili> how do you want to do it? just something close to the venue?
16:44:40 <pili> when do you arrive in Kochi? :)
16:44:50 <ggus> oh! let me see
16:45:16 <emmapeel> ey there sorry
16:45:58 <ggus> emmapeel: could you get some swags in brussels so we have them to indonesia? i don't have too many stickers
16:46:22 <emmapeel> i will try. i have no luggage shipped, only the backpack
16:46:26 <hiro> shall I merge a few thinks t our main portal?
16:46:28 <emmapeel> stickers are ok tho
16:46:32 <hiro> s/thinks/things
16:46:34 <ggus> pili: 7AM, FEB 17th
16:47:03 <emmapeel> hiro: the braqnches i merged to staging have deleted some updates... i am not sure about that
16:47:08 <ggus> emmapeel: focus on stickers, i have a lot of tshirts here with me
16:47:18 <emmapeel> ok then, i will get stickers
16:47:36 <hiro> I see ok I'll check those updates from traumschule
16:48:07 <pili> ggus: cool, I'm supposed to land about 1h after
16:50:15 <ggus> pili: maybe i can wait you in the airport, let's see how far the hotel is...
16:50:35 <pili> +1 no pressure to though :) I guess it also depends if it lands on time
16:52:14 <ggus> ok! i think that's it
16:53:17 <ggus> anything else? or should i stop the bot?
16:53:42 <pili> nothing from me
16:54:22 <emmapeel> im good
16:55:28 <ggus> #endmeeting