13:59:42 <pili> #startmeeting ux 01/29
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14:00:34 <pili> ok, so we're doing the roadmap here now: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/yAQtF0ZSnpzHL2lzj2aMg6cTZV-R0nA8NMFkNwt7iDI
14:00:56 <pili> feel free to add any new items, comment on items, move them around or add yourself to them :)
14:01:25 <pili> otherwise, if it feels too intimidating for now, let me know and I'll do it for you
14:01:32 <pili> all right, who else is here today? :)
14:02:22 <pili> emmapeel: hiro ?
14:02:34 <dunqan> pili: Question! Should I be adding things for team discussion into the kanban before updating the canonical ticket in trac?
14:02:39 <pili> elioqoshi?
14:02:47 <dunqan> (sorry if that's been made clear before)
14:03:16 <pili> good question!
14:03:17 <pili> which trac ticket are you thinking about? :)
14:03:31 <pili> actually, the trac ticket should be updated first
14:03:41 <pili> I tend to see those notifications and update the kanban myself anyway
14:03:48 <dunqan> #28329 (which there's a task for in the kanban assigned to me too)
14:04:05 <dunqan> ah right gotcha
14:04:14 <pili> yes... I hope it was ok to "assign" you :)
14:04:21 <dunqan> so we're using the kanban for a more graphical overview?
14:04:25 <dunqan> yes totally right, thanks!
14:04:31 <pili> I was more tagging people who are involved with a task
14:04:47 <pili> yes, so the kanban replaces the roadmap, but we're still using trac for issues
14:05:01 <dunqan> gotcha, I'll just update trac like usual then :)
14:05:16 <pili> and I'm currently manually adding trac tickets that are relevant for the UX team into this kanban
14:05:23 <pili> but... there is also a kanban for the Tor Browser team :D
14:05:28 <pili> where that ticket lives also
14:05:37 <pili> I'm hoping it's not going to get too confusing...
14:05:56 <pili> anyway, I hope I answered your question
14:06:06 <dunqan> Yep, thanks. The kanban helps a lot imo :)
14:06:29 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hi folks!
14:06:34 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Here now
14:07:36 <emmapeel> ey sorry
14:07:48 <dunqan> hey both!
14:07:56 <pili> hi everyone :)
14:08:06 <hiro> hi!!!
14:08:35 <pili> we're just going through kanban related queries, so it's a good time to clear up any doubts you may have about using this going forward :)
14:08:47 <pili> and then we can move on to talk about updates if that's ok with everyone
14:08:57 <dunqan> is antonela away today?
14:09:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> She said she would be yeah
14:09:07 <hiro> I have a question... why have we decided to do storm and not github?
14:09:12 <hiro> I mean so that it could be in the open
14:09:32 <dunqan> gotcha, thanks elioqoshi
14:09:48 <pili> hiro: think of it as an intermediate step while we play around with the workflow :)
14:10:01 <hiro> okis
14:10:12 <pili> also, to me, it feels weird to use github for project management only instead of project management and issue tracking
14:10:28 <pili> and moving to github seems like a larger, more opinionated move :)
14:10:45 <hiro> okis
14:10:54 <emmapeel> pili: sorry if this was explained already, but what is the icebox?
14:11:03 <hiro> the thing about the roadmap is that it was open on trac, while storm things arent
14:11:13 <emmapeel> antonela just went off to board a plane
14:11:16 <pili> also, it's in the open inasmuch as the meeting minutes are public and so is the link :)
14:11:36 <pili> emmapeel: good question, the icebox are things that we want to do eventually but we're just not getting around to
14:11:49 <pili> e.g if something has been in the backlog too long and it's just not getting done
14:11:57 <pili> we could remove it and just put everything into backlog though
14:12:10 <pili> I'm open to suggestions/whatever will work best for the team
14:12:22 <emmapeel> regarding hiro's question, i like to have our roadmap on our services, instead of depending on external services like github, which is also owned by micro$oft
14:13:12 <dunqan> so icebox is a pre-backlog backog ^_^
14:13:19 <dunqan> more a list of nice-to-haves than immediate concerns?
14:13:30 <pili> dunqan: yes, pretty much :)
14:13:53 <pili> I put things in there a bit arbitrarily atm
14:14:03 <pili> also things that we wanted to get done but we don't have funding for
14:14:18 <dunqan> yeah makes sense, keeps the backlog more focussed
14:15:02 <pili> but everyone should feel free to assign themselves any items from the backlog or icebox and move them around
14:15:31 <pili> I could also move the icebox column before the backlog... not sure, still playing around
14:15:59 <emmapeel> i see
14:16:23 <pili> in fact, I just did that :)
14:16:40 <pili> ok, any other questions? has everyone updated the kanban?
14:17:01 <hiro> i am groot
14:17:17 <emmapeel> i did the other day and unfortunately i cannot update my other tasks heh
14:17:46 <dunqan> other places I've worked on used the labels "backlog" (instead of icebox) and "to do" (for what we're calling the backlog), but either works fine!
14:18:14 <pili> dunqan: aha! we can definitely play around with the terminology if it makes more sense for people
14:18:32 <pili> ok, shall we go round and share updates? who wants to go first? :)
14:18:37 <emmapeel> todo makes more sense for me
14:18:43 <emmapeel> but maybe that is because my english sucks
14:19:06 <emmapeel> i can go
14:19:26 <emmapeel> i worked on the l10n for tpo and the new outreach materials
14:19:57 <emmapeel> i cleaned the spanish translations replacing 'navegador tor' with 'tor browser'
14:20:26 <emmapeel> and i've been preparing a Tor AMA for the translators, it will happen on Feb 5th at 12 UTC in mattermost
14:20:35 <emmapeel> you are all invited!
14:20:59 <pili> great! how much is left to be done for tpo now?
14:21:34 <pili> emmapeel: antonela also wanted to know if the markup for the outreach material content was ok
14:21:48 <emmapeel> the markup was OK, i did some little changes tho
14:22:03 <emmapeel> and i want to discuss this term with antonela: cyberfemale. i think we should not use it
14:22:15 <pili> hehe, I saw the discussion on #tor-www :)
14:22:17 <emmapeel> i mean it does not mean anything. but we said to talk about that in person
14:22:29 <emmapeel> yes, that
14:22:29 <pili> sure
14:22:39 <hiro> does that come from cybermujer ?
14:22:49 <emmapeel> i love the texts anyway
14:22:49 <hiro> I think some of the mex peeps were using it or something?
14:23:10 <emmapeel> cyberfeminism is ok , but cyberfemale... what does that mean? is like on the movie Her
14:23:43 <emmapeel> but i dont think is cool to discuss this now, because antonela has some reasons and she is not here heh
14:24:46 <emmapeel> i am also helping with the last push for translators for the new super shiny OnionShare
14:25:02 <emmapeel> thats it for UX
14:25:23 <pili> sure, thanks emmapeel !
14:25:26 <pili> who wants to go next?
14:25:47 <dunqan> My update's very quick so I'll fire in!
14:26:20 <pili> go for it dunqan
14:26:24 <dunqan> I'm all up to speed on #28329 and have completed a review on paper
14:26:50 <dunqan> but before I write it up on Trac I was wondering if there is a set standard for UI reviews on Tor?
14:27:12 <dunqan> I've just focussed on usability and accessibility (WCAG AA or AAA) for now
14:27:41 <dunqan> (I was asked to review the Orbot + TBA designs here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/28329)
14:27:49 <pili> hmm, I have no idea maybe elioqoshi knows more
14:28:10 <pili> but if there isn't I'm sure antonela would love to brainstorm on this with you and others
14:28:38 <dunqan> for sure, I'll ping her an email afterwards (unless you can help elio?)
14:28:43 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm not aware of any as of now
14:28:47 <dunqan> ah cool
14:29:16 <pili> great, thank you so much for helping out dunqan
14:29:21 <dunqan> I'll be updating the trac with feedback and maybe the odd visual or two by end of tomorrow anyway :)
14:30:10 <pili> sounds good!
14:30:36 <hiro> shall I go?
14:30:40 <pili> yes please hiro
14:30:48 <hiro> I am doing tpo stuff and gettor
14:31:13 <hiro> both have tight deadlines so I am not doing other stuff atm
14:31:29 <hiro> tpo is in a good shape. antonela is already reviewing things
14:31:42 <hiro> I have to check why translations aren't syncing on staging too
14:32:02 <hiro> and I have to review some contributions from traumschule for the currente website that haven't been merged and should
14:32:48 <pili> sounds good, do you need any help/input from anyone on any of these?
14:32:53 <hiro> w reg to gettor I have just started this week so hopefully I will have things in a good shape to review for next week or the one after that
14:33:07 <hiro> ggus already approved
14:33:14 <hiro> and emmapeel tried to merge but had some conflicts
14:33:16 <pili> yup, I saw some notification about it going on torgit? or something :)
14:33:33 <hiro> so I should just review these conflicts and push to master
14:33:44 <hiro> yes so I created my user repository
14:34:00 <hiro> and working on that.. so that we can have a merge request later on
14:34:31 <hiro> I haven't moved what ilv has on github to torgit just yet my plan is to do the two things at once
14:34:54 <pili> ok
14:34:58 <hiro> I mean merge into mine and then have the PR to main repo
14:35:01 <pili> yup
14:35:22 <pili> I guess we'll want a code review from someone at some point :)
14:35:59 <hiro> yes
14:36:45 <emmapeel> i still havent looked at the l10n for gettor. what is the repo?
14:36:59 <hiro> emmapeel wait on that
14:37:05 <emmapeel> (it used to be localized, so if the code base didnt changed much it is going to be trivial)
14:37:25 <hiro> I have refactored it so that we can have json strings that are easier to maintain
14:37:36 <emmapeel> sweet
14:37:48 <hiro> yep using onionshare approach on that ;)
14:38:00 <hiro> the codebase is going to change a lot but not the strings
14:38:17 <emmapeel> they are already on transifex memory probably
14:39:51 <hiro> so I am groot for this week
14:39:58 <pili> great to hear things are moving on gettor
14:40:00 <pili> thanks hiro!
14:40:09 <pili> who wants to go next? :)
14:40:45 <emmapeel> oh i forgot to say that next week i will be a little awol (well, online but maybe busy)
14:41:18 <pili> elioqoshi? any updates?
14:41:49 <pili> how did the user testing interviews go?
14:45:59 <pili> ok, we lost elioqoshi
14:46:05 <pili> anyone else have any updates? :)
14:46:52 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Sorry, my Slack doesnt't give me any notifications
14:47:15 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Short update: Finished the first User Testing Round for the OONI Explorer Country Mockups
14:47:58 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Generally people were excited about the new changes and favoured it over the old one. Some were overwhelmed with the amount of information while some (researchers) wanted to have more stats displayed.
14:48:12 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We have to find a good balance on how to prioritize these between users
14:48:25 <pili> hmm, yup :)
14:48:32 <pili> easy vs expert modes
14:48:52 <pili> :D (I know very little about UX design :) )
14:49:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah, this is something we have to discuss also with Antonela and the team and come up with a new iteration
14:49:39 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Apart that I did some housekeeping for OONI Probe and helped our developers with UX support and tracking tasks
14:49:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We hope to get 2.0.1 out very soon
14:50:35 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I am a bit behind on my FOSDEM presentation where I will talk about UX at OONI. Aiming to work on it more tomorrow
14:50:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> That's mostly all from my side
14:51:16 <pili> thanks elioqoshi!
14:51:17 <pili> anyone else have anything to share?
14:51:31 <dunqan> elioqoshi would you be available (no immediate pressure) for a meeting sometime to give me a brief overview of the work you do for OONI, and how it crosses over to Tor etc.?
14:52:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'd love to
14:52:26 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> This week would be hard as going to FOSDEM
14:52:30 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> But next week should work
14:52:38 <dunqan> no worries, next week would be great!
14:52:45 <dunqan> shall i pick up with you then via email?
14:54:54 <pili> let's take that as a yes :D
14:55:15 <pili> my updates: I've been mainly working on funding proposals (warnings/notifications + new identity) trying to figure out our GSoC involvement this year and updating/creating kanbans for teams
14:55:17 <dunqan> haha
14:56:41 <pili> ok, anything else before I wrap this up? :)
14:57:16 <emmapeel> who is going to FOSDEM?
14:57:53 <pili> hiro antonela elioqoshi I think
14:58:08 <emmapeel> #metoo
14:58:16 <pili> in fact, all of the UX team except me :D :'(
14:58:24 <dunqan> hope you all have fun!
14:58:40 <emmapeel> awwww
14:58:50 <pili> hehe
14:58:55 <pili> ok, wrapping this up now :)
14:59:01 <pili> #endmeeting