16:06:05 <ggus> #startmeeting community team meeting 02/04/2019
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16:06:12 <ggus> hi!
16:06:33 <ggus> pili: yes!
16:07:05 <Phoul> I'm here, but may or may not drop. We are having a snow storm and my connection keeps going out on me.
16:07:17 <wayward> o/
16:07:32 <ggus> here's our roadmap link: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ioKOV2MJw1Ff_viCUTrHfd6-rqX3x_BeJC36fSRfQYY
16:07:36 * kushal is here.
16:07:51 <cy63113> hi!
16:08:19 <ggus> new month starting! let's update february
16:09:26 <ggus> alison is a little busy right now, but she will arrive very soon.
16:10:59 <pari> hey everyone o/
16:11:25 <ggus> hey pari!
16:12:42 <ggus> i finished to adjust february roadmap
16:12:54 <ggus> take a look and see if i forgot something
16:14:46 <ggus> who wants to start with updates?
16:16:24 <Phoul> I can go
16:16:42 <ggus> please
16:17:59 <Phoul> Over the weekend the FOSDEM operator meetup happened, I dont have a full report from the people who were there yet; so will share that next week. We will be holding our IRC relay operator meetups on the first thursday of the month (to start), which means the first one will be this Thursday. I send an announcement regarding the IRC meetups at
16:18:04 <Phoul> https://lists.torproject.org/pipermail/tor-relays/2019-January/016894.html. I've also been working with some potential volunteers to figure out what times work best for htem for holding additional meetups that can target different timezones.
16:18:29 <kushal> Phoul, yay to the IRC meeting :)
16:18:42 <Phoul> I've also started working on a blog post detailing why relays may not always see 100% bandwidth usage, this isnt ready to be shared yet. I'm hoping to get it into a state where i can share with the network team to make sure there are no details wrong / missing this week.
16:19:14 <Phoul> And the RRC CryptoParty (local uni) is being expanded into a session for the uni / the local ISACA chapter and potentially the local hackerspace, so will be a much larger audience than before.
16:19:29 <ggus> very nice! :)
16:19:46 <Phoul> I think thats all from me :)
16:20:05 <wayward> nice!
16:20:11 <ggus> cool Phoul. remember to update this on the roadmap
16:20:19 <ggus> who wants to be next?
16:20:49 <kat5> I can go.
16:20:52 <flexlibris> hi people so sorry
16:20:58 <flexlibris> i had 12 noon in my head today for some reason instead of 11
16:21:09 <flexlibris> thanks ggus for running things while i ran back to my computer!
16:21:33 <Phoul> \o flexlibris
16:21:34 <kat5> Last week I added a bunch more info the current sponsor 19 report based on info from ahf and various tickets.
16:22:30 <kat5> I have heard that at the meeting in Brussels, they created many more tickets. Next for me is working on adding those plans to the reports.
16:23:16 <kat5> Also, I'm psyched to welcome cohosh to the censorship team. She is awesome.
16:23:20 <kat5> Done.
16:23:35 <ggus> thanks, kat5.
16:23:37 <wayward> I can go next!
16:24:13 <ggus> flexlibris: do you want to assume the meeting facilitation? :)
16:24:17 <ggus> wayward: go :)
16:24:36 <flexlibris> sure thanks ggus
16:24:42 <flexlibris> i was reading the backlog
16:24:46 <flexlibris> go ahead wayward
16:24:48 <wayward> so I finished my first draft of the VPN doc and sent it out in a pad - if you want to take a look, let me know!
16:25:00 <wayward> actually I can just link it now haha
16:25:08 * emmapeel here sorry for delay
16:25:25 <wayward> https://pad.riseup.net/p/kJfUXbnqjVb5
16:26:00 <flexlibris> i plan to take a look in the next few days. thanks for all your work on this draft wayward.
16:26:06 <wayward> thanks, flexlibris !
16:26:22 <wayward> This week I'm planning on focusing on updating tb-manual
16:27:16 <wayward> that's about it from me!
16:27:32 <flexlibris> cool!
16:27:40 <flexlibris> who wants to go next?
16:28:09 <ggus> i can
16:28:16 <flexlibris> go ahead ggus
16:28:40 * antonela is boarding a flight - outreach material, preparing india user testing docs
16:28:57 <flexlibris> wooooo
16:29:25 <ggus> last week and this week working on outreach in india and indonesia. the visit starts next week in new delhi 11th.
16:29:32 <flexlibris> very exciting
16:29:37 <antonela> yess ggus
16:30:14 <ggus> tomorrow we will have the tor project ama with localization lab, 11 UTC
16:30:27 <ggus> https://twitter.com/torproject/status/1091150403205558272
16:30:51 <ggus> emma and i will be there answering questions
16:31:05 <flexlibris> awesome
16:31:55 <ggus> i think that's all!
16:31:59 <emmapeel> everybody is welcome to join!
16:32:02 <flexlibris> thank you ggus
16:32:03 <emmapeel> to the AMA
16:32:10 <wayward> ahhhh cool!
16:32:15 <ggus> it's super early tho
16:32:19 <wayward> oh yeah haha
16:32:22 <flexlibris> yes that's a bit too early for me :)
16:32:32 <wayward> I will catch up after it's over!
16:32:43 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update? else i will go
16:32:45 <emmapeel> we decided the time for the Asian translators
16:33:47 <flexlibris> that's a good idea
16:33:54 <emmapeel> i was at the fosdem this weekend and met with localizatoin lab people and some translators, and the weblate developer too
16:34:06 <emmapeel> also preparing indonesia trip and gathering more contacts
16:34:30 <emmapeel> (the time for Asian translators was Erin from LocLab's idea)
16:34:41 <kushal> The timing is actually good.
16:35:38 <flexlibris> anything else from you emmapeel?
16:36:53 <flexlibris> seems like no :)
16:36:59 <flexlibris> okay i will go ahead, and if you have more just jump in
16:37:25 <flexlibris> so the community portal work was already mostly updated, but this week i will be focusing on the training materials content with ggus
16:38:28 <flexlibris> regarding the IFF item about organizing our sessions: unfortunately we can only send Gus, emma, and Antonela to IFF from the UX and Community teams
16:38:36 <flexlibris> so it won't be all of both teams as we originally hoped
16:39:01 <flexlibris> but I am ready to help with organizing community activities there even though I won't be able to attend. so just let me now if I'm needed.
16:39:40 <flexlibris> LFI has 11 more days of recruitment to go and then I will begin reviewing applications
16:40:01 <flexlibris> this week I am checking in with all of the graduates from cohort one to talk about their progress. I'm also having some meetings with the NYU people working on the project (currently in NYC to do that)
16:40:09 <flexlibris> yesterday I went on the Interference Archive podcast to talk about LFI
16:40:37 <flexlibris> it's an archive of social and political movements, really great place: https://interferencearchive.org/
16:41:20 <flexlibris> tomorrow I may go on Motherboard's podcast to talk about LF some more, but things are a bit up in the air right now since Vice just had major layoffs :(
16:41:49 <flexlibris> final thing: now that Isa has updated us about the future Tor meeting, does anyone have any questions about that?
16:42:37 <kat5> Do we have any sense of when we'll know the plan?
16:42:43 <emmapeel> sorry flaky connectin.
16:42:55 <emmapeel> i have added some slots for tabling on the IFF
16:43:12 <emmapeel> antonela so, we have table for three days. sajolida wants to join at lest once
16:43:21 <flexlibris> kat5 I know that Isa is working on it and it's a big priority for her, but I don't know what her timetable is
16:43:31 <kat5> flexlibris: Thanks.
16:43:47 <flexlibris> sure
16:43:57 <flexlibris> anyone else have questions for me or have any updates to share?
16:45:00 <emmapeel> nope
16:45:03 <ggus> sorry, i was looking at interferencearchive.org hehe
16:45:11 <flexlibris> ggus that's okay, it's a cool place
16:45:22 <flexlibris> I will share the podcast link when they publish it
16:45:32 <emmapeel> i think boklm will also be at the IFF
16:45:41 <pili> hi, I want to do a brainstorming session at some point about the community team and where we want to be in the next couple of years
16:45:43 <flexlibris> cool, glad to know that there will be a good Tor presence
16:45:49 <wayward> I can do some tabling at IFF!
16:45:51 <flexlibris> pili sure, when do you want to do that?
16:45:57 <pili> what our vision is for the team and brainstorm how we're going to execute it
16:46:08 <pili> soon, either this week or next week
16:46:17 <cy63113> I can do some tabling at IFF as well
16:46:20 <pili> most likely next week though
16:46:24 <ggus> please next week.
16:46:33 <pili> noted ggus :)
16:46:36 <flexlibris> can you email the community team list with a scheduling link pili?
16:46:40 <pili> yup, will do
16:47:52 <ggus> cy63113: eu ja contava com isso hehe.
16:47:58 <cy63113> hahahhaha
16:48:21 <flexlibris> thanks pili
16:48:27 <flexlibris> okay, ggus can you kill the bot please?
16:48:36 <ggus> yep
16:48:41 <ggus> #endmeeting