18:59:12 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 02/06
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18:59:39 <pili> Hi everyone, here's the pad for today: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/nM8ynYOtD6dTEZc0H8BWY9532vIx_ZJR7C1BXl5NZWZ
18:59:58 <pili> any special guests today that would like to say hi? :)
19:01:55 <pili> just the usual suspects then
19:02:24 <GeKo> i guess so
19:02:37 <pili> so, next release we're working towards right now is TBA-a3
19:03:05 <pili> GeKo: any features/changes that we want to highlight for this one?
19:04:37 <pili> a quick search shows: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=!closed&keywords=~TBA-a3 :)
19:05:00 <pospeselr> o/
19:05:37 <pili> are we still on track or will we need to drop some of those items?
19:05:49 <GeKo> we probably need to drop some of those
19:06:10 <GeKo> i need to think about it a bit more though
19:06:18 <wayward> o/
19:06:37 <pili> hey wayward :)
19:06:45 <GeKo> the important ones we want to have are the circuit display, the orbot replacement and pts and the new ui when starting up
19:08:41 <pili> ok, noted :)
19:08:51 <antonela> GeKo nice
19:08:53 <pili> basically all the items with very high or high prio :)
19:10:07 <pili> ok, anyone here have any requests for inclusion into the next TBA-a3 or otherwise?
19:10:35 <GeKo> i need to talk with sysrqb about some things as well regarding updates that we might want to squeeze in
19:10:58 <GeKo> giving that it takes at least two release before users get those features
19:11:07 <GeKo> or see them in effect
19:11:34 <pili> why's that? :)
19:12:19 <GeKo> well, you get them with release X but you see only if some things are working when users are updating to releae Y
19:12:41 <GeKo> while X got out at t_1 and Y at t_2 (t_1 < t_2)
19:12:45 <pili> ah right, literally the updates :D
19:13:03 <GeKo> e.g. if you sign the update with some key you bake it in into relase X
19:13:03 <pili> gotcha
19:13:06 <GeKo> *release
19:13:12 <GeKo> but the update is tested in Y
19:14:52 <pili> ok cool, right now do we know if the updates are working?
19:15:18 <pili> I seem to remember reading that they might not be quite working for TBA
19:15:29 <pili> I haven't been able to try it myself
19:15:51 <GeKo> they do, but we have #29238
19:16:18 <GeKo> which is one of the things we should get fixed in tba-a3, too
19:17:36 <pili> sounds good
19:17:46 <wayward> ahh this is good to know
19:17:57 <pili> any other comments about TBA-a3 ?
19:18:15 <pili> wayward: any other hot issues that we should try to fix for the next release?
19:18:35 <wayward> well, the main issue I've been seeing for TBB proper is this:
19:18:53 <wayward> 'https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/29175
19:19:10 <wayward> causing issues with Pidgin and other things, too
19:19:44 <wayward> but its status is 'merge ready' so I imagine you're all already on top of it :)
19:20:12 <wayward> The screen reader issue is also still ongoing as far as I'm aware
19:20:40 <wayward> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/ticket/27503
19:20:41 <pili> I think we shipped some sort of partial fix?
19:21:05 <GeKo> a hacky workaround and only in the alpha
19:21:11 <wayward> ah ok, that's good to hear!
19:21:50 <wayward> those are my only points - there weren't many issues mentioned on the 8.0.5 blog post
19:22:59 <pili> thanks wayward
19:23:22 <wayward> np!
19:23:34 <pili> any other comments from anyone about the upcoming release before we move on to the discussion section of the meeting?
19:24:48 <pili> ok, let's move on
19:25:21 <pili> so... next week ggus and I are going off to India and we'd like to start testing the current security settings iteration
19:25:54 <wayward> !!!
19:25:54 <pospeselr> oh hey that's me
19:25:58 <pili> :D
19:26:09 <pili> we will need a nightly/custom build for it :)
19:26:15 <pili> is that something we can/will have? :)
19:26:57 <pospeselr> yeah, I currently have the UI elements prototyped, and I started work on plumbing through the torbutton config settings yesterday
19:27:27 <pili> ok
19:27:32 <antonela> pospeselr: it doesnt needs to work *perfect*, we are testing the UI basically, if it does something great then
19:27:32 <pospeselr> I'm pretty sure I can have the door hanger and the about:preferences page mostly working by the end of the week
19:27:48 <pili> the way we want to run this test is that I will download it on my laptop and record the screen while they use it
19:27:52 <antonela> pili, which computer are you going to bring to india?
19:28:07 <pili> I've not 100% decided, but possibly my older macbook air
19:28:24 <antonela> oki, lets share os details with pospeselr so we can have a build working there
19:28:37 <pili> will do
19:28:38 <pospeselr> when do you need it by?
19:28:44 <antonela> pospeselr: you already know my comp details, if i can have one too i'll be happy ^___^
19:28:48 <pili> is next wednesday too soon?
19:28:58 <pospeselr> i think I can handle taht
19:28:59 <pili> ideally before I go so I have a good connection to test it
19:29:09 <pospeselr> that'll give me a few days to deal with build issues :p
19:29:17 <antonela> jiji, thanks pospeselr!!!!
19:29:17 <pili> or friday at the latest
19:29:18 <pili> or thursday
19:29:22 <pili> just so we have some time to go back and forth if there's any issues also :)
19:29:31 <pospeselr> which language? en-US?
19:29:38 <antonela> yep
19:29:48 <pospeselr> oh actually i suppose that doesn't matter given the string sin the new UI won't be translated
19:29:55 <antonela> exactly
19:30:18 <antonela> well, we have strings for that ui
19:30:47 <pospeselr> ah true
19:31:06 <antonela> but, english is fine, pili doesnt speak hindi yet :)
19:31:20 <pili> :P
19:31:21 <pospeselr> gosh what a slacker :3
19:31:33 <pili> only a bit of malay :P
19:31:38 <pili> but that's no use in India ;)
19:31:41 <antonela> jaja
19:31:47 <pili> cool
19:32:03 <kushal> pili, all of the people we will meet in India, should understand english well enough.
19:32:06 <kushal> :)
19:32:07 <pili> ok, so pospeselr let's keep in touch about it, I'll check in with you next wednesday :D
19:32:21 * antonela will share the usability research with pospeselr too
19:32:28 <pili> kushal: hehe I know :)
19:32:33 <pospeselr> ok excellent
19:33:29 <pili> ok, any other comments on the custom build and/or the india user testing?
19:33:38 <antonela> nope, we are great
19:34:04 <pili> ok, next item is a last minute addition :)
19:34:17 <pili> latest android release on the F-Droid store
19:34:23 <kushal> pili, also I can not speak the local language in this state, so we will be same.
19:34:23 <wayward> !!!
19:34:37 <kushal> sorry for the extra words in the meeting.
19:34:48 <pili> kushal: my brother in law is from Kerala, maybe I should get him to teach me some malayalam :D
19:34:57 <pili> (i think that's how you spell it... :P )
19:35:09 <antonela> with more fancy glyphs, yes
19:35:19 <kushal> pili, correct
19:35:43 <pili> so, for F-Droid, do we have some process that we need to make sure we follow every time to make sure things are published in the F-Droid store?
19:36:01 <pili> is it a manual process now?
19:36:09 <pili> if so, should we try to automate it somehow? :)
19:36:40 <pili> anyone here know about this? :)
19:36:59 <igt0> i think sysrqb was on top of it
19:37:33 <pili> ok, would be nice to document the process at least if not already
19:37:41 <GeKo> it's manual right now
19:37:51 <GeKo> one way to fix that is setting up an own repo
19:38:18 <pili> ok, maybe it makes sense to wait for the stable release to do this
19:38:20 <GeKo> which is another of those things i wanted to talk to sysrqb
19:38:48 <GeKo> well, we want to test it in an alpha series first, though
19:38:53 <pili> are there any blockers regarding setting up our own repo, or is it an infrastructure maintenance issue?
19:39:18 <pili> GeKo: don't have many alpha's left yet... :)
19:39:48 <GeKo> well, the thing is we probably want to h ave a alpha series for mobile anyway, like for desktop
19:39:56 <GeKo> (another thing to talk to to sysrqb :) )
19:40:21 <GeKo> we could keep the signing key and the alpha app as we have it right now
19:40:23 <pili> ok, let me take a note of all this
19:40:46 <pili> but feel free to keep discussing in the meantime
19:40:47 <GeKo> and test 9.0a1 features as we do so for the desktop series
19:41:02 <GeKo> i mean how would we test  mobile otherwise
19:41:24 <GeKo> and i think testing an own frdoid repo during that cycle seems reasonabl
19:41:26 <GeKo> e
19:41:32 <GeKo> so that we have it ready for 9.0
19:41:52 <pili> ok, so we're probably looking at the 9.0alpha series for the F-Droid repo?
19:41:52 <GeKo> (or maybe even for 8.5.x if we find it works reliably)
19:42:05 <GeKo> i guess so, yes
19:42:23 <GeKo> meanwhile we poke _hc once in a while when a new release is out
19:42:33 <GeKo> to upload it to the f-droid store
19:44:11 <pili> understood
19:44:28 <antonela> once you have that link, could you share with me pili?
19:44:49 <antonela> i want to update https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/staging/download/
19:45:17 <pili> the f-droid store link? :)
19:45:23 <antonela> yes yes
19:45:31 <antonela> if happens before we launch :)
19:45:46 <pili> sure, will do
19:46:04 <antonela> where you see that giant google play button, there should be f-droid and our tpo link too
19:46:10 <pili> yup
19:46:31 <pili> ok, I'm good on the F-Droid front, anyone else have any questions and/or comments about this?
19:46:35 <pili> or any other topic?
19:46:43 <antonela> im excited about next releasesssss
19:46:46 <wayward> I have a question!
19:46:51 <pili> go for it wayward
19:46:54 <wayward> antonela: me too!!!!
19:46:59 <pili> (I'm excited to test with the users!!)
19:47:02 <antonela> *____*
19:47:13 <wayward> Where can I see new features that will come out on 8.5? so that I can update tb-manual accordingly :)
19:47:30 <wayward> should I just work off of the alpha build?
19:48:20 <pili> wayward: I believe the alpha build is the best bet so far
19:48:20 <antonela> wayward, lets work together on sec settings docs, i have notes about it
19:48:31 <wayward> great, thank you pili and antonela !
19:48:42 <pili> also, checking the 8.5 alpha release announcements on the blog for a list of updates
19:48:50 <antonela> once we have the build ready, we will share with you as well so you can experience it too
19:49:39 <wayward> thank you!! :D
19:49:55 <GeKo> wayward: yes, going over the changelogs from 8.5aX taking into account those things into account that got backported to 8.0.X is the best option right now
19:50:10 <GeKo> s/into account//
19:50:23 <wayward> hehe ok, perfect! thanks GeKo :)
19:51:17 <pili> ok, anything else from anyone?
19:51:55 * antonela is groot
19:52:25 <pili> ok, thanks everyone, good meeting today! :)
19:52:31 <pili> #endmeeting