17:58:29 <nickm> #startmeeting network team, 11 Feb
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17:58:33 <nickm> welcome all!
17:58:37 <ahf> hello everyone
17:58:38 <nickm> happy february!
17:58:53 <nickm> how is post-brussels recovery?
17:59:04 <ahf> great
17:59:14 <ahf> thanks for a good meeting (and a fun fosdem for everyone who stayed around for that)
18:00:10 <dgoulet> hi
18:00:17 <nickm> I see dgoulet and catalyst and ahf; gaba will be 5 min late; teor is still off for a few days, I think,...
18:00:28 <nickm> Are mikeperry and asn around?
18:00:40 <mikeperry> nickm: yah
18:00:42 <ahf> asn most likely isn't
18:00:48 <ahf> he said so on the pad too
18:00:48 <nickm> ok
18:00:59 <nickm> hadn't seen that yet. (Sorry to miss you, asn!)
18:01:02 <nickm> mikeperry: cool!
18:01:26 <gaba> o/
18:01:42 <nickm> anyways, let's get started!  gaba has started inputting our fresh new roadmap into a fresh new kanban -- let's see if it matches what we're doing?
18:02:07 <gaba> i have everything there but the anti-censorship stuff. Hopefully I will have it in the roadmap today
18:02:11 <nickm> IIUC trac remains the ground truth about what's done and how done it is -- we're just using the kanban to keep tabs on our roadmap
18:02:39 <ahf> love it
18:02:43 <nickm> maybe after you're done we should all check the roadmap to see if it matches the stuff we're doing in Feb-May at least, according to the photos on the web?
18:02:51 <gaba> yes
18:02:59 <ahf> gaba: cool! and we move some of the things i can see that are anti-censorship related from the network team kanban to the anti-censorship team one?
18:03:05 <gaba> yes
18:03:10 <ahf> cool!
18:03:23 <gaba> im thinking we can have the snowflake stuff in the snowflake roadmap that involves several teams
18:03:38 <gaba> the bridgedb stuff may stay in the network team for now, what do you think?
18:03:45 <ahf> let's do that as a product one too?
18:03:54 <ahf> i think having roadmaps on the products makes a lot more sense for the non-core-tor things?
18:04:11 <ahf> err, having kanban boards per product
18:04:13 <gaba> ok, we can try that. I will update the bridgedb roadmap with the stuff we have then
18:04:24 <ahf> (it might be others in here disagree)
18:04:29 <dgoulet> where is the new roadmap? (kanban?)
18:04:36 <ahf> dgoulet: there is a link to storm on the pad
18:04:37 <nickm> Can chutney tickets (like #29280) and bridge stats listing (#29269) go here too?
18:04:51 <dgoulet> ahf: nice I see it now, thanks
18:05:01 <ahf> bridge statistics probably should go, hm, i don't with the chutney one
18:05:14 <ahf> we have many chutney things on our roadmap after brussels?
18:05:22 <gaba> there are 2 or 3
18:05:24 <ahf> my mind only remembers the anti censorship team things :-/
18:06:10 <nickm> they are a significant amount of time for me and teor
18:06:29 <nickm> also, I think we broke #27908 into smaller stuff, and broke that up into separate months?
18:06:47 * nickm is looking at "in progress" on the kanban and comparing it to my february roadmapped items
18:06:53 <ahf> nickm: where do you prefer having them for your workflow? to keep them on the network team one? then i think we should do that
18:07:10 <nickm> imo chutney is mostly a network team thing
18:07:15 <ahf> agreed
18:07:23 <ahf> let's keep that on the network team one then
18:08:02 <nickm> is anybody working on anything this week that is _not_ currently "in progress" on the kanban?
18:08:14 <nickm> for me there's the two tickets I mentioned above.
18:08:26 <ahf> looks right for me
18:08:34 <nickm> also I'm not doing #27908 this week afaik, since it should be broken up
18:08:40 <gaba> nickm: yes, those tickets are the bridgedb stuff that i still had no tiem to add
18:08:45 <nickm> dgoulet, mikeperry, catalyst?
18:08:51 <dgoulet> #26288 needs to go "In Progress"
18:08:56 <dgoulet> because I depend of the PRNG in review ;)
18:09:15 <nickm> dgoulet: you should be able to move it to "in progress" -- grab it by the thing on the upper right
18:09:40 <mikeperry> I am going to work on #29204 this week so I have a chance for dgoulet to comment and review before he goes on leave
18:09:42 <dgoulet> nickm: I can _barely_ see the Kanban in TB right now ... :S still loading... and I can drag :S
18:09:45 <dgoulet> can't drag*
18:09:58 <gaba> you need to be log into storm to drag
18:10:04 <nickm> ok, I moved it
18:10:06 <dgoulet> thx
18:10:12 <nickm> it was "in review" now it's "in progress"
18:10:28 * catalyst hunts for the kanban
18:10:39 <nickm> the link is on the pad, right under the spreadsheet link
18:10:44 <gaba> the kanban will be in much better shape next week. sorry
18:10:45 <nickm> meeting pad is https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep
18:11:04 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/redirect#https%3A//storm.torproject.org/shared/_mx8PMGOHFBOximocl1gy3COvhLPr6k3Ja7JA1vNIXr is the kanban I hope
18:11:15 <nickm> err, without the riseup mess
18:11:21 <nickm> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/_mx8PMGOHFBOximocl1gy3COvhLPr6k3Ja7JA1vNIXr
18:11:42 <catalyst> thanks. found it independently already
18:11:45 <nickm> great
18:11:52 * catalyst finds the head of the meeting pad too cluttered to parse easily
18:13:29 <nickm> storm request -- it would be helpful for me if more people uploaded avatar photos.  It doesn't need to be a picture of you -- an animal or a plant or an object would be fine.  But these weird pixel-avatars never work for me
18:13:36 <dgoulet> mikeperry: just ping me on IRC once you want a review
18:14:08 <nickm> so, can anybody still not see the kanban?  is everybody's this-week work currently marked "in progress?"
18:14:46 <mikeperry> I logged in but I am stuck in card view and can't get back to the whole board for some reason..
18:15:04 <dgoulet> I see most of it but most of it is still loading but so far so good for the In Progress
18:15:07 <nickm> try the "x" on the upper right of the card, if you see one?
18:15:19 <mikeperry> aha yes
18:15:45 <gaba> mikeperry: let me know later what you are working on and we move it. so far everything is in backlog for the stuff you are working on
18:16:26 <mikeperry> gaba: yes I am just trying to move #29204 for this week (it's 5 points)
18:16:29 <nickm> dgoulet: at Brussels, did we decide that the right thing for review assignments was to point everybody at trac, and for the spreadsheet to be just for you and asn to keep track?
18:16:45 <dgoulet> nickm: I believe so it was one of the conclusion
18:16:45 <mikeperry> I am now stuck in some column view.. bleh. still can't get back to the original full board view
18:16:56 <catalyst> collapse the left sidebar?
18:16:57 <dgoulet> nickm: did we all decide that? ... that is unknown to me lol
18:17:23 <nickm> I think we were okay with that.  I'll adjust the pad...
18:17:25 <catalyst> mikeperry: if you see the words "apps" and "grains" in the left sidebar maybe try collapsing it?
18:17:30 <gaba> mikeperry: ahh, you have to click several times to the icon near "search"
18:17:41 <mikeperry> ah there we go that was it. yes
18:18:21 <nickm> When folks are ready to look at tickets for review: here are all the needs_review tickets on trac that have a reviewer listed for them, sorted by reviewer:
18:18:25 <nickm> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=needs_review&reviewer=!&max=300&col=id&col=summary&col=reviewer&col=status&col=type&col=priority&col=milestone&col=component&order=reviewer&report=82
18:18:30 <nickm> This is a report; it's also in the pad
18:19:02 <ahf> cool
18:19:27 <nickm> If you want, you can make one that's only the ones for you, and just look at that: that's what I've done.
18:19:43 <nickm> (You can do a custom query on trac, and then bookmark it in your favorite browser)
18:20:07 * gaba brb
18:20:51 <dgoulet> there is a large backlog of needs_review btw so don't be surprised on the amount :S
18:21:00 <dgoulet> but ofc, we might have failed to properly load balance
18:21:16 <nickm> official rotations this week are catalyst on bug rotation and mikeperry on CI+coverity.
18:21:39 <nickm> catalyst and mikeperry: I'd like to help with both of those if you notice anything that will take more than a brief moment; I know there may be backlog
18:22:14 <catalyst> nickm: ok, thanks!
18:22:54 <nickm> Nobody has added any announcements or discussion that I can see -- I removed a couple that were left over from before Brussels...
18:23:10 <nickm> As for proposed tickets -- did we wind up with a process here coming out of brussels?
18:24:47 <nickm> I see https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019BrusselsNetworkTeam/Notes/ReleasePlanning
18:25:04 <gaba> we didn't discuss proposed tickets :/
18:25:26 <nickm> I'm going to try to focus on 0.3.5 and 0.4.0 stuff for planning -- maybe I can come up with a process there, trying to follow what's suggested on that wiki.
18:25:38 <gaba> ok, thanks!
18:25:40 <nickm> i'll document what I do, make it undoable, and we can see how we like it next Monday?
18:25:51 <gaba> it sounds good
18:26:57 <nickm> okay. Anything else to talk about today, or did we just have ourselves a short meeting?
18:27:13 <nickm> gaba: did you want to add anything?
18:27:55 <gaba> no, only that I'm gathering documentation on software development practices (as I said in my status)
18:28:04 <gaba> if you want to add anything let me know
18:29:14 <nickm> okay, I think we're done!
18:29:28 <nickm> Thanks, everybody!  I'll hang out online for a while longer, in case I can be helpful w anything
18:29:38 <gaba> o/
18:29:52 <nickm> cheers all!  It was good seeing you in person, and I look forward to all the important things we'll be doing between now and the next meeting!
18:29:55 <nickm> #endmeeting