13:58:42 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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13:58:44 <antonela> hello folks!
13:58:49 <antonela> full room, thank you!
13:58:57 <emmapeel> wassup
13:59:14 <antonela> another ux meeting this week, lets add the updates into the pad first
13:59:24 <antonela> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/SUX4RJAoNxYPYIOEbYO9RBu9MTPK1Q_mCCeLLgRHi_o
14:00:14 <antonela> if you have topics to discuss, please add those in the agenda
14:00:25 <antonela> lets start with the mainstream
14:00:48 <antonela> i sent yesterday a QA call to tor internal for the new tpo.org website, THANKS EVERYBODY
14:01:03 <antonela> we got some tickets, i got a ton of emails
14:01:16 <emmapeel> i tried to sovle the small correctins today
14:01:20 <emmapeel> solve
14:01:24 <emmapeel> the nicknames etc
14:01:28 <antonela> yes, thanks emmapeel!
14:02:10 <antonela> hiro, can we sync about that query arma1 shared with us and see what is doable for this release and what we should move to the next one?
14:02:25 <hiro> yep ok sounds good
14:02:26 <antonela> and also, what about to have website issues in github? cc/pili hiro
14:02:34 <pili> we can do that
14:02:38 <gus1> hey all
14:02:41 <hiro> yo gus!
14:02:41 <antonela> hello AlonBR! you made it :D
14:02:42 <pili> as long as people are happy to file there
14:03:01 <dunqan> I've added some things to the pad for tpo (mostly responsive issues) but I've still got a bunch of stuff to add, will try and get that finished today
14:03:08 <dunqan> on the whole it looks great though!
14:03:10 <antonela> is more about our internal workflow and how we can enable external collab
14:03:16 <antonela> dunqan: thanks a lot! <3
14:03:24 <hiro> pili: I think people can fire tickets on trac and we use github for ourselves?
14:03:31 <pili> sure
14:03:38 <emmapeel> there is still stuff at https://pad.riseup.net/p/tpo-ui-review-keep
14:03:50 <hiro> so we create github issue that could group several trac tickets
14:03:59 <antonela> hiro, yes, that is what i mean
14:04:05 <hiro> nice
14:04:19 <dunqan> no worries! I can spin up a VM if you're ready for me to check IE/Edge hiro? Firefox/Tor/Chrome seemed really consistent
14:04:24 <antonela> and, like the network team, start to move "small" projects to github and feel that workflow
14:04:52 <pili> +1
14:04:55 <hiro> dunqan sounds good
14:05:07 <antonela> GREAT, we have a plan for all that thingsssss
14:05:14 <pili> I can start doing that: group trac tickets into tasks/projects
14:05:21 <pili> as a github issue
14:05:28 <antonela> super pili, help is appreciated at any point :D
14:05:38 <pili> that's what I'm here for :D
14:06:05 <antonela> pili https://github.com/torproject/tpo
14:06:08 <antonela> here is the repo ^
14:06:34 <pili> thanks
14:06:51 <dunqan> do you want me to just stick to the pad for now antonela?
14:07:14 <antonela> dunqan, yes, i will do the same what pili is doing and merge those in some github tickets
14:07:26 <dunqan> gotcha, thanks
14:07:37 <antonela> the best part is that we can accept PRs !!
14:08:13 <antonela> okey, anything else tpo next-steps-workflow-related?
14:08:48 <pili> hiro: do you know how to enable projects on the tpo repo?
14:08:52 <pili> in github?
14:08:58 <hiro> uhm
14:08:59 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Go to Settings
14:09:01 <hiro> you can't ?
14:09:02 <pili> they're enabled at the organisation level it seems
14:09:10 <pili> I can't see the projects tab for tpo repo
14:09:12 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> You have to be an Admin of that repo
14:09:22 <hiro> maybe you aren't even on the team
14:09:25 <hiro> let me see
14:09:39 <pili> (but maybe we can take this "offline")
14:09:57 <antonela> jiji
14:10:02 <antonela> nothing happens offline
14:10:08 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So excited to see some UX stuff happening on GitHub :slightly_smiling_face:
14:10:22 <antonela> me too elioqoshi
14:10:29 <antonela> AlonBR: raise your hand if you are here o/
14:10:33 <pili> elioqoshi: we'll slowly pull people that way... kicking and screaming :D
14:10:58 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> huehuehue
14:11:04 <emmapeel> i dont want to work for bill gates!
14:11:15 <AlonBR> I'm here!
14:11:22 <antonela> haha hello Alon!
14:11:32 <AlonBR> Hi there
14:11:45 <antonela> people Alon is the illustrator of the illos we have at our TB onboarding and he will be helping us on the illos for tpo.org too
14:12:17 <antonela> as we signed internally, he will join us on our open meetings to collect feedback in real time and we will work on the iterations between this meetings and our friday website syncs
14:12:23 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Nice! Great to meet you Alon!
14:12:27 <dunqan> hi Alon!
14:12:45 <pili> welcome AlonBR !
14:12:45 <sstevenson> welcome!
14:12:47 <antonela> Alon is awesome and you can see more of his work here https://dribbble.com/AlonBraier or here https://www.behance.net/alonbraier
14:12:49 <AlonBR> Hi everyone! glad to meet you all
14:13:05 <hiro> Shalom Alon!
14:13:28 <AlonBR> Shalom Shalom!  :)
14:14:22 <antonela> okey, first ideas/concepts for main tpo.org illos are here https://share.riseup.net/#CKyekx8I2OfcRBQ6dioJtg
14:14:45 <antonela> those are going to be placed in the gray circles we have at https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/tpo/staging/
14:15:10 <antonela> i would like all of you, and comms and fundraising teams are here too, to review it and talk a bit about those concepts
14:15:44 <AlonBR> There are very rough sketches...just to get the idea trough
14:16:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Interesting concepts. I'm not sure if I get the fingerprinting idea though
14:16:46 <antonela> here is the list of metaphors and concepts we have been collected https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/194n8DOj2PPRjetvxGYDQ61drkyIAvl96JiVGuDbokvg/edit?usp=sharing
14:16:55 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Has it to do with fingerprints on glasses in bars?
14:16:58 <gus1> Can you talk about the ideas you're trying to get through with "multilayered encryption"?
14:17:43 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I really like bicycle concept!
14:17:53 * isabela wave o/
14:17:57 <sstevenson> +1 on the bicycle!
14:17:58 <antonela> i see the invisible cape a nice metaphor for defending surveillance, block trackers and browse freely are also great
14:17:59 <dunqan> Yeah would be great to know more about the thinking behind the trackers, fingerprinting and encryption concepts (love your work btw alon!)
14:18:06 <stephw> i also think the browse freely bike works well, but i am not sure about the others
14:18:14 <dunqan> Bicycle and surveillance seem spot on!
14:18:17 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> What would we think of a unicycle concept though? Or is that less recognizable?
14:18:33 <gus1> let's not muddy the waters
14:18:36 <antonela> fingerprinting and multilayer encryption is really hard!
14:18:42 <AlonBR> So for MULTI-LAYERED ENCRYPTION -  A character doing a relaxed everyday activity, like reading a newspaper on a beach Chair or walking a dog -  divided to many parts of the same character
14:18:49 <gus1> I assume that in "resist fingerprinting" all the characters have the same face?
14:18:59 <antonela> or the same hat gus1
14:19:00 <gus1> ahhhhhhhh Alon I don't think that comes through
14:19:00 <isabela> antonela: i like the cape too - i had a cape that would block heat scanner from reading your body temperature
14:19:05 <isabela> hehe
14:19:10 <antonela> hehe yes
14:19:16 <antonela> lets think about layered encryption
14:19:20 <gus1> I am also not sure that is the value proposition people get out of "multi-layered encryption"?
14:19:25 <antonela> is the hardest one i think
14:19:28 <pili> I was thinking almost like a mummy :)
14:19:29 <pili> something wrapped in many layers
14:19:34 <antonela> ooohhh
14:19:35 <gus1> I've always liked TunnelBear's take on that
14:19:38 <antonela> that is great pili
14:19:38 <pili> maybe with a lock closing the layers
14:19:40 <isabela> after reading the google doc i understand better the fingerprint one
14:19:41 <gus1> yeah or layers of armor
14:19:42 <isabela> but yeah is a hard one
14:19:50 <pili> gus1:+1
14:19:59 <antonela> like people with a lot layers of clothes
14:20:05 <gus1> yeah
14:20:07 <pili> antonela: yup, also
14:20:15 <isabela> yeah
14:20:22 <antonela> https://dribbble.com/search?q=multi+layer+encryption -- NOTHING lol
14:20:22 <dunqan> yep, makes sense if it's an individual behind multiple layers of something
14:20:30 <dunqan> clothes/walls/windows etc.
14:20:42 <gus1> ooh maybe walls
14:20:42 <AlonBR> <gus1> I assume that in "resist fingerprinting" all the characters have the same face?    ---     yes! like that scene in "Being John Malkovich"
14:20:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> This is more cliche but anyway: How about a door with 3 (or more) locked bolts?
14:21:06 <gus1> nice I like that idea AlonBR. Needs to come through more clearly than in the sketch but I'm guessing you'll make that happen
14:21:16 <antonela> elioqoshi, is great, but i like the idea of the overlap
14:21:26 <antonela> and the clothing idea from pili is nice and very relatable
14:21:28 <pili> the other thing could be like a rubiks cube that's jumbled up
14:21:54 <isabela> i like the clothing idea
14:22:02 <dunqan> like something to get across the idea of scrambling pili?
14:22:08 <AlonBR> <+antonela> like people with a lot layers of clothes - nice!
14:22:12 <pili> dunqan: yup
14:22:21 <pili> but maybe that's a nice metaphor for something else
14:22:35 <isabela> i dont know if i understand block trackers one
14:23:16 <AlonBR> rubiks cube that's jumbled up is pretty cool
14:23:38 <toast_[m]> Hello. I'm a UX person. I met Antonela at a recent conference.
14:23:41 <antonela> yes, the rubiks is smart
14:23:52 <antonela> hello toast_[m] o/
14:23:56 <hiro> 'ello toast_[m]
14:24:04 <dunqan> hi toast!
14:24:04 <emmapeel> but the rubik is not multilayered, right?
14:24:16 <gus1> With both Rubiks and unicycle I worry about universality/localization
14:24:21 <antonela> emmapeel: you right, is just 'encrypted'?
14:24:25 <isabela> yeah
14:24:30 <dunqan> for block trackers – were we trying to avoid the shield metaphor?
14:24:32 <isabela> i dont get the rubiks w/ multilayer
14:24:37 <antonela> dunqan, yes please
14:24:37 <dunqan> i.e. because it's overused?
14:24:38 <toast_[m]> As a layperson I think multi-layered encryption is about multiple different ways of securing something so I think a chain link fence and a dog and a safe! :)
14:25:44 <pili> toast_[m]: :D
14:25:46 <toast_[m]> Is the layers as important as the tripple secure concept?
14:25:47 <hiro> I have searched for images of "multilayered things" and found cakes
14:25:52 <hiro> also sandwiches
14:25:54 <antonela> hahaha
14:26:06 <antonela> i like the clothing idea for it
14:26:11 <toast_[m]> I mean the onion is already multiple layers...
14:26:14 <isabela> for block trackers - why not a illustration of a 'tracker character' being blocked somehow? instead of the character covering themselves
14:26:21 <isabela> idk
14:26:39 <antonela> maybe we can have patterns on each layer which recalls to encryption
14:26:43 <AlonBR> For BLOCK TRACKERS i think I didn't quite get this feature until now so you can ignore the umbrella guy
14:26:58 <dunqan> ahhh okaydokes
14:27:11 <isabela> AlonBR: oki
14:27:28 <pili> the other thing for block trackers could be someone with a magnifying glass (like a detective) following some footprints and suddenly they come up against a wall
14:27:29 <pili> or the footprints disappear
14:27:30 <pili> or something
14:27:56 <toast_[m]> <_oftc_pili "the other thing for block tracke"> +1
14:27:57 <emmapeel> or you reach a place with lots of footprints and you lose the ones you were looking to
14:28:07 <isabela> i like teh clothing idea for multilayers too
14:28:07 <pili> emmapeel: +1
14:28:19 <antonela> ohh emmapeel that is nice
14:28:25 <gus1> It should look like very protective clothing :)
14:28:26 <AlonBR> the clothing idea is fun but there is nothing there that says encryption
14:28:27 <antonela> for fingerpriting resistance
14:28:42 <emmapeel> for multilayered, maybe something of a dress-up person that has different costumes one on top of the other
14:28:44 <antonela> alonBR yes, but we can have weird patterns on each layer
14:28:54 <antonela> that recalls to encryption
14:29:00 * antonela loves this brainstorming
14:29:04 <pili> or a bit scarf wrapped around many times closed off with a lock
14:29:08 <dunqan> i love that idea!
14:29:11 <dunqan> the patterns bit
14:29:35 <gus1> I still like layers of armor or sports equipment instead of clothing
14:30:05 <hiro> block trackers could also be something like in some cleaning product commercial? where the dirt is kept away?
14:30:10 <antonela> i dont think we should show people doing a war, we can use metaphors that make it more like a daily thing
14:30:38 <AlonBR> <+emmapeel> for multilayered, maybe something of a dress-up person that has different costumes one on top of the other I --- I like that. maybe just a few sets of  sun glasses on top of each other. it refers to security this way
14:30:43 <isabela> antonela: +1
14:30:44 <toast_[m]> <_oftc_antone "i dont think we should show peop"> Wrapping up in many layers of clothing against the cold wind maybe?
14:31:04 <antonela> yes yes, exactly toast_[m]
14:31:18 <antonela> AlonBR yes!
14:31:38 <gus1> ooh cold wind makes that metaphor more powerful
14:32:15 <hiro> something like this? https://www.alamy.com/stock-photo-happy-young-woman-wearing-multi-layers-of-clothing-to-keep-warm-27104792.html
14:32:28 <stephw> block trackers could be someone or multiple people under an umbrella in the sun
14:32:31 <antonela> i love the emmapeel ides about same footprints and the magnifier
14:32:45 <isabela> someone walking against cold wind, and dressing up layers of clothes as they go
14:32:59 <antonela> stephw yes! and i think that is where the umbrella idea came from
14:33:14 <stephw> i dont think the metaphors have to be very specific
14:33:18 <dunqan> haha hiro, i keep picturing this instead: https://proxy.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fmedia3.s-nbcnews.com%2Fi%2Fnewscms%2F2016_32%2F1149886%2Fjoey-chandler-clothes-today-160810-tease-02_183e8bbb94f24fb88589b02d9c511d03.jpg&f=1
14:33:22 <stephw> just people enjoying themselves with some protection
14:33:24 <dunqan> (sorry for the link gore)
14:33:28 <isabela> i think showing a tracker being blocked is more clear than showing people covering themselves
14:33:31 <isabela> for blocker
14:33:37 <toast_[m]> Before encryption:
14:33:42 * toast_[m] uploaded an image: image.png (512KB) < https://matrix.org/_matrix/media/v1/download/matrix.org/xiXoYqptYfimtEFoLYoFddUS >
14:33:56 <toast_[m]> Oops sorry!
14:34:04 <isabela> dunqan: lol that img
14:34:04 <hiro> lol dunqan that is cool :)
14:35:11 <antonela> dunqan LOL long live to joey
14:35:39 <antonela> stephw yes, agreed!
14:36:23 * isabela needs to step out o/ great brainstorm folks!
14:36:38 <antonela> okey, we have a solid idea for multilayer encryption, we have fingerprinting one, and also the blockers with the umbrellas, are we good on those?
14:36:42 <antonela> thanks for coming isa!
14:37:13 <emmapeel> grrot
14:37:45 <antonela> AlonBR, could we have a review on friday? maybe a low-def version of those ideas
14:37:51 <antonela> so next week we can work on colors :)
14:38:15 <AlonBR> sure thing
14:38:23 <antonela> awesome!
14:38:33 <AlonBR> just email me the final Ideas that came up
14:38:46 <antonela> alonBR yep, will do after this meeting
14:38:52 * antonela goes to see the agenda items
14:38:57 <antonela> who is next, jakarta! emmapeel?
14:39:05 <AlonBR> Thanks for the brainstorm everyone! great ideas all around
14:39:33 <emmapeel> ok, so last week we had the AMA in LocLab and people was very excited about memes and security online
14:39:34 <dunqan> thanks very much alon!
14:40:19 <emmapeel> i am getting to jakarta 9 days before we start our workshops, and so with Ical we were thinking on doing a meme-a-thon
14:40:22 <pili> thanks AlonBR ! Great work and looking forward to seeing the next iteration!
14:40:35 <emmapeel> i am not sure what it is but i think you will be happy about this and give me some pointers :D:D
14:40:40 <antonela> emmapeel: good stufff! which topics we should find memes for?
14:40:43 <antonela> like tor in general?
14:40:48 <antonela> privacy? encryption?
14:40:55 <emmapeel> more like security online etc
14:41:06 <emmapeel> yes, privacy... to explain to people that dont know tor etc
14:41:13 <antonela> is interesting to see what emerge from local people, since memes works better with things that people can relate like closely
14:41:29 <emmapeel> yes, that will be with jakarta hackerspace people
14:41:41 <antonela> but we can help you on finding things in the internet
14:41:55 <emmapeel> also related to this other article of localization lab contributor https://www.localizationlab.org/blog/2019/2/5/1i93a95cm8rdegvtqu3xm9n7gloyqh please look at the pic for VPN!
14:42:13 <antonela> lol emmapeel is very good
14:42:59 <dunqan> oh my gosh haha
14:43:49 <emmapeel> so, if you feel like a format for the meme-a-thon or  something, let me know
14:43:54 <antonela> okey, anything else emmapeel? we will collect fun things for you, where should we put them? sharing on tor-l10n will made the work?
14:43:59 <toast_[m]> Great article!
14:43:59 <emmapeel> i stil have no clear dats, it should happen after the 17th
14:44:15 <antonela> oki great, thanks for sharing emmapeel
14:44:20 <antonela> elioqoshi you are up
14:44:25 <emmapeel> not much more... been finishing onionshare translations and the release is about to come out
14:44:31 <emmapeel> im groot!
14:44:34 * antonela we have 14 minutes left
14:44:40 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Okidoki
14:44:51 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Just quickly sharing a few non- core things
14:45:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I had a call with EFF on Thursday where we talked about the next steps in redesigning the HTTPS Everywhere extension
14:46:13 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> This work will most likely be supported by OTF's Usability Lab and I'm wearing my Ura Design hat for that as well
14:46:26 <antonela> yes, thats cool elioqoshi, i will review your OTF doc this week and make suggestions
14:46:43 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We are working with Glenn Sorrentino, who did an initial UX Audit of HTTPS Everywhere
14:46:58 <dunqan> was there a proposal to replace https everywhere or did i imagine that?
14:46:59 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> (he also war in the Tor Mexico Meeting where he helped us with OONI Probe UX as well)
14:47:02 * emmapeel liked talking with Glenn in mexico!
14:47:03 <dunqan> maybe i'm thinking of noscript
14:47:18 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> dunqan, no, just a UX Redesign with a focus on Accessibility as well
14:47:24 <dunqan> gotcha
14:47:43 <antonela> dunqan, no script needs love too - I'd love to do some inter team OTF work with no script at some point
14:47:47 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm mentioning this since this will most likely benefit Tor as well
14:48:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> +1 Antonela, I'd like to help after this HTTPS Everywhere work
14:48:18 <dunqan> yeah no-script's a bit intimidating atm
14:48:51 <antonela> elioqoshi yes, HTTPs-E is an extension that comes with TorBrowser by default and if it is improved by end-user, our TB users will be happy too
14:49:10 <antonela> dunqan yes, and they got a redesign recently :/
14:49:23 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> That's mostly it for HTTPS Everywhere. I am awaiting green light to go ahead but I wanted to loop you in and probably do 1 or 2 UX Team checkins in the next months once we have designs ready
14:49:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Quick proposals we did at Simply Secure were these:
14:49:40 <antonela> elioqoshi awesome, feel free to share here
14:50:28 <antonela> elioqoshi what about Thunderbird and Tor, can we put our devs in contact with those devs or it is on idea level yet?
14:50:39 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> https://www.figma.com/proto/g61nw7TiEsXKoudsgoJeZ58X/HTTPS-Everywhere?node-id=2%3A106&viewport=-5233%2C330%2C0.627468&scaling=min-zoom
14:50:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> (sorry for non free JS stuff)
14:51:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Okay, molving over to the Thunderbird topic:
14:51:51 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> at FOSDEM I met with Ryan, Community Manager at Thunderbird. In the past I have been working with them quite a lot and improved Thunderbird's UX step by step. Some Usability Studies and Style Guide here: https://ura.design/projects/thunderbird
14:52:14 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I chatted a bit with Roger to ask him about the state of TorBirdy (the Thunderbird extension which enables Thunderbird to work via Tor)
14:52:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> He suggested to connect all of us with Sukhir, the maintainer of TorBirdy
14:52:43 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> WHich I did. We are awating next steps forward now
14:53:00 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Thunderbird is applying for an OTF Internet Freedom Fund ( I know that everyone loves OTF :P )
14:53:10 <antonela> okey, great, yes sukhe is the right person
14:53:16 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> And if not through this, the Tor work will be part of some other effort at THunderbird
14:53:22 <antonela> oh great
14:53:33 <antonela> did you say that to sukhbir?
14:53:39 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Thunderbird also hired Kai, who did originally the S/MIME encryption standard
14:53:44 <gus1> (Fascinating, I guess I've been away for a while, I thought Thunderbird was no longer being developed)
14:53:49 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> He is going to work on PGP and other stuff on Thunderbird
14:54:08 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So good encryption stuff happening on Thunderbird's side
14:54:09 <antonela> wow, good news
14:54:12 <gus1> Ooh — is that intended to replace Enigmail?
14:54:27 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> gus1, well, to have something like Enigmail out of the box at least
14:54:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Instead of a 3rd party addon
14:54:32 <antonela> maybe make a better integration gus1
14:54:44 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Like Lightning Calendar
14:54:45 <gus1> I remember there was a huge bug between Thunderbird/Enigmail/GPG Tools that they could not work together to fix
14:54:56 <gus1> Lovely, that is all great to hear
14:55:07 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> gus1 actually they scaled from 3 employees last year to 12 now
14:55:14 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> they even hired another Frontend Designer
14:55:17 <gus1> Excellent
14:55:22 <antonela> gus1 im a current user, the out of the box onboarding is very painful, now just *works*
14:55:23 <dunqan> ahhh I heard a rumour they'd ramped up!
14:55:27 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So I'm really excited to help them out a bit too
14:55:27 <dunqan> that's good to know
14:55:42 <antonela> but when is broken, is hard to fix it if you dont have a technical background to do it
14:55:55 <sukhe> antonela: yes! elio emailed me and I have replied. I am not sure what the next steps are but we will see
14:56:05 <antonela> sukhe i knew you were around :D
14:56:07 <antonela> awesome!
14:56:09 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> But yeah, that's it in a nutshell.
14:56:22 <sukhe> antonela: :D
14:56:23 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> sukhe thanks! Yeah Ryan promised to get back
14:56:42 <antonela> cool, this room is full of friends, i like it
14:56:46 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> He had a long travel back after I introduced you
14:57:04 <dunqan> do you know if the thunderbird team going to be iterating or launching a major new version instead elio?
14:57:13 <dunqan> since it's quite old?
14:57:18 <sukhe> elio, nice! I look forward to the developments
14:57:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> On a related note: They asked me to run for Thunderbird Council
14:57:40 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Maybe I will, dunno yet :slightly_smiling_face:
14:57:46 <antonela> pili the vision exercise will happen probably when you are back to india
14:57:53 <pili> +1
14:57:56 <antonela> perfect
14:57:59 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> dunqan, I think major iterations are the right definition
14:58:03 <antonela> thanks, sorry for that delay!
14:58:03 <pili> I'll send an email out soon anyway to schedule it
14:58:09 <antonela> okey people 2 minutes to wrap
14:58:11 <pili> we should probably do it outside of this meetin g
14:58:16 <dunqan> elioqoshi cool!
14:58:25 <antonela> eloqoshi nice!
14:58:36 <antonela> i need to end this meeting, thanks everybody!
14:58:42 <antonela> #endmeeting