15:58:52 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:58:58 <karsten> alright, meeting time!
15:59:07 <karsten> I think irl won't be around today.
15:59:26 <gaba> OH
15:59:31 <gaba> i mean, oh :)
15:59:32 <gaba> ok
15:59:42 <gaba> roadmap, i saw that you all created some tickets
15:59:52 <karsten> I thought we might want to discuss roadmap/kanban things.
16:00:00 <gaba> yes
16:00:04 <karsten> irl did create a lot of tickets, yes.
16:00:19 * karsten opens the agenda pad..
16:00:24 <gaba> is there anything in progress that people are not working on and/or anything you all are working on that is not there?
16:01:41 <karsten> very much, yes.
16:02:16 <karsten> the guidelines are at a stage where we can start testing them with the first data set we're adding.
16:02:33 <karsten> or if there's feedback on the first draft, I can incorporate that.
16:02:41 <karsten> but other than that, I can't make progress on that one at the moment.
16:02:47 <karsten> that's #29315.
16:03:13 <gaba> ok
16:03:14 <karsten> #29166 is blocking on a review of the integration tests I wrote. let me find the ticket.
16:03:36 <karsten> integration tests are #29425.
16:03:59 <karsten> same applies to #23752. that's blocking on #29425, too.
16:04:44 <gaba> ok, that review is going to be done by irl?
16:04:47 <karsten> yes.
16:05:37 <karsten> does that mean all three tickets go from "In Progress" to "Icebox"?
16:05:48 <karsten> or how does this work?
16:06:07 <karsten> ah, "On Review". good!
16:06:15 <gaba> ok, I'm adding those there
16:06:33 <karsten> cool!
16:06:48 <gaba> anything from backlog that should go to in progress for next week?
16:06:55 <karsten> what I'm currently working on is "Performance metrics: phase 1 with existing data".
16:07:21 <gaba> do we have a ticket for it?
16:07:21 <karsten> at the beginning of february I wrote a first draft.
16:07:35 <karsten> I discussed that on tuesday with a few folks, and now I'm busy with a second draft.
16:07:46 <gaba> yes
16:07:49 <karsten> let me see if I find a ticket.
16:07:49 <gaba> great!
16:09:10 <karsten> not yet.
16:09:43 <karsten> I can create one. it would be mainly for tracking this work, not for discussion, though.
16:09:43 <gaba> irl created this ticket that is not the task you are working on but we do not have in the roadmap 29466
16:09:49 <gaba> I can check with him later about that one
16:09:53 <gaba> yes
16:09:55 <gaba> that sounds good
16:10:11 <karsten> no, that's something different.
16:10:16 <karsten> I'll create a ticket.
16:11:21 <karsten> hmm, so regarding #25644,
16:11:27 <karsten> which is listed as Done,
16:11:44 <gaba> the ticket is close
16:11:48 <gaba> closed*
16:11:54 <karsten> that ticket doesn't cover everything in the kanban description.
16:12:07 <gaba> ah
16:12:10 <karsten> it's just the "CollecTor prototype" part.
16:12:14 <karsten> we still need to do the rest.
16:12:19 <gaba> i see
16:13:04 <gaba> that is something irl is working on, right?
16:13:11 <karsten> yes.
16:13:14 <gaba> we need one more last report
16:13:18 <gaba> ok
16:13:18 <karsten> right.
16:13:22 <gaba> i just moved back to in progress
16:14:01 <karsten> did we write #28465 on the roadmap in brussels?
16:14:23 <gaba> it is in the icebox now
16:14:37 <gaba> at the top
16:14:38 <karsten> how did it end up there?
16:15:04 <gaba> mmm, it was not in the roadmap in brussels?
16:15:07 <gaba> let me check the photos
16:15:57 <karsten> is it maybe from a roadmap thing from the big room?
16:16:20 <karsten> I'm not opposed to doing it, I'm just curious how this list of tasks matches the one we made in brussels.
16:17:18 <gaba> you are right, is not there O.O
16:17:23 <gaba> Not sure how it got in
16:17:31 <karsten> is there a history? maybe irl added it?
16:17:41 <karsten> aha, yes he did.
16:18:11 <karsten> again, I don't mind it being there, but I'd like to understand how things get there in general.
16:18:23 <karsten> we can discuss that next week.
16:18:26 <gaba> ahh, ok
16:18:43 <gaba> yes, i think we should discuss it in the weekly meeting if we add new things
16:19:02 <gaba> the roadmap will change but let's use the weekly meeting as a place to take those dcisions
16:19:10 <karsten> yes, agreed.
16:19:19 <gaba> do you want to chat about this one to ir?
16:19:25 <karsten> we could add a new category for "discuss next week".
16:19:33 <gaba> ok
16:19:52 <karsten> I don't know. or we only change the roadmap together.
16:19:57 <karsten> we'll see what works best.
16:20:29 <karsten> alright, I think the roadmap is okay for the moment.
16:20:45 <gaba> ok
16:21:06 <karsten> regarding the next two topics:
16:21:14 <karsten> I'm afraid I can't say much about those two.
16:21:24 <karsten> both are irl's projects.
16:21:28 <gaba> ok, I'm going to check with irl
16:21:35 <gaba> the one on s13
16:21:44 <karsten> when do you need an answer?
16:21:46 <gaba> antonela: did you have antyhign about the metrics portal?
16:21:55 <antonela> hey! thanks
16:21:56 <antonela> yesterday, i met Eileen from simply secure to talk about the new metrics portal and also about the ckan theming. I'd like us to make some kind of product requirements doc so we can share with them the scope. She was very excited about the project and we may need to apply to OTF for it.
16:21:58 <gaba> about s13: whenever irl is back is ok
16:22:10 <karsten> gaba: okay!
16:22:40 <gaba> nice antonela! we may need to wait for irl to start on that one
16:22:56 <karsten> antonela: hi! yes, agreed, this discussion makes much more sense with irl.
16:23:12 <antonela> perfect, let's wait for him
16:23:16 <karsten> antonela: is next week okay?
16:23:23 <antonela> i told her that i'll back by the end of the month
16:23:24 <antonela> yes yes
16:23:29 <karsten> great!
16:23:32 <antonela> we can work next week on that doc and we are on time
16:23:41 <karsten> perfect!
16:23:51 <karsten> thanks. :)
16:23:52 <antonela> i was afraid about the dev side of deliverables, for the ckan theming
16:24:03 <antonela> she told me that they have a lot of people available, so is doable
16:24:47 <gaba> ok
16:25:13 <karsten> ok!
16:25:20 <karsten> is there anything else we should talk about?
16:25:25 <gaba> not from me
16:25:42 <karsten> neither from me.
16:25:50 <antonela> groot here
16:26:16 <karsten> alright! thank you! have a great day. :) bye!
16:26:21 <antonela> thanks!
16:26:22 <gaba> o/ bye!
16:26:24 <karsten> #endmeeting