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15:59:51 <flexlibris> pili, did we want to continue today with the visioning activity?
15:59:57 <pili> yes, I think so
16:00:09 <pili> I just need to get organised as to how far we had got last time
16:00:09 <flexlibris> okay, lets do a quick roadmap update first then
16:00:14 <flexlibris> sure
16:00:35 <antonela> o/
16:01:27 <flexlibris> anyone have anything to update under support and community portals?
16:01:35 <cy63113> what is roadmap link, please
16:01:56 <flexlibris> i sent gus my most recent updates to the training materials but he is in india so i imagine he needs time to look at those
16:02:09 <flexlibris> cy63113, https://storm.torproject.org/shared/6E3DRIFnO2v1xKh_0D-M35swRXpqV64PsYLpzDSWJIZ
16:02:20 <cy63113> thanks!
16:02:38 <cy63113> i have a little update
16:02:41 <flexlibris> okay sure
16:02:48 * privatecake is here
16:03:03 <flexlibris> hi privatecake, are you new?
16:03:06 <privatecake> oops, this is Kushal
16:03:12 <flexlibris> oh, hi kushal
16:03:19 <cy63113> i'll run another talk in a a female event, Women Dev Summit, March 8
16:03:33 <wayward> nice!!
16:03:36 <flexlibris> cool you can add it to the march roadmap
16:03:37 <cy63113> i still don't have the url, probably later this week
16:03:39 <pili> nice cy63113 where's that going to be? :)
16:03:49 <flexlibris> did you run the campus party stuff? if so how did it go?
16:03:50 <cy63113> Here in Sao Paulo
16:04:12 <cy63113> Was amazing in Campus Party! Lots of people in both activities
16:04:26 <cy63113> one of them was 11am on saturday!
16:04:50 <flexlibris> cool!
16:04:58 <cy63113> and some disapointed faces when I say deep web is not what they think
16:05:04 <flexlibris> ha
16:05:44 <cy63113> that´s it for me :)
16:05:47 <flexlibris> cool, thanks for holding those events cy!
16:05:51 <pari> cy63113: lol same happened here in Delhi when gus told students in IIT Delhi
16:06:06 <privatecake> flexlibris, I added a line about Nullcon Goa event, I will be speaking about Tor to the journalists.
16:06:07 <cy63113> ahahahhahahahaha
16:06:11 <flexlibris> so gus and emma are currently in india together
16:06:14 <flexlibris> cool privatecake
16:06:26 <privatecake> flexlibris, nope, in Indonesia
16:06:29 <privatecake> :)
16:06:39 <pari> flexlibris: I think they've moved to Indonesia
16:06:44 <flexlibris> oops, that's what i meant to type, my bad
16:06:53 <flexlibris> i was reading the pad at the same time and saw the word india
16:07:16 <flexlibris> okay so let's see what else
16:07:22 <pili> I have some things
16:07:25 <pili> but can wait also :)
16:07:26 <flexlibris> sure
16:07:28 <flexlibris> go ahead
16:07:51 <pili> so first thing is that we should brainstorm who we want to invite to the dev meeting
16:07:55 * antonela raises hand too :)
16:08:00 <pili> make sure we're not forgetting anyone
16:08:23 <pili> e.g who does the community team work with that we should try to get over to sweden
16:08:40 <pili> I realise there are a lot of volunteers here already, but feel free to nominate yourselves also :D
16:09:26 <pili> or maybe we can start an email thread? :) (everyone seems very quiet...)
16:09:36 <wayward> sorry, I missed the question because of a timeout
16:09:55 <pili> wayward: " we should brainstorm who we want to invite to the dev meeting"
16:10:00 <wayward> ah!
16:10:03 <cy63113> i'd love to be part in sweden!
16:10:06 <wayward> I know some people :)
16:10:09 <cy63113> hehhehe
16:10:11 <wayward> definitely the folks at Tormenta
16:10:23 <wayward> And Derechos Digitales !
16:10:27 <cy63113> si!
16:11:09 <wayward> and maybe some of the smaller hacklabs in the global south, as well
16:11:17 <pili> any particular contacts at those places? :) unfortunately I don't think we can invite everyone :(
16:11:18 <wayward> depending on how big our budget is for inviting folks
16:11:34 <pili> we can pay for some and invite others basically
16:11:52 <wayward> ok, cool! For Tormenta, I think we should ask them who they want to send
16:12:07 <wayward> same for DD
16:12:15 <wayward> I know some people from both groups, so I can reach out
16:12:32 <wayward> if needed :p
16:13:04 <pili> to be clear, this does not mean that we will invite everyone, it's going to be a much smaller meeting this time
16:13:15 <wayward> gotcha!
16:13:21 <pili> I just want to make sure we don't forget anyone critical :)
16:14:30 <wayward> I guess my main suggestion is to prioritize folks from the global south
16:14:31 <pili> ok, any other names to throw in the hat before we move on? anyone that we've been working with a lot?
16:14:44 <pili> I'll also send an email to the list so that ggus and emmapeel can also comment
16:14:55 <flexlibris> i think that's good
16:15:10 <pili> thanks! :)
16:16:15 <pili> ok, I think the other stuff can wait, I'll let antonela go
16:17:01 <antonela> thanks pili!
16:17:33 <antonela> so, i have wrapped the outreach material we have been working with, i want to share here the final version and i want to hear your feedback for the covers
16:17:34 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#sn028ht41RD--vTGPPzTCA
16:17:39 <wayward> !!!!!!
16:17:54 <antonela> as you know, we are going to print in 1 color (super cheap) and will be a folded A3 sheet
16:18:12 <antonela> so, on one side we have the info, and on the other side we have the stencil/poster and the feminist post
16:18:17 <antonela> *poster
16:18:30 <flexlibris> i love it
16:18:43 <wayward> ahhhh I love this so much!
16:18:52 <pari> antonela: this is wonderful!
16:19:08 <pari> so cool
16:19:32 <cy63113> <3
16:19:53 <antonela> i made a quick video to show how it is folded (sorry for the DB link) https://www.dropbox.com/s/0sul37egfvnxhdc/Video%2025-2-19%2013%2020%2023.mov?dl=0
16:20:18 <flexlibris> oh just one thought
16:20:20 <antonela> yess
16:20:24 <flexlibris> the tor for human rights using the equal sign
16:20:31 <flexlibris> i think that human rights campaign uses an equal sign
16:20:41 <antonela> ohh is that good or bad?
16:20:42 <flexlibris> we should make sure that's not a problem since it's close
16:20:51 <flexlibris> they might have a copyright issue idk
16:20:58 <flexlibris> i can't imagine that an equal sign is copyrighted???
16:20:59 <pili> 💜
16:21:06 <antonela> to be honest, was really hard! so i can try any idea
16:21:12 <flexlibris> yeah i don't doubt it
16:21:31 <flexlibris> it might be fine??? i don't know
16:21:40 <antonela> anws, if you have any idea, if you find any typo please write me!
16:21:50 <antonela> we reviewed it 1020192 times but always is better a new review :)
16:22:20 <antonela> when we have it ready, i'll talk with jon to check how we are going to print, some serigraphy will be cool and cheap :)
16:22:31 <wayward> :0
16:22:37 <antonela> Screen printing in english i think
16:24:04 <antonela> thats all :)
16:24:17 <icsaragao> I'm new here but I already loved the material, super accessible ! Congrats for the work!
16:24:33 <flexlibris> it's so beautiful antonela
16:24:35 <flexlibris> can't wait to see it in print
16:24:43 <antonela> thanks icsaragao! is a collab between teams <3 <3
16:24:49 <flexlibris> welcome icsaragao
16:25:16 <flexlibris> okay let's see what else is on the roadmap
16:25:37 <icsaragao> Thanks flexlibris! :)
16:26:19 <flexlibris> okay so LFI -- I am spending basically 100% of my time on this, so if there are Tor-specific things you need from me let's talk about delegating them to someone else for the foreseeable future
16:26:47 <pili> "someone else" == me ? :D
16:26:54 <flexlibris> I am doing application review and updating the curriculum and we will have twice as many people in this cohort, so I expect to be spending my time in this way for a while
16:27:06 <flexlibris> well not necessarily all you pili, you have a lot to do as well :)
16:27:15 <pili> hehe :)
16:27:34 <flexlibris> phoul is not here so we can't get any relay advocacy updates
16:27:46 <flexlibris> any other updates before we pick back up on our visioning conversation?
16:29:06 <flexlibris> seems not
16:29:13 <flexlibris> okay pili, let's talk about visioning!
16:29:19 <pili> cool
16:29:35 <pili> so last time we spoke about why we need a community team and what our challenges are
16:30:02 <pili> and today I want to wrap it up with where we see the community team at Tor in 2 years time
16:30:35 <pili> e.g how much do we want to grow our volunteer base
16:30:37 <wayward> !!!
16:30:41 <pili> in how many countries
16:31:06 <pili> providing which resources
16:31:15 <pili> let's think big and crazy :)
16:31:20 <pili> this is our wish list
16:32:02 <pili> What does our ideal state look like in 2 years time?
16:32:29 <flexlibris> for me this all depends on if we have funding for a volunteer coordinator
16:32:31 <pili> which kind of groups and organisations do we want to engage with
16:32:59 <flexlibris> so the big thinking is -- funded full-time volunteer coordinator first, then targeting maybe 5 specific countries that we've been working with already and have built relationships in
16:33:02 <pili> flexlibris: practicalities aside... imagine that money/resources were not a problem :)
16:34:04 <flexlibris> imagining that, I think that those target countries would include maybe two in LatAm, one in South Asia, and one in east Africa just given our existing relationships
16:34:07 <privatecake> pili, then I would imagine Tor community members being present in all other meetups and community events and talk about Tor to new folks.
16:34:44 <wayward> yes! there being enough volunteers everywhere that they show up in big numbers at our local dev events
16:35:17 <privatecake> The kind of goal we had during Fedora project's initial push to create community everywhere.
16:35:51 <privatecake> wayward, Showing up in a group helps to make a mark :)
16:36:05 <wayward> Ideally it would be great to have volunteers incorporated in every level of the project, with their hands in everything
16:36:10 <pili> privatecake: I'm assuming you achieved this and if so, it would be good to have some pointers on how this was done
16:36:29 <privatecake> pili, Yup, I will write to the list.
16:36:46 <cy63113> pili: Mozilla has a huge number of volunteers all around the world
16:36:54 <cy63113> maybe something like that?
16:37:19 <privatecake> cy63113, just that we don't have money like to Mozilla.
16:37:25 <pili> :)
16:37:27 <cy63113> no no no
16:37:43 <privatecake> wrote an extra "to" :(
16:37:43 <cy63113> mostly volunnteers don't rely necessarily on money
16:37:51 <icsaragao> Maybe we could try more groups in universities too and it wouldn't cost, I think, because it would give credits/ECTs to the students
16:38:06 <flexlibris> but you're right that it does take money/resources to sustain a strong volunteer network
16:38:11 <privatecake> cy63113, depends on countries and social economic status.
16:38:29 <cy63113> I have the experience here in Brazil
16:38:54 <pari> The Mozilla community is very strong within India as well. And they do seem to spend of money a lot on meetups and events
16:39:05 <privatecake> pari, That is the exact problem.
16:39:10 <wayward> I think icsaragao has a good point, universities are a good place to find volunteers
16:39:23 <wayward> and to get people excited about Tor in general :D
16:39:24 <privatecake> pari, The money totally put things in the wrong direction.
16:39:30 <privatecake> wayward, yup.
16:39:35 <pari> privatecake: agreed
16:40:26 <cy63113> I frequently go to tech events and meetups, so this kind of place is easy to find people really interested in volunteer
16:40:34 <pili> what about where do we as a community team see the Tor Project in 2 years time
16:40:39 <cy63113> just need someone holding their hands and showing the way
16:40:47 <pili> and how can we as a community team help it get there?
16:41:50 <privatecake> pili, we may want to get our current team members to write down what is their vision on these 2 questions.
16:41:53 <wayward> I see tor project being more accessible in general, with documentation that makes it seem like something anyone can get involved in
16:41:57 <privatecake> That can be starting point.
16:42:39 <wayward> right now Tor Project seems mostly oriented to folks with high base knowledge of CS
16:42:42 <pili> privatecake: that will be the homework for the email thread that I will send to the list summarising this exercise ;)
16:42:54 <icsaragao> As I said, I'm really new at this, but I hope that in 2 years more people have access to the type of information, especially about security, that we have in here!
16:42:55 <pili> wayward: that is a really good point
16:42:58 <icsaragao> I agree with wayward
16:43:10 <privatecake> pili, perfect, thank you.
16:43:26 <flexlibris> in order to get to a more accessible, diverse, and volunteer-rich team we need at least two more full time funded staff positions on the team
16:43:33 <flexlibris> as we discussed during the last visioning
16:43:43 <pili> flexlibris: +1
16:43:54 <privatecake> flexlibris, yes, it is a lot of work.
16:44:02 <privatecake> painful work even.
16:44:21 <wayward> I think our localization efforts are doing really well, so the accessibility goal seems very achievable to me, especially if we end up with a full-time tech writer
16:45:04 <anyonelse> hi everyone.
16:46:03 <pili> hi anyonelse
16:46:16 <wayward> o/ !
16:46:46 <flexlibris> welcome anyonelse
16:46:52 <pili> so one point was about getting more universities/student groups involved
16:46:58 <flexlibris> we are talking about visioning ideas for the community team for the next two years
16:46:59 <pili> what about other types of organisations
16:47:09 <pili> e.g lawyers, journalists, etc...
16:47:30 <cy63113> human rights
16:47:31 <pili> maybe groups we don't have as much contact with so far?
16:47:39 <pili> (maybe we do, but I'm just not aware_
16:47:43 <antonela> the only way to envision a solid volunteers network is to have a kind of solid internal workflow to enable that, and for that, stable staff members are priority
16:47:44 <icsaragao> I think a lot of lawyers would even pay for courses of security of information
16:47:51 <wayward> antonela: +1
16:48:11 <privatecake> antonela, +1 to that.
16:48:27 <icsaragao> Because a lot of law offices don't even encrypt e-mails from their clients and everything
16:48:41 <wayward> omg right
16:48:44 <icsaragao> So maybe it could be an opportunity to raise some funds too
16:49:21 <wayward> local activist groups would be great, too
16:49:25 <wayward> hacklabs!
16:49:39 <wayward> but I guess that's already one of our main audiences
16:49:57 <cy63113> no sure wayward
16:50:04 <wayward> I think we should balance institutions with grassroots orgs
16:50:09 <cy63113> people thinks tor is tooooo far away from them
16:50:19 <wayward> cy63113: that's a really good point :/
16:50:35 <cy63113> moslty people even tech savvy don't know what tor is
16:50:47 <pili> I guess my question for the purpose of the vision exercise is which kinds of groups we want to concentrate on growing in the next 2 years
16:50:49 <cy63113> is hard to them be volunteer before belive in it
16:51:02 <pili> cy63113: definitely!
16:51:50 <wayward> I would tend towards targeting smaller groups before larger institutions
16:52:02 <cy63113> +1
16:52:14 <wayward> to get more people involved, to spread our audience, and through that, to help make Tor more accessible
16:53:33 <icsaragao> I think we could focus in groups of students of courses (like law and journalism) and maybe it would spread faster too since they could bring this type of information to where they work and where they spend their everyday life
16:53:43 <icsaragao> I really believe in the potential of students, hahaha
16:53:52 <wayward> +1
16:54:00 <icsaragao> And I agree with wayward, smaller groups before larger institutions
16:54:03 <pili> :)
16:54:04 <pili> ok, we have 5 more minutes
16:54:05 <pili> any last comments ?
16:54:34 <wayward> just a thank you for organizing this, pili!
16:55:08 <pili> thank you for all your ideas! :D I'm just sitting here absorbing them ;)
16:55:13 <anyonelse> Well, I would like to present myself briefly: Guilherme Gomes, student from Brazil. I'm here thanks to a project from my university.
16:55:42 <pili> welcome again anyonelse ! I guess we'll be working a lot together in the next few months :)
16:55:48 <cy63113> Oi Guilherme!
16:55:57 <anyonelse> Thanks! ;) I guess so haha
16:56:04 <anyonelse> I'm here just lurking for now.
16:56:21 <anyonelse> everything kinda new for me.
16:56:50 <cy63113> I speak portuguese if you need some help :)
16:56:58 <pili> feel free to ask any questions anytime :)
16:57:14 <anyonelse> thank you, cy (don't know how to mention) será um prazer!
16:57:28 <anyonelse> thanks pili, sure I will
16:57:35 <pili> ok, handing back to flexlibris I think
16:58:01 <flexlibris> okay i think that's it and we're at our time
16:58:06 <flexlibris> so i'll go ahead and kill the bot
16:58:07 <flexlibris> thanks everyone
16:58:11 <flexlibris> #endmeeting