18:58:59 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 02/27
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18:59:15 <pili> how's everyone today? :)
18:59:34 <pospeselr> sleepy
18:59:51 <pili> pospeselr: I hear you ;) I'm ending my day soon enough though :P
18:59:55 <pili> so, we have a release pending for now-ish? how's that going? :)
19:00:06 <pili> I'm guessing it's not going to happen today
19:00:20 <pili> are we on track for the end of the week or do we think it's going to move to next week?
19:00:22 <GeKo> no
19:00:28 <GeKo> not sure yet
19:00:44 <GeKo> it depends mostly on sisbell and sysrqb :)
19:00:49 <pili> no pressure :)
19:01:02 <GeKo> yeah
19:01:17 <pili> any updates sysrqb or sisbell would like to share? Any way the rest of the team can help?
19:01:34 <GeKo> i cut down my expectations and think there are 3 tickets blocking the next alpha
19:01:48 <pili> ok, let's review the list I have
19:01:52 <GeKo> #28685 which is basically done and is no blocker
19:02:02 <GeKo> (in the sense that we are waiting on someone)
19:02:18 <GeKo> then we h ave #28329
19:02:37 <GeKo> and we have #27609 and child tickets
19:02:52 <GeKo> the alpha won't ship without those three fixed
19:03:08 <GeKo> as there is no much of a point
19:03:13 <pili> agreed
19:03:28 <pili> at which point do we decide to just wait for the March release instead?
19:03:43 <pili> that's the 19th March release
19:03:48 <antonela> re: 28329 -- i tested the apk sysrqb sent to me this week, looks great as a first iteration, we need to review some ui details on it
19:04:09 <GeKo> yeah, it's crashing for me though :(
19:04:16 <GeKo> pili: i think end of next week
19:04:27 <antonela> my plan is to run TBA usability testing during IFF, if the release comes at the estimated deadlines
19:04:40 <pili> GeKo: sounds good
19:04:41 <GeKo> iff is in april, right?
19:04:44 <pili> antonela: that'd be great
19:04:46 <antonela> yeah, first week
19:04:55 <GeKo> ack
19:05:17 <antonela> we will have a table, people can join us, really targeted users for us (journalists, researchers, activitst)
19:06:15 <pili> back to this release, will #28802 make it in to TBA-a3?
19:07:06 <GeKo> good question
19:07:45 <GeKo> i saw in the work done by sysrqb in #28329 that the bridge dialog offers the option to choose obfs4 bridges
19:08:04 <GeKo> so, i'd say, yes, we should get that into as well
19:08:11 <GeKo> not sure via which ticket
19:08:17 <pili> great! I'll keep in my list then
19:08:28 <GeKo> it might be that #28802 got solved by one of the other 2
19:08:35 <GeKo> but i'd need to double check
19:09:00 <pili> and the last one i had on my list from before was #29238
19:09:10 <pili> (and other udpate tickets)
19:10:08 <GeKo> should be possible
19:10:35 <pili> ok, I'll keep it in also
19:10:59 <sysrqb> sorry i'm late
19:11:12 <sysrqb> antonela: maybe we can chat tomorrow?
19:11:23 <pili> ok, anything else to discuss about TBA-a3
19:11:24 <antonela> sysrqb: yes sure!
19:11:28 <GeKo> o/
19:11:35 <sysrqb> we should have PT support with this release
19:11:42 <sysrqb> but that also depends on tor-browser-build support
19:11:44 <pili> no worries sysrqb :) we're just wrapping up details on the TBA-a3 release
19:11:46 <sysrqb> so i'm not sure where we are with that
19:11:54 <sysrqb> the UI should support it
19:12:02 <sysrqb> but those new binaries wil need to be bundled, too
19:12:09 <sysrqb> which currently is not happening
19:12:40 <sysrqb> i wonder why my changes are crashing for both GeKo and antonela  :(
19:12:57 <sysrqb> hopefully i get can some android logs from one of you
19:13:04 <antonela> i mean, i tap [connect] and the app crash
19:13:12 <sysrqb> that shouldn't happen :)
19:13:15 <GeKo> see log in ticket?
19:13:18 <antonela> okey good to know
19:13:25 <GeKo> otherwise let me know what you need :)
19:13:26 <antonela> i can give you my logs
19:13:37 <sysrqb> oh! no, i didnt look
19:13:42 <GeKo> antonela: it's crashing for you as well?
19:14:00 <antonela> yes
19:14:23 <sysrqb> huh. what?
19:14:37 <sysrqb> okay, i'll look at that, but those stack traces are weird.
19:15:01 <antonela> how i can grab logs if the app get closed? maybe are they somewhere else not visible?
19:15:14 <GeKo> sysrqb: yeah :(
19:15:28 <sysrqb> GeKo: i'll try running your build, maybe i can repo
19:15:42 <sysrqb> but i build an apk for anto and it worked here, but crashed when she ran it
19:16:07 <GeKo> okay. we can chat more in #tor-dev later i guess
19:16:10 <sysrqb> antonela: if you can run 'adb logcat' that will give you the logs
19:16:10 <pili> yup :)
19:16:11 <antonela> yep
19:16:16 <GeKo> (to not hijcak the meeting...)
19:16:22 <GeKo> *hijack
19:16:22 <sysrqb> andif not, then we can figure this out somehow :)
19:16:26 <sysrqb> kk
19:16:53 <pili> ok, so after TBA-a3 we've got the security release
19:17:05 <pili> do we have any link showing the tickets we're planning for that?
19:17:24 <GeKo> whatever gets done until then :)
19:17:37 <GeKo> (so, no)
19:18:01 <GeKo> i don't track tickets per release (exceptions are the big ones like X.5 and X.0)
19:18:09 <GeKo> and i know i am late for 8.5
19:18:12 <pili> sure ;)
19:18:15 <GeKo> i hope to do that next week
19:18:23 <GeKo> but i want to get tba-a3 out first
19:18:39 <pili> let me know if I can help with that
19:18:54 <pili> ok, moving on
19:19:29 <GeKo> but looking at what we have and what is in the pipeline i think
19:19:29 <pili> does anyone have any release related items for discussion?
19:19:45 <GeKo> an openssl update, #29180, #28885
19:20:08 <GeKo> maybe #27210
19:20:08 <pili> ah, thanks for that!
19:20:15 <pili> I'll add to the provisional list
19:20:17 <GeKo> #29120
19:20:26 <GeKo> #27486
19:20:44 <GeKo> that's all alpha stuff
19:21:06 <antonela> #27484 was reviewed today :)
19:21:08 <GeKo> i need to go over `tbb-backport` tickets to decide what to do for the next stable
19:21:24 <GeKo> yeah, we'll see
19:21:29 <GeKo> maybe that one as well
19:23:48 <pili> ok
19:23:50 <pili> great
19:24:00 <pili> did anyone have any other items for discussion then? :)
19:24:12 <pili> Otherwise I was thinking maybe we could discuss the F-droid situation and what we want to do going forward
19:24:39 <pili> I know we've had some discussion on the ticket about this, but we can take this opportunity to discuss further
19:25:48 <pili> the ticket is #27539 if anyone is interested
19:25:55 <GeKo> i think it's not bad with sysrqb's idea to just try it out directly
19:26:22 <GeKo> thinking about what _hc said i am skeptical that just running our tor-browser-build stuff would work out of the box
19:26:43 <GeKo> but, hey, we can iterate from that experience ;)
19:27:05 <pili> seems too easy :)
19:27:10 <GeKo> exactly
19:27:29 <GeKo> but i won't complain if it works
19:27:48 <pili> so, when do we want to try to start implementing this plan?
19:27:49 <pili> or no plans yet?
19:28:07 <GeKo> looking at the status update from sysrqb on monday
19:28:09 <GeKo> this week
19:28:20 <GeKo> which sounds not unreasonable to me
19:28:22 <pili> oh, nice
19:28:35 <GeKo> but that probably nepends on gotchas related to #28329
19:28:43 <pili> so it's possible for the 19th March release?
19:28:46 <GeKo> and the review progress of sisbell's work
19:28:48 <GeKo> yes
19:30:59 <pili> fingers crossed...
19:31:26 <pili> ok, anything else from anyone?
19:31:33 <pili> any special guests with special requests?
19:31:33 <antonela> im groot
19:31:39 <antonela> :)
19:32:19 <pili> ok, in that case, next release meeting will be on 13th of March at 19:00 UTC as usual
19:32:23 <pili> thanks everyone┬▒
19:32:24 <pili> !
19:32:34 <GeKo> o/
19:32:34 <pili> #end-meeting
19:32:38 <pili> or #end
19:32:43 <GeKo> or #endmeeting
19:32:44 <pili> #end
19:32:46 <pili> ugh
19:32:48 <pili> (tired)
19:32:51 <GeKo> (said by the correct person)
19:32:51 <pili> #endmeeting