15:59:15 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:59:30 <karsten> notirl: did you figure out the storm issues?
15:59:34 <notirl> i'm afraid i can't see/edit the agenda today ):
15:59:41 <karsten> ok.
15:59:44 <notirl> irc is working fine though
16:00:21 <karsten> let's start with topics that don't need a gaba. maybe she'll join later.
16:00:25 <notirl> ok
16:00:30 <karsten> OONI response and Sponsor 13 report (karsten)
16:00:43 <karsten> did you see leonid's response?
16:01:02 <notirl> i didn't see the latest one, but i'm hoping that it does contain everything we need to do the comparison?
16:01:33 <karsten> it's from 1 week ago.
16:01:40 <karsten> did you receive it?
16:01:48 <notirl> was it the pointer to the github repo?
16:01:54 <notirl> ooni-pipeline
16:02:19 <karsten> it did contain a pointer to the github repo, plus lots of details in the email itself.
16:02:31 <notirl> ah ok, then this is probably everything we need then
16:02:41 <karsten> that was my impression/hope, yes.
16:02:44 <notirl> the last one i read only had the github link, but maybe i missed the details
16:02:51 <notirl> i've been focussing on the first half to get that done
16:02:56 <karsten> okay.
16:03:16 <notirl> i need to find a better way of representing the dependencies and data flow because the graph is horrible
16:03:18 <karsten> this email contains you as recipient, but just in case you're missing details, let me know, and I'll forward this email to you.
16:03:23 <notirl> ok cool
16:03:35 <gaba> hi!
16:03:38 <karsten> hi gaba!
16:03:40 <notirl> hi gaba!
16:03:49 <karsten> notirl: feel free to share what you have as graph, and I might have ideas.
16:04:01 <notirl> ok, i can send it when i am home later
16:04:05 <karsten> sure.
16:04:10 <notirl> can you add a note to the agenda?
16:04:18 <karsten> doing that now.
16:04:21 <notirl> thanks
16:05:13 <karsten> done.
16:05:22 <karsten> moving on to the next topic?
16:05:26 <notirl> ok
16:05:51 <karsten> Next retrospective (karsten)
16:06:04 <karsten> just saw that being edited.
16:06:11 <notirl> I did manage to add a note before it crashed
16:06:24 <notirl> I think we are Monday 4th 17:00 UTC according to the pattern so far
16:07:02 <karsten> ok.
16:07:09 <karsten> there's a question on the pad to move it to 15:00 utc.
16:07:16 <notirl> that is fine for me
16:07:17 <gaba> yes, I'm asking :)
16:07:24 <gaba> I have a meeting 17:30 UTC on Monday
16:07:25 <karsten> I can do 15:00 utc.
16:07:30 <gaba> ok, thanks!
16:07:33 <notirl> yay consensus
16:07:56 <karsten> done!
16:08:16 <karsten> Minimal plan for TorDNSEL rewrite without the fancy parts (karsten)
16:08:25 <karsten> we carried that over from last week.
16:08:50 <karsten> context was that we didn't get the grant, and we need to start working on this anyway.
16:09:14 <karsten> what was the date when the current service gets shut down?
16:09:26 <notirl> end of march i think
16:09:30 <karsten> ugh
16:09:49 <notirl> if we stop producing exit lists, i assume onionoo still serves the latest exit list it has?
16:09:57 <karsten> welllllll
16:10:19 <karsten> things will get bad really soon.
16:10:29 <karsten> we shouldn't let this happen.
16:10:49 <gaba> so this is a priority
16:10:54 <karsten> yes.
16:10:56 <notirl> ok, we should get some tool that produces exit lists running then
16:11:18 <karsten> so,
16:11:32 <gaba> silly question, who is running the current service and why it is being shutdown?
16:11:35 <notirl> i wonder if there is an easy workaround though, can we just run the current code on otf cloud instead of tpa infra?
16:11:43 <gaba> ^ that
16:12:15 <notirl> if it's a vm maybe even tpa can give me the image and i just run it somewhere until we're ready to switch over
16:12:29 <karsten> hmmm :(
16:12:30 <notirl> ideally we want to run both solutions in paralell to ensure coverage is equal/better
16:13:07 <karsten> can we go through the list of other priorities for march?
16:13:28 <notirl> my top priority once sponsor13 is done is exit lists
16:13:29 <karsten> maybe we can get this done properly in march.
16:13:53 <notirl> there were interruptions in feb, but i'm hoping sponsor13 is done by the end of next week
16:14:03 <notirl> so 6 points available for exit lists in march
16:14:06 <gaba> yes, it seems to me that nothing else (other than s13 report) is top priority right now
16:14:29 <gaba> in the backlog we have #24422
16:14:37 <gaba> #25776
16:14:43 <karsten> ok. let's keep that plan to run existing code somewhere as backup plan.
16:14:58 <notirl> information architecture is trickling along
16:15:05 <notirl> onionperf work is ongoing
16:15:33 <karsten> regarding the exit list scanner, how can I help?
16:15:50 <karsten> right now this plan relies a lot on your availability to do it.
16:16:02 <karsten> because you want to reuse existing code, I think.
16:16:26 <notirl> karsten: we need to extend exit list formats to include ipv6 addresses, source software+version, source identifier
16:16:36 <notirl> you could start with these spec changes
16:16:53 <notirl> and once agreed on them you can implement in metrics-lib
16:17:01 <notirl> maybe also onionoo
16:17:12 <karsten> okay.
16:17:22 <karsten> adding that to my list.
16:17:38 <gaba> notirl: is this something that can be done in march?
16:18:02 <notirl> yeah, the spec stuff can happen now
16:18:07 <notirl> we know what we need from it
16:18:16 <gaba> in brussels we said that needs to be replaced by march 25th
16:18:19 <gaba> ok
16:18:35 <karsten> why the 25th?
16:19:02 <notirl> maybe because it gave us time to overrun?
16:19:10 <gaba> I guess
16:19:19 <gaba> the deadline we have on this is march 25th
16:19:23 <karsten> ok.
16:19:35 <gaba> do we have a ticket for this?
16:19:42 <karsten> for the spec change?
16:19:46 <notirl> i have a post-it to make the tickets
16:19:49 <gaba> ok
16:19:50 <karsten> and the metrics-lib/Onionoo implementation?
16:19:50 <notirl> which i did not do yet
16:19:51 <gaba> sounds good
16:20:02 <karsten> ah, for the replacement?
16:20:17 <notirl> i have post-its for all the tickets that i need to make
16:20:22 <karsten> ok.
16:20:26 <notirl> including spec changes, onionoo, metrics-lib, etc.
16:20:33 <karsten> great!
16:20:46 <notirl> we need some bulk ticket creation method because it's a little painful
16:20:50 <notirl> which is why i didn't do it yet
16:20:59 <notirl> but i'll just do it tonight
16:21:17 <karsten> ok. all noted in the pad.
16:21:23 <notirl> thanks
16:21:33 <karsten> moving on?
16:21:39 <notirl> yeah
16:21:50 <karsten> Monthly report (karsten)
16:21:58 <karsten> we didn't have a monthly report for january.
16:22:18 <karsten> mostly because things were a bit hectic with brussels.
16:22:29 <karsten> I wonder, did anybody notice?
16:22:49 <notirl> it is good to think about what i've been doing even if no one is going to read the report
16:23:03 <karsten> so, my plan was to write a report for january and february.
16:23:11 <notirl> ok, sounds good
16:23:30 <notirl> shall we aim to post this after our retrospective?
16:23:36 <gaba> sounds good
16:23:43 <karsten> okay, can you send me a quick update what you have been doing in january _and_ february then?
16:23:54 <notirl> yeah, will do tomorrow
16:24:07 <karsten> I can compile a draft by next monday.
16:24:07 <gaba> we can include some of the stuff that was discussed at the hackweek in the report?
16:24:44 <notirl> yeah
16:25:01 <karsten> yes, I can go through my meeting notes and see what makes sense to include.
16:25:44 <gaba> thanks! at least the roadmap that came out of it
16:26:01 <karsten> you mean a link to the kanban thing?
16:26:39 <gaba> yes, there is a public read only link in the wiki page for the metrics page
16:26:47 <gaba> https://storm.torproject.org/shared/TsgBadLSfM8uh_aftPjxmR_rm0a8E-4UQ2HEa_l0DHv
16:27:06 <karsten> ok.
16:27:11 <karsten> makes sense.
16:27:22 <karsten> alright, moving on?
16:27:29 <gaba> yes
16:27:39 <karsten> User-perceived performance, next steps (karsten)
16:27:48 <karsten> I stopped working on this, even though I could do more.
16:28:01 <karsten> current status is that I identified some issues in failed and very slow runs.
16:28:22 <karsten> I posted my findings to the tor-scaling@ mailing list.
16:28:43 <gaba> by issues you mean stuff that metrics and/or other teams should be working on, right?
16:28:48 <karsten> there was some discussion with dgoulet and asn on the mailing list, but nothing happened from there on.
16:29:11 <gaba> I was talking with Isabela aobut next steps and that is why I called for a meeting for tor scaling to put togther priorities/issues we need to work on.
16:29:21 <karsten> right. that meeting makes a lot of sense.
16:29:21 <notirl> When is the meeting?
16:29:24 <gaba> mikeperry also sent a mail with his thought son that
16:29:29 <karsten> things are stalling at the moment.
16:29:30 <gaba> there is a doodle to choose a time
16:29:33 <gaba> let me look for it
16:29:45 <gaba> https://doodle.com/poll/sym3a3e9cfd5ce99
16:29:52 <notirl> ok cool
16:30:02 <karsten> I could also do more by looking closer at slow runs.
16:30:10 <karsten> but I didn't want to spend even more time on this.
16:30:33 <karsten> in particular after finding lower hanging fruit that are still on the tree (or however that metaphor goes).
16:30:38 <gaba> I would love to have a summary of all the discussions somewhere for this meeting and I will try to do that soon.
16:30:50 <gaba> hehe
16:31:13 <karsten> does this summary that I'm trying to give here make sense to you?
16:31:21 <gaba> yes
16:31:29 <gaba> yes for me :) irl?
16:31:38 <notirl> yes
16:31:42 <karsten> cool! :)
16:31:46 <karsten> so, regarding next steps,
16:31:54 <karsten> this ties into our earlier discussion of high priorities.
16:32:04 <karsten> we'll have to do other things first.
16:32:21 <notirl> yeah
16:32:27 <karsten> I think I shouldn't work on this stuff in march.
16:32:36 <karsten> this stuff == user-perceived performance.
16:32:49 <karsten> but more work remains.
16:33:07 <karsten> participating in that meeting works just fine. but I cannot do much more on the analysis side.
16:33:20 <karsten> hope this makes sense.
16:33:35 <gaba> yes, it makes sense
16:33:40 <notirl> i'd want to see and participate in the discussion but also i don't think i would have time to write code for it
16:33:49 <gaba> let's wait until we agree with others on next steps for this
16:33:52 <notirl> ok
16:33:55 <karsten> ok.
16:34:40 <gaba> next?
16:34:43 <notirl> yeah
16:34:47 <karsten> yep. just added a note.
16:34:51 <karsten> Tor is presenting projects to outreachy  - https://www.outreachy.org/
16:35:02 <karsten> this looks like a different kind of gsoc.
16:35:04 <gaba> please vote in the doodle <-- last thing about that
16:35:04 <notirl> maybe next year
16:35:08 <gaba> yes
16:35:13 <gaba> outreachy is focus on diversity
16:35:15 <gaba> in tech
16:35:20 <gaba> and is also about mentoring
16:35:21 <karsten> sounds very cool!
16:35:31 <karsten> but I'm with notirl here.
16:35:36 <karsten> we just turned down gsoc.
16:35:37 <gaba> yes, it is ok
16:35:42 <notirl> i think also, do we not have to pay for outreachy ourselves/
16:35:44 <gaba> i was just bringning it in case there was anything
16:35:45 <karsten> it's twice per year, right?
16:36:01 <gaba> yes, sara is looking for sponsors for it
16:36:05 <notirl> ok
16:36:15 <karsten> let's reconsider in 6 months?
16:36:18 <gaba> next time. pili is coordinating it and will mention next time
16:36:20 <gaba> yes, sounds good
16:36:23 <notirl> ok
16:36:24 <karsten> cool!
16:36:48 <karsten> Roadmap:
16:36:57 <gaba> The last topic is the roadmap and I think you all already answered the question what you are working on
16:37:07 <gaba> #29507
16:37:13 <gaba> and sponsor 13 tech report
16:37:15 <notirl> shall we look at this in the retrospective? i can't see the roadmap at the moment
16:37:30 <gaba> ok
16:37:32 <karsten> very quickly:
16:37:39 <karsten> I'm not working on #29507 anymore.
16:37:44 <gaba> just to check if there was anything else you are working on
16:37:45 <karsten> that's something for the icebox.
16:37:45 <gaba> ohh
16:37:49 <gaba> ok
16:37:59 <karsten> it's the user-perceived performance thing.
16:37:59 <gaba> sorry
16:38:00 <gaba> yes
16:38:03 <karsten> no worries. :)
16:38:04 <gaba> you just said that before
16:38:08 <notirl> from memory, i think none of my things have changed status
16:38:20 <karsten> notirl is still working on the reports.
16:38:33 <gaba> ok
16:38:44 * gaba needs to run to take kids to school...
16:38:45 <karsten> right now I'm working on #29425, and I wanted to work on #29166.
16:38:57 <karsten> and now I'm adding the spec thing as even higher priority.
16:39:02 <karsten> we can talk about this on monday!
16:39:09 <gaba> ok, thanks!
16:39:16 <gaba> o/
16:39:18 <karsten> great! thank you! ttyl, bye! :)
16:39:21 <notirl> bye!
16:39:38 <karsten> #endmeeting