18:33:01 <pili> #startmeeting gettor 02/28
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18:33:11 <pili> ok, go! :)
18:33:57 <hiro> ok so I have been refactoring the code here: https://gitweb.torproject.org/user/hiro/gettor.git/tree/?h=refactoring
18:34:04 <hiro> and I need to test it on the gettor vm
18:34:24 <hiro> locally it works... :) "it works on my machine"
18:34:39 <hiro> and I have also installed a vm with prometheus yesterday
18:34:46 <hiro> to have a test of the monitoring that we should do
18:35:31 <hiro> I think now the repository has more of a structure and I am also adding tests
18:35:36 <hiro> those are almost finished
18:35:40 <hiro> but not quite
18:35:55 <hiro> I think I can be ready to review everything next week
18:35:55 <hiro> \
18:35:56 <pili> sounds great so far :)
18:36:05 <hiro> with prometheus and all
18:36:14 <pili> who do we want to ask for review?
18:36:16 <pili> any ideas?
18:36:49 <hiro> I think I could ask maybe ahf? but haven't asked yet so not sure he is up for that
18:36:58 <hiro> ;)
18:37:40 <antonela> cohosh maybe?
18:37:56 <hiro> yeah too
18:38:04 <ahf> i think getting at least one of us to look at it sounds like a good idea
18:38:23 <pili> hey ahf !
18:38:31 <ahf> hey hey
18:38:31 <pili> that would be great
18:39:10 <ahf> (i'm sitting and eating so a bit show response time)
18:39:15 <ahf> slow*
18:39:36 <pili> so when the tests are finished and we get a review we can start thinking about replacing existing gettor service?
18:39:48 <pili> or do we want to have both up and running for a time?
18:39:54 <pili> (ahf: I have a toddler on me :D)
18:40:20 <hiro> I think we shouldn't have two gettor up and running
18:40:43 <hiro> if we like how refactored gettor works then what would be the advantage of keeping the old one there?
18:40:52 <ahf> pili: :-D
18:41:09 <pili> just in case of any issues with the new one :)
18:41:32 <pili> but I'm happy to just run with the new one once we're happy
18:41:46 <hiro> If we test it and we are happy then we should be able to fix issues
18:43:19 <pili> so, just to be clear, the re-factored gettor has the same functionality as the existing one? or is there more/less functionality?
18:43:47 <pili> because we've been talking for a while about writing a product requirements document to define the functionality but we've not managed to get around to it
18:43:56 <hiro> same functionality - twitter
18:44:05 <hiro> we can re-add twitter easily
18:44:15 <pili> and it would be good to explicitly outline what it does now
18:44:16 <pili> so we can think of potential enhancements in the PRD
18:44:23 <hiro> we need first to ask twtiter for api access with the gettor twitter account
18:44:41 <pili> who owns that gettor twitter account?
18:44:42 <hiro> and then we just adjust the old code to work with the new one
18:44:46 <hiro> I have no idea!
18:44:47 <pili> i assume we have access to it?
18:44:53 <hiro> I was aout to ask ilv
18:44:59 <hiro> s/aout/about
18:45:26 <pili> hehe ok
18:45:27 <stephw> yes it’s ilv
18:45:33 <pili> hey there stephw :)
18:45:39 <stephw> hi :)
18:45:50 * pili wonders if stephw has an alert for "twitter" ;)
18:45:55 <stephw> haha indeed
18:46:14 <pili> :D
18:46:16 <pili> thanks for confirming :)
18:46:23 <pili> ok, so we should get that transferred probably
18:46:41 <antonela> yes
18:46:57 <hiro> I think someone in tor besides ilv has access to that account
18:47:00 <pili> but I don't think twitter is a deal breaker to go live, i would still love to know how many requests we were getting before it stopped working
18:47:04 <hiro> but I wouldn't know
18:47:13 <pili> so we can figure out how useful/important it is to users
18:47:38 <hiro> but pili the code is quite probably the same, and it will work again as soon as we apply again for dev access
18:47:43 <hiro> I think before you didn't need this
18:47:52 <pili> yup
18:47:53 <hiro> and now you have to go through a quick process
18:48:04 <hiro> in which you tell them what you want to do with api access
18:48:32 <hiro> so even if this is for only a few people a month I think it would be cool to have it back
18:48:35 <pili> we can play it by ear, let's see about getting twitter access back and in parallel work towards deploying the new gettor
18:48:41 <hiro> if it doesn't require too much effort
18:48:50 <pili> hiro: yup, agreed, I'm just always interested in numbers :D
18:49:14 <pili> I would really love to know how many people use gettor and the different channels, etc... :)
18:49:46 <hiro> sure
18:50:03 <hiro> one thing that we can do is sending that info to the logs
18:50:13 <hiro> and do some log rotation and store it somewhere
18:50:17 <pili> but it's just curiosity, I don't _need_ to know
18:50:26 <pili> I wonder if metrics would be interested at all also
18:50:30 <hiro> but we should have a way to know
18:50:32 <hiro> if we wanted
18:50:32 <pili> or anti-censorship team
18:50:37 <hiro> we just need aggregated numbers
18:50:40 <antonela> we should push that info to metrics
18:50:46 <pili> antonela:+1
18:50:49 <hiro> like something we compile at the end of the day
18:50:56 <antonela> or weekly, or monthly
18:51:01 <hiro> yeah and if we use a format metrics can easily crunch
18:51:07 <hiro> they can import it with collector
18:51:12 <antonela> yes
18:51:33 <antonela> notirl will be happy to play with it
18:52:16 <pili> that should go in the PRD ;)
18:52:23 <hiro> I think that's all for my side... finish testing then review
18:52:34 <pili> ok, thanks for your work on this hiro!!! :)
18:52:40 <gaba> oops
18:52:51 <gaba> I was still in the other meeting
18:52:52 <gaba> sorry
18:53:06 <pili> ok, I have about 5 more minutes
18:53:12 <antonela> so, what is needed on my side? lets wait for hiro, update gettor.tpo.org?
18:53:14 * antonela too
18:53:25 <hiro> yes I think that's it
18:53:32 <pili> antonela: I think so
18:53:54 <pili> I was also going to say if anyone else wants to stay on then gaba could take over for the second half of the meeting
18:54:10 * gaba going to read the backlog after it
18:54:15 <pili> and we really need to meet at some other point to discuss the PRD
18:54:44 <antonela> okey, once hiro has it working we can try it and walk through the different escenarios and think how we can improve that webpage
18:55:11 <antonela> that is the scope?
18:55:18 <gaba> ok
18:55:44 <hiro> ok thank you everyone I think I'll walk the dogs
18:55:44 <pili> antonela: I think so
18:55:50 <antonela> pili great
18:55:54 <antonela> do we have deadlines?
18:56:01 <antonela> for hiro and for final version?
18:56:16 <hiro> before I go on vacation I want to have the review
18:56:30 <gaba> when is that?
18:56:32 <gaba> hiro
18:56:39 <hiro> 15th of match
18:56:41 <hiro> march
18:56:55 <hiro> I wanted to have it running with gettor+test@tp.o today
18:57:01 <hiro> but got slowed down w other things
18:57:25 <hiro> I think we have time
18:57:35 <antonela> so the ux team can work on that the last two weeks of march? and talk about the improvements implementations at the webpage when hiro is back
18:57:50 <gaba> it sounds good to me
18:57:51 <hiro> yes
18:58:16 <antonela> the first thing that comes to my mind is removing all those hard requirements for send that email and make some kind of natural language form, but i need to think more about that
18:58:36 <pili> ok
18:58:43 <gaba> Can we setup a next gettor checkin at the beginning of the march 15th week?
18:58:57 <hiro> can that be the week before that?
18:59:03 <antonela> the thursday before
18:59:14 <hiro> I mean 15th is a friday I think
18:59:26 <pili> yup, I think so too
18:59:29 <antonela> 14th
18:59:31 <antonela> so
18:59:31 <antonela> ?
18:59:38 <hiro> so between the 10th and that friday more or less
18:59:52 <antonela> same time same channel?
18:59:56 <gaba> 14th I'm traveling but I can meet the 13th or you can all do for next steps
19:00:24 <antonela> 13th works for me
19:01:00 <pili> I need to double check about the time
19:01:08 <pili> can I follow up tomorrow by email? :)
19:01:14 <pili> (I really have to run soon)
19:01:14 <gaba> 1700 UTC ?
19:01:18 <gaba> ok
19:01:20 <gaba> bye pili!
19:01:21 <hiro> ok
19:01:26 <hiro> me too
19:01:28 <antonela> yeah
19:01:29 <antonela> me too
19:01:30 <antonela> thanks people!
19:01:31 <gaba> are we still logging the meeting?
19:01:34 <hiro> one of the dog is bumping me with the nose
19:01:38 <antonela> pili close the bot haha
19:01:38 <gaba> :P
19:01:40 <pili> yup, still logging
19:01:41 <pili> ok
19:01:44 <gaba> please
19:01:45 <gaba> thanks!
19:01:46 <pili> #endmeeting