16:01:52 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team weekly meeting
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16:02:00 <kat5> Yeah, that wants me to sign into my non-existent google account.
16:02:49 <flexlibris> gus and emma are not here, they are otherwise occupied in indonesia
16:03:03 <flexlibris> let's start by going over the remaining february items on the roadmap and moving anything to march that is unresolved
16:03:46 * flexlibris moves gus and emma's stuff to march
16:04:28 <flexlibris> looks like the last items that are open in february are Phoul's
16:06:07 <Phoul> (Sorry, am moving things on the pad)
16:06:09 <flexlibris> no worries
16:06:20 <flexlibris> if you're moving stuff we can just go on to march and start looking at what needs to be done
16:07:07 <flexlibris> since emma and gus aren't here, the only item under website/portals we can cover is wayward's
16:08:16 <wayward> I've been in touch with antonela and pospeselr about tor 8.5 so I can prepare tb-manual content for the next release :)
16:08:34 <flexlibris> cool!
16:08:45 <antonela> yep
16:09:04 <wayward> so all good! but definitely ongoing.
16:09:08 <flexlibris> as for the other website stuff, we continue to work on the materials for the community portal
16:09:21 <flexlibris> it's been slow because i am busy with LFI and then others have been traveling
16:09:38 <pili> yup, on that note, we have a meeting on Thursday to discuss status
16:09:48 <pili> I sent an email out and I hope the relevant people can attend :)
16:10:44 <flexlibris> i'll be there
16:10:54 <flexlibris> okay, moving on
16:11:16 <flexlibris> LFI stuff is happening, i am finishing the application review and also updating our new mediawiki server. i hope to notify the applications in another week or two.
16:11:56 <flexlibris> kat5, any updates on sponsor19?
16:12:14 <kat5> Gaba has asked me to reorganize the current report.
16:12:26 <kat5> I'm trying to sync with her to find out what the goals of that are, and also figure out when we'll deliver to the sponsor, whether this will be the final report, etc.
16:12:46 <kat5> Oh, and I was sick all last week, so nothing got done then.
16:12:51 <flexlibris> :(
16:12:54 <flexlibris> hope you're feeling better
16:13:47 <kat5> Yeah, mostly. Thanks.
16:13:57 <flexlibris> thanks for the update
16:14:11 <flexlibris> outreach -- looks like both kushal and cy63113 had/have events this week
16:14:25 <cy63113> yes!
16:14:31 <flexlibris> want to update us?
16:14:44 <cy63113> http://womendevsummit.com/programacao/index.html
16:15:18 <cy63113> propably in the end of the month I'll run another talk in a meetup
16:15:27 * kushal is finally here
16:15:56 <wayward> ahhh exciting cy63113 !
16:16:06 <flexlibris> that's great cy!
16:16:08 <cy63113> in global south meeting we're thinking to have a round table in IFF
16:16:32 <pili> about IFF, we should update this: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Valencia
16:16:58 <cy63113> thanks,I'll do this later :)
16:17:01 <pili> if we are happy to let others know we're going :)
16:17:28 <cy63113> that was my updates
16:17:36 * kushal also has updates.
16:17:38 <flexlibris> ah yes that's somtehing that needs to happen
16:17:43 <flexlibris> the people going to IFF need to work together on a plan
16:17:45 <flexlibris> is that happening?
16:17:47 <wayward> I have some meetup updates, too :)
16:17:56 <cy63113> cool!
16:18:07 <pili> flexlibris: If it is I'm not aware of it :)
16:18:15 <flexlibris> hm okay
16:18:27 <flexlibris> thats mainly for gus and emma as well
16:18:29 <pili> btw, I will be going "un-officially" so maybe I wouldn't be aware of it :)
16:18:36 <cy63113> wayward: btw, if you want to share the VPN pad again, I can review too
16:18:38 <pili> but happy to coordinate/help coordinating if necessary
16:18:52 <wayward> ah thank you cy63113 ! I'll add the link to the pad
16:20:06 <kushal> Can I go next?
16:20:22 <wayward> go for it kushal !
16:20:40 <kushal> I came back from Nullcon.net today morning.
16:20:59 <kushal> Originally, I was supposed to speak for 1 hour, Tor + SecureDrop.
16:21:02 <kushal> Instead I spoke for 2.2 hours.
16:21:22 <kat5> !!
16:21:25 <kushal> There were a lot of questions related to details of using Tor browser, and also on Onionshare.
16:21:26 <cy63113> awesome!
16:21:30 <kushal> Same about SecureDrop.
16:21:36 <wayward> ah cooool!
16:21:50 <wayward> kushal: do you have notes on the questions ppl asked, by any chance?
16:21:52 <flexlibris> sounds like a great training
16:22:04 <kushal> Particular pointers on safely using Tor, this was part of Media track, means more journalists in the room.
16:22:22 <kushal> wayward, I have a few.
16:22:31 <kushal> I will write a detailed report later.
16:22:35 <wayward> kushal: cool, thank you!
16:23:08 <kushal> In between, the journalists decided to ping known journalism + law schools in India, so that we can have similar events in their colleges.
16:23:41 <kushal> As it seems the whole idea of Digital security + privacy is totally missing on these campuses.
16:23:58 <kushal> Many students were also surprised to see a person with Tor tshirt :)
16:24:05 <flexlibris> did they recognize what it was?
16:24:07 <kushal> Means, the stickers went out super fast :)
16:24:11 <flexlibris> nice
16:24:17 <kushal> Yes :)
16:24:36 <kushal> They just never knew that there are people from India with Tor Project.
16:24:44 <kushal> <end of update>
16:24:45 <flexlibris> wow that's awesome
16:24:54 <flexlibris> thanks for the update and for doing that work kushal
16:25:09 <kushal> Community++
16:25:40 <pari> kushal: we had a similar conversation at Software Freedom Law Centre in Delhi.. with journalists and lawyers who were really interested in cyber law. they wanted all this to be a small part in curriculum of law schools too
16:26:15 <pari> maybe some of these are the same people.. but good to hear so many people interested in Tor in India!
16:27:06 <wayward> +1 !
16:27:48 <flexlibris> any other outreach updates?
16:27:50 <wayward> yep!
16:28:00 <flexlibris> go ahead wayward
16:28:15 <wayward> So, I've set up a small chat/workshop with La Chinampa hacklab in Mexico City on April 21 :)
16:28:43 <cy63113> <3 <3 <3
16:29:04 <wayward> It'll be mostly oriented around answering questions, some tutorials, and getting people involved with volunteering if they're interested :)
16:29:20 <wayward> I'm reaching out to folks about getting stickers in time, too
16:29:30 <flexlibris> awesome! ask jon to get the stickers
16:29:43 <wayward> flexlibris: thanks, I'll email him!
16:29:46 <wayward> that's all from me
16:30:16 <cy63113> it's not an update but an ideia. I'm thinking do some kind a meetup in berlin after IFF
16:30:27 <kat5> wayward: Just replied to you.
16:30:34 <wayward> kat5: thank you!!
16:31:04 <Phoul> On the relay operator side, there will be a cryptoparty / operator meetup here in WInnipeg for a number of organizations in a week or two. The students organizing the venue requested that it be held until after midterms, which end this week; so should have a date this week once the room is booked.
16:31:42 <flexlibris> awesome
16:33:12 <wayward> nice!!
16:33:31 <flexlibris> Phoul do you want to give us other relay advocacy updates?
16:33:36 <Phoul> Sure!
16:36:00 <Phoul> Last week I was also sick the majority of the week, so will be light on updates this week. I rebased the fallback list I'm working on to the new fallback-scripts repo and continued updating that list. I worked with a handful of operators who had some questions about consensus weight, as well as DNS setup for exit operators.
16:36:24 <Phoul> Also worked on the slides for the upcoming cryptoparty, and reached out to the IFF regarding venue space for a relay operator meetup.
16:36:54 <Phoul> This week is also the monthly IRC relay operator meetup, on Thursday.
16:37:28 <antonela> which time phoul?
16:37:42 <Phoul> I've also got the majority of the blog post regarding bandwidth usage for relays written, and will be sending that to the network team this week for review.
16:38:21 <flexlibris> awesome, seems like you did a lot in spite of being sick!
16:38:26 <Phoul> 02:00UTC, however we will also be announcing a second meetup this week with a time more appropraite for other regions.
16:38:35 <ahf> Phoul: awesome!
16:38:42 <antonela> phoul oh great!
16:38:43 <Phoul> This other mmeeting will be run by a volunteer from the communtiy.
16:38:55 <Phoul> Should have confirmation on that soon, but he has indicated strong interest.
16:40:01 <Phoul> I also started looking into how things get planned around DEFCON, as I am totally unfamiliar.
16:40:10 <Phoul> and I think a relay operator meetup there this year would be great.
16:42:10 <wayward> that's exciting!
16:43:09 <Phoul> Oh, I also mentioned the college prof who wanted to add running a relay to his Linux class a while back; I will see him at the cryptoparty I previously mentioned and we will discuss this further :)
16:43:11 <cy63113> Phoul: have you considered a relay meetup in cryptorave?
16:43:55 <Phoul> cy63113: Yes! Its on my list, will be reaching out to people involved with Cryptorave to discuss that likely this week. Its the first week of May, right?
16:44:17 <cy63113> May 3-4
16:44:31 <cy63113> I'm cryptorave organizer too
16:44:33 <cy63113> :)
16:44:37 <Phoul> :D awesome
16:44:55 <flexlibris> that would be so cool
16:45:04 <Phoul> I'd love for there to be a meetup at cryptorave, I will be sure to reach out to you ASAP.
16:45:15 <cy63113> everybody should come!
16:45:53 <cy63113> me and gus have tor an activity there for sure
16:46:21 <Phoul> wayward also just pointed out northsec, which I was not aware of. I think this could be another good venue for a meetup, depending on if we know people attending. There is a decently sized operator scene in Montreal.
16:46:55 <Phoul> So I will be looking into that one.
16:46:58 <flexlibris> great
16:47:06 <wayward> rad!!
16:47:15 <wayward> if anyone goes to northsec, I will buy you poutine
16:47:28 <Phoul> mmmmm poutine...
16:47:28 <wayward> so let me know :p
16:47:28 <flexlibris> yum
16:47:41 <cy63113> i have no ideia what is it
16:48:34 <flexlibris> any updates about volunteers?
16:49:12 * antonela is making cryptorave cy63113
16:49:33 <cy63113> :)
16:51:20 <flexlibris> okay, seems like no updates about volunteers?
16:51:24 <flexlibris> any other business for us to get to?
16:51:33 <wayward> none from me :)
16:51:43 <cy63113> neither from me
16:52:07 <pili> I need to do some brainstorming for a couple of proposals with flexlibris and ggus but I'll wait until ggus is back :)
16:52:14 <flexlibris> okay cool
16:52:24 <flexlibris> i think our meeting is finished then. thanks everyone!
16:52:26 <flexlibris> #endmeeting