13:58:24 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team
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13:58:29 <antonela> hello all o/
13:59:13 <antonela> first meeting of the month, add your updates here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/QRPwkhmDh7F874HmEGPOIwPtm4_a2OmfIASCxpUj8I8
14:01:04 <antonela> pili, could we start with a roadmap review?
14:01:08 <pili> sure
14:01:34 <antonela> the kanban here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/Y7pXH_tKMITCSJbLrP8QMbecaOuMFbsS7TtgfLqDHrA
14:03:08 <pili> I've added a few more columns for the work completed in Feb and one for this month
14:03:54 <antonela> great, im moving those which are ready from the ux team perspective, devs are still working on it and we are also reviewing
14:04:11 <antonela> technically, we are still working on them, but officially they are done on our side :)
14:04:16 <antonela> is that good?
14:04:58 <antonela> dunqan: #28628 is going to be on development for 8.5 :)
14:05:10 <pili> antonela: sounds good to me
14:05:19 <dunqan> oh great!
14:05:20 <antonela> pili, great
14:05:23 <dunqan> need anything from me?
14:05:43 <antonela> not now, but keep that ticket around so we can review it together once development is done
14:05:48 <dunqan> Sure thing
14:06:16 <antonela> im wondering if we need a label at the left item menu "Security" something that says that it is new, not sure
14:06:47 <dunqan> left item menu?
14:07:09 <dunqan> ah the welcome nav?
14:07:22 <antonela> yes
14:07:27 <dunqan> possibly, although will that matter to new users?
14:07:35 <antonela> good question
14:08:03 <antonela> i was thinking about recurrent users and how they can discover that besides reading the changelog
14:08:28 <dunqan> Yeah, do we have any info on how often existing users return to the slideshow?
14:08:36 <antonela> not really :(
14:08:53 <dunqan> I certainly did when I first set up Tor
14:09:07 <dunqan> and used it as a mini-reference guide
14:09:20 <antonela> yes
14:09:21 <antonela> let's think about it and back to the ticket if something great comes up
14:09:35 <antonela> pili, any question about anything there?
14:09:42 <dunqan> Sure thing, I can add a little "new" flag to the sketch but I'll keep it private for now
14:09:58 <antonela> dunqan: perfect, thanks!
14:10:20 <antonela> pili, Donation page work is not longer ours, GR will work on it
14:10:28 <pili> so... there's a bunch of things that don't seem to have been moved on for a while :)
14:10:29 <emmapeel> ey three, sorry we are on the last indonesian workshop riught now in surabaya
14:11:00 <pili> I haven't really kept on top of this for the past few weeks
14:11:08 <pili> and not sure if people have been remembering to update themselves
14:11:11 <antonela> me either
14:11:32 <emmapeel> just came to excuse myself, have a nice meeting! i promise i will read the logs.
14:11:35 <pili> antonela: about GR, yup, I know, shall we move it to done?
14:11:44 <pili> I just did
14:11:50 <pili> enjoy emmapeel !
14:11:51 <antonela> okey
14:12:31 <pili> antonela: elioqoshi: the OONI Explorer mock ups are done, right? :)
14:12:33 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Adding a few updates of mine on the roadmap as I haven't taken care of that much either
14:12:48 <pili> great, thanks elioqoshi!
14:13:30 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> pili, well landing page is not really done. I mean I have something from 6 months ago but I'm sure that's not what we want to release
14:13:37 <pili> no worries :)
14:13:49 <antonela> okey, i think we are done with the kanban, right pili?
14:13:58 <pili> it's still in progress or does it need to be reviewed further?
14:14:15 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> The landing page needs a lot of input from Arturo since he has a very specific vision of what to communicate there
14:14:27 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> He is traveling this week though
14:14:42 <pili> ok, I'll move it to needs review then
14:14:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> pili, it needs to be reviewed yes
14:14:59 <antonela> pili, i see new identity at the backlog column but it doesn't have funding yet, should we work on it anyways?
14:15:03 <pili> what about the search and measurement page?
14:15:22 <pili> no, I don't think so, I need to clean the current backlog
14:15:22 <antonela> and, regarding network team OTF, when should we start with it?
14:15:27 <antonela> pili, oki
14:15:36 <pili> there's some things I want to move back to icebox
14:15:41 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> (I suspect the landing page hasn't been a big priority for the beta launch as it's more of a promotional aspect of Explorer rather than functional)
14:15:47 <pili> as it doesn't seem like anyone is working on them or has any plans to any time soon ;)
14:16:03 <antonela> perfect
14:16:20 <pili> about network team OTF, in theory we're starting in April but we can start now if we want
14:16:36 <pili> however, I don't think network team will be able to start working on it before then
14:16:48 <pili> so the kick off meeting won't be before then
14:17:02 <antonela> okey, so if there is no kick off we cannot start
14:17:04 <antonela> hehe
14:17:11 <pili> sounds good to me ;)
14:17:15 <antonela> perfect
14:17:56 <pili> maybe give me some time to review the roadmap before next week's meeting and we can do a better review then
14:18:02 <antonela> so for this march we have as core, reporting user research from travels, focusing on TBA release, TB8.5 release, OONI Explorer + website redesign and launch tpo.org
14:18:37 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> (to specify: Explorer Beta will be launched)
14:18:46 <antonela> yes yes
14:19:07 <antonela> cool, at somepoint this week, could we triage ux-team issues pili?
14:19:20 <pili> yup, tomorrow, during our 1:1?
14:19:38 <antonela> perfect, we could do that in some public room
14:19:54 <antonela> and talking about that, i think we have tor-ux open \o/
14:20:12 <pili> \o/
14:20:14 <antonela> so maybe is a good way to brand new it
14:20:22 * antonela join tor-ux
14:20:23 <pili> good idea :)
14:20:30 <dunqan> that was quick!
14:20:48 <antonela> :D
14:20:51 <antonela> okey, great
14:20:54 <antonela> lets see the agenda
14:21:09 <antonela> Elio, what is remaining in OONI Explorer land
14:21:16 <antonela> ?
14:23:08 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I had a good working session with Sarath and did live changes on the search apge
14:23:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> More stuff is needed I'd say but as it is now it's passable for a beta I think. I will need to do at least one more meeting with him ideally and we can squash some ui bugs quickly
14:24:13 <antonela> great, can i see some staging environment for it? I'd like to review it this/next week as well
14:25:14 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Apart that, the landing page needs to be done. Not sure how  critical it is for beta but I'd like to have something by next week. The biggest ingredient for this is some rebriefing with Arturo as I think he has a specific vision for it in mind
14:25:42 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela, there is only this available right now:
14:25:43 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> http://ooni-explorer-next.test.ooni.io/search
14:25:51 <antonela> and country pages?
14:26:31 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> However, we did a bunch of changes directly on Sarath's build on the search page which makes it quite different now
14:26:57 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm not aware of any news re: implementation of country pages
14:27:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It's not online at least
14:27:25 <antonela> okey, if you have anything online that we can start to review, let me know
14:27:32 <antonela> great, thanks elioqoshi!
14:28:01 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah, nothing to review re: Explorer at this point
14:28:08 <antonela> emmapeel is not here, but for the backlog, what is the status of #25642? content is frizzed
14:29:28 <antonela> emmapeel: a few weeks ago by now, let me know if you can 1. review the templates to make sure that they have the appropriate structure for translations, 2. have translations ready for our release day 3. join our weekly checking about website on thursdays
14:30:32 <antonela> and pili, emmanuel we need to start to work with the user material you collected in grounds, so if you can share with me this week via onionshare or something similar, will be great
14:30:47 <antonela> pili, i can help you with the mov/mp4 convertion tomorrow morning
14:31:01 <antonela> s/convertion/conversion
14:31:12 <pili> sure, I might have it done by tonight anyway :) will let you know
14:31:23 <antonela> emmapeel ^^^
14:31:38 <antonela> pili great, thank you for that effort! i can feel your pain jiji
14:32:00 <antonela> elioqoshi your turn
14:32:41 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> On an unrelated note: ProtonPie just announced that the new version supports Figma: https://www.protopie.io/
14:33:01 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> That means that ideally I will be able to make much better prototypes if this is as true as it sounds like
14:33:19 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I will try it out and if I'm happy I will purchase a license
14:33:51 <antonela> nice, figma prototyping features were kind of poor
14:34:07 <antonela> let us know how it goes, never tried protopie before
14:34:13 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah they are basic
14:34:15 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yep
14:34:23 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Okay, I'd like some advice on a few issues I filed
14:34:29 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Starting with this: https://github.com/ooni/probe/issues/850
14:35:02 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So in a nutshell, users cannot access logs of failed tests because logs are available only in the test details screen
14:35:42 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I was exploring what are the best ways to make users be able access logs for a test, for both Android and iOS
14:36:18 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We are thinking to add swiping actions (like Gmail for example) for both iOS and Android. Do you think that's okay?
14:36:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It's pretty hidden. But it should not be either a feature which is exposed
14:37:54 <dunqan> Are Google products are the best reference for iOS patterns, since they often try and shoe-horn in Android icons/interactions?
14:38:03 <dunqan> i.e. the repeating kebab menu
14:38:36 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> the swiping action is very standard in IOS
14:38:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It's pretty exotic in Android
14:38:54 <dunqan> Sorry, yep, just read your chat there
14:39:02 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> But yeah, otherwise you are right
14:39:06 <dunqan> I was still looking at the kebab example :)
14:39:13 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Maybe I was cherry picking examples to suit my argument :P
14:39:25 <antonela> so, let me see if i understand the problem correctly: once on the measurement screen, users are not able to see logs? or why do you want to show logs in another place than the measurement page?
14:39:35 <antonela> elioqoshi haha classic
14:39:58 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Users never are able to get to the measurement screen because it failed
14:40:05 <antonela> ohh i see
14:40:10 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> logs are only available in the measurement screen
14:40:12 <antonela> that is the problem so
14:40:32 <dunqan> is there anything behind the failed item at all? i.e. could they just tap the failed item itself to reveal the log, rather than require another interaction?
14:40:34 <antonela> why dont we have a measurement screen for failed tests?
14:40:35 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So we want to make them available one screen eariler as well: in the Test summary screen
14:40:50 <emmapeel> just came to excuse myself, have a nice meeting! i promise i will read the logs.
14:41:02 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> > why dont we have a measurement screen for failed tests?  I guess that is an alternative
14:41:12 <emmapeel> oops sorry
14:41:14 <antonela> i remember a grey header screen for failed tests? am i dreaming?
14:41:33 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Might be more work dev-wise but less work UX-wise and better usability
14:41:37 <antonela> emmapeel: great! ping me later here!
14:41:45 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yep, yellow
14:42:07 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We scrapped that though for some reason (as we have nothing to show there?)
14:42:15 <antonela> elioqoshi im asking because is more consistent with all the other user flows, 1. test result list 2. measurement page
14:42:27 <antonela> well, that it failed, the timestamp and the log :)
14:42:51 <emmapeel> antonela: re 25642 i am still waiting for string freeze (you said there was a thread?)
14:43:03 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> The log will be accessible from the kebab menu as usual then
14:43:06 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Hmm yeah that should work
14:43:29 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> This will probably not be able to land in 2.1 then though
14:43:39 <antonela> emmapeel: we need you to come to our thursdays syncs because pili is organizing everything to release and localization is very important
14:44:02 <antonela> emmapeel: yes, the only page which got last minutes changes is about/history, and yes, is done
14:44:02 <emmapeel> i understand but it is very difficult for me to join those bluejeans meeting. why cant we have a normal irc meeting like the others?
14:44:34 <antonela> emmapeel i see, could you bring your concerns to the thread? i cannot answer that since we are meeting with blue jeans maybe since the project started
14:44:47 <emmapeel> or at least a solution that works with tor? also i dont understand anythign on voice meetings :S
14:45:34 <antonela> elioqoshi, got it, i'll comment the issue and we can following up from there, what else?
14:45:36 <pili> emmapeel: yes, please bring it up on the thread :)
14:46:13 <hiro> forgot about the meeting...
14:46:21 <hiro> updating the people page at this very moment
14:46:29 <hiro> a lot of copy and paste
14:47:04 <antonela> hiro, yeah :/ but will we are covering all the requests now :)
14:47:06 * antonela hopes
14:47:26 <antonela> will/are ha brain glitch
14:47:32 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela, nothing and everything: I mentioned you in some issues on GitHub, but tried to keep it to a minimum
14:47:59 <antonela> elioqoshi yep, i got that emails, give me this week to go through it
14:48:09 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Some other doubts or things I'm unsure about UX-wise and would appreciate a 2nd pair of eyes. But nothing critical
14:48:29 <hiro> not complaining antonela. just sending my update
14:48:29 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Apart that, not much worth bringing to this meeting I think
14:48:43 <antonela> great, thanks for bringing them here elioqoshi
14:48:46 <antonela> hiro yes!
14:48:56 <antonela> okey, anything else people?
14:49:31 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Not from my side
14:50:07 <dunqan> you happy for me to just crack on with user journeys antonela? or do you want to feed back on locations first?
14:50:22 <antonela> dunqan: yes! lets talk at tor-ux about it :)
14:50:30 <dunqan> great :)
14:50:40 <pili> oh, just about the Outreachy application
14:50:53 <pili> antonela: and hiro I have you as potential mentors is that still ok?
14:51:08 <antonela> oh pili, yes yes
14:51:09 <pili> I am working on the project outline so one of you can submit on the outreachy website
14:51:11 <antonela> what do you need there
14:51:13 <pili> as I can't do it myself
14:51:29 <antonela> but, are we going to do that for the ux team?
14:51:37 <pili> there's just a few comments I need confirmation on
14:51:38 <pili> I'll send another mail out
14:51:44 <antonela> i remember that other teams have priority
14:51:44 <pili> we are going to submit 2 projects, one of them the UX team one
14:51:49 <antonela> ohhh good news
14:52:11 <pili> however, we're still waiting for sponsorship, so if we don't get it, it won't happen :P
14:52:18 <antonela> haha i see
14:52:30 <antonela> okey, let me know what is needed, i think the deadline is this week
14:52:41 <pili> deadline for projects is 12th March
14:52:42 * antonela adds item for tomorrow's 1.1 :)
14:52:45 <pili> :D
14:52:52 <antonela> ahh next week
14:52:59 <antonela> okey we are groot so
14:53:04 <pili> +1
14:53:14 <antonela> thanks for following that pili
14:53:36 <pili> yw
14:54:54 <antonela> okey last thing, im drafting the ux team february report here https://pad.riseup.net/p/ux-report-keep, you can leave notes so i don't forget anything
14:55:01 <antonela> i think we are groot now
14:55:04 <antonela> anything else people?
14:55:11 <pili> I'm groot
14:55:27 <dunqan> groot!
14:55:27 * antonela this team needs groot swag
14:55:48 <antonela> okey, will call it -- thanks folks!
14:55:51 <antonela> #endmeeting