19:02:40 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 03/13
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19:03:32 <pili> here's the pad: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/hNZsTmp4sXGtRIFhLu7pys9FfvRCAyJyWB_foAE_wjR
19:03:41 <antonela> hello folks
19:03:44 <pili> I'm still updating some items so please bear with me :)
19:04:43 <boklm> hi
19:04:53 <pili> please add any discussion items and/or requests to the pad
19:05:22 <pospeselr> i see i was off by an hour
19:05:35 <pili> UTC doesn't change ;)
19:06:01 <pili> pro-tip: set your meeting timezone to the UTC time :D
19:06:02 <pospeselr> half of my meetings moved and half didn't :p
19:06:11 <pili> anyway, let's get started :)
19:06:32 <pili> apologies in advance as I've not had much time to prepare for this meeting
19:06:44 <pili> maybe we can have an update of where we are with the current release?
19:07:04 <pili> I've seen some messages that we've been doing some builds yesterday and overnight?
19:07:17 <pili> how's that going and any tickets to share>
19:07:18 <pili> ?
19:07:49 <GeKo> we are currently building the stable release
19:08:06 <GeKo> i think we'll have some (matching) builds tomorrow
19:08:23 <GeKo> and i'll send an update to tor-qa once they pass my smoke-testing
19:08:28 <pili> this is 8.0.7?
19:08:32 <GeKo> yes
19:08:56 <GeKo> and then i'll see how the alpha situation looks
19:09:02 <GeKo> and decide what to do
19:09:17 <GeKo> ideally we start building tomorrow the alpha
19:10:32 <pili> ok
19:10:49 <pili> I'm excited to hear what's going to make it into the Android build in particular :)
19:11:03 <pili> any notable developments?
19:11:16 <antonela> all of them :D
19:11:32 <GeKo> yes, that will be the release where we fix all the things
19:12:01 <GeKo> i think we'll have #25658, #28329 and #28802 fixed
19:12:10 <pili> :D
19:12:19 <GeKo> at least that's my current plan
19:12:23 <pili> great
19:12:30 <wayward> ahhhhh great!
19:12:31 <pili> fingers crossed :)
19:12:42 <pospeselr> #25658 is currently on track, assuming mcs and brade like my next revision
19:13:02 <mcs> I am sure it will be perfect or at least good enough ;)
19:13:04 <GeKo> i had hoped to have the great transition done in #27609 as well in the alpha
19:13:13 <GeKo> including child tickets
19:13:16 <antonela> #29440 is ready too
19:13:30 <pili> nice! I think I saw that last one
19:13:37 <GeKo> but i have not heard back from sisbell regarding my review items :/
19:13:46 <GeKo> but
19:14:05 <GeKo> i am willing to wait for that one another day if needed
19:14:33 <antonela> that gives sysrqb and me one more day to try the animation implementation, which is not critical but
19:14:49 <pili> ok, let's see how it goes :)
19:15:04 <GeKo> yes, at some point we need to decide to postpone less critical things :)
19:15:15 <GeKo> this should be perfect for 8.5 not for the next alpha
19:15:26 <GeKo> (i know realizing that is not easy ;) )
19:15:33 <antonela> :)
19:15:44 <GeKo> but, yes, we can't ship it with the current animation issues
19:15:48 <GeKo> that's indeed a blocker
19:15:49 <pili> I have 8.5 stable for the end of March though which is not that far away
19:16:00 <pili> but I now seem to remember we had said early April?
19:16:06 <mcs> Would it be a disaster if we needed another alpha before 8.5 stable?
19:16:10 <antonela> this will be the last alpha before stable really?
19:16:16 <antonela> haha right question mcs
19:16:17 <GeKo> i think having another alpha at the end of march is more realistic
19:16:18 <pili> mcs: I don't think so
19:16:21 <pili> ok
19:16:38 <GeKo> and provided nothing explodes in it it will be 8.5
19:16:49 <GeKo> like we get the alpha out end of march
19:17:00 <pili> and then 8.5 stable second week of April?
19:17:09 <GeKo> and then next week we use it and set the version to 8.5 and get that one out
19:17:15 <GeKo> something like that
19:17:18 * pili goes off to take some notes
19:17:50 <GeKo> i won't be around in week 16
19:18:09 <GeKo> and i'd like to have 8.5 out before that i think
19:18:24 <pili> that's Easter, right?
19:18:27 <pili> me neither
19:18:38 <GeKo> yes the end of wek 16 is easter
19:18:44 <GeKo> *week
19:19:22 <pili> I'll be out week 16 also
19:19:25 <pili> yup
19:19:42 <pili> sounds like a plan
19:20:17 <pili> ok, moving on
19:20:53 <pili> antonela: you had something to discuss about docs?
19:21:17 <antonela> i invited wayward to this meeting because we need to update the end-user documentation regarding the new security settings. I think pospeselr have a build for her to test it on her local comp, and i'm happy to help on it too. The idea is to have it ready for the release because we are linking users there from the onboarding and from the doorhanger
19:21:38 <antonela> so, if we can coordinate it, would be awesome :)
19:21:56 <pospeselr> yeah the build i just gave wayward has the new url i believe
19:22:02 <antonela> current url https://tb-manual.torproject.org/en-US/security-slider/
19:22:04 <wayward> ok, rad!
19:22:11 <antonela> that should change to https://tb-manual.torproject.org/en-US/security-settings/
19:22:20 <wayward> wow, perfect timing pospeselr
19:22:31 <antonela> (:
19:22:46 <pospeselr> security-slider.html and security-settings.html actually
19:22:50 <pospeselr> but yes
19:22:56 <antonela> yep
19:23:16 <antonela> maggie, lets sync offline about it, we can start a pad and give a review during the community meeting on monday
19:23:23 <antonela> that works for you?
19:24:16 <antonela> im happy to provide screenshots and those things to illustrate that page
19:24:19 <pili> so, when do we need these new docs by? 8.5 stable release or earlier?
19:24:30 <wayward> ok, that sounds perfect, antonela !
19:24:53 <antonela> pili, earlier better because we will need to have localization ready for when stable release
19:25:00 <antonela> wayward: awesome, thanks a loooott
19:25:14 <wayward> thank YOUUU
19:25:15 <pili> ok, so, end of March? does that work for you wayward ? :)
19:25:25 <wayward> yep, I can do end of march!
19:25:34 <pili> perfect! thanks a lot
19:25:51 <wayward> np! :)
19:26:01 <ggus> the new security settings changes the browser toolbar?
19:26:06 <antonela> yes ggus
19:26:22 <ggus> oh oh, we will need to do new screenshots
19:26:32 <GeKo> yes
19:26:51 <wayward> hehe new screenshots everywhere
19:26:53 <ggus> replace all the screenshots in the training materials
19:27:03 <antonela> :]
19:27:15 <pili> funfunfun ;)
19:27:34 <pili> (I remember doing these things in a previous life...)
19:27:54 <pili> anyway, if there's nothing else on this, shall we move on? :)
19:28:03 <antonela> groot, thanks pili
19:28:18 <pili> the next discussion topic I had was releasing on F-Droid
19:28:36 <pili> I saw some emails on this last week I believe but i'm not sure if there was any conclusion reached in the end
19:28:40 <pili> and what the next steps are
19:29:15 <GeKo> we want to have it for 8.5
19:29:24 <GeKo> :)
19:29:37 <pili> yup, I had a note on this from last meeting that we were going to try it for this next alpha release
19:29:45 <pili> but I guess we're not there yet? :)
19:29:54 <GeKo> i think sysrqb has some scripts that needs to get tested in an f-droid environment
19:30:00 <GeKo> i think that's where we are right now
19:30:09 <GeKo> it *should* work, you know :)
19:30:18 <pili> I think I heard that :D
19:30:31 <GeKo> then there is the idea for setting our own f-droid repo as well
19:30:48 <GeKo> which we might want to do at some point but that's post-8.5 stuff
19:31:09 <pili> yup
19:31:21 <pili> let's keep it simple for now if we can
19:32:48 <pili> are we still reliant on the guardian project f-droid repo for these scripts that sysrqb needs to test?
19:32:55 <pili> or this would be done directly on F-Droid?
19:32:56 <GeKo> no
19:33:02 <GeKo> yes
19:33:05 <pili> ok, cool
19:33:43 <pili> anything else from anyone on anything? :) (this is all I had)
19:33:50 <antonela> one more thing
19:34:08 <antonela> i have assets for #28622
19:34:15 <antonela> do we want it for stable?
19:34:18 <pili> (preferably release related or at least browser related...)
19:34:31 <antonela> haha
19:34:56 <pospeselr> i just verified right-to-left text amazingly just works with the xul and css I wrote, so all that remains for me for the security level changes  is the existing review feedback
19:35:02 <GeKo> antonela: i think it would be nice to have this
19:35:21 <antonela> GeKo perfect, is cool because we are going to release 8.5 and all the apps will looks the same *___*
19:35:21 <GeKo> and i assume it should not be that hard to change the icons.
19:35:25 <antonela> thanks for confirm
19:35:28 <pili> pospeselr: congrats!
19:35:34 <antonela> pospeselr: \o/
19:35:41 <GeKo> however, given the .svg woes on android we might need to get creative
19:35:50 <wayward> I'm so excited for the new icon
19:35:53 <GeKo> we'll see...
19:35:57 <pili> wayward:+1
19:36:02 <antonela> :D
19:36:07 <pospeselr> ?
19:36:36 <antonela> we are celebrating your win pospeselr
19:36:46 <pili> great, any other business? :)
19:36:48 <pospeselr> ah yes, hurray!
19:36:52 <antonela> lol
19:36:55 <antonela> im good
19:37:01 <wayward> oh !I wanted to check in to see how screen reader support is going
19:37:14 <wayward> trac tells me it's on the table for 8.5
19:37:17 <wayward> which is exciting!
19:37:28 <GeKo> we hope we can make progess on that
19:37:31 <wayward> rad!
19:37:42 <GeKo> pospeselr has it on this radar to help jacek help us
19:37:53 <wayward> also, is there any guide or documentation out there for interpreting tor logs?
19:37:57 <GeKo> it will be the next time after #25658 is dead
19:38:07 <pospeselr> yeah
19:38:20 <pospeselr> re: screen readders
19:38:21 <wayward> GeKo: aweseom!!
19:38:24 <wayward> *e
19:38:56 * pili takes notes of lack of documentation on interpreting tor logs for Google Season of Docs ;)
19:39:18 <wayward> alright, if anyone would be willing/able to sit down to help me learn to interpret tor logs, it would be super helpful :)
19:39:37 <wayward> I'm thinking about writing up a guide for new users who can't figure out why their bridges aren't working
19:39:45 <wayward> beyond clock issues lol
19:39:55 <pili> wayward: sounds like a great idea :)
19:39:58 <wayward> otherwise, that's it from me!
19:41:02 <pili> ok, anything else? :)
19:41:29 <pili> ok, I'm calling it...
19:41:33 <pili> #endmeeting