16:00:18 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team weekly meeting
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16:00:20 <flexlibris> hi all
16:00:27 <cy63113> hi!
16:00:34 <tgeek> hello!
16:00:40 <wayward> I may have to leave early in the meeting
16:00:41 <flexlibris> let's get started on our roadmap updates
16:00:46 <flexlibris> no prob wayward
16:01:01 <flexlibris> okay first up, website and portal updates
16:01:19 <ggus> hey!
16:01:24 <flexlibris> hey ggus!
16:01:31 <flexlibris> any updates about website content?
16:01:34 <ggus> yess
16:01:53 <antonela> < is here
16:02:07 <flexlibris> ggus cool go ahead
16:02:10 <flexlibris> hola antonela
16:02:15 <antonela> holaa
16:02:21 <kushal> Hello everyone.
16:02:35 <kushal> I see micahflee online :)
16:02:43 <ggus> last week finished the slides about tor network -- needs a better design & images -- and i'm doing how to be a volunteer in tor.
16:03:17 <flexlibris> awesome
16:03:22 <flexlibris> very useful stuff
16:03:25 <ggus> this week i will work on how to verify tbb signatures documentation for the new portal
16:03:55 <ggus> i plan to use tor network slides during the meetup in valencia
16:04:10 <ggus> so we can improve it after a public itineration
16:04:28 <tgeek> I've noticed a few pages with old/out of date info. Would it be best to put in bugs for those?
16:04:45 <flexlibris> on the website tgeek?
16:04:52 <tgeek> yes
16:05:08 <flexlibris> we are redesigning the entire thing, so i would advise to not do that, because that content is likely getting updated in redesign
16:05:21 <tgeek> ok, sounds good
16:05:25 <flexlibris> thank you!
16:05:36 <flexlibris> ggus thanks for your work getting those slides ready
16:06:05 <flexlibris> any other website/portals updates? i saw that wayward updated the TB manual for the 8.5 release. thank you!
16:06:29 <wayward> ah yes! working on the security settings page, should be ready to go by today
16:06:36 <flexlibris> awesome
16:06:48 <flexlibris> anyone else have updates on the items on this section of the roadmap?
16:07:11 <ggus> we changed the launch date for community portal
16:07:15 <ggus> it's not march 25th
16:07:27 <flexlibris> oh yeah i had to miss last week's meeting so i didnt see that update
16:07:30 <flexlibris> what is the new date?
16:07:42 <ggus> main portal next week
16:07:43 <pili> Hi, sorry I’m late, afk and just reading for now
16:07:47 <emmapeel> i think there was no deadline for the community portal...
16:08:04 <pili> emmapeel: that’s right
16:08:07 <ggus> community portal - no deadline.
16:08:14 <flexlibris> so the new website launch is when?
16:08:36 <pili> I need to double check my notes though
16:08:49 <antonela> next week, this week hiro is out, next week we will launch
16:08:51 <ggus> next week when everything is ready
16:09:08 <pili> flexlibris: tpo.org is week of 25th March
16:09:11 <pili> Yup
16:09:17 <kushal> Nice.
16:09:24 <flexlibris> okay so there is no change then?
16:10:04 <antonela> no, we are ok there
16:10:05 <emmapeel> we need some help still with the translations :S
16:10:17 <flexlibris> what help do you need emmapeel?
16:10:41 <emmapeel> more translators for the resource: https://www.transifex.com/otf/tor-project-support-community-portal/tpo-contentspot/
16:10:49 <emmapeel> most of languages are not translated yet
16:10:55 <flexlibris> should we put out a call on the blog or something?
16:10:56 <emmapeel> most languages
16:11:03 <emmapeel> yeah maybe
16:11:28 <flexlibris> stephw ^^
16:11:54 <flexlibris> maybe you could write up a brief request emmapeel that could be just a short blog post/call to action
16:12:07 <emmapeel> ok i will
16:12:12 <flexlibris> sweet
16:12:17 <kushal> We should also separately tweet to reach out to the personal contacts.
16:12:24 <flexlibris> yeah sure
16:12:30 <flexlibris> steph always tweets out the blog posts
16:12:54 <flexlibris> any other website updates?
16:13:23 <flexlibris> seems not!
16:13:41 <emmapeel> i have been working a bit on the internationalization of the community portal
16:13:42 <flexlibris> LFI updates: I am still updating all the applicants about their status. it takes a while to connect with a group this large.
16:13:49 <flexlibris> oh sorry emmapeel go ahead
16:14:30 <emmapeel> only that, and that i debugged some more the i18n for the support portal and the manual. now the pages in arabic or farsi get displayed the right way
16:14:49 <emmapeel> (https://lektor-staging.torproject.org/support/staging/ar/ )
16:15:29 <flexlibris> cool cool
16:16:49 <flexlibris> the only other LFI stuff to report is that i am doing all the admin stuff to prep for the next cohort, still organizing the next curriculum and getting in touch with lecturers, and making plans for the announcement of the next cohort sometime in the next month
16:17:06 <flexlibris> is kat5 here? any updates about sponsor 19?
16:17:39 <kat5> Sorry . Totally distracted.
16:17:56 * gman999 here and omw out
16:17:59 <kat5> I met with gaba last week, which was great. I also got some edits from cohosh.
16:18:16 <flexlibris> nice
16:18:19 <kat5> Continuing to document the tickets in the 4 roadmaps.
16:18:28 <kat5> done
16:18:55 <flexlibris> thank you kat!
16:18:58 <flexlibris> okay on to outreach
16:19:03 <flexlibris> are all the plans ready for IFF?
16:19:20 <Phoul> We officially have a spot/time for the relay operator meetup! https://platform.internetfreedomfestival.org/en/IFF2019/public/schedule/custom/1468
16:19:25 <flexlibris> yay
16:19:29 <Phoul> Moritz will be leading that session
16:19:33 <pili> I just added a table on the wiki for booth coverage
16:19:38 <Phoul> with assistance from I believe antonela and others.
16:19:39 <emmapeel> we have a little of a roster and tables almost every day one hour
16:19:53 <antonela> Phoul: yes, i will be there
16:20:15 <ggus> i hope to use our new slides to talk about relays and the tor network :)
16:20:27 <ggus> i'll reach moritz about this
16:20:28 <gamambel> Phoul: i will bring stickers and some flyers but i will not bring shirts or other things
16:20:44 <Phoul> gamambel: understood
16:20:54 <antonela> we need to coordinate the swag situation
16:21:00 <ggus> yeah
16:21:01 <gamambel> (budget flight with just hand luggage and not enough time to coordinate a mailed package like last time)
16:21:16 <antonela> outreach material is being printed in Valencia, i got the budget approved and i already sent the originals
16:21:29 <gamambel> ok cool
16:21:34 <gamambel> let me know if i even need to bring stickers
16:21:41 <antonela> gamambel: yes please
16:21:44 <ggus> gamambel: yes
16:21:57 <gamambel> it was quite unfortunate that i did not bring any to fosdem, considering that they ran out so fast :) and there were no flyers, right?
16:22:27 <pili> Should I get Jon to send me some T-shirts to bring to IFF?
16:22:38 <pili> Will they arrive on time?
16:22:49 <gamambel> i think it would be a good crowd to give them to
16:22:50 <kat5> Jon has been havng troble sending anything more than a shirt or two at a time to Europe.
16:22:55 <pili> We have just under 2 west
16:22:58 <kat5> Some vat issue.
16:22:59 <pili> Weeks
16:23:02 <antonela> >>> https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/meetings/2019Valencia
16:23:20 <gamambel> yeah probably 2 weeks are not enough for US to spain
16:23:21 <kat5> Packages have been coming back.
16:23:47 <pili> Ok
16:23:53 <gamambel> we have lots of shirts at the onionspace but most of the old design, and i won't be in berlin to pick them up
16:24:10 <gamambel> if you find someone who is willing to go to the space in berlin and pack and mail it, it should arrive in time
16:25:08 <kushal> pili, Btw, I will be there in IFF.
16:25:23 <ggus> kushal: yay!
16:25:31 <pili> kushal: great! :D
16:25:38 <kushal> pili, ggus, Visa approved :)
16:25:43 <gamambel> !
16:25:44 <gamambel> cool
16:25:45 <wayward> !!!
16:26:12 <flexlibris> this IFF is gonna be so awesome
16:26:15 <flexlibris> sad I cant go
16:26:18 <flexlibris> but excited to hear reportbacks
16:27:08 <gamambel> maybe i should bring some of the anti-OTF stickers that were distributed at c3 some time back
16:27:09 <gamambel> haha
16:27:27 <flexlibris> lol
16:27:58 <flexlibris> okay other outreach stuff....
16:28:06 <flexlibris> i still don't know if tor is covering our rightscon travel or not
16:28:27 <kat5> Hope so!
16:28:41 <flexlibris> i hope so too. either way i just need to know so we can make plans.
16:30:00 <kushal> That reminds me, have to book hotel for RightsCon.
16:30:03 <pili> flexlibris: I think there is some budget for it
16:30:18 <pili> but I'll let isabela talk to you about it :)
16:30:22 <flexlibris> okay cool, thanks pili
16:30:29 <flexlibris> ggus any other outreach updates?
16:31:03 <ggus> last week i didn't have time to talk with our contacts in colombia. but i'll do this week
16:31:10 <ggus> our plan is to travel there in april
16:31:21 <ggus> so we will join ciberseguras and flisol activities in bogota
16:31:42 <pili> not sure if this counts as outreach, but some of us will be attending Infracon in Barcelona next week
16:32:38 <cy63113> I'll run another talk next week or maybe 2
16:33:02 <pili> https://equalit.ie/infracon/
16:34:53 <emmapeel> pili: i think that's outreach!
16:35:06 <flexlibris> yes definitely is!
16:35:29 <flexlibris> any other outreach updates?
16:35:37 <antonela> tomorrow i'll talk at Cyborgrrrls in Mexico, there are a bunch of activities around it https://www.facebook.com/Cyborgrrrls-encuentro-tecnofeminista-1306091546153389/
16:35:52 <antonela> will do videocall tho, but i think will be great
16:35:54 <emmapeel> nice!
16:36:53 <flexlibris> yessssss
16:36:57 <flexlibris> our friends in mexico <3
16:37:19 <antonela> yes <3
16:37:41 <flexlibris> phoul do you have updates about relay advocacy?
16:37:53 <Phoul> Just a couple
16:38:07 <flexlibris> go ahead!
16:38:57 <Phoul> Last week I relapsed into whatever flu thing I had, so was sick most of it (feeling better now). I booked the IFF venue and started advertising on Twitter and reaching out to people I know will be at IFF to invite them. I also sent out the poll to tor-relays to help pick new times for teh IRC operator meetings, and will be sending out an email today with the next time based on that poll. I also helped
16:39:02 <Phoul> a user who was getting large amounts of DNS failures due to a configuration issue in BIND.
16:39:05 <Phoul> That was all for me last wekk,.
16:39:27 <flexlibris> really glad you're feeling better phoul!
16:39:28 <Phoul> Oh, and the local cryptoparty that ive been talking about should likely happen the end of next week. Waiting on confirmation today, they were waiting for me to be not-sick.
16:39:36 <flexlibris> seems like lots of people are getting downed by the flu lately
16:40:39 <flexlibris> thanks for the updates Phoul!
16:40:47 <flexlibris> any updates about volunteers?
16:41:42 <ggus> yes, last week we met one volunteer and i talked on jitsi with others from USP.
16:41:57 <flexlibris> cool!
16:42:10 <ggus> it takes a while to introduce them in the onion world
16:42:22 <kushal> ggus, may I ask which country?
16:42:54 <antonela> ggus, the ux student didnt back to me, can we have her at the ux meeting tomorrow?
16:42:57 <ggus> kushal: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/CommunityTeam/Projects/GlobalSouth/USPVolunteers
16:43:18 <ggus> antonela: she had to cancel her participation, i can explain it better in pvt.
16:43:25 <antonela> ohh
16:43:28 <antonela> :( oki
16:44:13 <kushal> ggus, Thanks.
16:44:21 <flexlibris> thanks for the updates ggus!
16:44:28 <flexlibris> any other updates about volunteers?
16:44:31 <kushal> I have one line.
16:44:31 <flexlibris> or any other updates at all?
16:44:34 <flexlibris> sure kushal
16:45:18 <Phoul> Sorry to interrupt, looks like the students just confirmed and it will be April 4th to give more advertising time. However its now booked. :)
16:45:31 <kushal> I am increasing my pinging efforts to various main stream newspapers in India if they want to run a full scale story on Tor. No result yet, but, I will increase the pings using personal contacts next week.
16:46:26 <micahflee> oh hey kushal! thank you, I so rarely use IRC these days
16:46:47 <flexlibris> kushal cool! have you been in touch with stephw about this?
16:47:16 <kushal> flexlibris, not yet, but, I think she already tweeted the last published story a few times.
16:47:23 <kushal> From the official account.
16:48:21 <flexlibris> cool
16:48:26 <flexlibris> any other updates folks?
16:49:25 <ggus> i'm in contact with isa and stephw about some bad articles in the brazilian press about tor.
16:50:07 <flexlibris> yikes
16:50:40 <ggus> gave one interview to a website last week and i'm waiting to see what happens/next steps.
16:51:26 <flexlibris> cool!
16:51:35 <flexlibris> anyone else?
16:52:21 <tgeek> flexlibris, I see that the Tor Trainings wiki is bare. Should I email you about that directly if I want to help with that?
16:52:53 <flexlibris> the trainings page is something we're building as part of the community portal as well. did you have specific ideas about what you'd like to add?
16:53:24 <tgeek> I write training material for a software company in my day job. I'd be glad to help where I can.
16:53:51 <tgeek> I was thinking about writing a TOR101 online course
16:54:05 <tgeek> Create Commons, etc of course
16:54:09 <tgeek> Creative..
16:54:28 <flexlibris> sure go ahead and email the tor-community-team@lists.torproject.org with your ideas
16:54:39 <tgeek> cool, will do
16:54:49 <flexlibris> okay i think that's it then?
16:55:44 <flexlibris> seems like it
16:55:47 <flexlibris> #endmeeting