14:00:23 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team
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14:00:25 <antonela> hello all!
14:00:33 <cy63113> hola!
14:00:34 <pili> hi
14:00:55 <antonela> A new ux meeting this week, please add your updates + agenda topics here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/VdBnfkcrltwSgtilUZaDo4flIC3NGL5ad1MlbNjUJK0
14:01:30 <antonela> review the kanban and move things as needed here https://storm.torproject.org/shared/jDIYtkFIwRduoSSqMiWzqycOtSzTFnq-U-g664ZOVde
14:02:34 <antonela> hi pili, ailanthus, dunqan, cellarpaper, elioqoshi, cy63113, emmapeel
14:02:37 <antonela> full room today :)
14:02:51 <antonela> hiro is on vacs, so she is not around
14:04:59 <antonela> cellarpaper could we have your weekly update at the pad too? you have just one task now :)
14:05:13 <cellarpaper> yes! let me look at that
14:05:18 <antonela> thank you!
14:05:21 <antonela> emmapeel: thanks for the outreach material! i'll work on having those ready for print
14:05:52 <antonela> emmapeel: could we have Thailand user research material for this week? Deadline for cellarpaper is end of month
14:06:51 <cellarpaper> do we have a date on the pad or should i create one?
14:07:20 <antonela> maybe you want to reload that storm to see the updated content :)
14:07:51 <dunqan> oh i think it says "14 march" by accident
14:08:02 <antonela> wow
14:08:15 <antonela> good catch cellarpaper and dunqan!
14:08:36 * antonela goes to fix it
14:08:47 <cellarpaper> cool! i wasn't sure if that ws from another date and didn't want to mess up the document :3
14:08:51 <antonela> jiji
14:08:54 <antonela> thanks for asking cellarpaper
14:09:21 <antonela> dunqan: lets review personas before you are out, tomorrow maybe?
14:10:02 <dunqan> Yeah for sure! It won't take me long to update the artwork file, just whenever you're happy with the data in the airtable
14:10:10 <dunqan> as soon as you give me the thumbs up I'll update it :)
14:10:27 <antonela> perfect, let me give a review today and we can sync tomorrow
14:10:32 <emmapeel> antonela: do you mean THai language resources? I am afraid our support for Thai is very bad :S
14:10:34 <dunqan> sure, thanks!
14:10:48 <antonela> emmapeel: nono, the interviews with users
14:11:07 <antonela> elioqoshi: do you have a new version of the explorer landing page to review? should we deliver it this/next week to devs?
14:11:09 <emmapeel> ah yes i got stuck with the repo will finish them soon
14:11:16 <pili> indonesia :D
14:11:25 <antonela> thanks pili
14:11:29 * antonela what a day
14:11:54 <antonela> ailanthus: i'll back to your email today! thanks a lot for putting us in contact
14:12:48 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela I think it has been started as this week is the Beta launch.
14:12:55 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> The new landing page is here: https://www.figma.com/file/OElUj1XR5SmbXUpWVzl8iton/Explorer-Landing-Page?node-id=1%3A393
14:13:10 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> It's for the beta launch. It might be improved for the stable launch
14:13:26 <antonela> oh the UI elements look great!
14:13:39 <antonela> awesome, thanks for working on it elioqoshi
14:13:56 <dunqan> love the new images elio! looks great
14:15:08 <antonela> okey, i'm ready with the updates, let's move to the agenda?
14:15:31 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:
14:16:09 <antonela> elioqoshi HTTPS-e - OTF accepted your scope of work, what is next? do you need help with this plan?
14:16:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'd like to since it's one of the bigger things I've tackled
14:17:07 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So my plan was to have a short survey sent out to users about a few misconceptions and how they use it
14:17:18 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Similar to what OkThanks did with OnionBrowser?
14:17:36 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Then Renata, our Usability Researcher will gather 5 people to do some testing of the current extension
14:18:05 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> She will note down the results and afterwards do some accessibility testing of the old extension I was hoping
14:18:23 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> So we can gather some basic learnings of what went wrong with the old extension
14:18:47 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Afterwards we move into the wireframing and item inventory phase and make sure we have the "sitemap" fleshed out
14:19:30 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Once we are happy with the skeleton, we add some basic content with dummy data and do another revision
14:19:39 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We add visuals and color and do another revision
14:19:50 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We make a clickable prototype and do another revision
14:20:11 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We go through a more intensive usability testing session with 5-10 people and test out the prototype
14:20:35 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> We also do a more extensive accessibility test and write down the results
14:20:53 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> oh no sorry (no accessibility testing here)
14:21:07 <antonela> That is a good outline. You may want to know how power users use it vs regular users. The second group don't touch the extension often and may want to see how they are going to be benefited by it running. For the former group will be interested on custom settings like Adding a rule userflow.
14:21:40 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah. We have mostly access to regular users
14:21:47 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> As the testing happens in person
14:22:12 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Maybe we could do some basic testing at IFF with power users
14:22:23 <antonela> the version suggested by gleen is great because gives you better UI hierarchy. I think you can go one step forward thinking about different use cases and improving those flows + exposing in the UI how users' security is being upgraded
14:22:46 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Yeah, our sketches were based on Glenn's work
14:23:27 <antonela> one more thing, you may want to have numbers from EFF, how many extensions they have installed? how many users have custom rules? etc
14:23:32 <antonela> we can work together on research questions
14:23:33 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I don't want to reinvent the wheel though
14:23:54 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Cool. I will introduce you to Renata, she is our Usability Researcher
14:23:55 <antonela> is about to put the extension in a place that is useful for users and they know it
14:24:22 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> She will most likely prepare the questions. I might be more involved this time
14:24:35 <antonela> sounds good, will wait for it :)
14:24:39 <antonela> thanks for sharing elioqoshi!
14:24:53 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> I'm opening a github issue now and will share it here within a few min
14:24:56 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Thanks!
14:25:14 <antonela> okey, item 2, feedback cycle
14:25:51 <antonela> if you are a tpi employee you may received the feedback cycle email from Erin
14:26:20 <antonela> s/received/receive
14:26:57 <antonela> do you have any questions regarding it? if you want to share here is better because we can talk about it together, if you want to write me on DM is good too
14:27:30 <antonela> if you feel comfortable talking with anyone else, you can do it too :)
14:29:17 <antonela> oki, lets move
14:29:27 <antonela> pili, is you?
14:29:32 <pili> hi
14:29:55 <pili> I was just wondering if it would be useful to run some user testing with people during Infracon next week
14:30:18 <pili> we may have a number of both expert and non-expert users
14:30:19 <pili> there's also an open day
14:30:32 <antonela> that'd be great, maybe we can try what we want to do in IFF
14:30:35 <antonela> TBA?
14:30:41 <pili> sure :)
14:30:51 <pili> do we have any script or anything already?
14:30:56 <antonela> also, we can run it in spanish or catalan
14:31:01 <pili> could be good to test it out beforehand
14:31:10 <pili> I can only do it in spanish :D
14:31:18 <pili> well, I can understand the responses in catalan :)
14:31:19 <antonela> i think is great
14:31:28 <cellarpaper> we could adapt the india script maybe?
14:31:41 <antonela> cellarpaper, yes!
14:32:14 <antonela> since we are going to have a new alpha version for Tor Browser for Android released, maybe we want to test it
14:32:47 <antonela> i'll clean my research questions and share with you cellarpaper
14:33:01 <cellarpaper> kk great
14:33:10 <pili> I'm good with either, I will probably try to run it during the open day, next thursday 28th March
14:33:15 <antonela> T__ is not here, but he was interested on this research too, will put they in this loop too
14:33:31 <antonela> thats good pili
14:33:54 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> antonela HTTPS Everywhere GitHub issue here: https://github.com/uracreative/works/issues/29
14:34:29 <antonela> great, we can follow this conversation there elioqoshi
14:34:56 <antonela> seems like agenda items are done, anything else people?
14:35:28 <dunqan> Yep! Could you send me the TB icon(s) for #29768 please?
14:35:44 <dunqan> need to pop that in still :)
14:36:27 <antonela> dunqan: yes! right after this meeting
14:36:32 <dunqan> thanks!
14:36:37 <antonela> thanks for working on it!
14:36:51 <dunqan> no prob o/
14:36:52 * antonela we need an open repository, like now
14:37:12 <dunqan> haha yeah, maybe we could set up a shared sketch library too?
14:37:25 <antonela> i have one, we need to clean up a little bit
14:37:36 <dunqan> ah cool, want a hand with that?
14:38:31 <antonela> probably, we have sketch files from firefox folks https://design.firefox.com/photon/
14:39:02 <antonela> i extended it to our toolbar needs, onion indicator at the url bar, sec settings, tor button icon, etc
14:39:28 <antonela> if we can clean it will be extremely useful for our next OTF work, which will be affecting TB UI too
14:39:36 <antonela> lets sync about it after personas dunqan
14:39:41 <dunqan> Oh awesome, sure thing!
14:39:58 <antonela> pili, i made comments at our triage spreadsheet, what should we do next?
14:40:02 <antonela> dunqan thanks!
14:40:36 <pili> I've started tagging the onion services ones in trac
14:40:51 <pili> and I'll add the rest to the backlog at least, tagged by area
14:41:06 <pili> then we can think about which can be put together into projects
14:41:15 <pili> does that sound like a plan? :)
14:41:26 <antonela> YES
14:41:28 <pili> (I haven't looked at it since we last did the triage... :/)
14:42:14 <antonela> its fine, we have a good qty of bootstraping/torlauncher tickets
14:42:18 <pili> it's on my to do list though, I'll try to move some of it forward this week as my time will be a bit limited for the next few weeks with Infracon and IFF and vacations... :P
14:42:28 <antonela> maybe we can plan something around there for 2019Q3/Q4
14:42:36 <pili> sure
14:42:47 <pili> I'll keep an eye out for funding opportunities also
14:43:41 <antonela> we are working with some of this issues at TBA but the big picture needs to be signed together, stockholm is a good opportunity for it (anti-censorship team will be there and tb-devs and we)
14:44:19 <pili> yup
14:44:40 <antonela> just to think about it, the other big amount of tickets are part of OTF s27, then we have some website things that will be closed when we release, and some blog stuff which needs funding
14:45:32 <antonela> for TB side, we have new identity which is slowly starting :) and some circuit-display bugs which needs roadmapping from the TB team side
14:45:51 <pili> yeah, I did notice a few items for new identity
14:45:54 <antonela> probably best first tasks for the new tb dev
14:46:33 <pili> yup, probably not a question for here, but do you know we have any tags for easy/starter tasks for tor browser?
14:46:40 <antonela> we don't
14:47:07 <pili> ok
14:47:09 <antonela> and when we talked about it, team leads said that wasn't successful here in the past, but hey, we can try again
14:47:27 * antonela waiting for gitlab so much
14:47:30 <GeKo> pili: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?status=accepted&status=assigned&status=merge_ready&status=needs_information&status=needs_review&status=needs_revision&status=new&status=reopened&keywords=~tbb-easy&order=priority
14:47:37 <GeKo> but someone needs to look ove those
14:47:38 <pili> ahah!
14:47:43 <GeKo> *over
14:47:48 <antonela> haha thanks GeKo
14:47:53 <pili> thanks GeKo that's very useful :)
14:47:58 <GeKo> and add new ones :)
14:48:39 <pili> yup, it's not many :)
14:48:48 <antonela> good jump, this is the best part about to having open meetings :)
14:48:59 <antonela> oki, 12 minutes left, something else?
14:49:15 <T_> Apologies for joining late today
14:49:33 <antonela> T_ no worries! this is logged you can read the backlog!
14:49:34 <pili> nothing from me
14:49:41 <ggus> antonela: i have two small things o/
14:49:52 <antonela> this is the worst thing of having open meetings
14:49:53 <antonela> LOL
14:49:56 <antonela> hahaha hola ggusss
14:50:09 <ggus> hahaha
14:50:31 <ggus> antonela: UX team is planning to run ux testing in cryptorave (may 3 and 4)?
14:50:52 <antonela> i'm not sure right now, my plan was to make it and run something there but things changed
14:51:03 <antonela> should I apply for it?
14:51:34 <ggus> antonela: yes, the call for activities will be open til march 31
14:51:39 <ggus> so we have time to think about it
14:51:53 <ggus> antonela: the outreach material is ready to print? i'll have an event this weekend and i'd like to give to them.
14:51:58 <antonela> yes i have it in my to-do list, i wanted to ping you about the details
14:52:02 <antonela> ggus YES
14:52:13 <ggus> \o/ omg!!
14:52:28 <antonela> and emmapeel gave us PT strings
14:52:42 <antonela> so i can give you the PT ones
14:52:52 <antonela> https://gitweb.torproject.org/translation.git/tree/tor-outreach2019-2020-pt_BR.md?h=tor_outreach_md_completed
14:53:45 <antonela> :)
14:54:20 <ggus> how much work is to extract the string and import to the A3 print version?
14:54:40 <antonela> not too much, give me some hours so i can take lunch :)
14:54:42 * ggus was thinking to print today
14:54:48 <ggus> antonela: perfect! :D
14:54:57 <antonela> ggus im talking with the cyborgrrrls today in mexico
14:55:07 <ggus> oh, yeah!
14:55:12 <antonela> will be a Tor 101 meetup
14:55:21 <antonela> they wanted an spanish speaker haha
14:55:32 <antonela> will update you about it later
14:55:40 <antonela> okey people! are we groot?
14:55:47 <ggus> good! thanks anto!
14:55:54 <antonela> thank you ggus!
14:56:18 <antonela> lets call it
14:56:21 <antonela> thanks all!
14:56:22 <antonela> #endmeeting