17:00:03 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 25 March 2019
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17:00:05 <nickm> hi folks!
17:00:13 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is our pad
17:00:49 <ahf> hello hello
17:00:50 <nickm> network-team: who's here today? :)
17:00:53 <nickm> hi ahf!
17:00:56 <asn> o/
17:00:56 <ahf> hi nickm!
17:00:57 <asn> hello
17:01:49 <catalyst> o/
17:02:57 <mikeperry> I'm here but my tbb is having issues; haven't updated pad yet
17:04:20 <nickm> still no gaba this week
17:04:29 <nickm> let's start with looking at https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/wiki/org/teams/NetworkTeam/CoreTorReleases/040Status
17:05:14 <nickm> Is anything there going to be a blocker this week?
17:05:27 <nickm> It would be great to get our 040 stuff done, and release an 040-rc in early april
17:05:50 <nickm> asn, catalyst, mikeperry, nickm: you have tickets there. :)
17:06:01 <nickm> ahf, teor, nickm: you have needs_review tickets there
17:06:14 <nickm> asn: could we please have a reviewer for #29136 ?
17:06:26 <asn> yes, i have an hsv3 ticket there that is hard to debug. i asked for more info.
17:06:28 <asn> hmm
17:06:33 <ahf> i think atager is going to review that one, we are already talking on it a bit
17:06:37 <catalyst> nickm: do we have a conclusion of how to properly make the practracker exception edits?
17:06:40 <ahf> i just wrote a comment there
17:06:53 <ahf> i can follow up on that one during the upcoming week to make sure something happens to it
17:07:01 <ahf> (for #29136)
17:07:02 <nickm> catalyst: for now, I think there is no "properly".  We'll converge on something soon, though, with #29884
17:07:09 <nickm> catalyst: asn may have other feedback
17:07:16 <nickm> ahf: great
17:07:29 <asn> ye there is not really properly. i just search in the file for the right exception line and pump up the value.
17:07:53 <nickm> asn: okay; another possibility to consider is to add more debugging code so that if it happens again, we solve it
17:08:00 <asn> ahf: wanna clarify with atagar that he is gonna do the review, and if not i will get you someone else?
17:08:06 <nickm> asn: (wrt 28970)
17:08:09 <asn> nickm: ack
17:08:19 <asn> noted and will consider i
17:08:23 <ahf> asn: i'm going to talk with him on the ticket, right now it sounds like he has a better way to do it and then i might become the reviewer
17:08:35 <ahf> and we drop my patch
17:10:43 <nickm> asn: It's also possible to conclude that this isn't 040-must, if we can be fairly sure that there is not a horrible bug.
17:11:01 <asn> agreed
17:11:06 <asn> that might also be a possible way forward
17:11:09 <asn> will check it more deeply tomorrow
17:11:12 <nickm> ty
17:11:29 <nickm> Did everybody's questions on 040 release status get answered?
17:11:38 <nickm> (and thanks to teor in absentia for making that page!)
17:11:56 <nickm> next up is the roadmap-kanban
17:11:57 <ahf> yeah, very nice status page
17:13:49 <asn> +1
17:13:54 <nickm> does the roadmap correctly describe what folks are working on now?
17:14:58 <ahf> yeah, i think so
17:15:34 <asn> yep kanban is updated on my end
17:16:49 <nickm> ok.  if you can't see the kanban, or you're not sure how to update it, please ask!
17:17:04 <nickm> I've moved "split up config.c" into in-progress
17:17:21 <nickm> and "chutney in CI" into "in review"
17:18:13 <nickm> next, it's the needs_review tickets
17:18:28 <nickm> is anybody stuck on any reviews?  Does everybody have a set of reviews that they can get through this week?
17:18:35 <nickm> (Please remember to prioritize sbws and 040)
17:19:07 <nickm> if anybody wants to offload, my current load is not too heavy
17:20:34 <nickm> rotations this week are asn on triage, dgoulet on CI/Coverity.  Anybody else want to pick up CI/Coverity?  If not, I will
17:21:11 <asn> ack
17:22:36 <nickm> ok, looks like I'm on CI :)
17:22:48 <nickm> I think that moves us on to announcements?
17:23:17 <nickm> the new one this week is that next week's meeting time is Tuesday 2300 UTC) since it's the first tuesday of april
17:24:24 <nickm> teor and juga have some blocker/needs-help items
17:25:26 <nickm> asn: would you like me to help figuring out any of the practracker stuff for teor? I don't want to step in your way, but I think I know it second-best
17:25:57 <asn> i dont see any 040-must for practracker
17:26:03 <asn> apart from the ones that are in needs_review
17:26:13 <asn> do you mean the rest?
17:26:22 <asn> ah and the one that is unmanned in 040-must
17:26:25 <nickm> asn: yea
17:26:26 <asn> yes if you can take that one it would be great
17:27:38 <nickm> hm, ok.  Can you review my #29890 today then?  I'd like to stick the instructions
17:27:48 <nickm> hm, ok.  Can you review my #29890 today then?  I'd like to stick the instructions at the head of exceptions.txt
17:27:54 <asn> ok
17:27:57 <asn> will do
17:27:58 <nickm> ty
17:28:02 <asn> thanks
17:28:15 <nickm> np
17:28:54 <nickm> I'll have a look at #29528 if I can, but if anybody else understands ubsan, that would be awesome
17:29:39 <nickm> juga has a question on #21377...  ahf, as reviewer, is that something you could answer?
17:29:52 <nickm> (as a bonus, I think you also understand the compression code)
17:29:55 <ahf> yeah, i'm going to get to that one
17:30:02 <ahf> it has been trhough a lot of iterations by now i think 8)
17:30:05 <ahf> have had many eyes on it
17:31:03 <nickm> yeah
17:31:08 <nickm> ty
17:31:26 <nickm> So, any other discussion / question / call-for-aid things this week?
17:31:36 <nickm> we seem to be approaching the end of another pretty short meeting
17:32:31 <nickm> hearing nothing else ...
17:32:34 <ahf> this week i'll mostly focus on the 040-must tickets i have, the reviews, and then spend all other time on anti-censorship team tasks since i feel i'm a bit behind there
17:32:41 <ahf> after the last 7-8 days
17:32:50 <nickm> ack.
17:33:43 <nickm> oh. also, Will anybody have time to do a quick ack on a code movement patch for control.c?  I find that it's important to merge these quickly, to prevent huge difficult conflicts
17:33:48 <nickm> dgoulet reviewed the last batch of these
17:34:03 <nickm> git --color-moved usually makes it easy to confirm that it's just code movement
17:34:10 <nickm> I'm going to have this branch done today
17:35:25 <ahf> if it's code movements i can take a look at it tomorrow morning when i get in
17:35:36 <nickm> that would be awesome, thanks!
17:35:39 <nickm> anything else for today?
17:35:46 <ahf> just set me as reviewer for it
17:35:49 * ahf is good
17:35:50 <nickm> will do
17:35:59 <antonela> kind reminder of the S27 kickoff this week > Tuesday 26th March @ 1600UTC
17:36:02 <nickm> okay.  I'll #endmeeting then.  Thanks, everybody.
17:36:06 <nickm> #endmeeting