19:01:13 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 03/27
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19:01:39 <pili> pad is here: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/ie5XCOrpoHdva0kHxF59JCyZer5XTH7f9_j7YuMxgEQ
19:01:55 <pili> I think we may have a short one this week, but let's see... :)
19:02:10 <pili> please add any discussion points/requests to the pad
19:02:31 <pili> GeKo did a really good job of sorting out the 8.5 tickets so I think in that sense there's not much to discuss there
19:03:08 <pili> you can find all the 8.5 tickets here: https://trac.torproject.org/projects/tor/query?keywords=~tbb-8.5
19:03:22 <pili> this includes ones that are already closed as well as ones we want to get into the stable version
19:04:13 <pili> hi everyone btw :)
19:05:05 <pili> we are aiming for 2 releases in April: one more 8.5 alpha and 8.5 stable
19:05:06 <GeKo> the -must ones and the -must-alpha ones are important for now
19:05:24 <GeKo> i think so, yes
19:05:31 <pili> I guess this would be a good time to consider any further requests for inclusion into the 8.5 stable release
19:05:55 <pili> but I don't believe we have any special guests here today to suggest them :)
19:06:31 <pili> other than that, for my own learning, I wanted to know whether we are planning any more 8.0.x releases
19:06:39 <pili> and when we stop making updates to the 8.0 series
19:07:53 <GeKo> right now, i don't plan any mroe 8.0.x releases
19:08:01 <pili> ok, that's good to know
19:08:07 <GeKo> modulo emergency ones
19:08:14 <pili> of course :)
19:08:19 <GeKo> i heard those happen sometimes :)
19:08:29 <pili> that's me done, I believe brade had a discussion point also
19:08:47 <brade> Do we have a string-freeze date for 8.5 stable release?
19:08:50 <GeKo> so the next stable would be 8.5 with the usual update from 8.0.8 -> 8.5
19:10:12 <GeKo> i don't think so
19:10:35 <pili> brade: good question though, we should ask emmapeel how much time she wants to give the translators
19:10:38 <GeKo> you mean string freeze in the sense of not adding any new ones?
19:10:43 <pili> (I'm assuming that's why you want to know? )
19:10:54 <brade> GeKo: yes, so that translations can happen
19:11:34 <brade> we could also have a UI freeze date so that documentation can be completed
19:12:02 <pili> I would say that we need at least 2 weeks for translations
19:12:05 <GeKo> well, the next alpha could be such a thing
19:12:14 <pili> GeKo: sounds reasonable to me
19:12:15 <GeKo> like no new strings after the last alpha
19:12:23 <brade> yes, that would work
19:12:34 <GeKo> i am not so sure about the ui changes
19:12:56 <GeKo> because i am still unsure what to do about the site-specific settings in #25658
19:12:57 <brade> GeKo: agreed.  mcs and I are waiting to hear back from anto/dunqan on one bug...
19:13:04 <pili> we can catch with antonela about this later
19:13:10 <brade> yes, that one too
19:14:56 <pili> ok
19:15:31 <pili> ok, so we have a plan for string freeze and we can follow up with antonela about ui freeze later
19:15:55 <pili> any more to discuss on this topic?
19:16:22 <brade> I’m good
19:16:46 <GeKo> i am fine
19:17:01 <pili> ok, mcs is up next
19:17:54 <mcs> I should have asked a couple of weeks ago, but my question is “What do we plan to do with #28044?” (as far as testing, etc.)
19:18:37 <GeKo> i wanted to have this in the first alpha of the 9.0 series
19:18:41 <GeKo> 9.0a1
19:18:51 <GeKo> to give it more testing before we need to switch to esr68
19:19:10 <GeKo> there are a bunch of other things for this 9.0a1, too
19:19:18 <mcs> Sounds good to me.
19:19:19 <GeKo> but that is the most important one
19:19:45 <mcs> I’d also like to not switch all the things at once (everything + esr68)
19:19:53 <GeKo> i mean we could ship it in the next alpha and back it out for the 8.5 stable again
19:20:00 <GeKo> but that's more work
19:20:06 <pili> any plans for when we may want to release 9.0a1?
19:20:07 <GeKo> and risky
19:20:14 <mcs> Maybe not worth the effort or risk, yes.
19:21:12 <GeKo> latest 05/13
19:21:17 <GeKo> but we should do it before
19:22:29 <pili> ok
19:22:32 <emmapeel> hello: regarding string translations, it is quite slow except some languages....
19:23:02 <emmapeel> in two weeks we will have some languages translated but i think it takes a little bit more for the long tail
19:23:37 <pili> hi emmapeel! thanks :)
19:24:00 <pili> ok, anything else on this or any other topic?
19:24:27 <GeKo> emmapeel: you meant the long tail in respect of locales we ship?
19:24:39 <emmapeel> yes GeKo
19:25:09 <emmapeel> i wanted to ask to add more languages to the alphas, specially macedonian. we already have the TB manual and support portal for it, and it appears in the top ten countries the last 3 months here https://metrics.torproject.org/userstats-censorship-events.html
19:25:57 <GeKo> hm, okay. we'll add es-AR next, so that makes it into 8.5
19:26:06 <GeKo> could you open a ticket for macedonian?
19:26:31 <GeKo> and mark it with tbb-8.5?
19:26:33 <emmapeel> ok! Macedonian and Romanian
19:26:41 <GeKo> no promises, though :)
19:26:55 <emmapeel> heh
19:28:06 <pili> great! I'm liking that we're getting these sorts of requests here :)
19:28:33 <GeKo> yep
19:28:38 <pili> any other times from anyone? don't be shy... :D
19:28:43 <pili> s/times/items
19:30:12 <pili> ok, I think I'm going to call it then
19:30:17 <pili> thanks everyone!
19:30:21 <pili> #endmeeting