14:01:52 <antonela> #startmeeting ux-team user research - Q1
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14:02:00 <antonela> okey, lets keep names nn
14:02:29 <antonela> we have this meeting today to talk a bit about the research material we shared with cellarpaper1
14:02:46 <antonela> and mainly to talk about any doubt she may have regarding it
14:03:04 <antonela> also, pili is not around for personal issues but she sent an email about Colomiba
14:03:11 <antonela> s/Colomiba/Colombia
14:03:15 <antonela> we can talk about it too
14:04:14 <cellarpaper1> yeah! i'd love to know feedback about the write up, and things to keep in mind
14:04:34 <cellarpaper1> also this link wasn't working for me :( http://sqttufs4rvmk7esh6a2ae3jtewf25ljp4zcyuhndy5e63rowjmtlcfid.onion/fading-supervise
14:04:43 <antonela> oh
14:05:01 <ggus> i think that link should be private, right?
14:05:33 <antonela> yes, but is ephimerous and now is dead
14:05:40 <antonela> let me email you a new one caro
14:06:19 <cellarpaper1> for everyone, ICYMI here is my write up. it's my first time writing this for Tor, i apperiate all criticism bc its helpful to learn what is useful and not for this community and the UX team :) : https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NmDW33VpN9FNXy-VndgPP-9IBJ34WQV0VvD1iZPtw3Y/edit?usp=sharing
14:07:16 <emmapeel> ok so, what i see is that the script was not really tight with the situations i had. for example i met a lot of people that used tor browser for the irst time, as we were doing workshops for people that was interested only on Tor Browser but was not so experienced. so it was hard to find people to do the 'comparison with other browsers' test
14:07:49 <emmapeel> cellarpaper1: one thing that would be good is to stop using google docs, as it is technically our enemy regarding ivasive surveillance and that
14:08:08 <cellarpaper1> sure, no worries. if we have another preferred method, please let me know.
14:08:46 <emmapeel> you can use pad.riseup.net or storm.torproject.org for fancier stuff
14:10:16 <antonela> cellarpaper1 i just emailed you the material link
14:10:28 <antonela> let me know if you can download it
14:10:32 <cellarpaper> sorry my IRC quit
14:10:33 <cellarpaper> unexpectedly
14:10:37 <cellarpaper> can you resend the link
14:10:46 <antonela> i send it via email
14:10:48 <ggus> >- Sample diversity: hard to say, all were based in India,
14:10:50 <cellarpaper> okay great!
14:11:00 <antonela> s/send/sent
14:11:01 <ggus> what does that mean?
14:12:07 <cellarpaper> in the sense, that people didn't denote any diversity in their interviews
14:12:34 <cellarpaper> the only things that were revealed from some of the interviews were gender diversity
14:13:17 <cellarpaper> so when asked background questions to pin point even persay diversity of locations (different states or provinces) that wasn't revealed
14:13:27 <cellarpaper> i think only two specifically talked about their religion explicitly
14:13:32 <cellarpaper> thats what i meant
14:14:29 <antonela> its true, maybe indonesia material will give more info regarding that but emmapeel's interviews where not about the security settings but onboarding
14:14:34 <antonela> s/where/were
14:14:46 <cellarpaper> thats okay
14:15:00 <antonela> guss, regarding places, do you want to add cities?
14:15:09 <cellarpaper> i mean, its good information to have if we were going to a really large like academic comparision
14:15:41 <cellarpaper> so lets talk about that! do we think gathering cities/province information is helpful? it could be if we're trying to get a sense of where our users come from (urban areas, densely populated areas, areas with better connection/coverage in terms of mobile and internet)
14:16:33 <antonela> i think yes, that will be helpful to give context/background about the places we visited
14:16:34 <ggus> antonela: ok! done
14:17:57 <emmapeel> i am starting to get a bit uncomfrtable with ther sutls of our work being used in google
14:18:35 <emmapeel> i would like to make sure we move ASAP out of mordor to do user research. i find it unfair and i commented on this topic earlier. i understood that the results will not be put in google during previous metings
14:19:01 <emmapeel> that is what we agreed on
14:19:08 <antonela> its clear that the information we are loading at the gdoc is anonymized
14:19:19 <antonela> and also that this report is going to be public
14:19:21 <emmapeel> no is not anonimisedif you have as much information as google has
14:19:48 <emmapeel> it is pretty trivial to indentify who are we talking about because they watch us all the time, and also the people we are meeting
14:20:03 <antonela> okey, cellarpaper could we use storm to continue this work?
14:20:09 <cellarpaper> sounds good
14:20:13 <antonela> thanks
14:20:14 <emmapeel> we are also giving information abou tour patterns of work and writing
14:20:17 <cellarpaper> anytime
14:20:33 <cellarpaper> ill ping you on irc later antonela about storm more, or i can just sign up wiht my own accoutn etc etc
14:20:50 <antonela> ye sure, seems like we are going to have next cloud at some point
14:20:53 <antonela> but not sure the status of it
14:21:02 <cellarpaper> cool
14:21:22 <emmapeel> i got promised that the material i gathered will not be put on google and i would like to keep it like that
14:21:39 <emmapeel> it is very important for me, i am like a google vegan
14:22:11 <antonela> okey, lets continue
14:22:37 <antonela> i think yes, is important to have the cities somewhere
14:22:44 <antonela> we can have a short background about each of them
14:22:53 <ggus> cellarpaper: regarding about sample diversity, any tips about this? should we select people or just ask for volunteers? i think it's important for the next activities, and i'm looking for orientation.
14:23:58 <cellarpaper> well we could adapt something for each location
14:24:14 <cellarpaper> like for colombia, we just select province for example, and like familiarity with technology, etc
14:24:37 <cellarpaper> in the case of india, everyone actually was a similar age range, with a similar tech background, so they wer kind of monodiverse in comparision to each other
14:25:54 <cellarpaper> when we then take that user research session and compare it to others (indoensia, colombia, etc) then we will have like a more diverse comparision, from location, to age, to gender. it could be that this ends up being not very age diverse, which is something then we can talk about moving forward. should we improve on finding users that are older, younger, etc. or does it not matter, etc
14:25:55 <ggus> yes, in the cities that pili and i visited, it was basically tech students
14:26:04 <ggus> before that was more diverse
14:26:15 <cellarpaper> word! yeah they all were like hello im a student :)
14:26:33 <antonela> ggus, and the info cellarpaper has is about the user testing pili ran
14:26:35 <antonela> so makes sense
14:28:04 <ggus> so, for the next visits: should we try to make more interviews to achive the diversity?
14:28:27 <ggus> or well, it's ok 5 people, even if it's not diverse
14:28:47 <cellarpaper> so, i open that up to the group. for this, we are trying to generally test a new change, and we are focusing on location diversity, which is important.
14:29:11 <cellarpaper> i was just trying to summarize in the report that the users were a bit homogenous, and i can use that word next time.
14:29:16 <antonela> ggus, the user testing pili made is not an interview as a long-interview mode
14:29:20 <cellarpaper> to antonela, will we be combining all of the reports into one?
14:29:28 <antonela> colombia and indonesia?
14:29:31 <cellarpaper> like from multiple seperate reports into a one or two pager?
14:30:04 <cellarpaper> or yeah, like eventually when we are done testing the browser, will we say, we tested the security shield UI with over X users in X different continents and we noticed x, y z and this kind of performance
14:30:05 <antonela> regarding ux work, we are testing features, so yes, one doc per feature is good
14:30:39 <antonela> yes, if we want to change this format and run long-interviews, im good with that, we just need to plan it
14:30:44 <cellarpaper> okay cool
14:30:44 <emmapeel> for an homogeneous group what i found it worked well was the threat modeling exercise
14:30:51 <antonela> and maybe colombia is a good place to do it
14:30:56 <cellarpaper> ah nice @emmapeel, we could incorporate that.
14:31:09 <cellarpaper> should we talk about IFF then and think about user testing within that group?
14:31:20 <antonela> we should meet then to think about which are the questions we what to research on
14:31:25 <antonela> are you making iff cellarpaper?
14:31:49 <emmapeel> the people from the localization lab wanted to test something, erinm was thinking on the outreach materials but we could also test some new features
14:31:55 <cellarpaper> sadly im not :( not at IFF this year.
14:32:19 <antonela> oh :(
14:32:24 <antonela> okey, IFF
14:32:38 <antonela> we have a table, people usually comes to the table to say thank you for doing tor and so on
14:32:51 <antonela> we know about the kind of crew we will have at IFF
14:32:57 <antonela> i thought about run some research over TBA
14:33:15 <ggus> oh! that's cool!
14:33:19 <antonela> even if not perfect and is not the stable version, maybe we can do it
14:33:28 <emmapeel> that will be easier yes, in the table
14:34:05 <emmapeel> peplepeople gets so excited when you tell them is a thing for the phone!
14:34:43 <antonela> the main improvement on this Tor Browser for Android version is that users will not need to download two apps
14:34:59 <antonela> just tba will bootstrap to tor
14:35:35 <antonela> we will have people from everywhere so we can also collect user stories about how they are configuring bridges and other network settings on their home locations
14:36:02 <antonela> onion browser launched a survey last week
14:37:16 <cellarpaper> should we think about testing the shield there? could we do like 5 min user testing at all?
14:37:29 <antonela> https://okthanks.typeform.com/to/iw3KZp
14:37:36 <antonela> the shield is not at mobile yet
14:37:57 <antonela> we can do the shield test on guerrilla mode with one computer tho
14:41:01 <cellarpaper1> so sorry, i dont konw why my irc client keeps quitting :(
14:41:28 <antonela> i tried adium in the past, now im using limechat
14:41:37 <antonela> maybe improves :)
14:41:39 <cellarpaper1> im using adium but perhaps i will switch!
14:41:40 <antonela> not worries anyways
14:41:44 <ggus> antonela: things that we can test: new website, security settings, TBA
14:42:00 <antonela> yes
14:42:24 <antonela> i dont think we can do *all* the things
14:42:36 <ggus> i don't know what is the priority for the UX team
14:42:57 <antonela> TBA
14:43:09 <ggus> TBA looks a good call, but i think ppl will sponstaneously talk about nrw website
14:43:14 <antonela> we can
14:43:27 <antonela> we can collect feedback about the new website
14:43:31 <antonela> will not be a user testing at all
14:43:37 <ggus> ok!
14:44:21 <antonela> we can have papers and allow people to write what you like, what you don'tt, what you would change if you have a magic stick?
14:44:37 <ggus> that's a good idea!! :D
14:44:52 <cellarpaper1> i think thtas an excellent idea
14:45:12 <cellarpaper1> you could also then ask people to add a dot to post it notes with what they agree with
14:45:18 <cellarpaper1> so then we can count and see
14:45:18 <antonela> yes!
14:45:31 <antonela> ggus, do you have post-its? or should i buy?
14:45:52 <ggus> antonela: i can buy here in a papelaria.
14:45:53 <cellarpaper1> if we want to get ~*crazy*~ we can ask some ppl to do some card sorting, so to sort the post its into groups, and into what they think is related, and even create a flow.
14:45:58 <cellarpaper1> only if we want to get….crazy.
14:46:01 <cellarpaper1> that may be too much for IFF
14:46:15 <cellarpaper1> but we could ask ppl to just group things in general into related UI
14:46:29 <antonela> yeah, specially because we don't have all the portals done, and tpo.org just cover some institutional things
14:46:38 <antonela> the navigation still have some black holes
14:47:00 <antonela> anyways, we can have good feedback in that way
14:47:05 <antonela> okey, last thing
14:47:15 <antonela> anything else regarding IFF? can i move to colombia?
14:47:36 <ggus> yes, let's move
14:48:12 <antonela> ggus is planning to travel to colombia on April
14:48:15 <cellarpaper1> sure lets move on
14:48:48 <antonela> the idea is basically run the user testing we ran in india and then have a final reporting about this features for the next iteration. We may want to include TBA for colombia
14:49:05 <ggus> at the moment we have 4 cities: bogota, popayan, cali and medellin. last year we did only the first 3. we can drop medellin if it's too long/insane.
14:49:12 <antonela> first question, cellarpaper1 are you willing to travel?
14:49:47 <antonela> next question, those dates works for you?
14:49:55 <cellarpaper1> i want to! it depends on the dates though.
14:50:03 <cellarpaper1> did i miss a date, i just saw that it would be in april.
14:50:06 <cellarpaper1> is there a date range in april?
14:50:26 <antonela> cool, we can follow the details via email
14:50:27 <ggus> arrival on april 21th at night back to home on april 30
14:50:38 <antonela> oh okey
14:50:45 <ggus> or may 1, need to check
14:51:12 <ggus> in iff we are going to meet with our contacts in colombia
14:52:16 <cellarpaper1> okay- that may be a tight squeeze with me some fellowship travel i have :/ but we could also move this to an email and try to suss it out if that works
14:52:27 <antonela> sounds good
14:52:37 <ggus> one important thing, do you speak spanish, cellarpaper1?
14:52:52 <antonela> good catch ggus
14:52:56 <cellarpaper1> i used to, but i'm extremely out of practice...
14:53:07 <cellarpaper1> definitely not good enough to do a user interview about browsers :(
14:53:41 <antonela> okey, we can think about it. Some people in the capital may speak english, nobody in popayan, maybe someone in cali
14:54:01 <ggus> yeah
14:54:18 <antonela> how is your spanish ggus? :)
14:54:29 <ggus> muy bueno
14:54:33 <ggus> hahaha
14:54:34 <antonela> haha
14:54:55 <antonela> okey, we reached the hour, anything else regarding this?
14:54:56 <cellarpaper1> hm it may be worth thenhaving someone is fluent go?
14:55:15 <antonela> maybe yes, but i cannot do it in april, maybe pili
14:55:41 <antonela> anyways, we should coordinate it since our contract is for Q1 and april is Q2 and we need to update that too cellarpaper1
14:55:54 <cellarpaper1> no worries
14:56:03 <cellarpaper1> oh sorry i meant, okay right
14:56:21 <antonela> okey, thank you folks o/
14:56:26 <ggus> antonela: maybe cellarpaper1 could go with us to uganda/kenya?
14:56:35 <antonela> yes sure
14:56:37 <cellarpaper1> thats a possiblity for sure
14:57:41 <antonela> cool
14:57:46 <antonela> thanks cellarpaper1, ggus and emmapeel!
14:57:54 <antonela> see you some of you in a couple of days!
14:57:55 <emmapeel> ey sorry i got distracted
14:57:56 <cellarpaper1> thank you for all taking the time! i appreciate that
14:58:02 <ggus> thanks! :o)
14:58:03 <antonela> anytime :)
14:58:06 <antonela> #endmeeting