16:02:14 <flexlibris> #startmeeting community team weekly meeting
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16:02:46 <flexlibris> during this meeting i'd like to follow up on our remaining march tasks and organize what we want to do for april
16:03:27 <flexlibris> anyone have updates to share about march items?
16:04:14 * ggus opening the storm link
16:04:20 <pili> hi
16:04:22 <Phoul> Yup!
16:04:29 <flexlibris> hi pili
16:04:32 <flexlibris> go ahead Phoul
16:06:28 <Phoul> Last week I finished the slides for the cryptoparty / relay meetup at Red River College this week (happening Thursday), we picked a new time for the relay operator meetup on IRC, which will be 22:00UTC this Thursday. The IFF relay operator meetup is also happening this week on Wednesday. Also the slides for the presentation im giving will be available, along with the pandoc source for anyone who would
16:06:35 <Phoul> like to use them in the future / modify them.
16:06:52 <flexlibris> great stuff phoul!
16:07:29 <Phoul> I was also shown a trac page relating to the relay bandwidth usage issue, so am incorporating that into the blog post on that topic before sending it to the network team. This should be done today.
16:07:58 <Phoul> Oh, and Nusenu is working on getting the relay manual into Lektor. Once this is done, I will review it and add the pluggable transport pages in the same format.
16:08:50 <flexlibris> great
16:09:13 <flexlibris> anyone else have updates?
16:09:26 <ggus> yes o/
16:09:52 <ggus> last week i printed some of our outreach material in portuguese and shared with other security trainers in brazil
16:10:00 <flexlibris> cool!
16:10:16 <ggus> thanks antonela for doing it so qucikly!
16:10:23 <ggus> people loved
16:11:19 <ggus> last week i updated tor support portal to match tpo website release
16:11:28 <flexlibris> glad they loved it
16:11:31 <ggus> (fixed broken links)
16:12:11 <ggus> egypcio did a tor talk in criptoparty in fortaleza
16:12:42 <ggus> and this week we are in IFF doing tor activities. cybelle compiled and i pushed to the website: https://blog.torproject.org/events/internet-freedom-festival-valencia
16:13:09 <ggus> (done)
16:13:12 <flexlibris> i hope you all have the best time at IFF
16:13:15 <flexlibris> i'm sad i couldnt be there
16:13:24 <Phoul> +1
16:14:13 <ggus> oh, one last thing: cryptorave call for activities closed yesterday: we have 4 tor activities there.
16:14:53 <flexlibris> yay
16:15:02 <ggus> tor users meetup, tor 101, onion services and cyberfeminism and tor.
16:15:16 <flexlibris> great stuff
16:17:33 <flexlibris> anyone else? gman999?
16:17:45 <gman999> not much.
16:17:58 <gman999> just we are planning something about the 'darknet' in next few months
16:18:05 <flexlibris> oooh i've heard of that place
16:18:12 <gman999> and we're being pulled into some NYU things via roger and isa
16:18:24 <gman999> no, it's another darknet.  that's was an 80's movie
16:18:40 * gman999 old people references..
16:19:08 <flexlibris> okay grandpa thanks for the update
16:19:10 <flexlibris> well i will go
16:19:13 <ggus> haha
16:19:26 <flexlibris> I am in Colorado in the mountains right now, going to give a talk this evening at the local university
16:19:43 <flexlibris> the altitude is messing with me and in the US we don't chew coca leaves unfortunately
16:20:14 <flexlibris> I notified all the LFI applicants about whether or not they got accepted and I hope we can publicize it sometime in April, depends on our graphic designer
16:20:29 <flexlibris> and otherwise I'm just getting the curriculum together and planning for it to start in May
16:20:44 <flexlibris> oh also looking into new funding options for 2021 and beyond
16:20:47 <flexlibris> that's it from me
16:21:48 <flexlibris> anyone else have an update? i see that we all updated the roadmap for april
16:22:16 <pili> hi
16:22:25 <gman999> question....
16:22:34 <flexlibris> yep
16:22:35 <pili> not an update, more an announcement, question... but gman999 can go ahead ;)
16:22:36 <gman999> are there community-related plans for stockholm, ie, outreach?
16:22:44 <gman999> sorry pili
16:22:56 <pili> age before beauty... :S
16:22:57 <pili> :D
16:23:14 <flexlibris> not as far as i know, since we are not doing public days i think there are limits to what we can do with outreach
16:23:27 <gman999> got it
16:23:38 * gman999 i did have *age* a long time ago
16:24:02 <gman999> i realize it's not like cdmx where it's vital for us to grow
16:24:06 <flexlibris> right
16:24:13 <gman999> got it
16:24:16 <flexlibris> i mean it would be nice to do outreach there too but we just won't have anythign to bring people to
16:24:35 <pili> or possibly anywhere :)
16:24:37 <Phoul> i'm still hoping to be able to do a relay meetup one of the evenings, however I need to talk with Jon about that more.
16:24:59 <gman999> that would be good at least Phoul
16:26:09 <flexlibris> cool
16:26:14 <flexlibris> pili do you want to go?
16:26:19 <pili> sure
16:26:32 <pili> so... gus is going to Colombia end mid/end April
16:26:40 <pili> and he will need some help to run user tests
16:26:44 <pili> ideally a spanish speaker
16:26:57 <pili> and we were just wondering if anyone here wanted to/was able to go
16:26:59 <flexlibris> to go to colombia?
16:27:00 <pili> yup
16:27:19 <pili> so I can go as a last default option ;)
16:27:20 <pili> but I just wanted to open it up to everyone else
16:27:37 <flexlibris> what are the dates?
16:27:50 <pili> we have discussed already a few places informally, but I don't think you were in the loop flexlibris
16:27:54 <pili> 22nd - 30th April
16:28:17 <pili> s/a few places/a few times
16:28:32 <pili> they're pretty much set in stone
16:28:34 <flexlibris> i would volunteer but i can't make those dates work i dont think
16:28:43 <pili> ok :)
16:28:52 <flexlibris> well, i dunno, i could do it if no one else can
16:29:16 * gman999 another question when ready...
16:29:19 <pili> we can also take the discussion offline :)
16:29:22 <flexlibris> let's talk pili
16:29:22 <flexlibris> sure
16:29:26 <pili> that was all from me I think
16:29:37 <flexlibris> gman999 go ahead
16:29:48 <gman999> side note, i'll be in cdmx those april dates.
16:29:55 <gman999> i wont have a lot of free time...
16:30:05 <gman999> but can i do anything for TPO when i'm there?
16:30:10 <gman999> drop off materials, etc?
16:30:23 <flexlibris> yeah!
16:30:26 <flexlibris> take some to rancho
16:30:27 <gman999> i may see gwolf
16:30:38 <gman999> cool.  i was hoping you'd say *that* flex
16:30:54 <gman999> i want to see that space at least
16:31:08 <flexlibris> it's a cool space
16:31:09 <gman999> ok... we can chat offlist about that then
16:31:14 <flexlibris> great
16:31:15 <gman999> ive heard... great people.
16:31:25 <flexlibris> also! this is a good time to mention
16:31:34 <flexlibris> my funding restricts me to keeping LFI in the US, however
16:31:40 <flexlibris> I was able to sneak in one person who is at UNAM :)
16:31:47 <gman999> :)
16:31:56 <flexlibris> they teach librarians in the graduate program there
16:31:59 <flexlibris> so I will make sure to introduce you
16:32:26 <gman999> great.  i should be able to manage the free time.
16:32:31 <gman999> if you write a note to me SO
16:32:38 <flexlibris> yeah i will respond to your email
16:32:56 <flexlibris> okay anything else folks?
16:32:57 <gman999> note to my significant other to say it's work related or something
16:33:04 <flexlibris> ahhahaaha
16:33:19 <flexlibris> i'll just go out for a drink with your SO and we can both complain about you
16:33:25 <flexlibris> tell her i said hi!
16:33:48 <gman999> that's too easy.
16:33:59 <flexlibris> okay it seems like our meeting is over
16:34:04 <flexlibris> unless people wanna complain about gman here
16:34:30 <gman999> there's a dedicated channel for that.  keep it on topic!
16:34:35 <flexlibris> lol
16:34:38 <gman999> ;)
16:34:41 <flexlibris> okay everyone, next week then
16:34:44 <flexlibris> have fun at IFF ggus!
16:34:47 <flexlibris> keep us updated
16:34:52 <flexlibris> #endmeeting