17:00:20 <nickm> #startmeeting network team meeting, 8 April 2019
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17:00:25 <nickm> hi all!  who is here today?
17:00:28 <ahf> helllooo network-team
17:00:29 <ahf> :-)
17:00:30 <nickm> https://pad.riseup.net/p/tor-netteam-2019.1-keep is our pad
17:00:32 <catalyst> o/
17:01:01 <gaba> o/
17:01:07 <asn> o/
17:01:31 <cohosh> o/
17:01:40 <nickm> whoa, nice crowd :)
17:01:49 <mikeperry> hiya
17:01:54 <nickm> hiya mike!
17:02:08 <nickm> let's move down our big list
17:02:20 <nickm> for context: I want to put out an 040-rc around the end of the week
17:02:32 <nickm> so let's try to get all our 040 reviews and fixes done on the early side
17:02:53 <nickm> first item is CI-fail things.  It looks like I have two assigned to me; I'll try to have a look...
17:03:30 <nickm> ahf: #29645 is a windows/appveyor thing, but I am afraid I am stumped.  May I pass it to you?
17:03:40 <ahf> yep
17:04:13 <nickm> next is 040-must
17:04:39 <nickm> there are three new ones in 040-must : one about practracker and two from hackerone
17:05:20 <ahf> mm
17:05:21 <nickm> the hackerone items have patches, so I'm putting them in needs_review
17:05:28 <nickm> asn: okay with you?
17:05:39 <nickm> and #30050 is a post-rc item, which is fine with me
17:05:42 <asn> yikes we are all booked out
17:05:55 <asn> they are 040-must so we will find a way
17:06:18 <nickm> ahf: are you on track with #29930 ?
17:06:45 <nickm> cohosh: if you can review the latest #30004 patchin the next day or two, that will help a lot!
17:06:55 <ahf> yeah, sort of. i think it's that the file isn't closed, going to look at it again tomorrow morning
17:06:56 <nickm> #29241 is just backport, and I'm on #29922
17:07:03 <ahf> spend a lot of time in files.c to figure out what was going on
17:08:25 <nickm> and that's all on 040-must right now.  (We went through a lot of stuff last week, great!)
17:08:37 <nickm> on to the kanban!
17:09:16 <nickm> Is everybody's current work well reflected in the "in progress" column?
17:09:19 <asn> yep
17:09:48 <nickm> I haven't done much with #29729 but I guess teor is leading on that; I'll see what they when we're both around
17:10:36 <nickm> catalyst: on #29210 I should have a patch today that refactors all of the command parsing code to use a single implementation, so that we can more reasonably move commands into the proper modules
17:10:44 <nickm> catalyst: how's your #29210 stuff coming?
17:11:03 <catalyst> nickm: see #30007?
17:11:05 <nickm> asn: I think we talked about #29209 earlier today; I won't be able to work on that this week, I expect
17:11:11 <asn> yeah its on me
17:11:20 <nickm> catalyst: ah, ok
17:11:27 <nickm> catalyst: want me to review tah
17:11:28 <nickm> *that?
17:11:39 <nickm> err, would it be helpful if I looked at it today?
17:11:40 <asn> ill do the crypt_path_t.crypto hiding, and then see if i have time for any other hidin, or how i can maximize the use of that ticket
17:12:10 <cohosh> nickm: whoops, got distracted reading emails, i can do that review today
17:12:22 <nickm> cohosh: awesome, thanks!  I think it's just a logging improvement, IIRC
17:12:26 <catalyst> nickm: hm, it's only a fairly straightforward code movement so far, so please look if you have time, but i don't expect anything too surprising
17:12:34 <nickm> catalyst: ack.
17:12:48 <catalyst> nickm: if you are around later in the week to help with Coccinelle stuff that would be great
17:12:55 <nickm> catalyst: I can try!
17:13:46 <nickm> now it's time to check needs_review tickets, if we're ready...
17:13:53 <nickm> there are a _lot_ of those, I'm afraid
17:14:09 <gaba> Any blocker from last week with reviews?
17:14:49 <asn> yep lots of reviews, and two more just spawned. im really not sure who to give it to.
17:14:59 <asn> i need to think about it.
17:15:08 <gaba> can any of this reviews wait until next week?
17:15:10 <asn> i guess i will take one of them, and potentially push a non-040-must one down the stack
17:15:21 <asn> gaba: yes probs
17:15:36 <asn> e.g. all the shellchecks ones
17:15:51 <nickm> gaba: Yeah, I'd suggest that we prioritize 040 and CI-failures as highest.
17:15:59 <asn> ack
17:16:01 <nickm> But please everybody, do work on the other reviews...
17:16:16 <gaba> or if you can't review them please say it here or to asn
17:16:50 <nickm> ...or at least consider working on your own review backlog before you make anybody else's review backlog longer. :)
17:17:29 <asn> nickm: im gonna give you the one h1 review, and im gonna take the other one. and if we dont have enough time, let's prioritze correctly. ok?
17:17:34 <nickm> ok
17:17:37 <asn> great :)
17:18:19 <nickm> anybody need to offload?
17:19:04 <nickm> (I will try to make my #26288 review get done this week, since dgoulet may be coming back next week)
17:19:28 <asn> i think dgoulet will need a few days to boot up, so perhaps it's not so urgent :)
17:19:35 <asn> he probably has 9999+ emails
17:19:52 <nickm> now for rotations!  This week, I'm on CI+coverity, which is convenient since I've been making those better in the background...
17:19:55 <asn> (even tho he has shown signs of actually reading his emails)
17:20:06 <nickm> dgoulet in theory is on bug triage. Anybody want to swap with him for that?  If not I can do triage as well.
17:20:35 <nickm> btw: Starting next week, we're going to include a short 'debrief' phase for each rotation.  Just, "hey, here's the status, here's the backlog."
17:21:36 <ahf> cool
17:21:44 <ahf> and good idea
17:21:55 <nickm> ok, I'll take bug triage too :)
17:22:08 <nickm> onwards!
17:22:22 <nickm> please double check announcements;
17:22:31 <nickm> we have nothing much in the discussions...
17:23:09 <nickm> I have a quick question to ask: is it okay with everybody if I am afk from 17 through 22 april? 22 is a local holiday and 17-19 my kid will be off school
17:23:52 <gaba> please do, it is important to take time off :)
17:23:53 <nickm> (if it's okay, where do I note this down officially?)
17:23:59 <gaba> the calendar
17:24:04 <gaba> PTO calendar.
17:24:21 <asn> vacation is good :)
17:24:37 <gaba> I will send you a dm with the calenda rlink
17:24:42 <nickm> just found it
17:24:44 <ahf> yeah, do take vacation 8)
17:24:58 <nickm> Do I need to ask or alert anybody? :)
17:25:09 <ahf> i am probably gonna be away half of wednesday this week, but i will be responding in the evening my time again
17:25:21 <gaba> ok
17:25:50 <nickm> cool
17:25:59 <gaba> your team and people you usually work with but that is it for what I understand
17:26:08 <nickm> any other topics for today?  For once, there is a lot of time left over...
17:26:30 <gaba> not other topic from me
17:27:22 <nickm> okay.  Thanks for coming, everybody! I'm going to make some soup now, but I'll be online most of the afternoon.  Please ping me if i can help in any way!
17:27:25 <nickm> #endmeeting