14:00:48 <antonela> #startmeeting ux team
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14:00:52 <antonela> hello dunqan!
14:01:12 <antonela> who is here for the ux meeting? hiro, emmapeel, pili, gus, cellarpaper
14:01:16 <pili> hi
14:01:32 <antonela> i thought you were traveling this week dunqan
14:01:37 <antonela> hi pili
14:01:40 <narriral> hello :) (nah here)
14:02:03 <dunqan> yeah I got back yesterday :)
14:02:11 <antonela> oi narriral!
14:02:20 <antonela> oh great dunqan
14:02:21 <dunqan> only woke up about two hours ago 😂
14:02:30 <ggus> hola!
14:02:35 <antonela> ohh you must be tired
14:02:36 <antonela> hola ggus
14:02:45 <pili> hi narriral ! nice to see you here :)
14:02:54 <antonela> okey, lets do the admin things https://storm.torproject.org/shared/UKKjns8sFPVbiB-ljL72TUFEibJKiGxV-h8W74UgAWE
14:03:00 <antonela> please add your updates there ^^^
14:03:08 <antonela> i included some items for the agenda
14:03:55 <antonela> is caroline around?
14:04:04 <antonela> mmm i dont think so
14:05:17 <antonela> okey, narriral (nah) is here because we are planning to have her running user testing in Colombia with ggus
14:06:03 <antonela> nah is a researcher and digital security trainer, she runs a lot of cyberfeminist projects and she is helping riseup at the moment with user testing
14:06:35 <antonela> since she speak spanish and pili cannot make Colombia, we invited her to join us in this adventure
14:06:47 <dunqan> hi narriral!
14:06:48 <ggus> \o/ yay!!!
14:06:49 <narriral> o/
14:06:54 <pili> :D
14:07:14 <antonela> hey cellarpaper!
14:07:21 <cellarpaper> hi!
14:07:32 <antonela> do you have backlog? if not i can copy paste for you :)
14:07:37 <cellarpaper> i dont no :( :(
14:07:43 <antonela> no worries!
14:08:11 <antonela> cellarpaper <> narriral -- cellarpaper is our user research coordinator, narriral will be running user testing in Colombia
14:08:23 <cellarpaper> hi narrial!
14:08:34 <narriral> hi cellarpaper :)
14:08:43 <antonela> cellarpaper: nah is a researcher and digital security trainer, she runs a lot of cyberfeminist projects and she is helping riseup at the moment with user testing. Since she speak spanish and pili cannot make Colombia, we invited her to join us in this adventure
14:09:15 <antonela> we will continue this convo via email but i wanted to make sure that you can met so we can coordinate next user research :)
14:09:24 <cellarpaper> great great
14:09:49 <hiro> i am here
14:10:28 <antonela> im thinking about to run our onboarding script + something related with TBA, I'll go deep via email about that. I can make the spanish translation, ideally we should have it done by the end of this week
14:10:31 <antonela> hi hiro!
14:10:50 <antonela> okey, anything else related with colombia?
14:10:57 <cellarpaper> @antonela— that sounds great to me
14:11:11 <antonela> ggus: i'll prepare the outreach material in spanish so you can print it, also this week
14:11:14 <antonela> cellarpaper: awesome, thank you!
14:11:34 <ggus> antonela: ok! we still have time for printing, so you can do next week
14:11:41 <antonela> ohh okey
14:11:44 <antonela> good to know
14:12:13 <antonela> next agenda item, pili when is the website postmortem?
14:12:16 <ggus> i'll check narriral logistics (flights+lodging) and i'll followup with you and her by email
14:12:23 <ggus> wait wait
14:12:32 <antonela> sorryyy
14:12:32 <pili> thursday at 14UTC
14:12:40 <ggus> should we discuss the activities in colombia?
14:12:47 <antonela> yes sure
14:12:48 <antonela> sorry
14:12:51 <antonela> lets do it
14:12:54 <pili> go on :)
14:12:56 <ggus> how many people we should interview
14:13:16 <ggus> who
14:13:22 <antonela> ideally 5 persons per location, not strict
14:13:30 <ggus> in popayan we will have more campesinos
14:13:38 <ggus> and students group
14:13:47 <antonela> yes, and they all have mobile phones so will be a great group for tba
14:14:04 <ggus> okay!
14:14:20 <antonela> you have bogota, popayan, cali and ?
14:14:27 <antonela> medellin?
14:14:28 <ggus> narriral: questions about the interview, for example, it needs to be recorded?
14:14:31 <ggus> yes, antonela
14:14:43 <ggus> the itinerary: cali, popayan, bogota, medellin
14:14:54 <ggus> we will stay more days in bogota
14:15:05 <antonela> i'll share with narriral all the instructions for running the test, we have that doc with suggestions and all
14:15:06 <narriral> i understood that if the interviewee allows, we should record
14:15:08 <cellarpaper> just to understand- are we having like 20+ user interviews if we're going to 4 locations?
14:15:17 <antonela> cellarpaper: yes, that is the plan
14:15:24 <antonela> what do you think?
14:17:17 <cellarpaper> cool- so maybe for like some demogrpahic questions- it should jsut be a quick paper survey maybe?
14:17:24 <cellarpaper> it'll cut down on the interview and transcripts
14:17:41 <antonela> cellarpaper: yes that is a great idea
14:17:46 <cellarpaper> interview time for transcribing* i mean :)
14:18:01 <cellarpaper> ah good, it was clear! (i was worried i wrote that weird…)
14:18:08 <antonela> hahaha
14:18:09 <antonela> is good
14:18:24 <ggus> who will transcribe the interview?
14:18:45 <antonela> if nah records voices after consent, i can transcribe the interviews
14:19:05 <narriral> do you want their consent to be recorded as well?
14:19:23 <ggus> ok, but how cellarpaper will analyse the material if it's in spanish?
14:19:34 <cellarpaper> @narriral we should get their consent
14:19:35 <narriral> (usually, i record the consent)
14:19:46 <narriral> ok
14:19:48 <antonela> yes, i think is good
14:19:49 <cellarpaper> @ggus if it's a similar structure like age first, then location, etc i can trnslate
14:19:58 <cellarpaper> and just record teh answers, etc
14:20:00 <antonela> yeah i can transcribe and translate
14:20:06 <ggus> ok
14:20:13 <antonela> the demographics will be easier if we have a check list or something like it
14:20:26 <antonela> the paper survey seems perfect
14:20:33 <cellarpaper> sorry @ggus i meant for the paper survey for demographics, cos it wont be changing. @antonela a check list is great!!
14:20:47 <antonela> yes we can prepare it
14:20:52 <antonela> i used to have one
14:20:53 <antonela> let me find it
14:21:18 <antonela> https://share.riseup.net/#ZoiwrphUtz4FYBsrw0dIcg
14:21:23 <antonela> we can iterate over this one
14:22:36 <ggus> one thing that we will need to check if about s/orbot/tba
14:23:41 <antonela> yep
14:24:39 <ggus> narriral: any more questions about colombia? :D
14:25:13 <narriral> no, i'm fine. if i have questions i'll send you (all) an email
14:25:23 <narriral> thanks!
14:25:30 <ggus> ok :)
14:25:32 <antonela> perfect, thank you narriral!
14:25:51 <antonela> now yes, website postmortem
14:25:55 <pili> ok
14:26:10 <antonela> 11:12 pili: thursday at 14UTC
14:26:11 <pili> So, we're going to have this at the same time as we normally have the website sync
14:26:13 <pili> yup
14:26:22 <pili> there was an email sent to tor-internal
14:26:32 <pili> but maybe not everyone here is on that email
14:26:40 <antonela> is going to happen here? in tor-meeting?
14:26:43 <pili> yup
14:26:48 <antonela> perfect
14:27:09 <pili> any other questions on that? :)
14:28:00 <antonela> nope, we have notes about it, is very important that we have this conversation public so people inside the project are in the same page about what we are building, how and specially the capacity we have
14:28:18 <pili> +1
14:28:39 <ggus> specially the capacity we have, in *bold*
14:28:45 <pili> :)
14:28:59 <antonela> *capacity*
14:29:00 <antonela> lol
14:29:09 <antonela> pili, you next too
14:29:26 <pili> regarding capacity, I did a little exercise earlier of listing all of the projects the UX team is working on lately, it's a lot!
14:29:27 <pili> anyway
14:29:37 <antonela> hahahha
14:29:44 <pili> I'm putting together the application and ideas for google season of docs
14:30:09 * antonela crossing fingers for it
14:30:10 <pili> and since we can only apply for 2 technical writers maximum I want to dig into the plans for docs.tpo.org
14:30:15 <antonela> perfect
14:30:17 <antonela> we have a ticket
14:30:20 <antonela> #29200
14:30:26 <pili> since that would be a nice project that can cover more than one team
14:30:27 <pili> aha!
14:30:30 <pili> great, thanks!
14:30:37 <pili> that probably has all the info I need :)
14:30:56 <antonela> yes, there is some discussion happened in Belgium about it
14:31:16 <pili> ok, do you know if there were notes on that also>
14:31:18 <pili> ?
14:31:43 <antonela> something that we need to discuss also with the networking team is the architecture of all this data. If that human Duncan is going to take this, i'm sure he will have suggestions about how to make it succeed
14:32:12 <antonela> some nickname overlapping dunqan :(
14:32:29 <antonela> nono, no notes, just "antonela we should have this", "okey, lets open a ticket"
14:32:30 <dunqan> duncan ≠ dunqan in this instance, right?
14:32:38 <antonela> ahha yes
14:32:45 <dunqan> haha okay
14:32:48 <pili> I was wondering... ;)
14:32:52 <dunqan> i need a better nick
14:33:05 <antonela> i like your nickname haha
14:33:56 <ggus> pili: i think we should map the content for docs.tpo, because at the moment there are documents there that aren't technical (how to use tor trademark)
14:34:16 <pili> where's "there"? ;)
14:34:27 <antonela> yes that is my point with "the architecture of all this data"
14:34:34 <ggus> https://2019.www.torproject.org/docs/documentation.html.en
14:34:53 <antonela> is everywhere
14:36:12 <pili> ok
14:36:19 <pili> this all helps :)
14:36:24 <pili> thanks
14:36:36 <pili> any more info you can provide for me to put together a project would be great :)
14:37:47 <antonela> i think the priority is organize +update the content we have now at that link ggus shared. Then we have documentation about Tor Browser, which needs to live somewhere at docs.tpo. I think we can discuss it with the technical writer.
14:38:32 <antonela> okey, what else?
14:39:07 <pili> that's it from me
14:39:26 <antonela> dunqan: we had some back and forth at #29768
14:39:36 <dunqan> Yep just caught up!
14:39:38 <antonela> i think we are ok now and it will go live
14:39:47 <dunqan> looks good :)
14:39:48 <antonela> thanks a lot for your help there
14:39:55 <dunqan> no prob!
14:40:09 <dunqan> I have some free time so if personas are still in limbo feel free to fire something over
14:40:39 <antonela> personas, can we work on it at least to close what we have?
14:40:53 <antonela> what should i do? review user stories?
14:40:56 <antonela> review the layout?
14:41:23 <dunqan> User stories should be identical to what was in the spreadsheet, so if they've already been reviewed there they should be good
14:41:34 <antonela> i know is missing my metrics data part, im waiting for irl reply on it
14:41:38 <dunqan> but feel free to fire over amends on anything
14:41:45 <antonela> perfect, will do
14:41:53 <dunqan> it's all set up as one big template so pretty easy to change!
14:42:14 <dunqan> there are some minor text issues with the stories I'll fix (lines clashing) but I think everything else imported fine
14:42:15 <antonela> i showed our draft to some people at IFF, they were impressed :)
14:42:22 <dunqan> oh awesome!
14:42:45 <dunqan> the illustrations are from humaaans.com
14:42:52 <antonela> and related with it, i found this article from spotify
14:42:57 <antonela> https://spotify.design/articles/2019-03-26/the-story-of-spotify-personas
14:43:04 <antonela> yess i know :)
14:43:14 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Sorry I missed it, I thought it was canceled for some reason and didn't parse it would be 1h later for me
14:43:37 <antonela> hey elioqoshi!
14:43:40 <dunqan> oh one thing I think we can improve on is the representation of data in the sidebar
14:43:47 <antonela> dunqan: yes :)
14:43:48 <dunqan> i'm not sure if the three-level dots is best
14:43:59 <dunqan> is/are
14:44:03 <antonela> i like the emojis we have at the table
14:44:08 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> I only have 1 update, a first draft of the Explorer Country page mobile resolutions
14:44:09 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> https://www.figma.com/file/Z6PtVLW7YkqcTRIRsO2Qzg/Explorer-Country-Pages?node-id=1319%3A3432
14:44:10 <antonela> we could consider something like it there
14:44:27 <dunqan> yeah in hindsight they actually do a better job of communicating, don't they?
14:44:51 <antonela> dunqan: i think so
14:45:06 <antonela> elio! that looks great, we will need a navigation there
14:45:14 <antonela> besides the main nav
14:46:12 <antonela> will country pages be responsive? is that mock an approximation of how it should looks?
14:46:15 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Yeah, I was talking with Arturo about that
14:46:37 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Yeah, they would be responsive and this is a raw vision of how it should look
14:47:12 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> What would you think about navigation? We thought to include it in the main menu  eventually
14:47:20 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Or what other pattern would be good here
14:48:03 <antonela> i expect the hamburger menu having the main navigation, we need something to navigate between inner sections too
14:48:28 <antonela> the main navigation is Search, Results, Countries, About
14:48:29 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Yeah that's my question what you'd suggest?
14:48:46 <antonela> i'm not sure now, will think about it
14:49:24 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> https://support.torproject.org/#faq
14:49:36 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> I could only think of Support being a similar use case
14:49:44 <antonela> yes, a dropdown
14:50:10 <antonela> i think that could be better if is fixed
14:50:25 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> sticky?
14:50:30 <antonela> yes
14:50:35 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Well, I don't think the dropdown for support works right now
14:51:35 <antonela> mmm
14:52:02 <antonela> ye is not working
14:52:11 <antonela> but yes, a sticky/fixed dropdown could help there
14:52:13 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> But I can imagine the pattern
14:52:16 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Sounds good
14:52:29 <antonela> flag circle + country + V
14:52:38 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> Once scrollwed down the country name will also be fixed at the top
14:52:43 <antonela> exactly
14:52:54 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> So when sharing screenshots, it's understandable what country we are on
14:53:03 <antonela> yes
14:53:34 <antonela> thanks elio!
14:53:40 <antonela> okey, anything else?
14:53:49 * antonela has another meeting in 7 minutes and needs to download random software
14:54:30 <ggus> i'm good
14:55:09 <cellarpaper> i'm good as well :)
14:55:23 <pili> I'm good
14:55:30 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> @hola so something like this when scrolled:
14:55:30 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> https://www.figma.com/file/Z6PtVLW7YkqcTRIRsO2Qzg/Explorer-Country-Pages?node-id=1319%3A3678
14:55:45 <slacktopus1> <elioqoshi> I'd only like to have the Firefox Photon Sketch library if that is still possible
14:56:10 <antonela> no Section but {$flag} {$country_name}
14:56:35 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> And no main menu bar?
14:56:44 <slacktopus> <elioqoshi> Only have that at the top of the page, not fixed?
14:56:55 <antonela> like instead of "Section" the country name
14:57:04 <antonela> elioqoshi will try it for you
14:57:17 <antonela> re: the .sketch library ^
14:58:12 <antonela> okey, thank you folks!
14:58:25 <antonela> #endmeeting