18:01:17 <pili> #startmeeting tor-browser-release 04/10
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18:01:40 <pili> notes are here as usual: https://storm.torproject.org/shared/HK3UfQPTFCSwbYAicLxyK1VtLmTlNHqTyFZiNAHkoMP
18:01:58 * pili says "as usual" but the link probably changes everytime even though it's the same pad
18:02:18 <pili> feel free to add in any discussion topics and/or requests there
18:02:41 * sysrqb is here, partially
18:02:48 <pili> I mainly just want to review where we are with doing a last alpha before the stable release
18:02:55 <pili> as it's all happening in April :D
18:04:15 <GeKo> hard to say
18:04:26 <GeKo> i think we have two of the three blockers for the alpha covered
18:04:49 <GeKo> i don't know whether sisbell will manage to get something reviewable in the next couple of hours
18:06:14 <pili> is it likely that there'll be much movement next week? :)
18:06:21 <pili> some of us will be out for Easter break
18:06:47 <GeKo> if we don't get the alpha built this week, i hope so
18:07:08 <pili> ok, so we're aiming for an alpha build by the end of this week or early next week
18:07:22 <pili> and the stable last week of april?
18:08:38 <GeKo> something like that
18:09:14 <pili> ok, cool
18:09:29 <pili> fingers crossed :)
18:09:34 <GeKo> indeed
18:09:49 <GeKo> i hope it helps this time. i am doing this trick already for a while ;)
18:10:25 <pili> might make it hard to code though... :D
18:10:30 <pili> anyway, moving on ;)
18:10:43 <pili> does anyone have any other comments on the release timeline?
18:10:53 <pili> any discussion points? I don't see any on the pad currently
18:11:48 <GeKo> i am fine
18:12:36 <pili> ok, looks like this may be a very short meeting
18:12:47 <antonela> GeKo localization related tickets, are we groot there?
18:12:48 <pili> I'll give everyone a couple of minutes to react first though ;)
18:12:52 <antonela> haha
18:12:56 * antonela reacts
18:13:20 <GeKo> antonela: well, there is work to do, but i think we don't need any ux help right now
18:13:25 <GeKo> (if that was your question)
18:13:56 <antonela> perfect, thanks
18:14:17 <pili> that reminds me, are all the strings frozen now?
18:14:40 * mcs is trying to not touch any strings for a while :)
18:14:43 <antonela> yes, they are
18:16:29 <pili> ok, great :)
18:17:15 <pili> emmapeel: is everything ok from your side for the localization?
18:17:24 <pili> (just in case she's around...)
18:18:48 <pili> ok, we'll assume so for now
18:18:57 <pili> any last minute comments? :)
18:20:02 <pili> ok, let's call it
18:20:07 <pili> #endmeeting