15:00:51 <karsten> #startmeeting metrics team
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15:01:08 <karsten> looks like a short agenda.
15:01:16 <karsten> anything to add?
15:01:23 <irl> nothing more from me
15:01:30 <gaba> not from me
15:01:52 <karsten> acute?
15:01:58 <acute> no, not from me
15:02:02 <karsten> okay!
15:02:07 <karsten> - Adding bandwidth data to CollecTor #21378 (irl)
15:02:23 <irl> there are 3 locations that we might find bandwidth files we want to add to collector
15:02:44 <irl> i still believe that adding tjr|emailifneeded's archive is worthwhile and we should just do that but it's not urgent
15:03:01 <irl> we all agree we should archive them from the dir auths as part of collector's normal operation
15:03:02 <karsten> what time does it cover?
15:03:11 <karsten> it=tjr's archive
15:03:12 <irl> but, there's also some extra files that are stored on the bwauths that we could archive
15:04:03 <irl> tjr|emailifneeded's starts at august 2017
15:04:29 <gaba> is there any ticket that talks about his archive?
15:04:40 <irl> i think he archives it on his home machine so it has gaps where his dsl broke
15:04:56 <irl> but that history is still interesting
15:05:07 <karsten> it is. we might want to annotate where we got a file.
15:05:21 <karsten> using @source or something.
15:05:41 <irl> right, i've had discussion with atagar about doing this and he was against it but i think it's something we should add to collector-protocol
15:06:01 <karsten> yes, we should discuss this.
15:06:02 <irl> his argument for not doing this (implementing it in stem, that is) was that it's currently not done
15:06:19 <irl> but i did want to add this as part of bushel while i was developing that
15:06:54 <karsten> ok.
15:07:01 <karsten> what about those other files on bwauth disks?
15:07:28 <irl> i don't know how many of them there are, and they will be using the versions of the bandwidth file between 1.0.0 and 1.4.0 that we don't yet have parsers for
15:07:43 <karsten> when were they written?
15:08:01 <karsten> like, do the bwauths keep an archive of their own?
15:08:11 <irl> i think they are just left behind on the disk
15:08:15 <irl> i don't know if they get rotated
15:08:16 <karsten> ah.
15:08:41 <karsten> worth considering, yes.
15:08:59 <irl> gaba: there is not yet a ticket, but it should be a subticket of 21378 when it is created
15:09:06 <irl> for tjr's archive
15:09:12 <gaba> yes, i just realized that
15:09:33 <karsten> okay, lots of data out there, let's archive that.
15:09:50 <karsten> in related news, I'm working on the m-lib patch.
15:09:59 <irl> ok cool
15:10:14 <gaba> #30216 :) ?
15:10:16 <irl> does it look roughly like https://irl.github.io/bushel/_images/graphviz-ff5f73403e57bcfb8cbd4669b75f409a5bdb9d2e.png ?
15:10:19 <karsten> started with tests and an interface, currently working on header lines.
15:10:47 <karsten> gaba: yes, that one!
15:11:13 <karsten> heh, nice.
15:11:22 <karsten> yes, except for the part where there's no terminator.
15:11:37 <irl> that's the state machine i was validating the files with to ensure there were no stray spaces or newlines or whatever
15:11:37 <karsten> which is optional, AIUI.
15:11:48 <karsten> very useful.
15:11:49 <irl> yeah, this was to check that the 1.4.0 ones comply with that version
15:12:18 <karsten> I'm planning to finish a first patch over the long weekend.
15:12:29 <karsten> for the next review day on tuesday.
15:12:38 <irl> ok cool
15:13:16 <karsten> okay, do we have anything else on this topic?
15:13:36 <irl> that's all for now i think
15:13:49 <karsten> cool!
15:14:08 <karsten> Roadmap: how are we doing with the task in progress?
15:14:28 <gaba> the PRD for metrics portal? any talk with antonela?
15:14:45 <irl> the PRD is started and in progress
15:15:00 <irl> i did not yet talk to antonela but she does have access to the google doc
15:15:05 <irl> so maybe she already saw
15:15:07 <gaba> nice
15:15:51 <karsten> the other two (now at the top) look okay.
15:16:06 <acute> for #29377 and #29375
15:16:43 <acute> we have no target for when these are considered 'done', in theory they can be in progress forever
15:17:22 <irl> ∞ points
15:17:43 <gaba> the one on test it could be reached on some test coverage expectation
15:17:50 <karsten> in general, would it be possible to define percentages... yes, that.
15:18:08 <karsten> do you have numbers on coverage?
15:18:11 <acute> it would be great to do that
15:18:14 <gaba> similar with documentation
15:18:30 <acute> we are now at ~26% I think for tests
15:18:52 <acute> will check and update the ticket
15:19:00 <gaba> ok, thanks
15:19:05 <karsten> cool!
15:19:08 <acute> but if we could set some targets that would be helpful :)
15:19:23 <irl> there is also a point where it's not easy to add more tests because you need to refactor things to make them more testable
15:19:34 <gaba> for test coverage depends on the code but around 60% is a good number :)
15:19:36 <irl> so this does get progressively harder
15:19:39 <gaba> but yes, what irl says
15:20:37 <karsten> okay, that last task (#29507) is currently on hold.
15:20:53 <karsten> it's at the top of the backlog, but #30216 seemed more urgent.
15:21:05 <gaba> ok, moving 29507 to top of backlog
15:21:06 <karsten> same with #29315.
15:21:12 <karsten> which is already in the backlog.
15:21:57 <gaba> ok, that is it for the roadmap i think
15:22:00 <karsten> acute: are you blocking on anything regarding OP tickets where I might unblock you relatively easily?
15:22:40 <acute> no, I don't think so
15:22:45 <karsten> okay, great!
15:23:05 <karsten> gaba: when will we have a kanban that is automatically synced with trac? ;)
15:23:29 <gaba> i wish karsten yes
15:23:41 <gaba> i'm looking forward to test the kanban tool in nextcloud
15:23:46 <gaba> that is what we are evaluating now
15:23:55 <karsten> neat!
15:24:02 <gaba> the wekan in storm has so many bugs
15:24:35 <karsten> :(
15:24:56 <karsten> anyway, is this sufficient for the moment wrt. roadmap?
15:25:29 <gaba> yes
15:25:42 <karsten> cool!
15:25:46 <karsten> anything else for today's meeting?
15:26:21 <gaba> not from me
15:26:31 <irl> all done
15:26:50 <acute> all done
15:27:17 <karsten> perfect! good holidays (if you celebrate them), and see you next week. bye, everyone!
15:27:24 <acute> bye!
15:27:27 <gaba> bye!
15:27:33 <irl> bye!
15:27:36 <karsten> #endmeeting